It’s finally here



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    1. Snaccnstuff


      1. g0thiicbr4tt


      2. Jacob _

        Sat you wanna have BEEF with me

      3. Gints

        I thought that was the actual lyrics and it was a play on people normally being sheep.

      4. SuittedNoob

        They taught themself to be a occult*

      5. B E S T I E !

        Moo 😍

    2. SQYX93

      Noodle is such a cool character, I loved when she said, “It’s noodlin’ time” and noodled all over everyone

      1. mayuko

        God dammit

      2. Thatoneguy

        What kind of noodle🥴

      3. Maple mega spook

        I giggled

      4. Jace Doe126

        @Jack Red she was RUBBISH!

      5. Waterbrat T

        That does not sound right

    3. Tabitha The Cat

      as a member of the last cult, you should join it. praise Murdoc.

      1. PickledDragon


      2. 💗katcat💗

        Coolio all my friends are coming as well

      3. starchaser

        @ᴳᴴᴼˢ† ¶‿¶ you be praising anime characters and we can't praise lord murdoc? come on

      4. moonbaexxz

        @Tabitha The Cat yeah!! ^^

    4. Pixcluvs

      I’m generally obsessed with their new 3d style

      1. Jules

        its so good its killing me, im literally obsessed. its scratching my brain so clean and good. UGH!

      2. Toes_arefor_hoes

        2D in 3D?!

      3. moonbaexxz

        Same here, it lookz so clean and polished ^^

      4. Ph4nt0m_ H4ck3r


      5. Midnxghtxkillua

        they should sell 2ds hat as merch i would buy it

    5. Noodlekamz‼️


    6. The Nerd Beast

      Noodle: "Dads can you keep it down? I'm on the phone."

      1. IcebackbullyMaguire

        Well thats more like her brother

      2. Master Farr

        @Jack Red 2D’s ex Girlfriend?

      3. chummunism

        @Stealthylion Yeah because shes a grown woman, so ofc she changes her style every now and then

      4. MyaGamingKat

        @Gaenet _does_art nah that was del

    7. Donovan R

      I legit thought 2D's whiskers was cookie crumbs.

      1. Donovan R

        @Richard Lemon yes, whiskers is slang for facial hair.

      2. Richard Lemon

        do u mean mustache

      3. Fatima Pulido


      4. Toriauno Williams

        BRO SO DID I

    8. Raven Fae Bowie

      I was inducted to the cult of Gorillaz back in 2001. Proud Murdoc Minion 💚🤘🏻💚

      1. Cherry Poppins

        same here same year

    9. Joe

      Remember when Demon Days first dropped? We joined the cult by clicking Play. Good times 🎶🎧🎶

      1. Gooby Goo

        I've been a member since I got on the ghost train.

      2. MyaGamingKat

        @Randy H get the cool shoe shine 😍

      3. SneakyKNG

        @Randy H I've been here since Blur 😎

      4. Joe

        @Randy H nice 🍻

      5. Randy H

        Did you forget Self Titled?! Ive been a member of the cult since the cool shoeshine. Lol

    10. Paige Eden

      The music video is here, and it is AWESOME! I love how everyone just has this face like, "What is going on? What is HAPPENING?!" It perfectly reflected me while I was watching. You don't always need to know what's going on to like something! Amazing! :D

    11. Tsavage

      I just love 2D so much. I was too young to hear it when they first started but ever since I was born, my father introduced me to Gorillaz at a young age and I’ve been obsessed with it for years. It’s incredible how much production is put into this. -Gorillaz cult member lol

    12. kantonara

      This new 3D style is so cool I hope they do that more often cause it’s so cool🧎🏻‍♀️

    13. Dakota Wester =D

      I absolutly LOVED this music video. I love how you changed your style, but kept it at the same time, and the animation was AMAZING I was blown away 😔❤

    14. Cienna Strode

      listening to it for three hours nonstop I love it so much! 💚💚💙💙

    15. MurdocisMurdoc

      Lo ameeee gracias Gorillaz ustedes son vida❤️

    16. TheOnlyBeanStew

      Damn, that animation is smooth! Love Cracker Island, Last Living Souls is still superior though 😌😤

    17. Musical Dork

      Gosh everything looks so stunning thus son is an absolute banger excellent work my favorite band

    18. Adbiolik

      Épico ❤️✨

    19. Ro

      This song is insanely catchy, like hear a single cord once and the whole thing is stuck in ur head

    20. Russmybeloved

      Amooooo me encantó literalmente todoooo re épico Gorillaz siemprE ÉPICO

    21. Tyrone Walker

      Demon Days will always be there best album...10/10 cult classic

    22. Logan Symmes

      I always thought the lyric was either "Call" or "Cold". Damn you Damon and your silly little accent. /j

      1. Rouis Likes Cheezits

        @Logan Symmes btw the term /j isn’t for stupid people it’s for people that are neurodivergent bc they tend to have a harder time seeing emotions through text 👍👍

      2. cantika-sk

        🔴 *vlogs 18 years and over* 🔴 Very funny period scene [Sekku, Su]. Period. Limit. Enjoywithme.Host Fixed! ️Before deletion ☝️

      3. Logan Symmes

        @The Monkey People are stupid. I hate the term /j but in this case, in this fandom, it felt neccessary

    23. Shapeshifter

      Praise the lord for this masterpiece and join the last cult

    24. Daniel S Rebouças

      Ficou maravilhoso

    25. ɴɪʀᴠᴀɴᴀ

      this was my favorite part!! good job gorillaz!!🐯🔥


      Bro 2D has such a bad azz vibe bro I swear they put me in a good ass mood all the time, tomorrow comes today is a good song but this song is their best one yet

    27. Ratmanprisma

      I don’t know why but murdoc just looks so damn good in this

    28. Room 9

      I watched it on live! It was ✨incredible ✨

    29. Susie

      as a member of the last cult JOIN IT ITS AWESOME!!!! Praise Murdoc!!!!

