Gorillaz - Rockit (Official Video)



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    Music video by Gorillaz performing Rockit. (C) 2010 Parlophone Records

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      Fun fact, this is the first time 2d's eyes are white in a music video

      1. Fercaal

        @Andrew Gradilla The Fall cover, some Humanz art, like when hes on the car, or even in Plastic Beach a bit

      2. Krusty Kim

        @martn oh wait really? Are you sure? Because I've read and heard that 2D eyes change colour because of the way he feels. They said that 2D and Murdoc hated eachother and that's why his eyes used to be black. Hence why his eyes changed from white to black in humility, when Russel tripped him he got angry

      3. Ruby Darling

        @martn lol, ive seen humility in this thread alone be called humidity, humanity, and humanoid 😂

      4. Ruby Darling

        @C7 this song is much older than humility

      5. Random Traveler

        @martn Nope, 8-ball fracture.

    2. Daniel Ryan

      This video was a prototype for the themes of Demon Days; the toxicity of celebrity culture and how people make false icons out of their stars. The chattering zombies and slithering vines represents the virtual infection of such celebrity worship and how it turns people into mindless drones. It coincided with the Search for a Star contest in which Gorillaz encouraged people to express their individuality and talents.

      1. bubustan2022


      2. Agnieszka M.

        @NGH Studios yeah, me too. And I'm glad

      3. Rebew Tinydino

        The zombie head are contestants to contest and will was the biggest head was the winner

      4. Kirsten Ruth

        This is good take. Especially in light of the whole Taylor Swift and Damon debacle. The worship of Taylor is bananas

      5. Lara Tozkoparan

        @HDvid same im turkish

    3. i

      Animators: How many kids do you want crying when they watch this video? Gorillaz: yes.

      1. Mexican leopard shark

        @baby yoda the master same but I’m 10

      2. Agnieszka M.

        @Maria Florencia Astorga please don't let him watch it. It contains Babilonian demon Pasuzu...

      3. Héctor Lucas González

        @Woshy AJ i have 10 years old

      4. Héctor Lucas González

        @Maria Florencia Astorga xd

      5. SalsaDTM

        Kids only? What about adults?! God dem

    4. Ayako Diaz

      I know that 2D is more of a big brother figure to noodle but he definitely helped raise her as well. I really love how all three of the guys raised Noodle and watched her grow into the person and musician she is because it shows that Gorillaz is more than just a band, they’re a family. All of their interactions with her are just so sweet and wholesome and I love it!

      1. Alexis Gillion

        @Hungy he does show it hes just scared of her for the most part lol she is a decommissioned killing machine after all

      2. legbot124

        @A Yellow Fellow actually believe it or not at the original kong studios 2d lived in the basement

      3. Hungy

        @Lenira Santos nah Murdoc cares about noodle but he just doesn't show it

      4. Lenira Santos

        Murdoc does not relate

      5. Charlie Bugden

        Yeah 100℅

    5. ColdFries

      This song gives off sleep-deprived vibes

      1. Oof Noise

        Surprisingly enough, I use this video to help me fall asleep

      2. Not A Spy

        Listening while trying to sleep thinking it might help

    6. Charlene Sanders

      Idk if anybody knows this, but there was a challenge in the music industry when this came out to say a word 100 times in a song and make it actually sound good, and for this, it was 'blah'! I learned that from a hardcore Gorillaz fan-

      1. TheAyoooooo

        @QueenStewds how would you like to pay for your sins

      2. QueenStewds

        @TheAyoooooo song booty

      3. TheAyoooooo

        @QueenStewds there are over 100 blahs, and the song is great. wdym???

      4. QueenStewds

        they failed

    7. Iohannes Lierski

      I remember being scared of this as a child. Now, 10 years later, I'm still scared.

      1. Le

        @This account has been disconnected well You don’t exist so it’s ok.

