Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Commentary Edition)



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    Join Murdoc Niccals in re-living Saturnz Barz in this full length commentary edition. Which video would you like to hear Murdoc re-live next?
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    1. scapolite

      so nice to see murdoc reflect on his experience in the baff.

      1. Maximilian Seidler

        Ich Frage mich warum es keinen deutschen Untertitel gibt, da lese ich in eurem Untertitel was vom "waren" Schwarzmarkt und "Rockefeller". Auf deutsch gesagt (übersetzt) wird vieles klar. Wer hat hier vor was Angst und für wen schreib ich überhaupt diesen Kommentar.

      2. v1ncefansomethingidk

        @ᛐᛦᛑᛆᚵᛂᚱᛆ ᚼᛁᚿᚿ ᚢᚿᚵᛁᚿᚿ oi ya be speakin fax

      3. ᛐᛦᛑᛆᚵᛂᚱᛆ ᚼᛁᚿᚿ ᚢᚿᚵᛁᚿᚿ

        @v1ncefansomethingidk aye weed tha heet it shawll bee nes essery

      4. v1ncefansomethingidk

        @ᛐᛦᛑᛆᚵᛂᚱᛆ ᚼᛁᚿᚿ ᚢᚿᚵᛁᚿᚿ boha o waoa

      5. No Drugs Co.

        Yew meen the bawfth

    2. Flo S

      I love how murdoc is totally aware of "THE BAFF"

      1. Tabitha The Cat

        @karamelapple watch the Saturnz Barz music video, you'll find out

      2. karamelapple

        What's the baff?

      3. Bmore Bread

        I love Russell's shirt

      4. Homadia

        The Baff is back.

      5. Tabitha The Cat

        He said in an interview that he knew it was going to be a meme so just went with it lol

    3. 👻GhostTurtles🐢

      I kinda want to hear one voiced by Noodle we have not heard her voice in such a long time same with Russel I would love one with him too. I love how Murdoc kept on talking about the bath

      1. Branigan Irby

        😦. 👽👻

      2. Arkxus44

        Noodle next please!!

      3. Amysel Jinkusu-P

        @talia v. What im saying is that she'd probably have a different voice now and people wont really have the same connection they have when they hear the same murdoc they've heard since the first album

      4. talia v.

        @Amysel Jinkusu-P bc she has aged from 10-30 throughout the years? it makes sense that it has changed some

      5. 👻GhostTurtles🐢

        @CalmCricket He would be awesome too I love him!

    4. Big Private Dick Chinchilla

      3:16 I remember being there seeing the uncensored, swear I can never get that memory out of my head.

      1. CorruptedPixelz

        @Buckwet Gwen Is My Religion same

      2. Kaylea Strusz

        @_Kvill Ask KZsection man. Not me. It won't upload so please leave me alone and stop harassing me.

      3. _Kvill

        @Kaylea Strusz why not?

      4. Kaylea Strusz

        @_Kvill it couldn't be uploaded because of copyright

      5. _Kvill

        @Kaylea Strusz what happens to the video then?


      This is the most unexpected yet perfect surprise. Murdoc commentary isn't something I knew I needed in my life.

      1. larikoveboopboop


      2. larikoveboopboop

        I KNO RIGHT

      3. RobinLe Gaming

        Well, they did a poll on what song Murdoc should comment on next, and Saturn Barz was the winner. So it's not really a surprise.

    6. Walker

      Can we acknowledge that Murdoc called 2D STUART???? that's rare!!

      1. luver ; ♧

        With Phase 6 starting there has drawn more attention to 2Ds name, Stuart. Personally I find it odd, with the podcast The Stuart Potcast and just over all in their recent come back reffering to 2D as stuart more

    7. LuigiTheHeadcrab

      Not only did I see it before it was censored, I watched with VR. An experience I will never forget.

      1. skeletalmixer101

        I both do and don't want to see the uncensored one.

      2. KingDanMan

        When It first came out I swear it didn't had censored

      3. SatanicMonke

        Wheeezr i dont know if i should be happy or sad that i only saw the censored version

      4. MrSexyJordan

        I have a ripped copy on my computer!

    8. ThatRandomDude 999999

      y'all better do Stylo next, or another Plastic Beach MV. Hearing Murdoc's insight on his experiences during that time in the current age would be so nice to hear.

