Gorillaz - Sleeping Powder



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    1. titsoutforlusikka

      Noodle: Are you high? 2D: What? Noodle: High? 2D: Hello

      1. SnesKaisersShorts


      2. ⛈️marki uwu mini drawing🌧️

        Jajaja XD

      3. 𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲


      4. NOAnimations


    2. DionCantGame

      2-D is so good at playing the piano he doesn't even need to touch the keys.

      1. DionCantGame

        I am so shocked that people are still repyling and liking over a year later lol

      2. Funtime Foxy


      3. Mythagoras

        He is so good he can make a babygrand sound like a harpsichord

      4. DionCantGame

        @EllisIsHere lol

      5. julia

        Baby that’s the harpsichord!

    3. Saturn’s HLHS Journey

      i love that this entire thing was basically just damon’s excuse to experiment with motion capture

      1. Kyuu

        @PP Man NOW WAY ITS PP MAN!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1

      2. Seth

        @Vinyl Wubs The composer and singer of Gorillaz songwriter and singer

      3. SERB MGERB

        I thought it was VRchat for a second there

      4. ychdydc dgdyyd

        ITS MOTUON CAPTURE??? so that's why he looks like a vr chat model

      5. Juana Arreola

        @Haruka i wouldn’t be surprised if i was told that the lore has lore, so yes.

    4. Quinn

      Look at him, he's doing a little dance. He wrote a song. He's expressing himself. He looks happy. He's got his jeans on right.

      1. Jju Jji


      2. Quinn

        @beescared Fair.

      3. beescared

        @Quinn drug addiction = drugs he is still singing about drugs

      4. Quinn

        @beescared Correction, he's singing about his drug addiction.

    5. C. L. M. C.

      apparently the whole reason behind this is 2D felt he'd probably sung too little in Humanz, so he went out and made a whole song and video by himself, without telling anybody. I wonder what Murdoc said when he saw an uncommissioned Gorillaz video pop up on the official channel and 2D's silly mo-cap face in it.

      1. WoodenSwordFighter

        @Skywalking Studioz in the video for Friday 13th he's shown voicing or lip-syncing the line "I don't talk too much man" which i think is fitting. Also I think it's fine that he's the member of the band who's the least vocal. You get the sense that he likes to think and stay quiet most of the time, speaking up when he actually has something to say.

      2. Miro the cat

        Murdoc: "Alright let's check how the channel is doin"" *sees video* "Wait what the fuck.."

      3. Tabitha The Cat

        @Skywalking Studioz maybe he's shy and that's okay don't judge him

      4. Skywalking Studioz

        @Agent_Llama oh yeah true true

      5. Agent_Llama

        @Skywalking Studioz well he does speak a bit in Saturnz Barz

    6. Abby

      I feel like this song wasn’t supposed to have a video to go with it, but 2D got ahold of a green screen at like 3 am and just made this the music video

      1. Hole Goblin

        @beep beep fax

      2. beep beep

        @Hole Goblin this is why we absolutely need to give him green screens

      3. Jemimah Kendall

        You should look this song up on Wikipedia, you've pretty much nailed the back story

      4. thatguy909

        @Mister Uncanny I don’t even remember it was probably just some random KZsection lore video

      5. Mister Uncanny

        @thatguy909 not to bother you by replying a year late but where did you hear this? Im not very good at keeping up with these guys

    7. Nagito Komaeda

      "911, what's your emergency?" "There's a man on acid dancing in the middle of the street" "Could you describe what he looks like?" "He's like, 75% leg, you can't miss him"

      1. Agnieszka Dembińska


      2. 🍄Envious_inferno🍄

        Dude I'm supposed to be asleep but I can't stop cackling because of this

      3. erika !


      4. ManOpeace

        Legs that go ALL THE WAY UP. Nice

      5. Emily Climer

        @Doodle_Bugs my mum is going to wake up help me 😂

    8. Aidyn Galvan

      his movement looks like a vr chat avatar when you try to dance

      1. Marcus Keller

        It is

      2. XtraGurl

        It’s Damon in a motion suit apparently so ye not completely wrong

      3. Azula

        Oh my god thats what i was imagining

    9. weird fan girl 12

      1:49 the little jump still kills me to this day.