    30. jesus sem or

      Amooooooo, é minha preferida

    31. Adbiolik

      Te amo Gorillaz ❤️✨

    32. Odin Wolf

      Oh my god they’re saying “cult” haha

      1. CynicaLizzy

        Omg hey odin

      2. 💗katcat💗

        I though it was "cow" or"cold"

      3. SomeCleverName

        The official lyrics says "to be occult" I'm pretty sure.

      4. MyaGamingKat

        ODIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????!!!! If I get a reply from you I will cry 🤠

      5. Par0

        Wait what are u doing in my gorillaz?!

    33. scott


    34. patricia Gronski


    35. that one guy

      in the entire video i was just *"WHERES MURDOC??"* and when i saw him i was happy again

    36. O Cake

      It's coming on... It's coming on... It's coming on... It's coming on... It's here! :D

      1. kricket

        @Gary Barajas i'm pretty sure they're referencing the release of cracker island

      2. Gary Barajas

        It's Dare* !!!!! :)

    37. AnimeBandit

      Everyone should join the last cult praise murdoc

    38. Dexterkal

      Dios mío, que buena animacion

    39. Moon_Wo1f-1610

      its nice to see you guys back out there after 10 years

      1. Nik

        I mean they did come out with an album in 2020 so it hasn’t been that long. But I will admit that this song seems to have blown up more compared to their last few albums

    40. SnaiderMotion


    41. FeFeWasTaken

      As a member of the last cult. i Approve of this

    42. Mr.DeeDs187

      They got my man Russell sitting there zoned out it's funny how you snapped out of it at the end

    43. demanda_vlad

      Tô encantado 🗿🍷

    44. Sage Orias

      That last shot of Murdoc was impeccable.

    45. Ron Nickels

      I'd love to join the cult, really I would. Trouble is I have a restraining order against Pazuzu.

    46. Adbiolik

      Increíble ❤️✨

    47. Amanda Jennings

      As an ambassador I must say join #thelastcult join us, praise Murdoc!!

    48. Alex Escutia

      Yes I would sell my soul to be in the cult

    49. Henry Capps

      Thundercat is paving the way for modern jazz musicians



    51. CyborgNoodle

      I saw it yesterday this was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇳🇴🇳🇴🇬🇧🇬🇧

    52. ThatDirtyWolf

      The animation was incredible in this video

    53. Food for Animals

      Is there just one fucking song or are we getting a fucking album I can't tell

      1. KOZEKYTO

        @SneakyKNG I mean, that could also just be another single. It doesn’t change the fact that this one is. Cool to know, though!

      2. SneakyKNG

        @KOZEKYTO nah there's another song they're playing on tour called silent running

      3. KOZEKYTO

        It’s just a single

    54. Rylie shimmer


    55. ducky

      Gorillaz is never gonna get old, mudoc minion for life

    56. Pan ;))))))

      As a member of the cult I encourage you to join

    57. S1NCL4IR

      i mean if i get to meet 2D then i see no problem in a bit of cult activity

    58. Slasher

      I haven't checked out the current lore yet but it seems like Murdoc is the running a cult lol. I love him but tbh they should bring ace back so they don't have to deal with all the toxicity

    59. Sir smile squad

      I've been in the gorillaz cult but now I'm double in it

    60. 8-Bit

      I'd be glad to be part of the cult, although the consequence looks a bit taunting

    61. SilverSkies64

      I'll join on one condition, release the album.

    62. Sugar Glider Mami

      I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘

    63. Jorge Gael

      La animación me dejó si palabras😘

    64. Antonio Javier

      2D is in it, I have no doubt joining it

    65. Young phone

      I’m a loyal follower towards the last cult I burnt down 10 orphanages for you guys!!

    66. Ashe The_wolf

      It took me a minute to realize who Noodle was

    67. unreal gamer

      as an undercover member of the cult i joined to see what will happen

    68. Tsavage

      Ugh there are the fellow Gorilla cult members that love this godlike band?

    69. Gamergirl _Gorillaz_anime

      Wait a minute you can actually join the Last cult because I’m starting to get scared 😅

    70. certified trash

      Sure, I'd like to be part of something even if it's a cult

    71. Yuwanna Kno

      THIS guy is a Genius

    72. Adbiolik

      I love this❤️✨

    73. i fell for adrian grey

      Im so happy u guys made another video

    74. Autistic Thing

      Wow, the first "Finally, it's here!" that isn't weird scammy bs!! All jokes aside, amazing video!!

    75. Haydee Huaman Acosta

      q obra d arte

    76. Mαttress

      The new animation is so satisfying

    77. 2-D

      YES its out guys

    78. Yuiko

      Yeah, I want to join the cult

    79. Foxthony

      Well, yes I want to be in the Last Cult but don't give me the drugs that 2D use.

    80. Peppermint tea