Jimmy Jimmy on Jimmy 🤩



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    1. Jacob M

      It was a fun performance, but I was a little sad not seeing 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, Russel or at least Damon. Especially since it was mostly a pre-made video anyway. Still great regardless. :)

      1. Xavier Davila


      2. Floofers

        Maybe you didn't see them clearly, but they do appear in the video, even though they're just dark silhouettes in the windows.

    2. Shrekwazowski

      I just want to say THANKS to Damon. He's an incredible person!

      1. Punecak_sup

        I a fan of gorillaz but I didn’t like when blur ( A band that damon was in ) bulled nardwuar:< and I remember back in a Instagram post that it gone for sum reason but apparently nardwuar said that damon didn’t gave him a apology but he still think damon is a nice guy

      2. nia p

        Yep :D

    3. FoxtochopKun

      No one: Damon: Jimmy Jimmy on Jimmy, Jamie Jamie Hewlett: Stop

      1. Elliot


    4. sylieve

      Thanks gorillaz for making my day feel better

    5. I am real giyu

      It's not a mistake,✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

    6. Chris ayyy

      What I’d give to see a concert.

    7. Pixelanor

      This Band is a Legend

    8. Gerson Henriquez

      Jimmy likes Jimmy a lot Jimmy what good tastes Jimmy has

    9. skurwron

      Certifed jimmy moment

    10. JBXM

      Thank you Damon

      1. mikk

        you're welcome fam

    11. Giorgio Antonaci

      Jammin with Jimmy on this Jam.

    12. nia p

      “When they play your song, we’ll get along!”

    13. ៸៸ ⁺‧  𝙠𝙞  !


    14. Noodle Dancing different songs

      Jimmy Jimmy on Jimmy with Jimmy talking about Jimmy Jimmy

      1. turtlecool

        @Noodle Dancing different songs No problem!!

      2. Noodle Dancing different songs

        @turtlecool thanks

      3. turtlecool

        best comment so far🤣

    15. GonzZ

      this is so good!!!!

    16. Sallyzinho༒

      My dog ​​is called Jimmy kkkk I love you guys especially the 2D heheh

    17. Aimee Naumann

      It reminds me of "The Addams Family Groove" by MC Hammer❤

    18. Misfortune

      ironic that i would see this while wearing my gorillaz shirt lmao

    19. eric

      u never miss, gorillaz 😍

    20. Succubi Pie

      When you're so early the thumbnail hasn't loaded yet.

    21. pheonix kate


    22. Carson Gaetz

      Definitely my favourite new song

    23. Jonathan Dominguez castillejos


    24. UnBoludoCualquiera

      Del the legend in memory

    25. ♡TeeHee TummyTums♡


    26. Kimberly Bogert

      Anwsome 😆✨💫

    27. Agent Borange

      A real desk slapper!

    28. V_boi

      ‘Here is: *G R I L L E R S* ‘

    29. Megaasier08

      Jimmy Jimmy! 🤘

    30. Paula Lyerly

      How yall doing? Is 2d doing alright

    31. Karen Zuno Reyes

      Gorillaz 😼😍 yes 😍❤️

    32. CalenJamesss

      Now we need jimmy jimmy on jimmy on JIMMY

    33. S S P

      "Here's... GRILLEZZ"

    34. ggzunijz


    35. Jimmy Ayllón

      Jimmy moment

    36. dankx

      i love gorillaz

    37. Willyboi!!

      Gorillaz on Jimmy? Certified Jimmy moment

    38. cooiezz

      gorillaz isn’t supposed to actually be british, very good tho love my brits

    39. Burnt Soup

      I love that song

    40. Dark-Mirror-_-

      That's too many Jimmy's to process

    41. Murdoc’s bath water 👹


    42. Yay

      The way jimmy said "gurillasz" +_0 am i the only one who gets a little mad when someone says it wrong or calls them "the gorillaz"?

    43. chriscrazy

      Gorillaz the best

    44. Irukust


    45. mikk

      Very cool!

    46. Hey Tødd

      I love a Gorillaz

    47. elZetro

      jimin jimin asi se llama mi amigo

    48. Sofia Saenz


    49. Logan Symmes

      This is like Plastic Beach on Plastic Beach

    50. snooople


    51. EBA

      Oh my jimmies

    52. GabetheGod

      I love gorillaz

    53. Yahel Guadalupe Manríquez Navarro

      like song🥰 of Jimmy

    54. DJ


    55. Misakithegal

      the Tonight show with the gorillaz-I MEAN jimmy fallon

    56. Paniel Maniac

      lov u guys

    57. jorge diego osorio mendez

      Si también pienso lo mismo sobre los árboles

      1. ♡𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐨𝐨 Duraznito🦊

        Suena interesante verdad xd

    58. Juan O.

      Jimmy JIMMY!

    59. Ven_Lynm


    60. Alucard _ Guy

      Wow! What is that song? I Want tô Knooooooowwwww!!!!!

    61. The Beaver Geezer

      Jimmy Jimmy on Jimmy 🙀🙀

    62. ruben

      Jimmy Jimmy on Jimmy with Jimmy above Jimmy

    63. SoK

      Too much jimmy

    64. StormRider829

      Is it just me or did he say gorillaz weird

    65. Oscar CL


    66. Le Smart Boi

      Jimmy watches jimmy jimmy in jimmy

    67. Arcyone

      Nope AJ can't be on some Essex boy vibe he's a normal.

    68. oes clan lox

      Please be back 😓

    69. Gabriel Francisco


    70. Satan


    71. El Descarriado

      Jimmy Jimmy > Being Stabbed > Jimmy (I want to say Kimmel?)

    72. Hanako San


    73. whoah an ant

      There is only Jimmy

    74. el dalasito calvo


    75. The Zii Family

      Face reveal? Revealed?



    77. jeketplayer

      This shit is not Gorillaz. Gorillaz 2021 is Vanilla Ice, who became the lead singer of Rammstein 😐.

      1. idk

        uh ok

    78. CrimtanChromeE


    79. spookz

      jimmy jimmy jimmy jimmy