Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)



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    Featuring Popcaan. THE ALBUM - 'HUMANZ' OUT NOW - gorill.az/humanz
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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Producer: Cara Speller
    Production Company: Passion Pictures Animation in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories
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    1. Zipher FOXHOUND

      if you don't like this song, don't worry. Every Gorillaz songs will make you come back and like it even if you dislike it at first.

      1. 0zbm0

        u were right wtf im here again its bussin

      2. VixytheFox

        Bruh xD. Same it takes a few listens for me to like some of their songs

      3. Jay Dark3

        yeah it's kinda true, NGL.

      4. Elon Dusk

        thats literally what happened to me

      5. i have daikon legs too bish

        Why is this so true tho

    2. stale corn

      4:01 i get chills everytime.

      1. stale corn

        @zord's spare channel THE BAFF👹

      2. stale corn

        @Jana Milić YES

      3. Jana Milić

        this and 4:35

      4. zord's spare channel

        Me at 2:01 frfr

      5. fo lover


    3. z0mbi3

      this video is mesmerizing and I cant get enough of the song itself. Been on a gorrilaz binge recently and just started listening to more of their songs aside from the few i was listening to before.

      1. Umbrella Ghost

        I am also in a Gorillaz binge, cannot stop watching won't stop watching

      2. Garcia Gonzalez Adair Aurelio

        @Emily Distler llllddssaa

      3. Space Octopus

        i might be a little late.... but Kids with Guns, and Starshine are some of my faves

      4. Kiel Frieden

        Same! I like that this thread is a collection of folks who have known about them and probably had "a favorite Gorillaz song or two" but never really dived too deep into the lore or discography. Within the last year I'd been introduced to them on a deeper level and just really appreciate how versatile they are. Been collecting vinyl recently and I've now got 6 out of 9 of their albums that I really want, it's been the best way for me to really absorb each album and find new tracks I'd never have found otherwise... Such as this gem.

      5. Melancholic Memories

        Fucking same guy. I been rocking them big time lately and getting out of my comfort zone with their hits.

    4. Downstage Right

      Man, I wish I had been a fan back when this first came out. That opening would have been so exciting to experience.

      1. Daegan Vanleeuwen

        When i tell you it was.

      2. Felix Clotida

        Forget about time

      3. pendantairplane

        I remember I was sitting in the backseat of my family’s car after eating dinner, then suddenly getting this notification. I was amazed and watched it throughout the car ride, while it was also raining outside

      4. Maximum Subtlety

        It's not too late. You can start over from the beginning.