      1. Divine subliminals~♡

        It looks like he was filming this at three in the morning and wanted to do a big dramatic jump but didn't want to risk injuring himself or wake the others up

      2. jellyfish for breakfast

        Cats when they see a cucumber:

      3. °[Demon]°

        Me 2

      4. Denise Gonzalez

        J O M P

    10. febreeziTV

      2D: 30-40 year old man with a painkiller addiction fans: my sweet little baby child boy kid, I will protect you

      1. Divine subliminals~♡

        @Dawnn Thomas and he's aged like fine wine what you talking about

      2. Dawnn Thomas

        He's 45

      3. nana ♡

        YES!! he's old enough to be my dad, but he'll always look like a baby!!

      4. no

        @pico me too

    11. Damocles

      "Hi, I'm 2D and I'm your freestyle dance teacher."

      1. taz undead

        NO 2D the student was always the master because the "master" never mastered anything

      2. Lily#756O3

        The vine man 🤣

      3. Shy loves art XD

        Omg the reference thank you so much for this lmao

      4. The Didiergeist Show!

        Best comment

      5. izzycankindofdraw


    12. Ya

      This song is so underrated. There is just something special about it…

      1. Adrianexon

        The falls: hello i'm here

      2. FwoofyDoesArt

        The "something special about it" is 3 minutes of 2d doing a little dancey dance

    13. Chester

      Honestly this song is about drugs but to me it takes on the meaning of being insomniac and just not being able to sleep, and just living in your own world because your problems are clouding you. So taking the drugs puts you on a high, and it could potentially keep you up and put you in this state

      1. NCR veteran ranger

        @shiny bread yes

      2. moshkit

        @shiny bread both of these are correct interpretations

      3. shiny bread

        But funny pant guy groovin

    14. Honey Pie

      When you spend all your animation budget on Saturn Barz:

    15. Layne Barnick

      2D in tranz: plays actual correct keys 2D in sleeping powder: 0:22 He do look proud tho

      1. Elliot

        @Sploon 2 Pfft ahha

      2. Sploon 2

        he’s typing fcrijn wefonvrf hip. fripon on a keyboard.

    16. Eat yo Ravioli

      2d is like that one kid that can’t dance but his mom is cheering him on

      1. The Jester

        Omg 😭😭

      2. Axcys

        So me?

      3. Thetaz

        Everyone else is like those kids who thinks they can dance. I mean, not even their moms cheer them on.

      4. Brooklynn

        @I-_-LOVE-_-DUSTIN I feel that

      5. I-_-LOVE-_-DUSTIN

        His mom hates him so

    17. Zoe Perez

      2d Es el mejor pianista, ni tiene que tocar las teclas. Un grande.

    18. cjes

      This is unironically one of the best gorillaz songs ever

    19. Данил Юшкевич

      хочу пересматривать эту божественную песню ещё раз и ещё раз

      1. Ligma Balls


    20. ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

      Don't you just hate it when your trying to vibe on the piano and it just flies away

    21. TheVeryPixelatedRaptor.

      I know its hard but ignore the dancing legend and you'll realize the song is actually one of the best gorillaz songs

      1. braxdamando

        2d dancing makes this song 100000000000 times better

      2. I am not that guy

        It’s got 2D written all over it

      3. Kaderade

        Àlso he was doing LSDs

      4. Kaderade

        And the fact that one of the best Gorillaz songs, but 2D made this song as a big 'fuck u' to the people who complained about the amount of collaborations were in Humanz

      5. kyu

        I could seriously hear this song on repeat for hours and not get tired, it's just that good . my favorite Gorillaz song

    22. LeonBagel

      the only video that truly deserves the dislike button removed

      1. Tabitha The Cat


    23. Linux

      My friend bullied me into liking gorillaz. They went too far, that bloosomed into an addiction. To 2d specifically. I now have a blanket with 2d sitting on a fried egg in space taking pain killers.

      1. thefernprince

        @Linux yess

      2. keys ♡

        @Linux yes please !!

      3. Linux

        Idk if everyone will see this but I have been looking for the link for soooo long and I finally found it! But unfortunately the item is unavailable:( I can still give to anyone if u wana wait and see if it's ever available again!

      4. CorpseNymph

        I'm intrigued by this blanket... Also your friend seems *peachy*

      5. Lucy Nhandian

        gonna drop this comment here if we ever get a link

    24. monkey

      The shitty motion capture is the key to the video, it’s what makes it good

    25. TailNoTTale

      Is it just me or did 2D look so freaking adorable with his dancing?

