Song Machine Live in Cinemas



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    Trafalgar Releasing and LIVENow join forces to bring Gorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong to the big screen for one day only on Wednesday 8th December*! Tickets go on sale today (11th November) via The glorious, star-studded virtual show from Gorillaz, captured at the band’s Kong Studios HQ in London, will come to cinemas globally via Trafalgar Releasing, along with the cinema-exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, ‘Live From Kong’ with unseen interview footage and commentary from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.
    Following their much-anticipated return to the stage in December 2020 with the dazzling SONG MACHINE LIVE, the biggest virtual band on the planet will once again bring fans magnificent Jamie Hewlett visuals and thrilling live performance blended together in the unique Gorillaz way.
    Guitarist Noodle, bassist Murdoc Niccals, drummer Russel Hobbs and frontman 2D - in all their cinematic glory - will be joined by Damon Albarn and the full Gorillaz live band plus a host of special guests, delivering an unmissable celebration of Gorillaz music.
    On 12th & 13th December 2020, SONG MACHINE LIVE saw Gorillaz’ first live performance of their latest album Song Machine: Season One - Strange Timez - and the band’s first live performance since 2018, broadcast live around the world with three shows across three time zones through pay-per-view streaming platform LIVENow.
    Gorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong is available at cinemas worldwide for one day only on Wednesday 8th December*. For full ticket and viewing information, see

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    1. zia.

      the pure joy i feel when gorillaz post is unreal

      1. da hampter is back

        Makes all of the people here feel good

      2. Thygo


      3. Donut.l

        Yessss (x I also recommend listening to Made of Wax by The Impures cx I think you might like it

      4. The God of Bread


    2. TheDiaxD

      Gorillaz keep rockin even after 20 years 😎

      1. Talorc MacAllan

        They like a fine wine.......that we need buckets of.😆

      2. Inside P^T's mind

        They will NEVER stop

      3. Cero_Emerald

        @Sledge whoa there, the top charts of 2000’s tell otherwise

      4. Sledge

        Gorillaz has been sucking for 20 years!

      5. Rafa Kiwi


    3. Sarun C.

      Getting a yearly Gorillaz screening at cinemas should be a thing. I could really get used to this.

    4. WhySoDucky

      I remember when I used to be 12 I used to jack the volume high anytime Gorillaz would pass on MTV. Now I have them in my earphones and so happy they still make bangers. Here to another 20 years!!!

    5. Pot Noodles

      Thank you so much gorillaz for making amazing music you have lifted my spirits in hardest of times I’ve been listening since I was eight I’m now sixteen I seen you play in Dublin in 2018 and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to Damon even handed me a guitar pic which I treasure and wouldn’t trade for anything in the world I can’t wait for the virus to end so that hopefully you can tour again please continue to make great music 💕💕

      1. violet_780

        thats so sweet!

      2. Peppermint tea

        Yesss 😍

      3. Rebeca Buendía

        @Keychan64 Creep

      4. the illegal seagull

        I started a few months ago, think I'm obsessed I find myself not listening to much of anything else.

      5. Pot Noodles

        @Brandon parece tu ciego

    6. UrAveragePossum

      Literally every time you guys post my heart explodes- this looks insanely cool! You guys are so creative like oh my god

    7. Shocked Lou

      i’m crying but this made me smile a bit

      1. amane

        Not me having the same pfp as you

      2. Sledge

        @sben sbeve • 10 years ago I don’t know, am I?

      3. sben sbeve • 10 years ago

        @Sledge are you angry

      4. Rain :]

        I'm glad it made you smile! I don't want you to feel sad. And it's the best when you're crying and something comes up which makes you feel better :D

    8. CartoonPrincess15

      I'm so excited, me and my boyfriend are getting the tickets, and I'll be wearing my Gorillaz print dress. I've always loved Gorillaz, but they really helped me last year when I was having a lot of panic attacks, I ended up making some friends with other fans, and I'm happy they're still making music and I'm excited for whatever future projects come forward (just no NFTs lol).

    9. Pedro Matheus

      Me levem para lá onde eu possa ver este momento épico...

    10. DomadordeCaballos

      Lo necesitamos en los cines de Mexicali, Baja California, México ❤️

      1. El basurero de Nat

        Nunca llegó a valle de bravo xdd

      2. q miras bro

        @Zurdita Dinamita en españa no,pero en México si:(

      3. Zurdita Dinamita

        @q miras bro Vienen a algún punto de España? Creo que cuando miré no había nada :')

      4. A_WeirdBoy23

        Good Ending: ya me compraron los boletos

      5. DomadordeCaballos

        @q miras bro a Barcelona seguro sí llega.

