Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today (Official Video)



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    Music video by Gorillaz performing Tomorrow Comes Today. (C) 2010 Parlophone Records

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    1. Yellow_Jacket

      One thing I really like about this video is that it captures the feel of the 2000’s. The cityscape’s streets and light really captures a familiar but run-down feel that is weirdly intimate. The art style of the characters is bold but mellow, making them seem part of the environment. The music is very calm and serene, kind of like a summers night, sitting on a bench in the park, or the porch of your home. I wish this is the kind of feel that music and media in general can make, but I guess that’s me being nostalgic.

      1. MonteCristo García

        Oke negg# 👍

      2. Raymond Morales

        Sitting in my car and read this

    2. ellie

      This song gives strong vibes of being a kid sitting in the backseat of your car, it's late at night and you're falling asleep. You see orange streetlights going by quickly, before you know it your mom/dad is carrying you out of the car :)

      1. Dontaye

        Bro this is real asf. I remember going on car rides with my dad late at night with the orange street lights and shit. Good ol’ times

      2. Eclipsinium

        Why did you just say that? Now im sad that I dont get to live that life anymore :( I hate growing up

    3. SynicalsSummer

      Man they need to revisit this art style

      1. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @oddhaunted Murdoc's B-day.

      2. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        This was Phase 1. Seems like yesterday.

    4. Frog_city_101

      I was raised on gorillaz by a young mom in the early 2000's Through the years of deprivation, abuse, fear She always found a way a to play me some music I love the Gorillaz to this day :)

      1. stoopid dipnut

        my dad introduced it to me when i was 4 some of my earliest memories are the music video for clint eastwood

      2. Willum

        @Giga Chad inaccurate name

      3. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @I guess I'll start using Music You have/had good parents.

    5. Mauricio Jara

      I wish Gorillaz still made music like this man. I love the Trip-Hop sound of the first album, and the imagery so much.

      1. ÅᑎƬwΛN ᗩNᗪƦΞϟƠИ

        they said wat they had 2 say usin trip hop, n moved on tbh. still, tha vibe presented here like a perfect encapsulation of tha paranoid melancholy of tha world immediately after 9/11; it like a wistful, resigned prelude to tha howling insane hell dat would ultimately break loose wit tha coming of Y2K

      2. yves

        It's such a shame, really. Nothing compares to their self titled

      3. mm

        it wasn't until i saw this comment that i realized how much the drums on this song sound like portishead

    6. JC Alvarez

      This song feels like a late-night car ride.

      1. Mactive

        100% approve

      2. Jakob Chapman-Neasloss

        Trippy how people can all be so different but when it comes to certain things we experience the same indescribable feeling the brain and eyes are crazy

      3. Lil Gurn

        That’s what I’ve been thinking as well.

    7. Jack Bowe

      This song has so many emotions, mindsets, and feelings in it; 2000s/early 2010s nostalgia, in the zone, deep feelings, depression, driving your car at night alone, driving to work, the city, etc. The effect that this song has on you really depends on what part(s) of your life you associate it with. In general, songs like this one bring out the good, the sad, and the awe of our past, how it’s unfortunately gone, and how we as people have to face the future as tomorrow comes today.

      1. Epicstormwolf

        I also really like how the phrase tomorrow comes today sounds inspirational, so while we reminisce about how good it was back then the song is also telling us to enjoy the now instead of only dwelling on the past

      2. rebecca cruz-gomez

        Reminds me of my first boyfriend lol and how bad I was depressed after we broke up.

      3. Magi Of Thoth

        Don't think ill be here too long... Just long enough to agree with you 100% and leave.

      4. Name Face

        if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, it gives me strong Gorillaz vibes and is a cool unknown gem

    8. Durpdez

      I’m a new Gorillaz fan, and I love them a lot. And this is easily in my top five favorite songs. This song and New Genius just have such a cool and special vibe

      1. Mina Joestar

        @Durpdez I’m guessing the original gorillaz album is your favorite?

      2. Durpdez

        @Formal Film Prodcutions yes. Demon Days is my second favorite album of all time now. Im seeing Gorillaz live in October too!

      3. Formal Film Prodcutions

        Welcome! Do you have a favorite album so far?

