Murdoc Niccals re-lives Feel Good Inc (watch in full on YouTube now!)



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    1. Olivia Rosario

      Murdoc accidentally let 2D be happy, so he had to rectify it.

      1. _arisato_

        oh no,, hes happy,, what ever shall i do !!

      2. courier 6

        Oh shit he's happy

    2. Lan.mp4

      I was hoping for some lore from this music video but of course it’s about the megaphone

      1. Azazel Blackfire

        What're ye talkin' about? This is important!

      2. EllaCarnage

        @Bench Trio System! HOLD UP- ANOTHER DSMP LOVER? ME TOO!!

      3. EllaCarnage

        Megaphone lore

      4. Bench Trio System!

        the joy i had reading this

    3. katie_can’t_compute

      Now I just wanna hear 2D do a pingu NOOT NOOT Also ToysRUs🥺🥺

      1. angelo


      2. Pink Lightning Vtuber Gaming and Nightcore

        I guess I'll have to make you jealous then there's one still open near my new house

      3. _arisato_

        NOOT NOOT

      4. dildonius

        It just so happens we have that audio! Peen-goo, Inc.:

    4. stet

      I'm currently rewatching all seasons of Pingu, shits bussin

      1. Elf Froppy

        @YoHNNES pingillaz

      2. wb12

        Pingu Pingu

      3. stet


      4. YoHNNES


    5. FellowGamerGuys

      I love this kind of stuff it’s what helps me in life

    6. ᭙ꪮꪑρ

      For some reason when they showed Murdoc I was half expecting him to say 'No bitches?'

      1. Penguintato

        No because that literally needs to be a thing he does at some point

    7. SEB

      Damn, this is the song I would keep replaying on the CD player when I was 2. Still my favorite.

      1. Nate

        @SEB jeez

      2. swan98

        I don't remember things I did at 2, what 😅

      3. Brian Bread

        lol rad childhood

      4. SEB

        @stet I mean, I was 2 in 2005.

      5. stet

        2? What?

    8. Legion2012

      Murdoch got to do the microphone from Toys “R” Us

      1. borbleborb

        his name is in the title, there’s no H in his name

      2. dildonius


      3. no good name ideas

        rip to Toys “R” us

    9. Pourpel

      Man keep these up, I love hearing from the Members themselves

    10. Tyee Elu

      I wanna hear Murdoc talk about the song 'November has come' on the same album as this one which featured the late great MF DOOM 🙏🏽🕊

      1. Now Now

        The illest villain 😔🙏

    11. Fog Frog Crow

      я очень люблю эту песнь спасибо Деймон спасибо Gorillaz

    12. Girlscout966

      Love the editing ❤️ my favorite band

    13. shiingujikorekiyo~☆

      Sois los mejores 😔✌️

    14. DaBirdman1989

      this entire album was the sound track to my highschool years.

    15. Hanako San

      Our old Murdoc struggling with modern stuff

    16. brootal MeeM

      I mean it's nice of murdoc for buying something for 2D. and it's cute that 2D really appreciated it

    17. MrPatrickStar

      Please, more of you!!!!

    18. Eduardo Vargas

      I love Gorillaz, and that song is my favorite 👍

    19. Sammy Sam I am

      Greatest song ever made on the planet

    20. Showstopping

      amazing ... you could say the song was showstopping

    21. Hu? Tao!

      Man I bet 2D still misses his megaphone. 😔

    22. ĂŖĻĖØÚĬŅ

      Me encanta saludos de México

    23. William afton

      Still love this song

    24. Flumpty

      Best band of all time

    25. Olimano Romano

      Windmill, windmill for the land Turn forever hand in hand Take it all in on your stride It is ticking, falling down Love forever, love is freely Turned forever, you and me Windmill, windmill for the land Is everybody in? Laughin' gas these hazmats, fast cats Linin' 'em up like ass cracks Play these ponies at the track It's my chocolate attack Shit, I'm steppin' in the heart of this here (yeah) Care Bear rappin' in harder this year (yeah) Watch me as I gravitate, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

    26. Cosme Animations

      Windmill, windmill for the land Turn forever hand in hand

      1. smallsynth

        @Cosme Animations laughing gas these hazmats, fast cats

      2. Cosme Animations

        Windmill, windmill for the land Is everybody in?

      3. ren

        @Lexy wright Turned forever, you and me

      4. Lexy wright

        @Jirouwu love forever, love is freely

    27. wb12

      The song about Indio California the week after Coachella. I can confirm it's true, very true....

    28. Shin

      It great to see these again!