      1. QiraTane

        Well you got what you wanted😌

      2. Boatchips

        @CheeseWeegee Bruce Willis not vin diesel

      3. Silience

        Yooo they did stylo then humility right after another like we hoped for !! Were they reading this exact comment or was it really just a big coincidence lol

      4. Unfading Expert 2.0

        dude you called it

      5. Luzbel Joestar

        Nice profile picture

    9. melancholy hill45

      i just got into gorillaz when this song came out and i ended up seeing the uncensored version with my dad. That was a fun day😂

      1. Black Jack 720


      2. MC. Gemstone

        Oof sorry that happen to you. Funny enough I also showed this to my dad and thankfully it was the censored one.

      3. Palesa Ndlovu

        @melancholy hill45 😂😂😂

      4. melancholy hill45

        @Da Kat my dad was like "wtf is this? I'm leaving you can watch this shit alone"

      5. Da Kat

        "yeah the band I'm into now just released a new video. check it out. ...oh. oh no."

    10. Taronyx

      The little cigarette butt drop as they go through the door is such a cute little detail i love it

      1. Taronyx

        @jack yaaas

      2. jack

        the entire sequence of their shoes is so fun. i love how you can really see their personalities in how they dress and walk.

      3. Zwafar

        Yes, but are 500L of polluted water as cute as it seem ?

    11. Realkekznogimmickz

      Ima be real with you Humanz is really unnecessarily hated, I totally understand why people don't like the big lack of 2D but most of the songs are really memorable and even just straight bops

      1. luver ; ♧

        EXACTLY!! sure a few of them are shit but the majority? BANGERS.

      2. Nicholas Tyler Brown

        I mean honestly I love this era personally 💘

      3. clxxd999

        Love this album

      4. yea i'm not cool

        Submission is in my top 3 for humanz. I love that track a lot

      5. only a comentary nothing special

        Yeah but they were eerily haunting in that song I loved the soft radio static voice all in all a great song

    12. •.Demonic Rose OG.•

      Lmao “Anyone for oysters?” “Just a peppermint tea for me..” “Ah probably for the best mate.. make that two” nOt often we see Murdoc being nice to 2D 😂😭✋

      1. TheRiordane

        After they left him behind in desloé I think murdoc feels inclined to be a bit more nicer to them hahaha

    13. scapolite

      man saturnz barz deserves to be the main single of humanz it goes so hard

      1. Charms [GD]

        @Doom stop the cap, popcaan killed his part y’all just hate Jamaican accents that all

      2. Amaral

        @Doom exactly

      3. Doom

        It's shit until 2D starts singing

      4. smith357

        @Margarine Scotch Yeah, most of fanbase didn't like Humanz at first, but now you can really see it's genius, groundbreaking record

      5. Nomi Habo

        It isn't? I always thought it was the 1st one released

    14. Eli Ott

      Man I like how reflective Murdoc is now. He's always been a fascinating character, his commentaries are so nice

    15. Rocking Raver

      Ah yes. T H E B A T H. Truly a classic moment in Gorillaz history

    16. BioLizard18

      I'd love to hear Murdoc's thoughts on the "Rock the House" video. His... pelvis tricks were genuinely impressive.

    17. Lann SC

      I'm absolutely loving these commentaries by Murdoc. Little details I didn't notice about these animations, what he was actually thinking/feeling at the time. I can't wait to go to LiB here in Vegas for their performance.

    18. The Lazy Venusaur

      2:50 Did Murdoc just refer to 2D by his actual name? I think it's a first time I've heard him state his name

    19. TheRiordane

      Humanz was a great album. It actually brought me to the Gorillaz! People who say: "This isn't the sound of the OG Gorillaz" are right but also wrong - They weren't only one thing. They never had been. They're absoluetly experimental and that's why I love them so much.

      1. Roy Liber

        @RepublicOfUs Damon wanted to get more people involved with the band which is definitely appreciated. I see myself more and more listening to Garage Palace or Hallelujah Money, which in both songs Damon barely took part in or none at all and I freaking love them. I agree they aren't as good as their old classics but they always felt like proper Gorillaz to me. Gorillaz never had a "theme" of their own, they went with their own flow which is why I always loved them for. Ive been listening for 12-13 years on an off to Gorillaz and I don't complain anything they ever did. I do agree some songs shine more than others but its true to any band.

