Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) 360



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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Producer: Cara Speller
    Production Company: Passion Pictures Animation in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories
    Supported by KZsection
    Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Mgmt

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    1. LHW_Gaming

      4 years later and I’m still happy I can see Murdoc say “THE BATH” in 360

      1. Lunie

        1:52 to hear it!

      2. Lunie

        Haha 😂 yeah

      3. Protroblade

        5 years later and I can still get in the bath

      4. Tw0SIC_TRAP

        Tha. Bafff….

      5. idot boy

        the BAAAF

    2. Neutrosium Is my name

      Guys, don’t turn around on the train. Murdoc’s staring at you like you’re THE BAAATTTTHH

      1. Civet but Lemon but Mouse

        lol tbh i just kinda stared at him the whole train scene cause i was thrown into horror game mode and ready for a jumpscare

      2. Sarah Grant

        @Neutrosium Is my name me too

      3. Neutrosium Is my name

        @ᴠᴀʟᴇɴɢᴢ Yeah I know, I only got into Gorillaz recently.

      4. ᴠᴀʟᴇɴɢᴢ


      5. a

        Fa bafff

    3. Velocivoid

      So Noodle and 2-D are asleep, Russel is just relaxing in his seat... *and murdoc is staring into your soul*

      1. Silabus

        i think murdoc is more thinking "hmm i wonder if i sold there soul what kind of bass could i get for that"

      2. ShadyOrphan56

        He really do be staring at you like "yoU gOt gamEs on yOur phoNe?"😭😂

    4. ghost

      everyone: getting attacked by the monsters murdoc: **trys to take a bath, then flys in space naked**

      1. Demon SportsGames

        I know right 😂

    5. Julian Emery

      I... I have no words. I'm... I'm impressed, both with the music, the cinematography, the way you used the 360 video to a VERY high degree... I'm astounded.

      1. Analysts


      2. One Piece Fan


      3. brootal MeeM

        gorillaz made the original video. this video was just edited to be 260

      4. Mahmoud

        متفق يصاحبي

      5. Kennedy Film Production

        @nico pauer how am i just finding this? I could live here forevereeee

    6. Void Corrumpi

      Murdoc in the train be like: "you got games on your phone?"

      1. Ajr1labrynth

        Ah johnny, idris and others rg.lol but this is Kool.

      2. TheGentleman'sGuide

        Nah, he's engaging in a staring contest.

      3. Alioramus man


      4. Special Days Recorded

        you remember you made this comment :)

      5. hood failure


    7. Ninzabeth

      It's been 4 years and I'm still not over how bloody cool this is

    8. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

      In it's own right the train scene is horrifying

      1. capybara2009

        It seems to me I liked it but I suppose they did it to avoid spending a budget in that scene since it would be more difficult than at home

      2. HexGG

        It was kinda boring

      3. silvrr

        yeah its not fun

    9. HARLEY J

      Muito dahora

    10. ohimcuriousyeah

      what the- this is literally the coolest thing ever...

      1. Analysts

        @Bri Miller we can look at other things

      2. NippyRusty


      3. Ruby M

        Right??? They are the best! 😭

      4. hannah hurteau

        I KNOW

    11. Mai Fer

      Ok, isso é a perfeição

    12. Jossie Chambi


    13. Saori Mizutani

      Gorillaz is the band of my childhood 💖 I just love it so much, I'm loving this comeback

    14. Unpronounceable

      Now I wanna just hang out with them and listen to music chilling. Like (for example) have a looped VR animation of 2D head bopping with one headphone in while the watcher gets the other and one of Gorillaz songs (or a playlist) is playing. Just something casual and nice ya know

      1. donkey Kong country master

        Actually that would be pretty cool if they did that

    15. a e s t h e t i c

      Can't really decide if this is 2D or 3D

      1. Payal Ghorpade

        Well he is 2D animation is aLso 2D but the vid is 3D

      2. Lara Tybur


      3. Nex Xtras


      4. Musical Mischief

        His name his 2D

      5. hannah hurteau


    16. n

      Me encanto

    17. Zattin'

      I sat through this video and lookin around and I loved every second of it. Gorillaz is my favorite band even though Im young. But still my favorite band

    18. Rachel Bruns

      That was the most dope music video ever. My mind is officially blown. I definitely felt like I was part of the gang...wow...🤯

    19. °Smilè°

      I LOVE HOW YOU CAN MOVE THE SCREEN ON YOUR OWN ITS AMAZING I really wish they were still preforming i really hate that i was born in this era tbh :(

      1. donkey Kong country master

        They would be if covid wasn't a thing

    20. GaetDown

      This is why Gorillaz is simply the best band in history

      1. Its Lapis Not Bob

        @ThornDust I think that at least is really subjective. Nothing wrong with not enjoying them but that doesn't make them not good

      2. NYEART


      3. Ash Tobio

        Yea like they did a collab with a Carribean artiste this barely happeneds

      4. ThornDust

        @Nova Watch And you can like them just the same. I just think they're not nearly as good as their first three.

