Gorillaz - Stylo (Commentary Edition)



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    Join Murdoc Niccals in re-living Stylo in this full length commentary edition.
    Guess which video is up next?
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    1. Jammer R

      I remember people were so conflicted about the new animation style when these first dropped. Glad people can respect them now for how amazing they are. Plastic Beach was and still is a goldmine.

      1. Toriauno Williams

        2d is now 3d

      2. v1sea

        Personally, I just hate how crusty Murdoc's face looks

      3. penmumble

        I loved the animation at the time and love it now :D

      4. Iren Ro

        ​@TheFPSKingsGaming gv

      5. Alexis Gillion

        @Kaleb Keyes it did and that’s the reason why we never got a rhinestone eyes music video

    2. Susana G

      Murdoc: "I never had a single driving lesson" Me: that makes sense Murdoc: "learned all my moves from Mario Kart" Me: well, that makes a lot more sense

      1. johnny5

        i know

      2. beebs

        It’s even funnier when you remember how old he would have been when the first Mario Kart came out (26)

      3. Hippyhop OhSkippyDop

        Mario kart the drivers don’t wear seatbelts well…

      4. Random  Videos

        I agree😂

      5. Susana G

        Lol thank you so much for 1k likes

    3. Z Maleki

      I can listen to Murdoc for hours lol. Please do more of these.

      1. I'm a person

        @yalixa Vélez what

      2. QiraTane


      3. jota_delaro

        @yalixa Vélez what

      4. yalixa Vélez

        @jota_delaro y tv

      5. Xaria Howard


    4. Mister Uncanny

      My favourite part of Stylo will always be 2D going: "It's Bruce!" And Murdoc panicking immediately after hearing that. Makes them seem more alive than they already seem

      1. Dashleigh1 -Roblox 🎮

        even his little point after saying that.

      2. Brutally Honest

        I love his panic when he rolled up the window.

      3. Roy Liber

        @Damaged Its the same effect we were using as kids. If you hide under your blanket, monsters can't get you lol Also I never noticed 2D warning Murdoc about Bruce. Definitely seems Murdoc's attempt to escape ever more dreadful lol.

      4. Damaged

        I love the bit where Bruce is aiming his pistol at Murdoc, and Murdoc winds up the window. So many great little touches in this.

    5. Time Fragment

      Murdoc’s commentary’s are the best thing that’s happened in 2022 so far

      1. luver ; ♧

        @MonsterHunteroo i need big balls mcguiness commentary

      2. Jasper Starble

        legit the only think keeping me sane

      3. katie_can’t_compute


      4. ISB!!!

        I've been watching this video forever and I never knowed that it turned into a shark until today🔥🔥🔥🖖🖖🖖

      5. murodcs gf


    6. KageKaiser

      Just a reminder, it was Murdoc's driving antics that made him meet 2D in the first place.

      1. Triangle Moebius

        Well, Murdoc rammed the Organ Emporium on purpose, since he was trying to steal the synthesisers and he felt they were too big for him to take more than a few out the door. It's not like he crashed into it because he's a bad driver. Yes he hit Stu-Pot, but that's because he couldn't see through the wall, so it's not like he had foreknowledge Stu was going to be caught in the collision.

      2. Roy Liber

        Well... You can see he definitely improved his vehicle line-up from a Vauxhall Astra to this wicked nice Camaro he wrecked lol

      3. Cosmic Ghost

        And the reason why 2D eyes look the way they do.

      4. Mister Uncanny

        @Potato Monika I mean if his driving lessons were from Mario Kart he organs ran into a lot of things. In two life, it just happened to be a store 😳

      5. Potato Monika

        @Mister Uncanny Does that means Murdoc constantly ran over people while playing Mario Kart?

    7. Adam Ryan

      Murdoc commentating over old Gorillaz music videos genuinely increases my dopamine levels by 500%

      1. Natt

        @Osito well yeah, they technically are old, plastic beach is 12 years old

      2. Alt account

        It makes me feel the same sort of amazed feeling i had when the video came out. i want to chase that high so bad :(

      3. Osito

        OLD music videos? You're making me feel old :'(

    8. newtluvsxyon

      Murdoc is literally the best person for commentary.

      1. OT21


      2. James Kilgour

        Murdoc is literally the best person

      3. AprilTheSimmer

        Ikr? I love him!

