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    1. sylieve

      I like how gorillaz is trying be creepy and then there's this scene of murdoc

      1. clee

        @arthur 💀💀💀💀

      2. corona 👑 God the Father

        Mine is corona 👑 jah rastafari god the father of Jesus Christ who governments put on the cross

      3. Ornella Barraza

        @2-D FACHERO _Hola otra vezxd_

      4. RupertAnimations [ #Roadto200!]

        @kaiyak39 bro tell me about it 😂

      5. RupertAnimations [ #Roadto200!]

        @Void Stiles bro I’ve never seen you with a shirt on 😂

    2. LoveeSikk

      Gorillaz: whats your halloween costume? *shows “scary” scenes from music videos* And then: *murdoc’s pp gets grabbed by gorilla 😢 *

      1. MRS_DRAW

        I’m so scared omg ima pee 😖😭😖😭

      2. Brooklynn

        Yeah rip 😔

      3. Bozo

        Gorilla grip

      4. Floater


      5. clemmy blackbird


    3. minitumen

      The most underrated Gorillaz song

      1. noodaru :)

        No it's ghost train

      2. CHUCKLES

        I feel like gorillaz in general is underrated and doesnt get the respect it deserves.

      3. paintballfuego


      4. Eddie's Guitar🎸

        The first song too

      5. Renzo Er

        one of my favourites

    4. Scr0ngle

      I'm dressing as a modern gorillaz social media manager, scary, eh?

      1. 1000 wasps


      2. FunkyPinku


      3. Red Moon


      4. ErinCrystal exe

        I'm terrified

      5. TotoIsAyal

        1980's joker

    5. Pandoamessi

      Alright I'm gonna need 3 other people so we can all dress up as 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel on Halloween. Who's with me?😂

      1. cool sunglasses lady

        i really wanna dress up as a gorillaz band member for halloween but i think the only person eho would get it is my friend who liks gorillaz

      2. LokiSky

        Bet ill be 2d

      3. L's Animations

        I was 2d.

      4. Kaimbe October (K.O)

        I'm going as 2D!

      5. Тот самый Гелик

        @Карина nothing scary! you can celebrate with friends. Well, if there are no friends, then one. although sometimes we organize all sorts of parties, but they are either 18+ or for very young children

    6. Jägger Orioluss

      Watching the scary scenes: * nothing * Murdoc's balls appears: OH NO GOD PAIN

      1. maybemaybe

        @Apple Eater Entertainment it hurt really good

      2. dobriot doktor

        @Apple Eater Entertainment sus

      3. 🐝-Bri

        @Apple Eater Entertainment ._____________.

      4. Apple Eater Entertainment

        @🐝-Bri it either hurt really bad or felt really good

      5. 🐝-Bri

        From his expression it is noticeable that it hurt

    7. Silver Flame

      I was originally gonna do a 2-D costume this year because Gorillaz saved me from depression this year and 2-D is my favorite character in every way, also people tell me I sound like him if he had a bit of a higher pitch. But decided to do a Hank J. Wimbleton costume because I don't have the money for 2-D. It would've cost me around 170 RON (I live in Romania, but to you foreigners, about 30$/£/€) witch was way over my 50 RON budget (~10$/€/£) and for the Hank one I have most of the things at home. So yeah Hank J. Wimbleton this year, but next year I promis I'll do a 2-D one.

      1. Mr.memorial666

        I’m doing plastic beach 2-D with the clown mask it’s so badass

      2. Kurage🎐

        Oh cool another gorillaz - madness combat fan

      3. CEILING FAN

        LOVE THAT

      4. TotoIsAyal

        oh cool madness combat fan?

      5. Astro_.

        @Iamyxsh XD

    8. Kristian Karter

      I’m going to be 2D also thank you guys so much for making music and all of that because I’m 13 and turning fourteen on Halloween actually and you and your guys music has helped me through school and problems with friends and family and I could never be so great full for you guys -Christian Carter

      1. Ayla Munchkin Cat

        I'm gonna be 15 next month.

      2. iru

        Im not gonna be a Gorillaz person but i cosplayed noodle today

    9. 2-D FACHERO

      Gorillaz combina bastante con el tema de terror

      1. corona 👑 God the Father

        Mine is corona 👑 jah rastafari god the father of Jesus Christ who wasn't supposed to be on the cross

      2. A Freaking Killjoy

        Cierto (contesto 2 meses después pero ya q)

      3. A Freaking Killjoy

        @♥Chocolette♥ saturnz about to make love and I'm just, a heart breaker

      4. ♥Chocolette♥

        @Miaw Mishi a

      5. Miaw Mishi

        @♥Chocolette♥ a

    10. Ollie the Pickle

      I love you guys so much. Ya'll are the perfect band. You guy's music has helped me through so much. Love yall.