      4. Mr. McNuggies

        I’m literally listening to this for the first time and I love it

    9. lulutuber 13

      que buena canción, gorillaz saca muy buenos temas

      1. J D

        @Tamal de gansito They should’ve taken him and let us keep you :,^(

      2. Marie

        Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru

      3. Frank 21R


    10. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

      I remember this album in the CD player driving at night like it was yesterday. Why can time not take a break

      1. da hampter is back

        @Finn Callahan yall have the same good tastes

      2. Finn Callahan

        You are in like every comment section of every song I like

      3. Robert Galvez


    11. Cum Stain

      I've always preferred this art style of Gorillaz a lot more than their current style, just because it looks like an entire Cartoon Network show made for adults

      1. Formal Film Prodcutions

        I love all their styles for how unique they are

      2. Whackadoodle

        umm... maybe more like adult swim

    12. Jacob Grammer

      Cool song 🎧

    13. jason Albertz

      This is my daughters favorite song she's 3 so hearing her sing along with this is precious, we sing it together. This song reminds me everything is going to be okay though I'm not in her life like I used to be. This is in my forever playlist.

      1. L4IN

        @jason Albertz that’s cool ;)

      2. jason Albertz

        @L4INthank you, she's already the coolest person I know.

      3. L4IN

        She’ll be a cool person when she’s older :)

    14. Li v

      I was so obsessed with Gorillaz when I first found it out, but now I don't rarely listen to their music, which is okay, I love their music so much tho, it's good to come back to some of these songs.

      1. justdontgivea

        my obsession still carries on after like half a year... how much did it last for you? :D

      2. Dark\gamer

        Siento lo mismo pero mi trabajo me aleja de mis gustos

    15. Carolina Arenas


    16. Lane Tipton

      Can we talk about how like weirdly nostalgic this style of gorillaz is, i didnt know about them til last year but seeing this era of art is so early 2000’s that it brings me back to that time

      1. Kat Lou

        @Justasktheprogamer apparently they had 😂 I've been listening to gorillaz since I was around 7, I'm almost 20 now, and it's my earliest memories of music

      2. B J

        @Trevor Bateman I was brought up with the Gorrllaz and stuff. Heck I'm in my late 20s and I still feel like my teens, or childhood mostly. Love this era. I cherish it.

    17. Maja Chomik

      I am on holidays abroad. It's night and i am alone on hotel balcony. I am sitting on plastic chair and i have perfect view at night city, full of lights coming from shops, cars passing by or restaurants. It's very warm, almost 38°C, sky is completely clear. It smells like cigarettes. I am drinking cold apple juice, looking at city and this song plays in my heaphones, along with rest of Self titled from Gorillaz. Moments like this are really making me appreciate life and feeling like all my problems are gone. Just me, this perfect night city view and Gorillaz. I wouldn't mind sitting like this forever. Such an amazing vibe.

      1. Ukiyo

        @Antony Hope stay safe bro

      2. thePredman#9 lol

        @Nathan MS yez

      3. Nathan MS

        It's the momentz like this right?

      4. Antony Hope

        I’m study at university and once a year come to my hometown to visit my dad. Today we spend a day together and remember all good things, walked on the old walking routes. It gives me so much worm nostalgia. At 1am We listened to the music and drank a bottle of jagermeister together. Now he’s go to sleep and I listen to this song and thinking about how I appreciate this moments in life. It makes me smile that I’m making memories now and your comment will be part of it. Sorry for bad English, cheers from Ukraine.

    18. Freyja Head

      Saw them in concert a few days back and it was amazing, everyone just vibing and singing their hearts out. Utterly timeless

    19. Yahard

      Do you realize how perfect this song is? Like... for real, is just insane how true this is for the feeling it gives. I really can't remember a song or vídeo that is so pure and natural in terms of what is giving. This is a whole planet for real, this sets a vibe like nothing else. This don't even sound like it was written to be released as a record, it feels like it just came to life somehow because it needed tô be like this...

      1. thePredman#9 lol

        Really good way of putting it


      Happiness, sadness, and nostalgia all at once... I can’t get enough... this song is if rain was an emotion...

    21. JamBamRam

      This is the art style I’ll always associate with Gorillaz, the new one (Humanz-Song Machine) is great and looks amazing and all, but the classic 90s cartoon style of the original album will never be beat imo

      1. Sir Paredoff

        This one is good, but I prefer the new one much more. Feels like this, but updated

      2. holundersirup


      3. IL S

        The early art style here definitely gives me the feeling/aesthetic of doodles from high school notebooks and pages and stuff y'know?