      4. Zurdita Dinamita

        Everything is OK until he start with the "m-mmm~" 😂😂😂

    9. Nix Fowler

      If you're wondering, Murdoc was right about California bylaw 22515. It states: "No person driving, or in control of, or in charge of, a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand on any highway unattended without first effectively setting the brakes thereon and stopping the motor thereof." Love the attention to detail!

      1. EpicMario YT

        who's gonna call the cops in an empty road? the air?

      2. Wolfen Wings

        Freaking California for you Lol

      3. Nobody 707

        I too would know all the laws I would be breaking

      4. Mister Uncanny

        oh shit

    10. Indisarray

      "Ah, the Bobby Womack effect. Voice so powerful it could summon storms. Like a musical Thor." Murdoc's a poet 💚

      1. Pip

        Well canonically Murdoc wrote the entirety of Plastic Beach by himself

      2. PunkyThrashMashine

        Can’t blame him, Bobby’s a legend!

    11. Little Miss ToonsandTunes

      Gorillaz, if y’all wanna go ahead and just go album by album with this commentary thing, that’d be awesome. Just seeing the notification for a new commentary track makes my entire day!

      1. Fymzie

        happy 300th likes :)

    12. Canis Lupus

      YES! I WAS WAITING ON THIS ONE! Great commentary...you should do Melancholy Hill next...

      1. EpicMario YT

        @Annex Update: welp.

      2. Protroblade

        I also want them to do on melancholy hill

      3. Protroblade

        @Necefov Ismayil or tranz

      4. AprilTheSimmer

        YEEEESSSS!!! My most favorite song! ❤️

      5. Ivan Tube

        @Annex they most likely are, they did a poll on twitter to decide

    13. Alejandro Pozo

      En serio que necesito una edición de comentarios de Humility. Me encantaría escuchar los comentarios de Murdoc sobre Ace

      1. MegaParsec

        It’s been done!!!

      2. AAAbehemoth

        Hoy es tu día de suerte

      3. Didier Hernandez


      4. Mobcap G

        Y sobre 2D en patines

      5. Crashlis

        Seria muy bueno!

    14. Zephyr

      There needs to be a Gorillaz movie ASAP

      1. Danny Mostarac

        Im feeling naughty!

      2. Cody Iuliucci


      3. Haley Parker

        @Sodashiira I think the movie mentioned in the almanac was the first one they tried to do after the first album came out. There is currently meant to be a new one in the works for netflix, but considering that they are cutting back on alot of their animation at the minute I don't know whether that will actually happen.

      4. Ai Nan

        @Sodashiira They've been trying since around Phase 1 so it could've been about that too

      5. Sodashiira

        I think they said they were making one but in the almanac it said it was cancelled :,(

    15. RoddRoddy

      I really hope we get commentary by Noodle, 2D and Russell. 2D : On Melancholy Hill , Dirty Harry and Sleeping Powder Noodle : Dare, Pac-Man and El Manaña Russell : Desole, Lost Chord and Strobelite

      1. Shadowplaysgames

        @Retro Fedora white people in horror movies be like

      2. Retro Fedora

        @Kcazz8 in "Saturnz Barz" video. His line :"let's split up & take a look around"

      3. Kcazz8

        now that I think about it I've never heard Russell speaking

      4. Space Pancakes ._. Xd

        Same xd

    16. CorpseNymph

      Listening to Murdoc's commentary makes me feel better after having a long day at work especially when my stressful day leaves me sad Edit: Also, I'm never early for stuff like this so this video caught me by surprise...

      1. CorpseNymph

        @Ghost Monkey thanks, hopefully it goes away soon but I have therapy tonight so I'm not sure... Plus I'm used to feeling sad so it isn't really anything new that I haven't felt before though I appreciate your words

      2. Ghost Monkey

        well turn it up Yea. hope your feeling better

      3. Moruxd


    17. Big Private Dick Chinchilla

      Still my favorite Gorillaz Music Video, the setup, song, visuals and story thats in it just oozes a unique personality and style tenfold!

    18. ALunaticOnYoutube

      I love how people learn more about murdoc here in the commentary than in when we actually see him in the music videos

      1. marthedge

        @EpicBlackflame07 Yeah that book and the other side material are really good at fleshing out the cast.