    11. jeSUS AGElvis

      Necesitamos esto en LATAM! XD Sigan excelentes!

      1. siimonn 55

        @Axcys ª no sabía

      2. Axcys

        @siimonn 55 en todo el mundo se estrenó ayer

      3. siimonn 55

        En argentina se estrenó ayer pero no pude ir a verlo

      4. Danny

        @Keychan64 latinoamérica

      5. Axcys

        @¡ Karmax ! Yo ya conseguí mis entradas!

    12. Eira Müller

      Me alegro mi día, como siempre me sorprende Gorillaz

    13. DanyRockStar♪

      ✨¡Esto es realmente mágico!✨

      1. Sirlalo Sanchez

        Estará en Cinépolis papá

      2. 2-D FACHERO


      3. coq

        Yeah :)


      Son buenos encendido a Colombia los esperamos con las manos abiertas ♥️🤟

    15. kid pungala

      Muito foda

    16. W.D. Dragneel

      Gorillaz absolute legendary band.

    17. SonicDDRFreak

      A Gorillaz virtual concert? And on my birthday, too? Let's do this, yo!

    18. ProvsnooB 64

      Me who watched The show 3 times: I’ll do that shit again

      1. Hello I am Elias

        Also one of the best performances of fire coming out of the monkeys head

      2. Feral Fernweh

        @ProvsnooB 64 oh okay thank you!! theyll be happy to hear that!!

      3. ProvsnooB 64

        @Feral Fernweh spoilers: Dracula, demon days and a remix of Clint Eastwood

      4. Feral Fernweh

        oh!! you've seen it already? my parents are taking me to it for my birthday! Do you happen to remember what non-song machine songs are playing? they arent very familiar with that album and I just wanna know if theyll be playing anything my parents will like

      5. ProvsnooB 64

        @Rogue Wookiee lol true tho

    19. · sunni!cloudzz ·

      My favorite band, for years I've listened to their music, never gets old.

    20. BOGAER

      Ya tengo boletos 😆 sería genial ver los en México en vivo

      1. Donut.l

        The recomendo escuchar Made of Wax- The Impures cx

    21. puggy cheese

      I love this! I grew up listening to the gorillaz and I all I have to say is: I'm blown away with what great music they have posted!

    22. Christian Disco

      Gorillaz are awesome! I need to go to their concert before they stop touring!!

    23. katie_can’t_compute


    24. T

      AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see this guys!

    25. Liam Carmody

      I didn’t get the chance to see this when it was livestreamed last year so when I heard this was coming to theatres I was so hyped. Just got my tickets and cannot wait

      1. Mandar Johnson

        Same! I had school tests the night of the screening so I was bummed lol.

    26. 2-D español

      Thanks Gorillaz you are the only band I listen to and I hope your band is just as great as it is now, keep it up as inspiring

      1. 2-D español

        Oh thx for the likes :D

      2. coq

        Yeah Bv

    27. Max el pollo278

      Increíble! :) 👏

    28. DafterEverAfter

      Every time Gorillaz posts you know it’s gonna be a good day! 💗

      1. Donut.l

        Ikr cx I recommend listening to Made of Wax by The Impures cx I think you might like it

    29. Joca

      i love the vibe that Gorillaz brings

    30. Syndrac the Blue Dragon

      Espero tengamos esto en Cinépolis, me encantaría verlo!

      1. Victor Ortiz

        De alguna u otra forma lo vamos a tener :D ojalá y se distribuya como reject false icons

      2. Sirlalo Sanchez

        Lo vamos a tener

    31. J A

      every gorillaz upload brightens my day. absolute legendary band B)

    32. Leydi CHOQUE HUAMANI

      Incredible how beautiful, congratulations on your subscribers you deserve it.

    33. Turbo Zone

      Oh I'm not missing this! Already got my tickets! Gorillaz got me through some of the lowest points of my life. There will never be another artist I connect to more

    34. Lucas Staples

      Love it ❤️

    35. nadie

      This is the most epic I've seen, I hope it opens in my country

    36. Parker Wass

      This is so cool, Gorillaz!

