Gorillaz - Strobelite (Official Video)



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    Strobelite (feat. Peven Everett) Download and Stream here: gorill.az/strobelite
    THE ALBUM - 'HUMANZ' OUT NOW - gorill.az/humanz
    GET 'HUMANZ' HERE - STANDARD - gorill.az/humanzSTD // DELUXE - gorill.az/humanzDLX // VINYL - gorill.az/humanzVinyl
    iTunes - gorill.az/iHumanz
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    Deezer - gorill.az/dzhumanz
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    Director: Raoul Skinbeck
    Producer: Cara Speller
    Production Company: Passion Pictures
    Edited by: Matt Cronin
    Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Mgmt

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    1. KaiyoteinHiatus

      I love the gorillaz bc they blur the lines between music genres and make music many different types of people would like.

      1. MyaGamingKat

        @大麻糬 💀

      2. PEPE

        @Gorillaz te amo mi vida

      3. x T. Holland-Topic

        @Gorillaz 🤛


        Did you say blur? WOO HOO

      5. Damien Lobb

        @Gorillaz How cool would it be if it was Damon responding. (He is quite a busy person between music and family so I doubt it, but one can dream lol).

    2. davidsp

      2D might be 40 but he dances like he is 20 and and rocks out just as hard as noodle

      1. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @3 AM is my friend Murdoc was born on 6/6/1966.

      2. The Rudest Buster

        Stu is just built different you know

      3. 3 AM is my friend

        @Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time! WHAT TJE- HOW????!!! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN WAIT WHAT-

      4. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @One Piece Fan she is 31 now. 32 on Halloween.

      5. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @3 AM is my friend Hold your breath........ Murdoc is 56.

    3. RedstoneMiner18

      Therapist: _''2-D in 3D isn't real, he can't hurt you''_ *2-D in 3D:*

      1. 2D_98

        to be fair i dont think he could hurt you even if he wanted to

      2. Cherry

        I can't express how much I hate his 3d model. But noodles is awesome

      3. Not So Negative

        And he's back again

      4. gufo stupidino


      5. Datbish Boo


    4. Lore -Chan

      this is the ''worst gorillaz video'' yet i absolutely love it. i loved it back when i first watched it when it was released, and i still love it now.... their dancing and the camera movements match the vibe of the song so well, the vibes are immaculate

      1. T.A

        @ebonycock69 then instead of "we" Just use "I" Instead.

      2. The Beast from within

        @ebonycock69 I care, not to often do you get hear from the group on what's the worst video.

      3. Diavolo’s teddy

        the models move so weirdly sometimes lol

      4. ebonycock69

        @teruuvz how about no and mind your business

      5. Helvetica Standard

        i personally love the song, but the video... yeaaahh.. not exactly my cup of tea

    5. Reavern

      my parents: *arguing about who drank all the alcohol* me and my sister in the 10th dimension:

      1. Shawn Kenzli Ocumen

        Man imagine if they actually accidentally went to the 10th dimension, it would be trippy as all hell

      2. 💖𝘤𝘢𝘵💖

        Lol when I was younger and I was partying with my friend miles our parents would be drinking and we would be dancing to this🤣