    22. 209Champ

      One of my favs from them, and now I’ve gotten my 9 year old and 1 year old into them. My 1 year loves this song and sings along as best as he can lol

      1. Mr. McNuggies

        That’s so cute oml I’m a teenager and I’m the one introducing Gorillaz to my parents lol

    23. crybaby

      Best song ever

    24. 2-D

      This song is incredible. It makes you appreciate the time you once had, and the time you have left. And that you learn to love the little things in life. And that you can live a life free of problems, even if, just for a second.

    25. binho caravan

      O tempo passa, mas as emoções ficam! ...

    26. Brady, the Gorillaz guy

      Remember: this song is old enough to drink, smoke, drive a car, and own a gun.

      1. MyaGamingKat

        @pico uh... not anymore.

      2. the person who asked

        @Daniel Mize 1 it was a dog but that's because I was protected by adults so I didn't have to much but I know people that weren't as lucky

      3. Daniel Mize

        @the person who asked how many times did you have to defend yourself with the pen?

      4. the person who asked

        @Daniel Mize yeah I'm from there and I lived by the border where you carry a pen that doesn't work wherever you go just incase you need to defend your self

      5. Daniel Mize

        @the person who asked yeah, in Texas the kids take guns to school, in the UK the kids see guns on TV...

    27. layaya UwU

      Que recuerdos, soy relativamente joven quizá se pueda decir una niña a comparación de otros fans de Gorillaz pero, escuchar esto me trae bastantes recuerdos, los conocí hace unos cuatro o cinco años y me enamoré completamente de su estilo musical, de los personajes, en si de Gorillaz. Recuerdo que entre las niñas de mi edad estaban de moda los fics de Harry styles en Wattpad y pensé, habrá de Gorillaz o así para mí sorpresa había una comunidad bastante grande, comencé a leer escuchando bla musica, comencé a comprar mercancía de ellos, tenía posters y para 2018 vinieron a la ciudad de México, me enteré unos meses antes y comencé a juntar para el boleto, en realidad termine pagando todo lo que consumimos ahí pero fue una experiencia inolvidable por Clint Eastwood los conocí pero por está canción me hice fan, al día de hoy no los escucho tanto como cuando los conocí pero sigo al tanto con la historia con las redes y sociales y escucho de vez en cuando sus canciones.

      1. The Star 17

        Pégame por pregunton

      2. LeonardouzkiXDDD

        Yo igual

    28. Braindead

      This is the definition of early 2000's Nostalgia.

    29. Fritz Kirk

      Straight up my favorite self titled song hands down. Has such a melancholy feeling and I love it. The noodle vocals are charming at the end. And the whole song is extremely important to how well Gorillaz had aged over 20 years

    30. Eskorbuto2022

      When I was a child I listed this song before to sleep .. I have many memories about it.

    31. andnox

      Still my fav song from them. This album i got back when it came out as a kid and listen to it so much it got damaged in the end. Bangers after bangers.

    32. CornyVR

      This song gives me strong vibes of driving off into the sunset, all of the streetlights start turning on, you slowly wind down to sleep and into your dream.

      1. Bren Hernandez


    33. Ava

      this song is so reliving, when they played it at the concert i felt so in place and comforted idk how to explain


      Lyrics: Everybody's here with me Got no camera to see Don't think I'm all in this world The camera won't let me go The verdict doesn't love our soul The digital won't let me go Yeah yeah yeah, I'll pay (Yeah, yeah) When tomorrow, tomorrow comes today Stereo, I want it on It's taken me far too long Don't think I'm all in this world I don't think I'll be here too long I don't think I'll be here too long I don't think I'll be here too long Yeah yeah yeah, I'll pay When tomorrow, tomorrow comes today (Yeah, yeah)

    35. brandon4117

      Honestly, I think I can safely say this is my favorite Gorillaz song of all time. Everything from the somber and reflective tone, the smooth vocals and slick drum pattern, and the honestly simple yet beautiful video to accompany it showing a city at night with the band members. And everyone also just aesthetically kicks ass in this era, I love everything about this.

    36. YuB

      amo este tema y siempre lo amaré

    37. No Face

      never heard any Gorrilaz music before just today and it's FEEL GOOD!