    5. Pepsi Man

      Here's my interpretation of what happens in this song: One: The catalyst Most likely, the gang was looking for some place to stay for a while or the night, and once they split up, they resort to ways to cope or calm down while the others aren't around Two: The coping Noodle resorts to listening to music, Russell looks to sleep for a while, 2D eats, and Murdoc cleans himself. However, each of these activities is ruined Three, the fall Russell isn't allowed to sleep by what I'll just call the entity or creature and Noodle is hurt by another similar creature. 2D is harmed by the food, and as for Murdoc, he is flying out in space For Russell, I think the entity annoying him is actually Del. Del once possessed him, with the hands on their head representing the hands that held the guns that murdered Del in life, then the hands of the exorcist that removed him, and the hands of Russell and Del (I guess a metaphorical handshake, the two being together). They also change their color from negative to positive, switching from what is basically Del and Russell. They possessed the same body, and them harassing Russell while he sleeps shows Russell is still scared and tormented by the image of Del, not him actually. This version of Del doesn't need Russell to hurt him, simply using the fact Russell is still scared of Del even after they're gone to their advantage The entity harassing Noodle is Cyborg Noodle. Like I said, Noodle's manner of coping was music, and it most likely always has been. She was shipped in a box to the band at 10 and played for them for so long, it's her life in a way. This was taken away by Cyborg Noodle, who is this worm entity. I think the red lips are meant to be make-up, and the worm is meant to be a parasite. The make-up is sloppy, her way of saying Cyborg Noodle was not only a lesser of herself but slutty and ugly to her, a leech that took away her passion: music. This is why it's ruined for her, much like how sleep was ruined for Russell. I think this is also why this perspective of Cyborg Noodle keeps harassing her even after Russell's version of Del seemingly stops. For Russell, he can't sleep because of the trauma and horror, but for Noodle, it's the single reminder that Cyborg Noodle stripped her of her talent by replacing her that always hurts. Here, the music still going still hurts her, and in the final shot of the house showing everyone, she's shaking while Russell is wide awake. The parasite also leaves her when she isn't trying to fight it and listen to it but instead focuses on the music, but it creeps up and traps her For Murdoc, I think it's a way to cleanse. Murdoc is basically a Satanist, born on 6/6/66 and having an upside down cross necklace for crying out loud. I think the bath is a way of cleansing himself literally, a sense of enlightenment. He's known to be a jerk, and here, alone, he's excited he can find a bathtub to clean his body and mind. He chooses this so no one else can go in and barge it, which is also why he remarks to everyone he'll take a bath. In the music video, we see him flying around and seemingly not shackled by any fears. But in the final shot showing the house, he's still shaking in fear, I think by the realization that no matter what, Murdoc will never be clean, no amount of cleansing can clear him. This is probably why he hasn't tried changing his ways earlier For 2D, there isn't really much other than him being harassed by the food, overeating. However, I find the lyrics to this song interesting, as they reflect the song as well It starts out with being seen as a criminal, then slowly wanting to build up because they're seen lower. Then building up to ego, "the dream". The cast here started out finding a home to stay in, and started to cope, "the dream". However, this fails when it reaches 2D's verses, where he says Saturn's about to make love, and he's only a heartbreaker. Saturn here can be the planet and the Roman god. Saturn ate his children and was also the god of time. Here, 2D and even maybe the whole cast ruined whatever they had or fell back to old habits, admitting their failures or focusing on the truth of their traumas and haunting aspects. The comment about breaking rings could also mean marriage rings or Saturn's rings, both beings beautiful things in general, breaking both shows to everyone whatever you had was ruined, that thing being beautiful and honors, monuments to your love and life. Also, the debts mentioned are these very horrors of everyone else. Popcaan and 2D also mention "all my life", with Popcaan referring to achievements and life while 2D is referring to trauma. In wallowing in his trauma, 2D thinks that all his life, he's a heartbreaker, while Popcaan thinks all his life he's been dreaming and wants his dreams to be real. However, neither mention peaks of euphoria or hedonism or even real achievements. That's because it's too short or not even real The music video follows this idea. Tragedy and reasons to now dream, dreams, either achieving those dreams or being close, and it being ruined. It's a cycle of trauma, and Popcaan sees that as reasons to dream while 2D sees it as reasons to hate yourself. "All my life" is forever, and if you want to see Popcaan as the versions of Cyborg Noodle and Del, they're things that haunt Noodle and Russell. Cyborg Noodle thinks she's dreamed for all her life while Del thinks the same, but Russel and Noodle think they've suffered too long Essentially, the planet and the god are sort of replacing one another where the metaphor fails for the other. Slowly building up from nothing, dreaming, and losing it, being stuck. In climbing and falling, it feels like you've done it forever, and that thought is motivation for both of those actions

      1. Valen

        W O W

      2. Roka Mayono

        well said

      3. SterlingSeven19

        Wow, just wow!

      4. Linđa from_North

        Xlnt analyze Pepsi Man. 👍

      5. gripo

        coca cola good

    6. baconwolfiyee

      As a Jamaican, I have to appreciate how satisfying it is to hear monsters sing reggae music in space with the Gorillaz.

      1. kimberley williams

        Popcaan is literally a dancehall artisit. This is not Reggae.