    26. Subifyoustraigth

      0% Drama 0% Kiss 50% Drugs 50% 2D dance to the 3D

    27. mr scrumble was beaten to death by Blarf

      I absolutely love the way 2D dances; even if he's talking about a drug addiction I can't get over how happy he looks. also the song slaps, as always with gorillaz songs

    28. Ella Mayo

      noodle: are you high? 2D: huh noodle: high?? 2D: hello noodle: omg how high are you 2D: 5’9 😪

      1. MilkInAnime

        @LSC Svensson it's all leg

      2. Mediocre_duckgod

        Hes actually a 10 feet tall man witb 6'7 legs

      3. Travis Kruger


      4. LSC Svensson

        he's 6'2 actually

    29. toxic bro

      2:20 how big is Damon's vocal range??

    30. butthead

      i can’t be the only one that cries at the more “mellow” parts in this song

    31. Sorry, its "Moops"

      "This is your brain on drugs" After taking acid + e at their show, I can confirm that yes, this music is exactly what my brain and vibe were.

    32. Bomb DotCom 🎗

      Gorillaz has such a unique style, even in their newer music there's still that unique style to it that brings you back to the original music

    33. Quinn

      I love this part right here, he's all out and stuff and the colors but he kind of just closes up and the colors go away. 2:04

    34. betacle.

      One of my very favorite Gorillaz tracks

      1. the get down

        check out miss me by the impures is an underrated song

    35. Tahoyun

      I can't believe this was 4 years ago. I remember being so excited when it came out and listening to it for hours

    36. W0LUS

      I cant be the only one who listens to this 5 times a day, right?

    37. charlotte judge

      this was the favourite song of our math teacher in middle school. she showed us while we had class with her the music video and we were all so scared hahah but she was such a cool teacher and lovely person, so great i found this masterpiece

    38. witch hazel

      He had 3 flintstones vitamins. Don’t mess with his vibe.

      1. Spyder Gilgamesh


      2. - green is a creative color -

        I see one: a pride flag Two: a pentacle My life defined in a pfp

      3. NOAnimations

        LMAO perfect comment

      4. Sandra Clifford


      5. The cringe slayer

        @Nashi-San no u

    39. Cate Hayes

      the harmony and chords of this song are so good

    40. Jim Saints

      Everyone in the comments talking about drugs or 2D dancing and almost nobody mentions what a musical masterpiece this is. Easily among top 10 songs for me

    41. Bob The Builder

      this made me smile. we need more of these!


      I'm still obsessed with Gorillaz.

    43. smallsxnuggets

      2D's dance moves are amazing ✨

    44. Asteroid Khalifa

      This was a song i used to skip back in the day and then i got really stoned and realized it was a total banger. Gorillaz mayne. Never gets old

    45. Juliette Gibson

      **Me taking a test** 1/3 of my brain cells: Ok ok so because of stoichiometry, the answer would be… The other two thirds:

    46. Sergey Razumovsky

      2:23 - This part absolutely gives me life

    47. Bitter Root

      If the man child is happy, then I am too.

      1. °[Demon]°

        Uhhh is exacly like this, i mean he's on drugs

      2. Copper Pumpkin

        @EVGez I love drugs

      3. VickY


      4. Stefan Ilinoiu

        Thats the thing,he’s not although he looks happy at least.

      5. VNY _


    48. eekitybeekity

      This feels like one of those snapchat filters where you can have something dancing in the room you're in, and im here for it

    49. air

      I can just imagine 2D doing this in front of a green screen high as hell

    50. 3mma

      Damon once something along the lines of : " I don't know why people keep getting appealed to Gorillaz " and to that I say that the 2d animation alone makes it worth watching but the music is also do enticing that it's crazy, like everything about Gorillaz is just amazing, no matter what time, Gorillaz is timeless

    51. Viola

      Gorillaz is that kind of band that you find yourself silently dancing to with earphones on at 1 a.m. or am I the only one doing that right now?

      1. L

        you're not the only one lol

    52. Ramras

      idk why but this song is just too good, my total favourite

    53. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

      So I took a trip to a recreational store the other day and ended up here. Nice

    54. Ur Mom

      My therapist: "2D in 3D cant hurt you." *2D in 3D*:

    55. yummytoesies

      i cant tell what’s higher, 2d or his pants…

      1. Gay


      2. Musshy_•^•


    56. Mike Hawk

      Pov:your disassociating at 3am while 2-D sings about his addiction to painkillers

      1. Joseph Hall

        You're* ... besides that little hiccup, you aren't wrong.

      2. Thetaz

        There are worse ways to slowly die in life.