    37. q miras bro

      Gorillaz, your music is incredible, just listening to your music makes me happy, I adore the way you work, continue like this, your work is seriously great for so many years listening to your music and I still can't get enough🛐💞💐💍

    38. Psycho J

      The Gorillaz will always be one of my favorite bands, and I've never actually been to a Gorillaz concert before, since they are too expensive. The only thing that's going through my mind right now, is one of the musicians from the Gorillaz band pick somebody from the crowd and steps in a pod to create a virtual character of that person and just rocking with 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, and Russell like a member of the band for fun.

    39. Heather Lutes

      Not sure I can say this due to community guidelines, but F### an A. Now where talking. An amazing thing to do to Song Machine, saw all 3 performances and have been missing a rewatch. Thank you for taking it to the big screen and sharing it with others. Spread that light around the World.

    40. ScoutScootSceet

      It was amazing! Would see it again! I hope this comes to DVD. Then I'll definitely be watching it over and over again

    41. Adrián López

      Los mejores🇲🇽

      1. rengoku umai

        Sin duda amigo mío 🇲🇽🇲🇽

    42. se aventurando em jogos

      Eu amo Gorillaz sou um fã

    43. Average.Kuromi.Enjoyer

      I love this band so much!

    44. poof

      keep up the great work!!

    45. Parzival Alchema

      When I get into loving Gorillaz 3 months ago, I keep listening to their songs when I'm going to sleep, it's just so soothing like even their songs with upbeat tempo still makes me feel relax idk why

      1. Aid-Acard Triplett

        I started getting into their music around the same time lmao, I totally agree with you

    46. kiska piska

      мой любимый альбом!

    47. Niazesk

      I remember watching "Reject False Icons" in cinema two years ago. That was fenomenal, very exciting!~ Cannot wait to watch this one in cinema as well.~

    48. THE JMVU Archive

      This was the best virtual concert I’ve been to. 😎👍

      1. Donut.l

        I recommend listening to Made of Wax by The Impures cx I think you might like it :)))))

    49. Clã artgame

      Mt bom cara

    50. it is real?

      Gorillaz los amo

    51. Luna is a loser

      Thanks for the great songs keep up the good work!

    52. DaríoC-137

      OMG I must go, it makes me feel old to think that Gorillaz still Rockin’ 20 years later

    53. The God of Bread

      Ooo, this is sick!

    54. Diego


    55. XxThatOneGuy xX

      Thanks gorillaz for making music for over 20 years im lucky to be alive listening to you guys

    56. Artemon

      Thank you, now I can dilute my boring leisure. Hope to see you guys live on stage in the future!

    57. esquisita

      Sonho machine é um dos melhores álbuns,na minha opinião

    58. Sarunas Buvarskis

      Gorillaz are such a talented 🎶💣

    59. dado _m10

      Love your music keep it up.

    60. Pierina

      Esperando que salga la pre venta uwu

    61. dah one

      This is incredible and my day is great 👍🏾

    62. Fernando Leoni

      Que felicidad saber que acá en Argentina se pueda ver!

    63. Something cool

      I’m so excited for this to happen! The last time I watched to concert immediately after the callmecarson situation came out lmao

    64. q miras bro

      I hope they do a concert in Barcelona, it would be incredible🛐💞💐💍

    65. Gael Cornejo


    66. David Vásquez

      Esta bueno diez de diez 👌👌👍

    67. Mishelle Avelar

      Si! al fin lo compré el boleto ayer después de mucho esfuerzo pero almenos ya lo tengo antes de que luego no tenga especios

    68. Mammoth Chats

      This video is fantastically edited!

    69. Juana Arreola

      this is so exciting oh my god I can’t wait 😆

    70. Nathan


    71. Unnamed_O Unidentified


    72. Lucy Córdova

      Aaaahhh los amooo

    73. Mason The Gunsmith

      Gorillaz x Sturgill Simpson? I think that'd be pretty cool. Thanks Damon Albarn & the gang for collaborating with so many artists over the years to create some of the greatest, most unique music of all time.

    74. Mnc

      I was there..!! Virtualy just like the band I love the most.

    75. Clukafluu Mad

      Genial :'O

    76. Martin Gamez

      Just watched it. It was a blast

    77. Sebastián Rocha

      Que suerte que aun hay buena música

    78. Gabriela Barba

      Long live Gorillaz! 👊

    79. Luiz Lucas Trajano de Menezes

      Gorillaz não lança nada em 2021 (tirando o EP com as 3 músicas): Bora ganhar dinheiro nos cinemas com o show de 2020! 🤘🏻

    80. junior xd

      gorillaz the masters are my favorite band I listen to them since I was 12 years old