      1. 2-D’s Wife

        I still remember the first time I was so obsessed with rhinestone eyes,dare and tranz

      2. Name Face

        that must be an amazing feeling, btw if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, it gives me strong Gorillaz vibes and is a cool unknown gem

    38. Emy🌌

      2001, My friends and I went to a party which ended up in drama, arguement and finghting from some ppl there. So coming back in my friend's car I turned up the radio and this song was playing, we listened it at around 4:00am while driving in deserted streets. It felt so surreal but good...Memories. 😏

    39. REFLIX

      this music will give you nostalgia, even if you aren't early 2000's kid or Never watched gorillaz

      1. Alex F

        I don't know if i'm "early 2000's kid" couse I'm from 03' (so probably more like late 2000's, early 2010's kid) but this kind of music and artstyle in general makes me very nostalgic.

      2. Anri Chilingaryan

        Yesh I’m from 2000’s but haven’t heard this old cool songs, but heard S.O.A.D. and other stuff

      3. Austin is thicc emo potato

        Gorillaz been out since the 90s

      4. balancemantis

        @Dark Thunder I feel sorry for you in a way. People are still creative and there is plenty of rad stuff coming out now but growing up with Blur and then Gorillaz really shaped me. Even stuff that blew up bigger like Nirvana, Blink-182 and Greenday impacted me in a way I reminisce about fondly. You really just gotta try harder to seek out those folks making unique stuff now. These days people who stray from what's already popular in the moment risk losing everything and it's stacked agaist thay creativity. It's out there but you gotta find the peeps who stepped out and didn't care about anything but the art of it and the message. That's what Gorillaz really embodies.

      5. L Camm2020

        Yeah! I’m 2006!

    40. sebastian sis

      sin palabras, una musica muy increíble.

    41. Anjej Monastyrnyj

      Эх а ведь никто ещё не знал что именно с этой песни и начнётся легендарная история gorillaz....

      1. Wessex

        мы здесь двое кто кто пишет по русски? зашли такие через 10 лет вспомнить

    42. Fabiola Betancourt

      Me encanta

    43. luisa andrea ruiz aguilar

      Love it 💎😎😎💎😍😍

    44. T.J. Spike

      Studio: what emotions should this song evoke? Gorrilaz: yes

      1. Sweesessy Leila Oneandonly

        @lupidoo35 thats called, anemoia. Basically nostalgia for something you never reconised.

      2. KevinalphaZ

        Gorillaz* XD

      3. Necro

        @Lizardface If you are looking at your phone while driving, the phrases "The digital won't let me go" and "Don't think I'll be here too long" are perfect for you.

      4. Dylan Ayup


      5. ooga booga

        this song sounds exactly like a dream

    45. baltazar marco

      muy bueno, nostálgico

    46. aden gallasch

      On repeat ❤️‍🔥


      I listen to Doing It Stealthy when I'm experiencing existential dread. It makes it worse but... I just can't stop.

    48. Su Necdet knn Hucurat

      I listen to Doing It Stealthy when I'm experiencing existential dread. It makes it worse but... I just can't stop.

    49. Bee

      Idk why but whenever I can’t sleep, I alway have this song on. It helps me sleep at night.

    50. Disaster 悪 A.

      Esta canción me recuerda a cuando tenia como 6 o 7 años, en aquel entonces era miserable y esta canción me curaba todo,

    51. Señor40Hands

      man gorillaz are still so underrated

      1. Burning Flame

        In what way?

    52. Maniacprotester

      Started listing to Gorillaz when I was 15 (28 now) and now I got my younger sister 16 now hooked on Gorillaz so much so we're planning to go to there concerts this year in North America. So now we just a couple of Gorilla fans blasting music when we go out and to hang out

    53. krono 0186

      this song always make me feel as if I'm under a dim streetlight at midnight, watching the cars go by. I like it

      1. Kurt Mercer

        Been there done that... going to be doing it

      2. DrunkenGrandMaster

        It makes me feel like I'm in a seedy old bar whole a lot of older guys play pool behind me.

      3. Uhh Idk

        Reminds me of me in my home country on a late night on the streets so i totally get you

      4. Freezeflamegalaxy

        kronos 0186 Same, except I’m in one of those cars, half asleep in the back watching the streets go from an oppressive orange, to an empty black, back to orange.

      5. jiazji

        666 likes lol

    54. DapperDude

      This song is making me realize that I like slow paced, relaxing tracks with an urban twist to them

    55. The Past Avatars

      If you grew up on this kind of music, THEN YOUR CHILDHOOD WAS AWESOME!