      3. :D

        @ø I accidentally ate a full box of chocolates with alcohol when I was 5 lol

      4. leniRa

        wtff this joke is actually pretty good

      5. Chaotic-P

        I laughed at this longer than I should have, epic comment

    6. Matheus Almeida

      [Lyrics] Momentary pain Can be pleasure lain Millisecond change Magic lantern strange Are we just too far to be as one again? Are we obsidian? Is this how it is? Girl, your life will turn Just like a strobe 'Cause you're daddy's pain And your mother won't And your heart engages into heartless throes Are we obsidian? Is this how it goes? When you're drivin' night is dreamin' (Livin' the strobe light) And you will find the life you needed (Livin' the strobe light) Slide the light off you You may find some peace All will come to you If you come with me Are we just too far to be as one again? Are we obsidian? Is this how it ends? (Yeah!) When you're drivin' night is dreamin' (Livin' the strobe light) And you will find the life you needed (Livin' the strobe light) And when you're drivin' night is dreamin' (Livin' the strobe light) And you will find the life you needed (Livin' the strobe light) And when you're drivin' night is dreamin' (Livin' the strobe light) And you will find the life you needed (Livin' the strobe light) And when you got it And think you're dreaming You hit the light You've got to find it, we all need it We hit the light And when you got it And think you're dreaming You hit the light You've got to find it, we all need it We hit the light

      1. Eli Marie

        Thanks bro

      2. CrucifiedNoodle

        Thanks man. 👍

    7. Channel 4 Ripoff company

      This is definitely one of my favourite guest performers on a Gorillaz song. Peven Everett nailed it.

    8. nitewing1124

      They didn't even bother making a 3D model for Russel and that makes me sad

      1. Scratch

        Agreed! Russel is barely put in the spotlight,we need more of him!

      2. 𝑑 𝑜 𝑛 𝑢 𝘵 𝘪 𝑛 𝑎

        @ejiro kirishima didn’t know kirishima had such manly taste in music…

      3. Skywalking Studioz

        @Casandra Lange one of the few music videos and songs i liked off of humanz

      4. Casandra Lange

        @MGK this song definitely is not for you. I think this one's a banger.

    9. scout

      3 years later and it still is a bop

      1. Lisa Gonzalez

        3 years isn't that much

      2. Gorb

        @scout I love that mod so much ;w;

      3. scout

        @Gorb ...maybe...

      4. Gorb

        You have such a cute pfp- isn't that from the FNF 2D mod?

      5. andy bink bonk beep

        All of the gorillaz song will be bops forever

    10. Makayla C.

      i just realized in this video Noodles is 27, 2D is 39, Russel is 42 and Murdoc is 51. i forgot that they're all pretty old now.

      1. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        Yes guys they age. 2 put it another way according to the bands fictional history Murdoc was 31 when Noodle shipped herself in a FedEx box 📦 from Japan to Kong Sudios to join the band. Noodle is now 31.

      2. DiktatrSquid

        @grungjy New to the Gorillaz lore but I recall reading that Murdoc is part demon or something, so I guess that's part of why he looks younger

      3. Pablo

        Solo son dibujitos

      4. The Rudest Buster

        Pardon, pretty sure Noodle and I are still 26.

      5. Daniil Boiko

        But 2D rock out like Noodle

    11. Lil Ghost boy

      One thing I love about the gorillaz is that when they have a guest they give that guest the spotlight

    12. It's Me Stan

      i remember making fun of these models when this video came out, but honestly they look pretty good. also the lighting is damn impressive

      1. Shadowplaysgames

        @Liam Casilimas well in plastic beach it was to realistic in humanz it was to cartoonish but in phase 7 it’s perfect

      2. Liam Casilimas

        yeah but the models used in Cracker Island look so much better

    13. Tamara Bel

      Es increíble cómo hace 22 años conocí a Blur porque mi hermana lo escuchaba mucho, y años después le seguimos el hilo a Gorillaz. La sensación que me produce es como si creciera a la par de Daimon y los cambios de estilo musical. Sublime. It's amazing how 22 years ago I met Blur because my sister listened to it a lot, and years later we followed the thread with Gorillaz. The feeling it gives me is as if he grew up with Daimon and the changes in musical style. Sublime.