      2. lag’s chips

        @baby yoda the master hop off kid you have a bedtime

      3. Smileyxchips

        bruh i used to be scared of the eel video lmao, i think it was the first gorillaz video i saw and murdoc just unsettled me too much but now i have a very unhealthy obsession with pickle man

      4. A-11

        I don’t blame you! I mean come on

      5. baby yoda the master

        I’m 9 years old and I’m not scared

    8. Fran O


      1. Fran O

        @edzzz in Chile this year, and they also played this on Uruguay on their recent world tour

      2. edzzz


    9. animagi

      I feel sorry for the kids who watched this while sick before having a fever dream

      1. Loner Stoner

        @rat you tell me

      2. rat

        tell us connor.

      3. Sebastian Guerra

        @Loner Stoner WHAT DID YOU SAY OMFG

      4. Loner Stoner

        @rat ive gone through so many phases of my life since that comment

      5. rat

        @Loner Stoner c’mon connor, we need to know

    10. shiniebub

      back when this song was made, it was with the intention to mock songs that would get in to top charts that have no meaning nor talent in their lyrics and music, to mock people who would subject themselves to a part of the majority, to mock people who use electronic music and repeated lyrics. i think it's extremely hypocritical since they became more PC these days to appease the masses and started putting less heart in to the songs. not to mention supporting NFTs. it's a strange preference, but i listen to Gorillaz for the sole purpose of the wonderful, emotional and wacky music with stories behind them, like 5/4 and Melancholy Hill (i always liked how Feel Good Inc. made a segway to El Mañana and then to Murdoc is God, story-wise). it's what daft punk did, most of their songs are about Interstella 5555, the robots or just a love letter to EDM in general. Daft Punk always hid behind their helmets because they were here to play music and only music and nothing else. the day Gorillaz stopped making songs dedicated to the characters of the band it felt like the band lost it's charm. i'll never blame it on Damon Albarn nor Jamie Hewlett, it's their band after all, they do what they want to do with it. i just think it's a shame that this is now a part of their legacy.

      1. Poorly Disguised Alien

        couldn't have said it better, you took the words right out of my mouth, sad to see happen, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain yeah?

      2. StrMan

        @Wah! It’s PoPo ace is from powerpuff girls lol

      3. Allamaraine

        @shiniebub Re: this YoshiThePuppet kid - Why do you think youngsters are so intimidated by commentary with any sort of actual content? Is it because they text too much? Public schools just suck that bad now? I’m not even that old, I’m in my early 30’s, and *I* went to public school. 😂 I’ve just noticed that if you write anything that goes beyond a single sentence, your comment’s either called an “essay”, or they “U mad” you. Anyway, I appreciated your comment, even if Dipsh*tTheDinosaur didn’t. 🍻

      4. jet

        couldn’t have said it better myself

      5. Super Spidey86

        Almost a year and still no NFT's, soo...

    11. Ele Cortez 27

      Recuerdo que no quería escuchar esta canción para evitar el vídeo, pero ahora lo reproduzco en loop, gracias por existir Gorillaz, en una semana los veré por primera vez 💙

    12. Bingo Bunny

      It's a shame that so many people never learned from this. Forget stan culture, reject false idols✊

      1. Flumaxim G

        I think kinning is just relating heavily to a character. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality

      2. brook

        @freakazoid you explained that wrong

      3. Fish_Gaming420


      4. Booga Booga

        @Leviathan who are you talking to

    13. Martin Gamez

      I remember watching this as a kid, I thought it was scary but I was damn interested in what I was watching

    14. liky

      the words, tone, beat, sounds- they just scratch the back of my head perfectly

    15. Mitteroid

      This is one of those songs you hate the first time you listen to it, but later it becomes on of your favourite

      1. Rinkana


      2. Noemi Lorenzi

        i was like "what is this sh*t?" and then blah blah blah

      3. Noemi Lorenzi


      4. PlanetBazaar Art


      5. cuco Jeje

        @Joaquin Valdes no soy gringo,hay para mi?