      5. Will the Doofus

        @Nova Watch song machine- an enjoyable album The now now- not my favorite but still good to listen to when you are doing homework Humanz- not awful but not good either This is my opinion though

    21. RustyWolfFX

      Of course! It's a full 3D set. Beautifully done!

    22. Анастасия Некипелова

      И всё же Дэймон Алборн настоящий гений музыкальных эксперементов. Виртуоз и гуру. Спасибо ему за творчество еще с Blur

    23. Jojo_1228

      This is amazing! Everything in this 360 style video made me feel like I was actually in there for a second.

    24. Roka Mayono

      I love the use of the 360 feature, makes this song and cinematography and over all feel amazing!

    25. what-the-well


      1. ADDISON Buttface

        soulEater00112 h 21st

      2. AtomicAnvil

        Penultima Productions Lul!

      3. Space Burger

        wtf 666 likes

      4. Leilani Quintanilla

        sharkpeto new

      5. Dick Zabreesky

        this is new, and it's a part of their album being released later on the 28 April

    26. clare

      Consigo lembrar da minha prima me mostrando o clipe e eu achando a coisa mais tosta(sim,meu cérebro era uma ervilha na época),hoje eu vim encontrei o clipe e me arrependo de ter pensado assim visto que sou uma grande fã da banda


      2D when he sings: A soothing, soft godly voice 2D when he talks: JuSt pEpPeRmEnT tEa FoR mE

    28. Dowayne Breedt

      This is still one of the coolest things I've ever seen, I come back here at least 3 times a year

    29. guymoanmister!!!!

      I love the way 2-D just says-“Just a peppermint tea for me.” AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH SOOOO CUTTTTEEEEE

    30. Lily Thompson

      The animation and 360 is all around beautiful, it lets you see what the Gorillaz do when they're not making music or just sitting on a train. It's really a wonderful thing, I couldn't decide what to look at and was constantly turning around to see the world behind the band.

    31. Shelit Amiel Rodríguez López

      ¡DIOS QUE EXPERIENCIA TAN ESPECIAL¡ -Gorillaz the best band.

    32. Olus Orion

      Awesome, i love it

    33. Heidegger


    34. Soru


    35. ss_shroom

      I have a vr headset, coolest and most traumatizing thing I’ve ever experienced :) not the monsters n stuff, just murdoc traumatizing me edit: holy hell thanks for all the likes-

      1. donkey Kong country master

        @Munchi yeah it's very trippy indeed but it's still a cool music video nonetheless

      2. ss_shroom

        @hood failure unfortunately.

      3. hood failure

        have you seen the uncensored version

      4. BG99

        Yo I gonna use my VR thanks 🙏

    36. Mnc

      Came for the music, stayed here for music and technology, every music video should have this feature

    37. Matheus Muniz

      Amo muito ❤️

    38. Lesego Tibakwana

      I take sm pride in having discovered this band and this cool ass video by myself (and a lil help from youtube. ) the train scene was so unsettling I loved it!!!!

    39. destiny romero

      My favorite song for Halloween🔥

    40. Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.

      Me in the train: *looks around Murdoc: 👁 👄 👁

      1. Catty Meou

        Yeah idk whats worse, half the passengers on the train staring to you or murdoc 😭😭

      2. X_Emo.Serpent_X


      3. A person on youtube


      4. Rita Carrizo


      5. Sophie

        That’s creepy I checked him out

    41. Lightning slayer

      This is amazing, I got to see a bit more of the creepy house, and in general this was really well done.

    42. Tut3478

      I will never forget how real the hype was when this video dropped. Absolute banger

    43. anderson river

      muito inovador!

    44. Sнell Cιтy

      When I finally got my hands on an oculas the first thing I did was watch this video and oh... My goodness. I thought "I gotta tell everyone.." Then I looked up a bunch of live concert videos . I was on my sofa just jamming in awe

    45. AMYWHY

      is it just me or do 2D's legs consume more and more of his body with each phase?? how high can this boy's pants go before he's just a pair of legs.

      1. Fhd Fhjc

        His pants are around his stomach

      2. kazmakazii

        Hey, when Del cracks the ground in Clint Eastwood look at 2-D's legs.

      3. Xx_zrx_xX

        *in Mr. Owl's voice* Let's find out!

      4. Shera La Ramasse

        his head.

    46. Alicia Smart

      The first time I saw this it was at night...and I was frightened asf😂...now I show my friends and they love it

    47. Pigeon Ratatouille

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE SECOND SONG I EVER HEARD TO LEAVE ME BREATHTAKEN AND QUAKING AFTER I HEARD IT. I'd sell a kidney to hear this song and watch this 360 video for th3 first time again

    48. Bárbara Ávila

      Sem explicação p esse clipe. Sensacional

    49. Tianie the wolf

      The self confidence to play your own song on the loudest setting is a power I only wish to have

    50. Martin Cravatte

      honestly, this music video is GOLD. amazing experience

      1. Jane

        @Mkay Parents need to start telling their kids the fucking difference between They're, their and there.