    29. Uberr Driverr

      I love pretending to understand what this man’s saying

    30. Ernesto Alvarez

      Los esperamos en argentina

    31. MadskenManシ︎

      without a doubt the best band or at least for me is gorillaz, very good music

    32. •XxDExX•

      murdoc speaking facts

    33. Luiz Eduardo Santos

      Gorillaz é o melhor dos bests

    34. Min_Chofi

      Big fan! Can't wait till next friday 2 see you at tecnopolis!!

    35. MC. Gemstone

      Ah more random facts by Murdoc to add more the the Gorillaz lore.

    36. ☀︎︎RayneFrBro☀︎︎

      This is my fav song!

    37. Littlewing6was9

      Sending love always from Manchester England 🌬️🌼

    38. Yogf (your ordinary gorillaz fan)

      Gorillaz!!! Thank you for the email you send me I'd be really happy that you make a concert near me ! I'd really hope i can come

    39. Your mini sentry

      Is this video because of that video “Feel Noot Inc.”?

    40. JELLYD0NUT_H0LE67

      murdoc goes "ahhh" in every one of these

    41. Samham

      goes to show how consistently horrible Murdoc has been over the years. but this next phase shows a change of heart so looking forward to that

    42. The confusion man

      It feels like Murdock would get obsessed with using a megaphone himself

    43. IDKx3

      The line " Had to smash it in the end" sounded exactly how i wanted to sound. 🥵

    44. Miracle

      I want that megaphone

    45. hp4evr

      We need this for more of ur videosssss

    46. Le

      Now I’m imagining 2-D when Murdoc gave him the Toys r us megaphone

    47. Tori

      0:17 Just like his happiness, huh Murdoc

    48. Cre'Che Shaw

      CLASSIC... OHHH OHHH 🎶💜🎶💯✌🏿🙋🏾‍♀️

    49. Francisco Manuel Lopez

      Gorillaz es de lo mejor

    50. Laranja Peludo

      There was a Gorillaz show on the 18th, right on my birthday and I already saw it I could go, and it was in Brazil 😭🤞

    51. RetroAdzz

      That megaphone woukd be worth a load of money by now

    52. Zazyaga

      Плыли мы по морю, ветер мачтовал...

    53. Joelatise

      This is great lol

    54. N O O T   N O O T

      2-D sounds like the person who would cry when drunk

    55. Dmitry Sviridon

      Please make a video in support of the Ukrainian Army to raise morale!

    56. Chris ayyy

      You image seeing Gorillaz going shopping at Toys R us

    57. Яна Макарова

      Murdoc is God

    58. Starsmiler247

      LMAO TOYS R US 💀 anyways I have been waiting for something new to happen on this channel and I litteraly missed it 2 days ago 🥲 LOL

    59. Raven Snow

      R.I.P Toys R Us Megaphone.

    60. Jägger Orioluss

      Murdoc is god

    61. synnamon bun


    62. Mr. Misty-eyed

      Already did, Mr. Damon sir

    63. Ninja Beast

      Rip my man’s megaphone

    64. BonelesssPizzza

      Feel good inc. is a good song

    65. є. ηуgмα

      If it makes him sound like Pingu, does it just sound like a bunch of noot noots 😋

    66. Batman stabbing a dog

      I wanna see 2-d a 40+ year young male react to toys r us being closed down

    67. FROST

      Я хоть и русский и 10мне лет похер жду новый трэк виде формата этого трека

    68. • Ałex •

      It sounds like they wrote rain stones falling from the sky

    69. Otaku Queen

      I love it here

    70. Skulls of Wepping

      I can do the murdoc voice and I re in acted this it was funny

    71. Francisco Manuel Lopez

      Excelente gorillaz

    72. Legomaxkybik

      Плыли мы по морю...

    73. Caragh Hayes

      This music video is great

    74. Francisco Manuel Lopez

      Xd, obra de arte en 3d😎😎🖕

    75. Eddie Munson’s wig


    76. Hanako San

      Hey Gorillaz! Is that movie of yours still a project?

    77. Todoroki Shoto

      Is it just me or when 2-D goes to the window he looks like a cat begging for food?

      1. Todoroki Shoto

        @🐰𝖇𝖚𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖙 𝖇𝖚𝖓𝖓𝖞🐰 ya

      2. 🐰𝖇𝖚𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖙 𝖇𝖚𝖓𝖓𝖞🐰

        would make sense tho

    78. Zenon Andrés Huarachi Cruz


    79. Vanessa Olvera

      I love your songs gorillaz

    80. Alejandro Zazueta

      Why do I like this song so much?