    16. M.no.5

      The song : " rock it. Rock it . Rock it " Me, an intellectual: d r o p. K I c k. D r o p. K I c k

      1. I hate doorframes always banging my damn elbows

        Me: You're the key God knows why

      2. Guillermo J ヅ

        Block rick

      3. Guycheese

        @M.no.5 can I get the kid chunks

      4. RedPlatinum

        Drop kick drop kick

      5. caged_in


    17. Samuel Powell

      wow this takes me back to my high school days, I haven't listened to Gorillaz in ages, I had the plastic beach album on cd stolen by my friend, these were pre Spotify and smart phones days for any youngsters reading this lol jks. Seriously though what other band has music videos as great as this! While I'm here I wanna throw my friend some love as we've been through a lot together and he's heavily influenced by Gorillaz sound. Try searching Lonely Gimmick - Running, you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion. He has still never given back my copy of plastic beach now that I think about it, gonna have to ask him about where that went lol

    18. pain cat

      Lyrics I'm walking to the something Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Collapse I'm drinking too much bla bla Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Fall out I'm feeling really bla bla, I want to bla bla bla Collapse And in the end it means I bla bla bla bla bla bla bla The end I got myself together Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Watch out I didn't need the patience, life bla bla bla bla bla Collapse Don't you sit to close, or I'll bla bla bla bla bla Break up Stick it up your nose Bla bla bla bla bla bla The end I didn't mean to do it (Rock it, rock it) It loved me in my head (Rock it, rock it) I tried to be a charmer, (Rock it, rock it) But I got a bit hopeless instead (Rock it, rock it) The world is very sexy (Rock it, rock it) It's part of my collapse (Rock it, rock it) I'm walking to the something (It's part of my collapse...) Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla I'm drinking too much bla bla Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Fall out I'm feeling really bla bla, I want to bla bla bla Collapse And in the end it means I bla bla bla bla bla bla bla The end I didn't mean to do it (Rock it, rock it) It loved me in my head (Rock it, rock it) I tried to be a charmer, (Rock it, rock it) But I got a bit hopeless instead (Rock it, rock it) The world is very sexy (Rock it, rock it) It's part of my collapse (Rock it, rock it) I'm walking to the something (It's part of my collapse...) Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla I'm drinking too much bla bla Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Fall out I'm feeling really bla bla, I want to bla bla bla Collapse And in the end it means I bla bla bla bla bla bla bla The end Rock it Rock it Rock it Rock it

    19. garlicbread


    20. yashvi

      yes, 11 years later listening to this song every day of my whole life

      1. Hugo Josué Méndez Salazar

        Haces bien xd

    21. El crack xD

      Este vídeo y canción supo capturar mejor la esencia de la película de El exorcista que otras mil películas que la intentaron copiar

    22. coco V.C

      Gracias por existir Gorillaz los amo 💜

    23. izzycankindofdraw

      It has such a great beat, and the “Val’s” have me in tears 😭

    24. Must Love Cats

      I love how Murdoc just randomly walks past to sing one lyric 😂

      1. _arisato_

        c o l l a p s e .

      2. lunar the demon wolf

        C O L L A P S H

      3. jellyfish for breakfast

        c o l l a p s e ✨ Also murdoc is hot

    25. AMALFA

      Gorillaz, algún día me verán a mi, ajá , a su alcance y no falta mucho para que lo vean pero lo que les quiero dar a entender es que los amo y lo que ustedes hacen me encantan, por eso me e propuesto hacer cantante y llegar a lo máximo como tu lo as echó 😄

      1. daddy pig official

        Uf pues

    26. Gloria Patiño

      Que chinva de tema vamos Gorillaz 2022

    27. Diablo

      ¿Acaso era el inicio de una banda, apodados los "Gorillaz" que cambiaría el mundo de la música tal como la conocíamos? Yo lo creo.

    28. coco V.C

      Los amo 💘

    29. Gabriela Chaves

      There's 105 ''bla's'' in Rockit. Yes, 10 years later, Thanks for your attention.