      2. Smug Slider

        @Miguel gah dayum miguel what's with all the clowns

      3. kay

        @james bryan buju banton

      4. s e h k a i r o

        yuh know bro

      5. yeeteeyt

        @Miguel what are the clown emojis for what are you even insulting

    7. Kyari

      I still remember the utter HYPE I felt waiting for this to come out together with them coming out of their long hiatus. Feels crazy it was almost 5 years ago now.

    8. Joseph Chambers

      The charisma of the bands characters is so addictive it's like Kiss, The Spice Girls and Daft Punk, you get addicted to the story and showmanship of it as much as the music itself.

    9. HeoBaby

      remember hearing this song 3 4 years ago it never gets old

      1. Shockmazta31

        Damn can't believe this song is 34 years old.

      2. Donovan Capell

        Yo, when I read this I was like no way that's right. Checked the release date. "2017" Well then. Time moves too god damn fast

    10. Thekdawg33

      I forgot how much of an experience the song and video are. Not only was it appealing to the senses, but it was the first we'd heard of Gorillaz in years. Idk how many people got goosebumps when they saw the door open for the band or 2d's voice singing again


      It's hilarious in the irony of 2D's voice. When he sings, he sounds like a god. But when he talks, he has an adorable dorky voice.

      1. VixytheFox

        @The God of Bread it was the 2000s what do you expect

      2. VixytheFox

        It's because different people sing him, the voice actor doesn't sing him.

      3. izzycankindofdraw


      4. Garcia Gonzalez Adair Aurelio

        @The God of Bread mammalalala!

      5. kyle is bored

        @The God of Bread that's beacuse he has

    12. mysweetmochi

      4:00 this part will forever be iconic

    13. Nutmeg Fox

      My favorite parts: “The bath!!”😈 “Just a peppermint tea for me,”😛 Ahhh! They are all just so cute!

    14. ☪️ Gamer kitten 💜

      Eu amoo Gorillaz 🇧🇷❤

    15. What a Weirdo.

      when they first stepped out that car... it was such a great way for them to return. I'll never forget seeing this for the first time

    16. Aarons covers

      I love 2ds vocals they just have this unsettling creepy radio sounding tone to it I dont think any of there songs would be the same without him

      1. jessie flores

        Love 2D fight me 2D gang what up!!!!

      2. María J. Vásquez

        2D voice sounds like angels

      3. Kurō_Kori

        @Nagito Komaeda well of course you do 💀

      4. Seth Nunyabizness

        @only a comentary nothing special Blur who make the Whoo Hoo song is this guys previous band

      5. Seth Nunyabizness

        @K / S no he could be like a DJ and make beats featuring all these rappers that are already in the song, just no 2D

    17. Tom Kiraly

      I lost touch with Gorillaz for a bit. Re-listened to all my favorites and autoplayed the newer stuff. Still as great as ever with their fantastic artistry and amazing music. The second I saw this, I recognized that was a Detroit house. Turns out I live 20 minutes from it. I'd love to live in it, restore it, and put some very Gorillaz art up such as the Popcaan monsters :) I love the early 1900's architecture and unfortunately Detroit has let too much of it simply fall into ruin.

    18. Emmy Alvey

      5:13 I love how you can hear 2-D's voice if you listen really closely

    19. Roka Mayono

      Listening to this song with bass boosting headphones is a must. It really changes the vibe, it's amazing~


        wait 'till he finds out about equalizer...

    20. send name ideas to gromby#7503

      their designs in this music video are my favorites out of any of them

    21. Mal

      Me:Hell yea Gorillaz is back Everyone else:T H E B A T H

      1. gorillaz lover

        @Kieran Quinn nice my man

      2. Sebastian

        For real I ve saying every day

      3. Lucas

        THE BATH

      4. doctor flug☆💉

        @Kieran Quinn d

    22. Master

      Damn i love this song!! never get tired of it. Popcaan verse is just fire 🔥

    23. Degocs

      Why 2-D's part gives me goosebumps? AAAAA I LOVE THIS SONG

    24. muddybasilisk

      When you’re happy you understand the music When you’re sad you try to understand the lyrics but miserably fail

    25. Banana_Neeks

      This song is what got me into ✨Glowrillaz✨

    26. Glitch

      Russels speaking voice is smooth like honey and we are all sleeping on him.