    14. emma

      This is an amazing song to listen to when you need to go pee but the bathrooms is occupied. The beat that you can just clap your hands to and move around to. The way this song makes me feel is almost impossible to describe. This song gives me so much hope, like i can finally use the restroom. You just kinda hold in your pee and sway. Very useful for people with small bladders. You have to clap your hands in different ways and in different orders. For example right after that guy gets punched in the face, you start clapping normally, but also not. Basically you clap your hands like one of those monkey toys holding an instrument. Your bladder will almost seem like it expanded in instants. Play this song on repeat until you no longer need to use the bathroom. If anyone wants me to post a tutorial video on this i will gladly do it. I appreciate this song for almost expanding my bladder. Everyone who says this song is bad has to be deaf or something. This song is so amazing and more people with small bladders need to hear this. I thank the people who worked on this song because it truly is a masterpiece. They should really put this in a museum. Like pause a good frame in the video and put it on the wall. Gorillaz will get the recognition they deserve. This song has got me through so man tough times and i knew i had to share my story. Once again you guys are so inspiring. Thank you for respecting small blattered people like myself.There should have been millions of awards given to this song because it is so inspiring.

      1. ?Entity? 404

        wtf is this

      2. Hanako San

        Duuude I'm reading this while holding my pee, for real! Now I have to go before it's too late! XD

      3. emma

        @ur resident ronald its educational i think

      4. ur resident ronald

        what the fuck is this college-grade essay that's about how leg-man and his anime waifu are bopping like it's coronavirus,, and how it cures the human bladder like wtf???

    15. Kat

      Can we just gather around and thank Gorillaz for existing

      1. T. C.

        Cheers to these funky folks videos

      2. Umbrella Ghost

        Thank you Gorillaz

      3. Kat

        Yes 😍

      4. da hampter is back

        @Brutally Honest indeed my friend indeed

      5. Brutally Honest

        We shall forever cherish Gorillaz for its amazing work.

    16. Juan Pablo

      Llevo años escuchando a Gorillaz y recien me topo con esto!!1

    17. boinkohh

      Played this song at my wedding a couple months ago; everyone from the guests, staff, and servers were dancing, jaysus it was great, what jam

    18. Lyssi

      Ahhhh it makes my heart happy rewatching this video, seeing how adorable the band is a family and Noodle is their daughter. I frickin love ya to death, Gorillaz!

    19. Arsenicc

      I swear this is one of the most wholesome Gorillaz videos I’ve ever seen

    20. niteweo

      Can we just talk about how sweet 2-D's and Noodle's sibling like relationship is even from the very start? He's so kind to her.

      1. Mad_Pac-Man

        @ATiredGayBoi NOOOOO! She was 9 when she joined the band, and they all adopted her. 2D ended up being her big brother as a result. 2D was 22-23 when he met her, a whole 13 years older...So yeah X.x Shipping them is CREEPY

      2. Mad_Pac-Man

        @Damocles The age gap isn't the problem. It's the fact that they RAISED her, and she was 9 when she joined the band that is the problem. If she met them now, in her 30s? Sure. She and 2D would be FINE together. It's not a problem. But she was like their daughter or little sister(in the case of 2D). They're her adoptive FAMILY, and anyone who ships them is disgusting

      3. Keny Yorokobi

        @Mad_Pac-Man cuando a dicho eso ella? :

      4. Keny Yorokobi

        @Combat Quinnsi es lindo, no me odien :

      5. Keny Yorokobi

        @Cian Moran Burkeya no se pelen por eso todos tienen ideas diferentes :> no pasa nada 👍🏽

    21. Amaya Conway

      i am very glad that i found Gorillaz because I don't know what ill do without them or their music.

    22. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

      It would be so cool to make music for a living and be awesome at it.

      1. Stay Fractalesque

        literally , 'the dream'

      2. Alisecoriem

        i felt that :')

      3. Mercy


      4. macewbee

        So true

    23. Jamie the Moth

      I love this music video, partly becuase I developed my own style of clothing and in general just lived as a child as long as I listened to gorillaz, once I stopped and I moved again, I became more mature and have not listened or done anything gorillaz related, and it released when I was on holiday so I have a very special memory of this, I forgot how much I loved gorillaz

    24. Jru holiday

      Bro his voice is so nice LIKE A CANT EXPLAIN ITS SO SOOTHING TO ME IN A WAY

    25. Shimada Takizawa

      Btw for anyone who didn't know, the guy that murdoc meets at the bar is not only his voice actor irl but also the devil in this universe, thus murdoc is literally making a deal with the devil...