    56. Samuelz -xD

      Como amo esta cancion

    57. JLedes Gaming

      Everybody's here with me Got no camera to see Don't think I'm all in this world The camera won't let me go The verdict doesn't love our soul The digital won't let me go Yeah yeah yeah, I'll pay (Yeah, yeah) When tomorrow, tomorrow comes today Stereo, I want it on It's taken me far too long Don't think I'm all in this world I don't think I'll be here too long I don't think I'll be here too long I don't think I'll be here too long Yeah yeah yeah, I'll pay When tomorrow, tomorrow comes today (Yeah, yeah)

    58. ShowNoMercy453

      If you're still listening to this 20 years later, then you have excellent taste in music!

      1. _lxckycharms_


      2. ShowNoMercy453

        @Raggedy Haggity no problem my dude 👊🏻

      3. Raggedy Haggity

        thanks my dude👊🏼

    59. Santiago Gómez

      Me transporta a otro lado escuchar está canción 😮‍💨

    60. Bridget Perez

      Cool vibes and awesome concept for the video ✌️❤️😁

    61. el usuario 2.0

      Pero que buena letra

    62. storm_arilaix

      Brilliant sound. Brillant anim. ❤️

    63. Christopher Baxter

      This was the first album I ever bought. I’m not proud of much, but I am of that

    64. Takoyaki Boy

      When i was a kid me and dad used to sang this song together during late night drives everytime my mom gets angry on us HAHAHA miss those days, and now im doing the same. Time flies

    65. Kansas Escalante Emo girl

      Awesome 🤩 song

    66. Daren Hesketh

      0:40 how is this not a meme like I am genuinely going to force this onto my other interesting friends and post this as a fresh meme. It seriously looks liks it already, no adjustments needed 😙

      1. The short slav.

        This whole video is one long meme lol

    67. Cali Mango

      I've been listening to this song since I was a little girl in elementary school. I'm 24 now, listening to this again for the first time in years. And I don't know why but the line 'don't think I'll be here too long' really hit me hard. It made me realize that the Gorillaz is that one band that I've listened to for damn near my entire life. I can't even begin to imagine how shattered I'd be if we lost Damon. He's made so much beautiful and expressive music. He's been truly a blessing and I can't imagine my life without his voice in my ear.

      1. Jane Casper

        My parents used to drive a paper route. They were hippies. It was the late 90s. The radio station was "revolution" Marilyn Manson had just played. My sister and I in the back. Then we heard a black man laughing hysterically, we felt good. The universe was perfect. In a moment past, marching forward to tomorrow, which has come today.

      2. Heather Goolsby

        @Cali Mango I- I don't know how to respond

      3. Heather Goolsby

        @Cali Mango I- I don't know how to respond

      4. Cali Mango

        @Chrisn't thanks homie


      I really love the melody

    69. Carina Rojas

      I love Gorillaz

      1. The God of Bread


      2. Aunt bill

        Me too

    70. frankie thomas

      This is by far my favourite gorillaz tune… I wish they’d make music like this again

      1. demochris1

        In the end they have to move on

    71. Dash Fox


    72. Julio Tironi

      2:09 just take a moment to appreciate noodle's backing vocals here

      1. Lucas Landreth


      2. Zoe

        @Mip she was 10 lmao

      3. Rinzler

        Oh shit I never noticed

      4. Tatum Widstrom

        Omg i just heard it ive never heard it before

      5. Antoni Roszkowski

        she was like 11 at the time

    73. Souls

      I'll come back 10 years from now and still remember this as one of the greatest songs when it came out and still to this day! Hello future me!

    74. •Aqua%Quokka•

      I remember this was one of the first Gorillaz songs my dad ever showed me. Ah, good times.

    75. Shelly Manway

      This song speaks to me in a way that's hard to express with words. It's very unique.

    76. LittleDoodle

      man great 2018 memories. i

    77. Cartoon High

      As you can see, Murdoc wasn't always green. Don't do drugs kids.

      1. xTh4maz


      2. Jay Zavon

        @Hollowfied Naruto lmao

      3. Shannon Douglas

        That is why he was green

      4. Jacob Ramirez

        @Byron Henry zaza

      5. Kevyn The DevylMan

        We can't, Mudz did them all.

    78. Joshua Ray

      Finally, this song getting the recognition it deserves. Well done, youtube algorithm. You done good.

    79. DocM

      Beautiful!! 1 of the greatest, most important bands of this era!! Conscious music at it's finest!! Fake fans aren't gonna get their message! Real music with a real message!!

    80. Leandro Veloso

      Gente, que nostalgia!

      1. ً