      3. sibononon

        How’d you know

      4. Little smarty

        5:00 and i havent slept, so kinda accurate

      5. Lilly Wolfe

        Felt that on an emotional level

    57. Afrina Miza

      2D is so talented that he doesnt have to touch the keys while playing the piano

    58. ノフズイリ乃ズ

      There is no mistake in this song, it is perfect 👌🎇

    59. Beewaare

      I feel like this song would be great to listen to while intoxicated

    60. James Skillman

      oh god i can already tell im gonna listen to this 1000 times and still not wear it all the way out

    61. Rei Dos Pudim

      I think this is how you get the cool shoe shine

      1. Dig In With Digger

        This is how he MADE the cool shoeshine

      2. ThePurpleIdiot

        @Noah Adams 😂

      3. Electronic Dreamz Official

        And then also ride down a steep mountain road that somehow just warrants the slowest gear and minor breaking Welcome to the dales

      4. Nicola Heffernan

        I think you're right my friend

      5. bruh


    62. Joshua Flowers

      I'm upset that I'm late to hear this. Great tune ❤️

    63. cronqvies

      Tomorrow i have a pharmacology final exam i was stressed but this song healed me thanks gorillaz I hope y'all having the best days of your lives ✨

    64. Sophia Place

      And this my fellow Gorillaz fans, is what happens when you give a depressed 40 year old man who has worn the same outfit for 3 years a green screen. Thankyou for your time.

    65. Stoney_Smurf

      Forgot how good the Humanz era of Gorillaz was

    66. Cooper Hudson

      In case anyone was wondering, 2D says the word "gone" 37 times in this song.

      1. t virusnoodle

        heloisa prado actually that’s a great idea

      2. t virusnoodle

        Torchskul thank you I was wondering

      3. Brandon McIntyre

        500th like

      4. Norilla

        That's a good meme there.

      5. Norilla

        Song speeds up every time 2D says "gone"

    67. Alejandro Nicolás peñaranda

      2D sacando los pasos prohibidos es lo mejor

    68. thecomicalbike

      The head movement while 2D was playing he piano is so accurate

    69. Rezo

      I remember 3 years ago , this had 150k . this band max views were 3 mill back in 2015 when i recalled , now it has a ton and i’m glad it’s gained popularity i still enjoy their new albums , it’s always smth new and a masterpiece to always remember

    70. MK Phoenix 강엠픠

      His little dance is the one thing keeping me alive tonight

    71. Jem

      Those complaining about the animation are missing the point. Damon decided to write a song with just 2D, he wrote it on Monday and made this video on Wednesday. It's a fan service for those who said they wanted "more 2D" on Humanz. There is a proper music video for a Humanz single currently in the works. We should all be happy to have a new song to enjoy, Damon didn't have to write it at all, but he did.

      1. L K

        Best song

      2. Tonks nDante

        I do adore him so much. It wasnt released as an album track so I figured it was more of a stress release comp. Also I didnt know that it was like 3 days in production. Damn they are talented

      3. Derek Brown

        Yo, I thought it was intentionally animated like that to simulate hallucinogens. Because it really looks like it... So I hear.

      4. Hi Mom

        Nah, he’s just on peppermint tea

      5. Blue Circle

        @House Heisenberg that's not... ok whatever...

    72. Gustavo Lopes

      These edibles ain't shit three seconds later: *becomes 3D*

    73. 𝖕𝖗♡𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖙𝖞

      This song gives me pure happiness.

    74. B3ll4

      anything that has with 2D dancing in it is just- i love it

    75. Chumnin brando

      three minutes of good music I think I was in an astral trip when I heard this song

    76. Lucas Ono

      This looks like it was made with VR chat.

      1. shaniayalee perez

        My 8 yr old brother said that

      2. uni

        literally exactly what i was thinking

      3. yummytoesies


      4. Darkest

        So true

      5. ♪シDavey シ♪

        @TheSingingSiren Z on vr chat?

    77. Steve john brandares Locsin

      When I listen to this song I feel like I'm going to sleep

      1. KIIROCORE

        i mean it's called *sleep*ing powder for a reason /j

      2. Steve john brandares Locsin

        This is more better than ASMR

    78. nudoruu

      todas la canciones de gorillaz son tremendo temazos

    79. 🌐masked chomper🌐

      Fun fact the first sound you hear is the exact same one at the start of feel good inc.

    80. MaRz

      That one kid who drinks apple juice and acts drunk: I love 2D😩🤚

      1. Poli_D_Cinco

        I was a kid a ting drunk l, now im a teenager acting sober 😅