      1. BatalionHunter

        @Steve Garvey I thought it was he made a deal with the failed horseman of the apocalypse flatchalence

      2. Brandon Finch

        @Your sleep paralysis Damon Bro doesn't even know how to spell his own name.

      3. Mystic_Salem

        and the next scene is just noodle and 2-D bustin the best moves ever pffft

      4. Jillian

        Like he hadn’t done that before..

    26. Benno ._.

      I love how this has the 3d characters animated/rendered in well with good lighting and all *And then there's sleeping powder*

    27. ThePeopleOnTheCouch

      It's only been 3 years but this brings on so much nostalgia of me playing this on my record player when it first came out.

    28. Twible404

      It puts a smile on my face to see them dancing happily like that :D

    29. Pakin

      Strobelite ya tiene 4 y a mí parecer enveje con gracia sin duda hay algunos colaboradores con los que sin ellos gorillzas no sería lo mismo tienen esa pizca de carisma y ritmo honestamente y personalmente está es una de las canciones que me encantaron después la mayoría son subjetivas y para justificar su hecho son extrañad ,pero croe que así es la esencia de gorillaz

    30. Katie Anderson

      I don't get why so many people hate the video. People should be happy that we got a music video and that Gorillaz didn't go silent right then and there after Humanz.

      1. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        Well the video is ok but this is the least Gorillaz sounding song of all time. Probably because no-one British sounding sang.

      2. Riah Lexington

        Aidansreviews Productions I think of them as brother and sister

      3. Lem Lem Nade

        The reason is that this is basically just a random song with Gorillaz in the music video, It doesnt even have any vocals by 2-D

      4. Riah Lexington


      5. Majin.#9367

        Melissa D | I know this is a year ago but this just grinded my gears. That mentality sucks. The creator put time and effort into not only the music, but the video for us to listen and watch. Yet you undermine it by wanting more and more. They make music videos because they feel like it, and we so happen to be the consumers of this FREE thing we’re giving that they had a to pay a lot for. Why are you complaining about wanting more for something that is FREE to us, but probably costed a lot for them.

    31. Stupid Webcam

      Can we talk about how well the CG is integrated in this damn music video? It genuinely looks like these 3d characters are there in the real world, which is so bizarre to think about, but the lighting on them and their surroundings is so incredibly synced up

    32. Miguel Angel Mazó Moye

      I love how the video resemble exactly what a good memory of a great party night lools like, colours, just music and dances, you cant remember conversations but barely the people you spoke with and the music, hell and drugs god i yearn those nights not a single care just your pals your gal the soft drugs and the music damn that was life.

    33. Avery Fera

      I know this is “the worst gorillaz vid” or whatever but the song slaps so hard it just cancels out edit: yall I love this video. DAMON said it wasnt good

      1. Helvetica Standard

        @Jay Sax nah,its just that the animation and models look weird

      2. Avery Fera

        @The God of Bread damon claimed it was the worst in an interview. i personally love it

      3. The God of Bread

        How do people hate this video?? They're legit just vibing.

      4. Smoker

        Even the "worst Gorillaz video" is still good

      5. Jack Hogerhuis

        @Jay Sax tbh the cgi is just kinda ugly

    34. Mónica Gómez C.

      Gorillaz is perfect ❤

    35. Luc!d hecc

      I love how they can both be doing the exact same dance and when noodle does it it looks super cool and when 2D does it I am reminded of my three year old sister dancing to a rock and roll version of the ABCs

      1. That Internet Dude

        This comment is actually hilarious.