      2. RepublicOfUs

        I think people have been able to appreciate it more after we got more "traditional" Gorillaz stuff, meaning having 2D sing a lot. As I recall, that was the biggest complaint: too many features, not enough 2D, making it not "feel" like Gorillaz. But since then, we've gotten a ton more 2D-centric songs, and with the entire Gorillaz discography put into one big soup, people can appreciate the Humanz tracks for what they are, alongside the songs that focus on 2D's vocals.

    20. squiggle

      Please do humility next! It would be very interesting to see Murdocs input and thoughts on it since he was in prison during it

      1. SatanicMonke

        your wish was granted

      2. Crashlis


    21. Jacksonville Greetings

      This was my jam back in 2017! I mean it still is lmao

      1. trysanimates

        It's quite good with the beats

      2. She Hulk is a Comedy 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/lpd8o2t9dK6BZK8.html Finally it's here

    22. Kelpo Totario

      these voices will always be iconic

    23. Kiro Nemi

      Finally, we got commentary on the beauty of the line of Ze Baff.

    24. New Challenges

      Amo esta canción

      1. Chovi :v

        Amo la canción y la voz de Murdoc es un todo en uno señores :>

      2. ghost rider

        It be pretty cool to see them collab with big rappers

      3. miguel zr

        Laika come home está subida al canal de Gorillaz?

      4. Miraqen

        _Hello, & welcome to the Los Pollos Hermanos Family_

      5. EzFix Doctor

        i agree bro

    25. Sinistarz

      I don't know why its so weird to hear Murdoc calling 2-D "Stuart" lmao

    26. ♡lovely♡

      Happy to hear Murdoc's voice again :)

      1. kismnoetian lurker

        one of the most best voices you can hear in this existence. a literal blessing some might say.

    27. Werewolf Korra

      I want to hear Murdoc explain Desole and him crying in the studio.

    28. Kimi FW

      I lost my mind when this video came out. It's the first 360 video I've ever seen, and it's still the only one that's the least bit imaginative. All the other ones I see are live performances and house tours. I don't care about those! Take me through space!

    29. TokimoSoda

      we need more of these commentary videos, I love the voice acting for the characters.

    30. Kristian Langager

      I'm loving this series, always interesting to hear artists' reflections on their own creations, years later.

    31. Lucy Córdova

      Amo esta canción, sabía que algún día lo sacaría

      1. Crashlis

        @David dh x3, banda favorita

      2. David dh

        @Lucy Córdova ×2 Es mi banda favorita

      3. David dh

        @Camila antonia Sanchez rojas a Lucy Pero si a ti también te gusta gorillaz ya me caes bien 👽

      4. Lucy Córdova

        @David dh no puedo evitarlo, me encantan sus canciones y proyectos

      5. Camila antonia Sanchez rojas

        @David dh a quien

    32. HydrasHyper

      You know some shits gonna go down when *Murdoc* says there’s something awry

    33. SplendidCoffee0

      You know, I feel like I was really hard on this album when it first came out. I recently gave Humanz another shot, and I seriously enjoyed it.

      1. OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA

        @carolime13 That was my point, it was "their worst" but not actually *bad.*

      2. carolime13

        @OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA to be fair about the fall here, that whole album was recorded on an ipad while they were touring, not saying it's good but there are still weird ones i enjoy on it

      3. OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA

        Yeah, definitely not his/their *best* work, but not their *worst* either (The Fall might take that prize), but even their worst is not a *bad* album, they, along with imo Coheed and Cambria, are that kind of band where there's literally no 'bad album', and even their worst is a banger.

    34. Yorutsu Graion

      Oh my, my favorite song with Murdoc's comforting voice, I love it! Can't wait to hear all the commentaries editions

    35. Lxveuw

      The first song I heard from Gorillaz I love it is so nostalgic

      1. gao

        My first was doyathing

      2. Valentino Siciliano

        @just a random guy on YT. well, maybe it evokes nostalgia in Z4nyth and that's totally fine cuz you know, it's they personal experiencie with the song/band

      3. just a random guy on YT.

        Are you guys speaking about Saturns barz cuz I beg to differ that it's nore nostalgic nor did it play on MTV it's good song nevertheless but it's just not a classic one

      4. Ryuko Matoi

        I listened to Gorillaz when i was younger and it was on MTV every morning and night

    36. A.J. Stinson

      Love hearing Murdoc's side of the story, more of this please!