      1. Pumpkin Soda

        you speak truth also the absolute balls he has to walk into this house and then immediately decide to sleep

      2. frankito

        And its his only voice cause he never sings

      3. Splend Despair


      4. Swiper

        Murdoc Niccals yes

      5. Swiper

        *i worked up a reeeeeaaaaal appetite*

    27. Seth Nunyabizness

      This song may have taken the number one spot for my personal list which was Feel Good Inc. this song is amazing still to this day!

    28. Ryan Vert

      I remember the day this came out man. Always kicking it every morning of every day when I'm going into work heading home from work and throughout the day. Love it 🤘

    29. Brother Sothoth-n'gha-kadishtuor-hrii

      2-D's lines from 3:59 just hit like a beat drop, so fucking sick.

    30. ♡ 엄마

      4:00 to the end...... CHILLS AND EXCITEMENT

    31. Konkey Dong

      Be honest, the first time you listened to this song you got chills listening to the classic 2-D voice.

      1. TinCanMan


      2. tyler maloney

        Rael in french is Ray -el

      3. ミスナオ

        It’s the last time we heard it 😞

      4. el calabozo del androide

        Tiene razon

      5. Noah Seaner

        I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this and I still get chills

    32. Cxireen21

      I love how satisfied they looked with the experience in the end xD I know I totally would have been as well

    33. DJThunderchild

      This whole album is slept on, but this is my favorite track by far.

    34. Slogami

      It doesn't matter how many times you watch this video or the volume when you hear this song

    35. bloodmoon.

      Como que esta joyita lleva 5 años!?! recuerdo haberlo escuchado por primera vez al llegar de la escuela

    36. Gorb

      I love how this fandom automatically agrees on two things: 1: 2D is really cute 2: DA BAFF

      1. Sam and Friends inc.

        D A B A F F

      2. María J. Vásquez

        2d is my crush

      3. N1GHTM4R3++S0K1A

        @*_Dead EmUse_* got em

      4. N1GHTM4R3++S0K1A

        @Jazzy Munkers Y e s

      5. JackieTheCutie

        D A B A F F

    37. CyborgNoodle

      Still love it 🎵🎶💕💕💕💕💕💕

    38. TYORBS627

      Dude back in 7th grade I had a HUGE Gorillaz phase and this was my go to song I’d listen to while my mom was driving me to school

    39. Batman stabbing a dog

      As a wise man once said: “it’s not a real party unless it ends with you holding yourself and shivering”

    40. 3mma

      Damon once something along the lines of : " I don't know why people keep getting appealed to Gorillaz " and to that I say that the 2d animation alone makes it worth watching but the music is also do enticing that it's crazy, like everything about Gorillaz is just amazing, no matter what time, Gorillaz is timeless

    41. Courtney Cuellar

      every time i stay in a hotel and see the bathroom i'm gonna yell "T H E B A T H" from now on

      1. Jim the pigeon king

        Do you also fly naked in space and hallucinate

      2. Kim Trammell

        Za bathhhffff

      3. Rocky?!

        Then juts strip and take a bath

      4. SeaZ666

        you're doing it wrong, it's Z E B A T Z

    42. mars Stars

      Ah yes, 3 years later I'm here to re-listen to the song that got me into gorrilaz, now able to comment.

    43. hachi the hound

      I've been listening to the gorillas since they hit the airwaves I will always listen when something new comes out

    44. Cyrus

      I would pay alot for an album produced by gorillaz with Popcaan

    45. Ben SevenEleven

      Am I the only one who thinks Noodle looks so unique? She's got style ✨

    46. 808Mauve

      2D : talks like a dork 2D : sings like a literal god

      1. Jim the pigeon king

        Me : talks like a dork Me : sings like a dork

      2. Bread Of Loaf

        Literally almost every british song artist

      3. Caden Dicky

        If we give this comment 10 more likes then 2-d will be able to afford a therapist.