      1. willyBHard

        11 years actually

      2. William Contreras


      3. blackbluepirplejsjshshhs

        The Bla’s made this my favorite song

      4. Maid man

        @noodle the best love ur pfp and name

      5. Rebew Tinydino

        It was made because they disposed in constants ,all zombie heads where the constants

    30. Graven G

      god i remember getting Demon Days and D-Sides as gifts for Christmas when I was a kid as they came out. Listening to them on my CD player walking to school xD What a time haha

    31. moth chan

      This track is still stuck in my head and I thinks that’s what makes a song good, it being rememoral

    32. rosalyn joestar


    33. S C

      It's been 20 years and here I am still watching 2D carrying Noodle and going "awwwwww!"

    34. _ sillyEyes _

      I get the message of this song. But I still worship Gorillaz.

    35. Mar P.

      Siempre me encanto este video, no sé porque

    36. Yaritza Molina

      Me gustan mucho sus canciónes♥♥♥♥♥♥

    37. FishCanRoll A

      my childhood memories

    38. christian borle haunted me

      "im feeling very bla bla, I want to bla bla bla" Me and my tiny brain: lyrical *g e n i u s*

      1. divineKathleen

        Blah blah blah blah Me too Ha Ha haha haha ha ha ha!

      2. • ariya_duckyy •

        stickitupyournose blablablablablablabla

      3. •_Maddie_•

        Amazing lyrics.

      4. eric

        im going to blah blah myself

    39. Sunny

      i love this song

    40. Jorge Cuya

      De niño de 6 siempre me gustó este tema 😅hasta ahora ❤️🇵🇪

    41. half1robot

      *R* *O* *C* *K* *I* *T*

    42. MialovesMHA

      Wow even after 11 years this song is still a vibe

    43. Mr. Fahrenheit

      Damon: “Don’t idolize artists, just enjoy the music.” Gorillaz/Blur fans: *Idolize Damon* Damon: “Wait, that’s illegal”

      1. Kat


      2. trimmtrabb


      3. ibm 8900

        are you 200 degrees?

      4. Mightychondria

        @Toast the creator of Gorillaz himself

      5. Pato Eminem


    44. Natasha Y

      This song started playing randomly in my head after all this time while I was installing door knobs. How I have missed it.

    45. XGeorgina420X

      “The world is very sexy” It certainly is 2D ❤️🌍🤘

    46. Snake

      It's adorable how noodle rides on 2Ds back like he's her protective big brother

    47. Saturn

      When he said "I've got myself together" with a laugh... I felt that. Lmao

    48. Sam B

      For all of you who are confused: The whole point of this music video is that it's mocking and making fun of modern popular music videos, and how as long as you're famous and has a catchy tune, will become popular. It was mocking that, making lyrics so bizzare that in the end, meant nothing at all.

      1. OwO UwU

        Thank you

      2. Unownzone

        Now "rock it" sounds like mocking XD

      3. MikeroAggression

        No...I'm pretty sure the whole point is blah blah blah blah blah

      4. TrashParkingSpot

        Bittersweet Love i thought it was about not doing drugs no?

      5. killobot2

        its 100% pure if i say so myself......

    49. Orang Baek

      Good song 👍🏻

    50. FALOMOT

      Literal esta canción marcó mi infancia :')

    51. person

      this song is my mood everyday

    52. human trash

      i want to embody this vibe next Halloween

    53. Assio Molina

      I still can't believe i see this song live 2 days ago

    54. Nocturne Dude

      I remember watching this when I was 12 and being really confused but it actually makes alotta sense now at 25

    55. MadamLolz

      Still jamming it. 10 years strong.

    56. Aline Renner

      I feel like I've seen the Music Videos in my dreams, or I feel like I've seen them before. Well I listen to Gorillaz since I was born so I think that makes sense, but it's still a weird sensation

      1. 🔫August🔫

        Just the ENTIRE D-Days album for me. Especially We Are Happy Landfill

    57. Donny Shark

      I find it so cute how he giggles while he's singing about pulling himself together

      1. Berkay Soyluoglu

        @Taron Malicos What does it say?