    37. TokimoSoda

      these voices will always be iconic.

    38. Ducky935

      ive always loved the Gorillaz style, the blend of 2d and 3d animation oddly works well together

    39. Marcos C

      Finally Another Great Hit From Gorillaz

    40. kfishii

      I love it, gorillaz are the best, the story, the fictional band is so saturated with lore.

    41. きかん - BASS

      Aun recuerdo la version sin censura que duro como 10 minutos en youtube 😂

      1. Accumula Slice

        Jaja, yo también. Me acuerdo que salió mientras estaba en clase, tercer grado de secundaria.

      2. phuzting


    42. Angel Dust

      I was LITTERALLY just about to listen to feel good inc and this notification 🤣

      1. blur.g


      2. She Hulk is a Comedy 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/lpd8o2t9dK6BZK8.html Finally it's here

      3. victor raul Romàn


      4. Daerius

        Yooo same!

    43. PickledDragon

      this has to be my favorite song from this album. DON'T STOP MAKING MUSIC

    44. Kimberly Bogert

      This just makes me feel Nostgical I remember listening to this song and album alot during that summer 😄

    45. Kusmo saiki

      Gorillaz, killing it by just reacting to their own song

    46. AD8D

      This song came out 5 years ago and I’ve been jamming the fuck out ever since, this is probably one of my favorite songs out there, of all time. Also “this guys on a roll, he’s probably got someone for that too” 😭💀

    47. Jooj

      Love how they kept the house and made it their new studio

    48. Eli Dettlaff

      This was sick, I would LOVE to see you talk about Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head

    49. un gato

      Amo esta canción ❤️😍

    50. Itsjeffrocuz

      I'm just loving this. Absolutely incredible.

    51. SAMP GAMES

      Una de las mejores canciones, y lo mas gracioso de la version comentada es que tiran una cascara de plátano 0:51 y un cigarrillo 0:58 , lo cual no estaba en la version original.

    52. Executor

      Me encanta esta canción :D

    53. Lorenzo Vecchi

      Let'go so many commentary edition lately 😍😍😍

    54. Manu Vex

      Ya andaba ansioso por el commentary edition de Saturnz Barz 🤌❤️

    55. sbkMulletMan

      This one always puts me in the mood for some peppermint tea. Also good for getting rid of pizza cravings.

    56. Wendy Lavigne


    57. Shayla Gent

      i love this so much, can wait to see the gorillaz concert in July

    58. Anna Leslie Resendiz

      I've been looking forward to these commentary editions for some time! Thank you so much 🍌

    59. Armand Xylit

      I think I've discovered a whole movie packed in 6 mins. Really well done guys really. Thanks for letting me know exactly what happened, maybe it was for the best!

    60. /imdoominic\

      I want to see other band members commentate now thatd be cool

    61. CR 92

      Love you and Gorillaz Murdoc. Never change.

    62. sosô😳

      amo essa música 😭👍

    63. Victoria Arevalo

      Love the song and love the murdoc commentary 😂

    64. sylieve



      Amoooo su musicas son una leyenda que nunca muere 🤩

    66. Joan max

      Son unos cracks 😎🤙

    67. Rodolfo Villanueva Pérez

      I love you guys! Large live to Gorillaz!