      4. Mr. Tree

        @AlfrodMcC facts

    47. 🪩around the world,around the world🪩

      5:31 this whole interaction is just ♥️

    48. Yarghoul

      5 Years later and this still goes hard.

    49. deanatgmail

      i wonder how many actually know there is a 360 version of this video they made that you can look around in?

    50. Kaleigh Quinn

      i was today years old when i discovered good music

    51. starry bones

      It's cool how the animators can have 3D and 2D animation in the same animation while making the 2D animation also looking 3D at times. Gorillaz is the coolest band ever

      1. CandleKern

        Have you seen Gumball?

      2. Paterk

        The Two Dimensional characters are actually 3d models with crazy ass shaders applied to them that make them feel flat.

      3. CLCAirsoft

        foo fighters are better, but your statement is very valid my friend

      4. erpotatator 123


      5. Jim the pigeon king

        @starry bones yea every time I hear 2D I think 2-D

    52. Deadbars

      D A B A F F

    53. bingoblackdynomite

      This is the only Gorillaz song my mom really vibes with and that's the first thing I think about whenever I listen to this lol

    54. JOEUM

      You should make a movie or series with your characters! They are great, well characterized and drawn! :-)

    55. TalklessClaude

      Cant believe it’s been 5 years since this has been out. I remember being so hyped when it came out but to think that was a half a decade ago? Fuck we getting older.

    56. Bambooo

      Murdoc is getting greener, 2-Ds pants are getting higher, Russels getting fatter, and Noddles is getting cuter

      1. VixytheFox

        Murdoc is a rotting corpse now he sold his soul and I have not been liking noodles appearance changes especially in the song tranz. Leave 2d and Russell alone.

      2. LolZoey

        2D is becoming legs

      3. Murdoc

        @2D excuse me?

      4. ΩMEGA SOUR

        What about Cracker Island tho lmao

      5. • ariya_duckyy •

        ah yes, mirdock, d-two, wrestle, and noddles from my favourite band; the gorrilz

    57. Toca_world

      I love this song

    58. Penguin - Musician

      Lyrics Haha, woii yoii! Done know how di ting go, a the Unruly boss Don'? Hahaha Cho All my life Mi ever have mi gun so mi haffi move sharp like mi knife All my life Mi pray say when mi get wealthy a ma a mi wife All my life The system force mi Fi be a killer just like Rodney Price All my life No, all my life Aa happen to you cobe, some bwoy doh know mi To how me ruff dem cah believe a grandma grow mi Know few Popcaan song doh, and feel dem know mi Four mile mi used to walk guh school dem know man story Ha! Now mi gain up all those glory The world is mine, the whole a it mi taking slowly Happy days mi call it now mi bunn sad story Anyway mi deh inna the world mi dawgs dem round mi Hahaha mi laugh and collect those trophy Because mi deserve everything weh music gives mi Bwoy, unruly nuh light like frisby The dream, family live that wid me Oh, oh, oh, oh All my life mi dream fi own house, land, cars and bikes All my life I'm in the stakin' bar I got debts and I'm a debaser All my life Saturnz about to make love And I'm just a heartbreaker All my life And I won't get a take in 'Cause I'm out when I'm staking And the rings I am breaking Are making you a personal day With the holograms beside me I'll dance alone tonight In a mirrored world, are you beside me All my life? Distortion All my life I'm in the stakin' bar I got debts and I'm a debaser All my life Saturnz about to make love And I'm just a heartbreaker All my life And I won't get a take in 'Cause I'm out when I'm staking And the rings I am breaking Are making you a personal day

      1. Capybara

        @Revolucionário E All good then

      2. Revolucionário E

        @Capybara yeah yeah. Now that you pointed it, I could hear properly

      3. Capybara

        @Revolucionário E Russ says "Should split up and take a look around" I think

      4. Revolucionário E

        @Márcio Vasconcelos Murdoc: Loudest doorbell I ever heard. A fix would be welcome Ross: welcome Murdoc: a little too welcoming I would say. Would it kill him to vacuum? Ross:? Murdoc: great ideia, always works in horror movies Etc. The baff!