      2. Honey

        Jajajaja 😂

      3. dante carouso's #1 fan

        I just choked on my hot pocket 💀

      4. Maria Luísa Filártiga


      5. Roblox Next Top Model



      This is the first time I have seen characters not be shipped when they do something together

      1. jws20

        @CheesyDelphox we all ate glue, we aren’t smart people

      2. CheesyDelphox

        @Poppy Sunter EW.

      3. CheesyDelphox

        That's because the Gorillaz fandom is smart and knows that there's like a 15 year age gap and they're like siblings.

      4. ross

        @D.G Animates definitely

      5. D.G Animates

        I feel like this sparked more ship art of 2d and noodle

    37. Jugando con Mia

      Una super canción que además de animar es súper buena para bailar 🤟✨🎸


      Me encanta noodle. ayer tocaron de nuevo después de largo tiempo por pandemia. Esperamos verlos pronto por México, saludos!!!

    39. Barry Schizzel

      If peven Everett was peaking in the 70s, he'd be a timeless legend by now

    40. Happy

      The year is 2039, 2d is now 70% leg and 80% pant. Gorillaz has just released its new most experimental album, it’s called trousers it’s just the sound of 2d unzipping his comically long pants for 13 tracks.

      1. Fred


      2. NOAnimations


      3. jws20

        @Jasnam Mansa I’ve always had a theory that the end of Gorillaz Lore will involve them becoming immortal or some sort of time reset

      4. Shahmeer jasim

        2D would be really old at 2039

    41. Andrés Parra

      No puedo evitar bailar cuando escucho esta canción.

    42. Moccaccino

      Gorillaz' music is that limit line between experimental and mainstream that many people find weird, but exciting and that's magic

    43. Slice0fSoup

      Bro them dancing is so cute and makes me so happy, it warms my heart

    44. Aidan Drotzur

      These models are amazing the dancing is great, and the song is incredibly underrated

    45. zane

      This is just one of those bands that doesn't even need a genre to be good.

      1. Illerhumpy

        @CJM cola cole nah bro. They do waaaay more than just 'pop' come on now. They literally do everything beside like swedish death metal. And let's face it. They could pull that off as well if they wanted.

      2. Illerhumpy

        @Lesley Gebhardt Sorry but the genre is actually 'everything'.

      3. woz.

        Guys I think I finally found out what genre Gorillaz is! It's.... *THE BATH*

      4. The Groggy Werewolf


      5. radicalfrogz

        It's almost every single genre...except country probably...

    46. CoolDoge

      Gorillaz has the best blend of musical genres, art styles, and storyline

    47. Brutally Honest

      I can’t get over the fact that the official music videos to the music can be so colorful, serious, and strange at all the same time. Yet they pull it off so well.

    48. Mayoral Gonzales

      Me encanta el video de los gorillaz son los mejores eso si es musica verdadera

    49. Daniel Mize

      This song has a real heavy 80:s vibe, it takes me back...

    50. Simianly

      Can we just appreciate how Russell was asleep the entire video

      1. Sunnex

        Probably because his voice actor was knocked out

      2. XChaosBladerX Op

        Yeah I'm pretty sure he's drunk, also heads up there's a pretty heated discussion about religion and atheism in the common thread.... Welcome to KZsection 😐

      3. Tyrayentali

        His shirt literally read "snore"

      4. Anri Chilingaryan

        He was sleeping? Ah yes

      5. MR_charki600

        Most latinos have that power of sleeping with lowd sownd CONCLUSION: russel is mexican then moved to usa then moved to uk

    51. cassie rose

      1:02 has limitless meme potential

    52. Yoska White

      I appreciate this song even more now for some reason

    53. T R

      From the moment I saw this, I loved it. It's amazing.


      Me encantan estas canciones

    55. luca

      Producer: "How much autotune do you want?" Peven Everette: "no"

      1. luca

        got them

      2. OneFlamingPotato

        They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

      3. lonesome.