    11. sylieve

      Anyways...I wanna dress as noodle (phase 2) if I had the chance Btw gorillaz noodle birthday is on Halloween hope you make something special for her

      1. off_brand_gerard_way

        Ooh one more cool thing to ass to my October 31st cool things list - Halloween - Frank Iero's birthday - Noodle's birthday

      2. cykkrel

        that's cool! i was noodle from phase 3

      3. Hanako San

        I did that too!

      4. iru

        I did that! It was pretty fun and easy since there's no eye makeup

      5. 2-D FACHERO

        Me encantan las salchicas

    12. The God of Bread

      I'm going as Noodle from phase 2 for Halloween.

      1. Nicky B

        I was cyborg noodle lol

      2. crackaSilly

        @Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy I'm not even doing anything makeup-wise, not even gonna wear the wig cuz it's gonna make my head hurt lol Im just wearing the outfit and the gglasses and my hair kind of parts like his so that works

      3. Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy

        @crackaSilly wish I could be Ace but I don't have glue for the fangs or ears. And I can't waste my King Dice costume

      4. nick4leader

        Don't forget it's also her birthday

      5. Тот самый Гелик

        Wow! awesome

    13. Filippo Giovanni Volpe

      Hitting us with that G-SIDES! Magnificent ❤️

    14. PΛIN

      in my country we don't celebrate halloween. we do carve pumpkins but walking around the neighbourhood trick or treating will probably not give you candy, but a nice mark on your ass. also, will there be any songs comming for the spooky season?

      1. Techno union representative

        i have not seen children trick or treating in america for quite some time, i think that tradition might be exclusively British now

      2. ZeN

        @PΛIN też

      3. ZeN

        @PΛIN naturalnie

      4. PΛIN

        @ZeN ja też staruchy mam, ale i tak se walnę dynie jakieś bo jest spooky season

      5. ZeN

        @PΛIN wsm też zależy jakie osiedle bo ja mam samych staruchów którzy mi zamykają drzwi przed nosem a mój kolega młodych ludzi ma na osiedlu i co roku chodzi

    15. Ken corpse

      I've done multiple costumes because im extra- but one of the closet cosplays I did for a costume was murdoc because I dress alot like him and I already have short black hair it was very euphoric as a trans dude lol

    16. crackaSilly

      I'd probably dress as Ace around Halloween, but I'm gonna be at a secluded cabin so I think it'll be more of a Halloween cosplay instead of going out for candy and stuff lol Edit: Cabin rescheduled, I'm going TOTing as PPG ace with some friends 😎 (we're all going as characters from different things lmao it's gonna be great)

      1. crackaSilly

        @Ollie the Pickle Correct My favorite greasy musty green man

      2. Ollie the Pickle

        Ace is best boi

      3. CEILING FAN


    17. MelancholyArtz

      Funnily enough I’m either going as Bonesy or a zombie gorillaz fan

    18. Claw Animates

      Gorillaz posting is always the highlight of my day

    19. 💖ItsPK💖

      Can’t wait for Halloween and Noodle’s birthday! 😊

      1. Red Moon

        Gangreen gang are odd, yes you herd me Ace.

      2. crackaSilly

        Omg i just need to say i love your pfp 💚💚💚💚💚

    20. VickY

      THIS IS NO TIME FOR HALLOWEEN, Our 31 japanese girl has birthday 😌👌💕🛐

      1. VickY

        @💖lucygamingLOL yup, this year!

      2. Nutmeg Fox


      3. Red Moon

        31 no way I thought she was 18!

    21. soph

      i would’ve loved to have been 2-d, but since my friends don’t rly listen to gorillaz we settled on the idea of being the marauders from harry potter

    22. Are


      1. 🐝-Bri

        @ivo sablich Es genial ver como los Dioses se reunen

      2. Are

        @ivo sablich y de Ecuador xd, soy de LATAM .____., integrante de la GRASA por sierto 🍷🧐

      3. ivo sablich

        Wtf un fan de gorillaz latino

      4. 🐝-Bri

        - Inserte a Goku-

    23. Techno union representative

      i'm cosplaying as something quite fictional, a mentally and financially stable adult

    24. Litttle Red Panda

      I don't celebrate Halloween, but I am going to watch Halloween movies!💖❤❤

    25. James Curry

      Mann i love Dracula one of my favorite tracks from that album

    26. nadie

      One of the best gorillaz songs but woefully underrated

      1. cxpherr


      2. Daniel Bilik

        what song is this?