      2. Mich Jiménez 🤎

        Sorry my little sister takes my fucking iphone !

      3. Fungal Masterpiece

        wtf LoL!!!!

      4. SLIME GIRL

        Michel Jiménez i know your a little kid lmao parents need to start taking care of there kids lol

    51. Tobias amaral da cruz

      Muito bom

    52. Fressty

      Lo más impresionante que he visto en el Mundo 😍

    53. я мовей

      Ни один клип таких эмоций не вызовет как этот

    54. 2-D FACHERO

      Pinche visual epico me hiso viajar al espacio... literalmente

    55. Suprise Itsbear

      ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵃ ᵖᵉᵖᵖᵉʳᵐᶦᶰᵗ ᵗᵉᵃ ᶠᵒʳ ᵐᵉ

      1. Gangsta Khat

        You need to spell it in the British accent

      2. seren

        Juvt soume peprment tea fer meh

      3. Joccardo Joleghe

        I'm gonna be honest this is the first time i get what he said

      4. Nikki Haase

        ᴵᵗˢ ᶠʳᵉᵉ ʳᵉᵃˡ ᵉˢᵗᵃᵗᵉ

      5. La Gorda PAM

        video y cancion de mierda xdd kzsection.info/green/bejne/0JyNn6d-qKaUrWw.html

    56. Carolina Chavez

      Wooww me encantó

    57. huz-ka

      I need more of this 😻😻😻😻

    58. claudeslostvoice

      I’ve never seen anything like this. This is the only KZsection VR I will actually watch

    59. Kevin Thrasher Grind

      Extraño al viejo Gorillaz

    60. mourimo

      So you're telling me this is a real video and I wasn't hallucinating

      1. MadeByMahii

        Someone please help me I’m confused??

      2. clover

        Yes my brother

      3. Omaruchan

        It was THE BAFF

    61. zaia

      love it

    62. Lis Liz

      Que joyaaaaaaa

    63. Kat Gipson

      That was awesome!! It was so much fun to look around

    64. MoogleDoodles

      This was a dope tune and an even more awesome video.

    65. Martin Cravatte

      This is the future of music videos. Jamie and Damon, congratulations!!!!!

      1. IamY5150

        I love how they made this video but saying it's a step up could only be said because of VR capabilities. I would suggest you would check out Look Around 360 music video that the Red Hot Chili Peppers came out with a couple years back.

      2. Martin Cravatte

        IamY5150 I think this one is a step up... Its way more immersive

      3. IamY5150

        Martin Cravatte Same as I told someone else. Is it because of VR? Pendulum and RHCP have done 360 music videos before.

      4. Klint

        Martin Cravatte I like the old Gorillaz better

      5. Albert Hunt

        stonedzombie. username checks out

    66. Rene Caldas

      Top mesmo adoro gorillazzzzz

    67. Sofía

      Ameee el estilo jsjsj I loved it 🛐💐

    68. slime king

      Wow I have never experienced something this good

    69. Seka Haynes

      Can't believe it's 20 Years grew up listening to them. Thanks for the memories.

    70. Status Memes

      Pqp muito foda

    71. janni☆

      Me and my friend have been dying of laughter for the past hour because of the way murdoc stares into our soul.💀

    72. alex lima

      Super!!!!! Incrível!!!!! Super vídeo!!!!! O melhor vídeo que já assisti, 👍

    73. Thomas Parkin

      I remember getting hyped when this came out like the song I never knew this was 360 I thought it said 4 hours ago at first bro this is surreal it's like music is that one constant that one thing that will never change it will always be their it will evolve but never change and that's what so good about the internet

    74. Lizz Martinez


    75. Miguel Roberts-Vallejo

      This on my Oculus is absolutely phenomenal. still love the song and play it on my phone though. Not even close, Murdoc and 2D are the best lol

    76. LiveD Records

      Inovando como sempre

    77. Samantha Estrada

      One of my favorite songs ❤

    78. Majoras Wrath

      Gorillaz, Power Rangers, Captain Underpants, New Zelda, Samurai Jack, & Dave Chappelle.. What year did I wake up in?

      1. Negative

        Majora Wrath lol k

      2. The Memeist

        Majora Wrath a good one

      3. Thannus

        Memeikyu-Chan the Weeaboo lol

      4. mhg


      5. Fluffboll

        +DFaceG Rebooted And Australia is like "No stop" "Y'all doing me a concern :((("

    79. Chevy At Levee

      This is so cool! Now imagine this, but in VIRTUAL REALITY! That would be awesome

    80. caro solis

      PTM hay algo que Gorillaz no haga bien? 🤑