    68. Ernesto Alvarez

      Estubieron fascinante ayer en el Quilmes rock

    69. Lilli Radl

      yessss finally, that's the song that got me into gorillaz

      1. Angie Frushour


    70. Niazesk

      Russian translation: Комментарии Мёрдока: "О, какое замечательное утро; солнце светит, птички поют, бабочки летают, что-то дёргается в мусорном мешке. Погодите, последнее тут лишнее." "Это было недалеко от Детройта, впервые за много лет мы прокатились на машине. Честно говоря, я сразу же соскучился по тюрьме. 2D ныл, что голоден, Расс хотел вздремнуть. Пришлось съехать на обочину для остановки, чтобы они заткнулись. Надо было сначала прочитать пару отзывов про это место." "О человеке можно многое сказать по его ботинкам. Мои кубинские каблуки говорят об утончённом альфа-самце с игривой стороной. "До этого момента я помню всё, как ясный день. В одно мгновение всё стало расплывчатым, как только мы переступили через порог. Как будто там находилась потусторонняя нечисть, искажавщая реальность. И нет, прежде чем вы спросите, я был почти совершенно трезв." "Позже обнаружил, что дом принадлежал человеку по имени Норберт П. Рокерфеллер, который занимался оккультным фондовым рынком - настоящим чёрном рынком. Всё пошло наперекосяк, поэтому он оставил свою душу под залог, и, к сожалению, его затащили в Ад. Всегда читай мелкий шрифт в деталях договора, Норберт." "О, посмотрите! Это та самая ванна! Как мило. Оглядываясь назад, это не самое заманчивое глубокое погружение на свете. Что-то в том доме копалось в наших головах. Потому что мне это казалось божественным; горячая вода с пузырьками, разбросанные лепестки роз, свечи, тихий лёгкий джаз." "И теперь это становится по-настоящему странным. Ах, это не первый межпространственный портал, через который мне доводилось проходить. Был один в болоте около Kong. Бедный Стюарт, он продолжал падать в него, когда гулял ночью. В итоге пришлось заклеить его тканевой клейкой лентой." "Хмм, это может быть один из тех новых умных холодильников. Точно знает, что вы хотите съесть, и кидает это прямо вам в лицо." "А-ах, тот самый знаменитый пиксельный кадр. Кто-нибудь из вас может вспомнить это видео, когда оно впервые вышло без цензуры, но оно просто взорвало интернет, поэтому меня прикрыли." "Удивительно, как эти твари могут знать о словах из песни Popcaan'а. "Когда он записывал текст, он пришёл в студию в окружении самой большой свиты, которую мне доводилось встречать. Как на королевской свадьбе. Даже привёл своего личного шеф-повара. Парень знает, как покрасоваться. На самом деле, у него, вероятно, тоже есть кто-то для подобных дел." "Этот трек, вроде как, о том, что вы затерялись. Типа, совсем далеко-далеко. Словно ночью, когда вы уходите, чтобы пропустить одну рюмочку, а в следующее мгновение вы пьёте в баре на Сатурне. Мы все там были." "А-ах, здесь я изображаю мессию! Честное слово, я думаю, нам понадобится больше пикселей..." "Как можете себе представить, та поездка была совершенно некомфортной. Шиферная черепица на крыше ужасно натирает." "А, это признак хорошей ночи. Вечеринка не удалась, если только вы не дрожите и не обнимаете себя под конец." "Утро после предыдущей ночи, чувствую прилив сил. Весь мир в наших руках. Кто-нибудь хочет устриц? Так будет лучше, приятель. Сделайте два." (в ответ на фразу 2D о перечно-мятном чае) "Да, с этим домом определённо что-то не так. Надо было ехать в гостиницу Холидей." P.S. Oi, guys! You did duplicated phrases in Murdoc's subtitles: "he went" at 2:53 and "to know" at 3:44 Overall 'twas nice to hear 'em once again, I learned something new.~ However are there any plans for Commentary edition of a clip from Phase three? "Stylo" or "On Melancholy hill", maybe?

    71. House Heisenberg

      Holy crap, wasn’t expecting something like this from you. I’d love to see more videos like this. Btw 7 minutes

    72. YoTeddyBaby

      I remember when this first dropped I felt so connected to it instantly, I love to know the gang was randomly hanging out in my hometown Detroit ❤️ but c’mon Murdoc don’t act like Detroit is any worse than the house you guys recorded “Do Ya Thang” in you actually seem to have enjoyed the spirit house more 🧐😅

    73. Fav Fand∅ms

      Murdoc should make a commentary on the Tranz music video, would love to see that ♥️

    74. Demon SportsGames

      I was about to watch another gorillaz video... then this notification came up... gorillaz never fails to disapoint. Especially there fans!!!

    75. Niket Trindol

      I love these videos so much man. The baff still makes me laugh so much

    76. Morrow Otis

      favorite band since i was kid

    77. Valtranz

      I'm starting to really love this commentary lmfao

    78. Captain Obvious

      After watching Cracker Island and hearing about the “occult,” and how the house in Saturnz Barz was haunted, we’re definitely gonna get the story more fleshed out. Maybe see what more happened in that mansion.

    79. YOSHY

      Hermoso 🙀✨

    80. Aurora Grillo

      I love Gorillaz!!