      5. petitchat


    59. Dopplerganger

      I remember when this single drop, I was in school talking with my friend about how much I wanted Gorillaz to came back, the biggest casualty in my entire life.

    60. abucket14

      so im slowly catching up on the last two gorillaz albums and ive got to say, i really like this one, especially the visuals.

    61. Dames

      2D just wanted some food. Noodle just wanted to listen to some music. Russel just wanted to sleep. And then there's Murdoc who wants to be a weirdo and take a freaking bath.

      1. Celestia G. Thomas-johnson

        @Ashentine well now he rethunk It and would also only just like a peppermint tea

      2. Eduardo

        It’s been 4years how have u been

      3. Prod.N0VA

        How fucking dare you insult zє вαff

      4. Someone

        @Dames That's a fanfic someone's bound to write, but for the love of god, please don't.

    62. SPAZZ ._. GIRL

      4:59 this is probably the best part of a song I have ever heard.

    63. j

      Muito bom eu ja escutei essa musica umas 500 vezes

    64. Dragonfly - lost in the sky

      2D's voice is my whole vibe

    65. Brad.

      Fun Fact: The synth at 1:29 has the same notes as the choir later in the song

    66. Tinfoil2008 Gaming

      2D’s talking is like a doctor’s handwriting

      1. Retro. exe

        2d's singing: 🌞 2d's talking: 🌚

      2. Ya-Silly-Goose

        What does this have anything to do with a video game or memes?! None

      3. Mikavian F

        @ok but no "just a peppermint tea for me ⚫👅⚫"

      4. Naomi Pacheco

        @SisiXS I THOUGHT HE SAID “just a peppermint tea for me”

      5. Olivia Thompson


    67. Morton Rice-Rowland

      Popcaan's voice is so good.

      1. M.R.A Ang

        Top notch for sure🙌🏿

    68. PermaFrost

      Song Starts: 2:23 Awesomness Starts: 00:00

    69. Jx Noctis

      The fact that Popcaan is on this is legendary

    70. HazyPuffz

      I literally remember this video coming right when I was going to a skating ring

    71. Jade Cheyenne

      Did anyone else get rlly excited when 2D started singing

      1. Smug Slider

        @Giganticus it's fine to be incorrect, but it's not fine to state your incorrectness as fact

      2. Dysermine


      3. Tlough YourBro

        - Mcfat - same I swear I have heard the radio voice before

      4. Briana Davalos


      5. ThatGirlNobodyTalksTo !

        JDragon and his tone. Mmmmmmmmmm >.>

    72. Mango G. Mango

      coming back to this wonderful music video like 4 years later i think i just realised the bottom windows of the house say XD and i think das is amazing

    73. Karina Torres

      La mejor canción que escuchado de Gorillaz

    74. Dawgers Nee

      I love how only when 2d speaks it shows as the most replayed part of the song

    75. NASUTO ॐ

      Nunca havia escutado, mas mano, que foda, ainda mais a parte do 2D

    76. Luis Spencer

      Friend: “hey sorry what bands do you listen to” Me: “Gorillaz” Friend: “what genre are they” Me: “Gorillaz”

      1. Ketamine Poptarts

        genre: all

      2. Demon SportsGames

        8000th like

      3. Harold Fuentes

        I think is indie.

      4. Nadiyah Harris


      5. Nadiyah Harris


    77. Anti Club 想

      This was the last thing my brother watched before he died, this song and video holds a special place in my heart.

    78. cheerio

      i like how they squeezed 4 different songs into this video

    79. Dylan Cloete

      I can't help but watch the full video everytime this comes on

    80. Haise🍋

      Que epico 5 años, cuando la escuché por primera vez sólo tenía un año