      2. EpicBlackflame07

        I always recommend enjoying l everyone to read Rise of The Ogre

    19. ded mnwlkn

      They could genuinely make a movie but theyd have the challenge of finding out what the hell it should be about.

      1. Hashi

        It would be cool to see like 4 different movies on phase 1-4. Like seeing povs of behind the scenes on everything.

      2. Mister Uncanny

        Well, they already ARE making a movie. Still don't know what it's about tho

    20. kevin dunwoody

      I loved y'all's music forever. Gorillaz is the music I most relate to ever I first heard this in 6th grade and it was my life. Long live Gorillaz!!!

    21. Blest koinS

      I really like murdoc's voice really sounds like its his actual voice

    22. melancholy hill45

      love it when Murdoc blames 2D for his mistakes lmfao

    23. Miss Ma'am

      Me, watching 19-2000 and then Stylo: Where on earth did this man learn to drive??? Murdoc: I learned all my moves from Mario Kart. Me: Oh, that makes sense.

    24. Hanako San

      What I learned from this video: 1) A catchphrase, most likely (at 1:11) 2) Never watch a movie you never saw with Murdoc if he knows how it ends. 3) Gorillaz exists thanks to Mario Kart.

    25. Just Your Average Weeb

      I can always count on murdoc's commentary vids to make my day 😌

    26. Lucy Córdova

      Sabía que algún día sacarias este video, amo esta canción

    27. IanPerez48

      This is the song that got me into Gorillaz! Story Time: in music class back in 8th grade, the class was making a project about our favorite bands and singers, or a project about artists (not sure), this 1 kid I was acquainted with played this song and Clint Eastwood (for some reason, at that time, I recognized that songs). That’s how I got into Gorillaz and we talked about Gorillaz here and there until the end of middle school

    28. Feral Fernweh

      1:40 it's really cool that he points out the damage to decision making here, because the wound is where her frontal lobe would be, which is in charge of decision making (and facial recognition, personality, etc) Does this imply Cyborgs OS is structured like a human brain?

      1. Feral Fernweh

        @Igor S yeah, of course :0 it wouldnt function exactly the same, just mirrors a human, yk?

      2. Igor S

        Maybe somwhat resembling it. I don't think a human would be alive with a shot in a frontal lobe and right through the remaining part out.

    29. Dark Void

      seriously, what other band has done this? I fuckin' adore it.

    30. Google User

      Hearing Murdoc talk about this is so satisfying

    31. schawangus

      Murdoc: “Joke’s on you, pal. Cause I literally never check my mirrors.” Also Murdoc 30 seconds earlier: *frantically checking mirrors for Bruce* Jk, this was cool. I’ve always loved this video. Especially that Camaro. I actually met someone with that same model with the same engine mod, custom star painted on, and the Stylo lettering on the grill. Super cool.

    32. HEWfunkingKNEWit

      The cinematography in this video is soo good. I love the camera angles especially.

    33. Brandon V

      I honestly like the 3D animation videos just as much as the 2D ones

    34. The Adults Are Talking

      I genuinely cannot express my love for this band

    35. saskia holmes

      will forever love this art style, I hope one day they will return to it. its addictive to look at !

    36. Wendy Alondra Salas🍜

      I love Stylo! :D I hope they do Humility next!

    37. Josué Veguilla

      Bruce Willis is my favorite part of the entire music video.

      1. AW

        I heard that he did it for free too!

      2. dribbledrivedog

        Mine too!

    38. MajnouniWahad

      Always loved commentary from Murdoc

    39. cleber v

      Just saw Gorillaz live on Chile and it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. the energy was on another level. Love them so much!

    40. 8-Bit

      I love hearing Murdocs voice after a rough day :)

    41. The Noname Household

      I love the fact that Murdoc knows the law... yet he hypocritically chooses to ignore it himself, this video practically had a lot of confessions of why he shouldn't drive 😅🚓👤 ~Mason

      1. Ryan Brown

        There's a LOT Murdoc shouldn't be doing.