        MyTurtleApril That’s the joke-

    56. Mayoral Gonzales

      Me encanta la cancion y ademas como bailan

    57. Rodolfo Villanueva Pérez

      I can't really understand why there are so many dislike in this great video, it's just awesome!

    58. Maestro De Armas🔫🎮

      En caricaturas asi como en sus principios quedarian mejor sus videos...no importa si son adaptados a videos en tiempo real.

    59. Julieta Magalí Soria

      Ok aside from the video, this song is SO GOOD I really really like it

    60. Will Kemp

      Now here's the real question, do you like the music or is the dancing just amazing?

      1. Julia Thomas


      2. Bea Castaño


      3. Jodie Burton

        Both, to the point I've memorized the words and am trying to do the same for the dancing... I have no life

      4. golden jolteon


      5. Some Dude That plays TF2


    61. gabriel farias

      Adoro esse música

    62. Dalton House

      The band is still good it just makes me mad that they don’t do 3D animations for the live shows

    63. Lauren G

      gorrilaz are my all time favourite band ever!! they try so many different genres of music and ace ever single one. i love noodle too ❤️

    64. Lynxone

      Let's appreciate this man's voice. 👏

    65. motomami💮🍄

      La mejor cancion✨✨✨

    66. Ollie the Pickle

      This song is a bop. Good job guys (:

    67. Chris Zmus

      why is nobody talking about how 2D absolutely throws is back on Noodle 1:43

    68. bweikie

      Just LOVE this song!

    69. Mila Kanev

      I don't know why people complaining about Gorillaz now. They always were doing something different and for that we love them.

      1. Thunder Shovel

        Mila Kanev I think they don’t like how noodle is now a neko- just sayin’

      2. Syndicate Operative

        To be fair, their "different" before was good

      3. Riah Lexington

        Mila Kanev I know right?

      4. Rileigh Culhane

        I just don't really like the new style. of the music or the animation

    70. Gardening Houston

      I love this song. Makes me want to go clubbing during covid. Hahaha

    71. Skateralien

      amazing, viby, perfect!! love this so so so much

      1. Name Face

        it is a good love to have, if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, gives me strong Gorillaz vibes and is a cool unknown gem

    72. Fan de Miku

      prefiero la animacion antigua de gorillaz pero la cancion esta chida

    73. Common Ramen

      Despite everything he went through, 2D is probably the most wholesome guy there is

    74. Jazen Lys Mcginity

      Who thinks they should make "A Day In The Life Of Gorillaz" I think they should. I would watch it

      1. Zoya Yatsumonji

        Actually gorillas was gonna make a Netflix show of the fictional caricatures…….but yeah I WOULD watch it!!!

      2. Jazen Lys Mcginity

        Cadency I forgot bout that

      3. Jazen Lys Mcginity

        Goat Man idk

      4. Jazen Lys Mcginity

        Sofianne same

      5. Jazen Lys Mcginity

        Animefreak242 same

    75. Melanny Yijima

      This song makes me feel free,i love this song 💓

    76. Fanny Wesséus

      What a great singer ♥️🙏

    77. Angie Rojo

      This song gives me good vibes ✨ 😌 🙌 👌 💕

      1. Name Face

        if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, gives me strong Gorillaz vibes and is a cool unknown gem

    78. Turtleking 420

      Been watching them since they first started and they haven't let me down yet

      1. Name Face

        if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, gives me strong Gorillaz vibes and is a cool unknown gem

    79. Pawkit

      Everyone talking bout the animation but I'm just sad Russ had basically no part in the video :(

      1. Miss Pope

        Russ was too busy SLEEPING

      2. GBCLTO 1

        At the beginning

      3. K- cat

        He rly does not get the love he deserves WHAT DID HE EVER DO??

      4. [ m i s k a ]

        ssshhhh he's sleepin

      5. lizzie

        He was sleeping😳😳

    80. Démian Lord Sith

      Que temazo 🔥