    27. MC. Gemstone

      Man I haven't listen to this song in forever. Such a good song to play around this time of the month.

    28. 2stairsup

      I'm going as 2-D! Dyed my hair blue and got some clothes and contact lenses 💙

    29. New2you

      I’m going as venti- but in swedish class i have to talk about an interest and i chose gorillaz 😈

      1. Catra 💃

        Doesn’t it have to be more than songs?

    30. katie kelly

      I'm gonna be broke millenial for halloween cause it's my 24/7 atire

    31. Lily Cavanaugh

      I'm being noodle for Halloween this year and I'm so excited since her style is so awesome

    32. Neil Stewart

      Gorillaz for Halloween yea man we already know 2d would have great costume

      1. Stickzilla

        He's probably gonna dress as a Satsuma or a ship captain

      2. Kris Morgan

        if he’s a mummy again I’ll scream-

    33. Workshop Blackbird

      Old School Gorillaz 🤘

    34. 🐝-Bri

      Just coming from listening to Dracula, I'm hopeful that Noodle will dress up as her for Halloween. I think I will disguise myself as Freddy Krueger

    35. Sparrow

      I've got a plague doctors mask and a red leather jacket, I'm gonna be medieval Starlord.

    36. Hesham Al Omary

      Gorillaz: *Is trying to be creepy* Also Gorillaz: *Doesn't show any scenes from Demon Days, their scariest and darkest album which had the worst and most upsetting music videos.*

    37. Mr.Cheemslencio

      Happy new year gorillaz!!

    38. Darkprince5004

      I was gonna cosplay 2-D, because I feel that he is such a great guy and doesn't get much recognition as Murdoc

      1. Darkprince5004

        @Hanako San true

      2. Hanako San

        Jokes on him, Russel barely get any recognition

    39. Soap S s s soap

      I wanted to be the boogeyman for Halloween but I’ll probably have to wait until next year. It’ll be fun though😼

    40. Lau Bra

      Too old to go trick or treating Too young to go to halloween parties

    41. Hanako San

      Nothing here is scarier than Murdoc dodging balls in Rock the House

      1. Kris Morgan

        f a i r e n o u g h


      Think I'll be going as the ghost of the #freemurdoc chatbots that just, never got mentioned again after the second one had errors after launch.

    43. lill.27

      The Grinch!!! Spent a whole year practicing the face

      1. Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy

        Haha thats so cool! I love the grintch! Wish I could see!

    44. AELAHN

      nice, now i'm going to binge all the dub tracks from gorillaz

    45. hvideon1

      by this I'm assuming Damon is ready for Halloween and is drinking a lot

    46. Emily Berger

      actually I wanna "cosplay" murdoch this is going to be so funny

    47. Monkey Mind

      I’m going as the reissues of the old albums you promised earlier this year (so I’m going as a ghost)

      1. B

        Gorillaz - Gorillaz (Gorillaz' version)

      2. B

        I never heard about that. Was he planning on remastering each song?

    48. Olivia Thompson

      Not a day goes by where I tell people to appreciate Dracula more

    49. Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy

      I'm gonna go as King Dice from Cuphead!😆😁 (wish I could be a Gorillaz character but I already made the costume for King Dice so I'm not gonna waste it. Funny enough I DO have Blue hair and a 2D looking outfit as well as Aces Cat eye shades!)

      1. Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy

        @Kris Morgan YESH hehe

      2. Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy

        @no I found clothes that looks like Stuff KD would wear and My dad gave me a Bif Purple Sparkly Bow and I drew KDs face on peices of paper and put them on a Card board box. Check my channel to see it.

      3. Kris Morgan

        omg yes- king dice supremacy-

      4. no

        That sounds really cool where did you get it

    50. babyrage

      I’m going as 2d and my friends are dressing up as the others in the band :O

      1. Blueletta Rangreen Toonzy

        I'M JEALOUS!!!

    51. Kat Storm

      A few years ago I was Cyborg Noodle. Turned out the only thing that would keep my faux bullet hole stuck to my forehead was heavy duty carpet tape lol.