    42. Cowboytoy

      This is positively beautiful! I’ve loved listening to the pirate radio, point nemo fm, no god knows how many years now, so having some new vids of ol’ uncle Murdy making commentary makes me break out into a cheek splitting grin

    43. Emily Ingermann

      This is awesome! Love it! Strobelite would be a cool one to do next! I’ve always wondered about Murdoc and 2D in that video 💜

    44. AE Edwards

      You have to admit, he does have charm. Really a perfect voice for the character.

    45. Froot

      I wish they’d continue with this animation style. It’s very nostalgic!

    46. Bart Tomlinson

      All of the commentary videos make me hope for a new, updated "best of" cd+dvd/bluray, with all of the music videos and optional commentary tracks by Murdoc

    47. Пьяная Вишенка

      Жду вашего творчества! Обожаю вас ребята и слушаю каждый день! Успехов)

    48. Preni Mystic

      Kinda wish this was a movie 😄 I would totally watch it over and over again, just cause it's so interesting and honestly so good. I was captured in 5 minutes lol

    49. Valtranz

      I LOVED the animation when I first saw it, it was nicely implemented into the 'dressing room' video they put out

    50. Tyler Dillenbeck

      This was always my favorite art style to see them in

    51. безумный макс

      Ребята, лет 20 уже вас слушаю,вы крутые! Уже настал тот день, когда и сын мой 7-летний потихоньку начинает вас слушать, как я в детстве, когда слушал отцовские кассеты с Metallica, Iron Maiden, АриЯ...

    52. безумный макс

      Ребята, лет 20 уже вас слушаю,вы крутые! Уже настал тот день, когда и сын мой 7-летний потихоньку начинает вас слушать, как я в детстве, когда слушал отцовские кассеты с Metallica, Iron Maiden, АриЯ...

    53. Matt Zarilla

      These commentaries are awesome! Keep 'em coming!

    54. HazzardousEco

      I remember being on the fence to the change in art style to the Gorillaz in Stylo, as I was still into the cartoon versions from Clint Eastwood; but over time, I started to enjoy it =)

    55. Abrasious Productions

      "They don't all have mustaches but they bloody love donuts" that killed me!😂 love ya murdoc!😂

    56. Crazy Little Kitty

      as a long time fan i love these type of vids

    57. Icky

      so good! one of my favorite mvs ever.

    58. {~Ashley~}

      it's kind of - GORGEOUS to hear your commentarys

    59. joelmondragon36

      This video was terrific just as it was and Mr.Niccals adds commentary and makes it even better.

    60. Skatebunch

      Killer as always , thanks guy's 💯🔥👏💪

    61. Tho tho

      So we finally learn where Murdoc learned that god-tier driving of his! But anyways, now I really want him to do Rhinestone Eyes, on top of already hoping he'll do El Mañana!

    62. Mitzy Sandi Vallejo

      One of my favorite songs, one of my favorite videos, one of my favorite bands... Yeah I needed this!!

    63. Blue falcon

      When this dropped I loved the animation style. I know it was controversial but this definitely felt like Gorillaz to me

    64. toyszz

      thsi commentary videos have been the highlight of my day! he's just so fun!

    65. TokimoSoda

      Love these commentary videos.

    66. Giselle Aquino


    67. Erick Chicas

      I love love this Commentary videos! keep them coming.

    68. puggy cheese

      Yes this is amazing!! Keep up the good work and remember! Dont overwork yourselves!

    69. Gooby Goo

      I loved this song and album when it dropped.

    70. TheLazysketcher

      I could totally believe Murdoc knows how to drive, solely from playing Mario Kart!

    71. Char Char B.

      Really glad they’re utilizing the VAs more. I love these.

    72. Dr Doofensmirts

      The new animation style is absolutely gorgeous

    73. shaggytoph

      Been listening to gorillaz since I was 11, watching all the explanation vids, etc. Great songs!

    74. trending trash

      This elevates the video to new levels!!!! Loved it in 2010 and love it now! Need to cover this one for sure.. minus the talent :)

    75. Zach

      I love these, stylo is by far my favorite gorillaz music video so i love seeing it get some attention

    76. Sammy

      Great commentary✨

    77. TokimoSoda

      i can listen to murdoc talk for hours lol. please do more of these.

    78. Fav Fand∅ms

      This has to be my new favorite KZsection series lol 😂 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    79. lemøn lime

      one of my favorite music videos from gorillaz!

    80. Murdoc Niccals

      “I try to educate you where I can” i love him😭