      2. Jazzy Hands

        hes going to the location of demonn days, dont know what to clal it. they are leaving the house they lived in in P1

      3. Uber Versace

        I was gonna make a furry joke but there's this furry that lives in my mirror and he's always copying me

      4. Taron Malicos

        you can hear their destination if you play the video backwards at 0.5 speed

      5. Kailey Wilson

        KitaDaWuffy subliminal message? XD 2-D is like, "but I'm not together XD"

    58. Raúl Quiroz

      I love this songs CHILDHOOD 100/100

    59. Eggplant dog

      This, all alone, and the sounder are only some of the gorillaz songs i really didn't like listening the first time, but after rehearing the songs so many times i absolutely love them.

    60. fruit Canyon

      fun fact: this is the first song 2D's eyes where white!

      1. xxCarnagexx

        @fruit Canyon yeah and it always makes me laugh too lmaoo

      2. fruit Canyon

        is it just me or does 2d sometime's chuckle during the song?

      3. xxCarnagexx


    61. TheCasualrocket

      I love this song, i love it even more since it says my name a bunch

    62. gale

      I love how he chuckles and almost loses his composure as he says "pull myself together"

      1. Baby 2D

        gale he fell back apart for a second

      2. Dana idkdjdjs

        sorry, nah itz bcuz he didnt pull hisself together thats y he laughed

      3. Greenland Køhler

        Tyler Page true, so cute

      4. patrick star

        CloroxTM Bleach

      5. Sackman

        I hope you find it

    63. McLovin

      One of their strangest songs. You really need to dig deep to even find this one. Then again it also came out in 2010

    64. seffien

      this song and its music video are absolutely terrifying i love them both

    65. Rafael Lago

      I love it

    66. DewDrizzleDrop

      This is my favorite song ever because it's basically a very catchy madlib delivered with David Bowie Vibes

    67. Monkey Abroad

      The video is somehow even stranger than the song itself.

      1. Aidan Drotzur

        Bla bla bla bla!?

      2. canal random :v

        Welcome to hell

      3. KEN'TJOKE (official channel)

        Меня пугает лишь 25 кадр на 0:19 The only thing that scares me is the 25 frame at 0:19

      4. Cosmo


      5. Monkey Abroad

        ​@lotus it's possible. But it's also possible you're paraphrasing a reddit post from 2015 about this song. either way, the video is STRANGE

    68. Joseplaysito

      Idk why, but this is my favorite Gorillaz song.

    69. Nut butters

      when your in the shower trying to sing a song by gorillaz but cant remember the lyrics

    70. Addison Carter

      I love how 2D is carrying Noodle, it gives me even more reason to think of them like adoptive brother and sister. Gosh, I love them.

    71. Ángela Jasso

      my ears have been blessed to hear that gem of a song

    72. Spookly

      This whole song sounds like what I hear when I’m spacing out

    73. Old_dogg

      the fact that this was 11 years ago is crazy and i discovered gorillaz when the humanz album came out is even more mental. love you gorillaz. 💙☺️

    74. carlkil


    75. Corbin Black

      Had to listen to this again after the 20th anniversary

    76. 2Dz Girlfriend


      1. Iggy

        2D is like that one sibling that cares for you

      2. Darling Dynamo

        Damn it 2D *males* me happy

      3. Kaderade

        It's 'males' me happy as well 💀💀💀

      4. margareta barbarić

        you mean makes not males

    77. jairo antony .s

      0:50 damon segurando a risada

    78. jason D

      Where has this gem been hiding all these years XD

    79. Itzsillybob

      11 years and I am still confused. Wow. A masterpiece.

      1. Typical furry

        @Itzsillybob oh

      2. Itzsillybob

        @Typical furry I didn’t know the song until it arrived on KZsection

      3. G-Fan Ramírez

        @Typical furry xd

      4. Typical furry

        Actually around 16 years

      5. G-Fan Ramírez


    80. OG Wilikers

      This song sounds like it came from a hallucination from meth or coke, I love it.