    52. Goblin

      I’m gonna go as Noodle this year! I was gonna be be Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club but all the costumes I found said they wouldn’t be here till the end of November

    53. OtakuUnitedStudio

      Some of us toe the line The rest of us are out of reach Everybody party time! Some of us will never sleep again

    54. 5am

      I'm gonna make a song with these people one day.

    55. _/·TabCtrlAltSupr·\_

      I just dont disguise at halloween, i stay home, playing and listening you guys

    56. Briar-Potter

      Feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good City's breaking down on a camel's back They just have to go, 'cause they don't know wack So while you fill the streets, it's appealing to see You won't get out the county, 'cause you're bad and free You got a new horizon, it's ephemeral style A melancholy town where we never smile And all I wanna hear is the message beep My dreams, they got a kissing 'Cause I don't get sleep, no Windmill, windmill for the land Turn forever hand in hand Take it all in on your stride It is ticking, falling down Love forever, love is freely Turned forever, you and me Windmill, windmill for the land Is everybody in? Laughin' gas these hazmats, fast cats Linin' 'em up like ass cracks Play these ponies at the track It's my chocolate attack Shit, I'm steppin' in the heart of this here (yeah) Care Bear rappin' in harder this year (yeah) Watch me as I gravitate, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Yo, we gon' ghost town this Motown With yo' sound, you in the blink Gon' bite the dust, can't fight with us With yo' sound, you kill the Inc. So don't stop, get it, get it (Get it) Until you're cheddar headed And watch the way I navigate Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Windmill, windmill for the land Turn forever hand in hand Take it all in on your stride It is ticking, falling down Love forever, love is freely Turned forever, you and me Windmill, windmill for the land Is everybody in? Don't stop, get it, get it Peep how your captain's in it Steady, watch me navigate Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Don't stop, get it, get it Peep how your captain's in it Steady, watch me navigate Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good Sha, sha-ba-da, sha-ba-da-ca, feel good

    57. lemon boy 😹🍋

      im being Noodle this year and next year 😼💪💪 (me and my friends are being Gorillaz for Halloween next year as a group but not this year-)

    58. Patrick K-Night-Crow S

      I always costumize for the kids at the door - this year as Darth Nihilus. Once, when I costumized as "raven man", I acted like I would lay chocolate eggs ; )

      1. The dog from Raditude

        If you know who Darth Nihilus is, you’re a legend. It’s nice to see a fellow Star Wars lore junkie in this comment section.

    59. LoneSoul06

      It's Halloween every day for Gorillaz.

    60. Ryrux

      Dale Gorillaz ya saca song machine season 2 o por lo menos la cancion de Gorillaz X Bad Bunyzzz

    61. Gothic Lunatic

      I wanna dress up as Murdoc for Halloween ^^

    62. Arisu

      it will be a cosplay of a manga villain 💖

    63. Марина Саломахина

      Gorillas ❤

    64. Iamsanna fan bigggggggg [:

      I miss the old gorillaz

    65. That one (not) mentally ill mf

      *Me making noodle's cat mask with paper maché in art class* : Noodle of course.

    66. harpy

      Yo it was hard choosing what to be this year and I decided on murdoc or a ghost. Flipped a coin now imma be a ghost

    67. Alien Reggae

      You've accomplished so much

    68. Jillian

      I want to be Murdoc for Halloween. I will scare the children so bad. 👶🏼

    69. zsazsa

      definitivamente me disfrazo o de stuart o de boogeyman

    70. Nedomosli

      I'm gonna be Beetlejuice on this Halloween

    71. Lavendeer 201

      I was a cuteass lil deer for halloween

    72. BigSimpin

      Funny enough I dressed up as a genderbend version of Murdoc, ✨Margot Niccals✨ My best friend matched with me, she dressed as Noodle

    73. ∆kamaleão guerrerø∆

      in some halloween i'll dress up as boohieman save my words

    74. Saurus

      Rhinestone eyes quedaría perfecto con el fin del mundo mediante un apocalipsis climático

    75. Logan Symmes

      I was actually gonna be 2D for Halloween

    76. Thea Gantner

      This halloween I was actualy thinking I want to dress up as 2D and scare my neighbarhood :))))

    77. [JNK``]

      Imma go as phase 2 Noodle! Im so excited!!!

    78. Pange

      I LOVE IT

    79. ꧁ᴊᴇʟʟʏ ᴋɪᴅ꧂

      I want to cosplay as Noodle next years for halloween

    80. oy a

      Calypso from Pirates of Caribbean. Already won a costume contest😁!