Gorillaz North America Tour | Fall 2022 💫



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    Tickets on-sale now 🎟 gorillaz.com/tour
    AMERICAAAA! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Gorillaz long-awaited return is happening this fall. Joined by special guests EARTHGANG and Jungle across 21 shows, aided and abetted by a varying cast of guest performers. This is THE only planned North American outing on the horizon so don’t snooze.
    09.11 - Vancouver Rogers Arena*
    09.12 - Seattle Climate Pledge Arena*
    09.14 - Portland Moda Center*
    09.17 - Las Vegas Life is Beautiful Festival
    09.19 - Salt Lake City Vivint Smart Home Arena*
    09.21 - San Francisco Chase Centre*
    09.23 - Los Angeles The Forum*
    09.26 - Phoenix Footprint Center*
    09.28 - Denver Ball Arena*
    09.30 - Austin Moody Center*
    10.01 - Dallas Toyota Music Factory*
    10.03 - Chicago United Center*
    10.05 - Detroit Little Caesers Arena*
    10.06 - Toronto Scotiabank Arena*
    10.08 - Montreal Bell Center*
    10.11 - Boston TD Garden*
    10.12 - Brooklyn Barclays Center*
    10.14 - Philadelphia, PA The Met*
    10.17 - Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion*
    10.19 - Atlanta Ameris Bank Amphitheatre*
    10.21 - Orlando Amway Center•
    10.23 - Miami FTX Arena•
    • = JUNGLE

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    1. FallenSnart

      This will be my first concert - I couldn't imagine a better band to see

      1. The Ginger Menace

        For a first concert, this is the BEST one you could possibly go to! I promise, you'll NEVER forget it! 😊 I'm going on September 19th! Hope you have a fabulous time! I know I will!

      2. All ears on Gorillaz

        Me 2

      3. Jamr

        Me too!

      4. Le

        Yes me too It’s on a monday night 💀

      5. Jemm Nu


    2. Hanako San

      I ain't American or rich enough to buy myself a ticket and travelling but seeing you guys returning on a world tour and everybody so excited in the comments is enough for me to be happy

      1. Никита Чурилов

        I hope u get to America one day.I from Russia and I very want going to America.But i don't have money

      2. Anne

        Same for me I hope you'll be able to go one day !

      3. Hanako San

        @Bellabugs Thank you ^-^ you're very nice. I hope you're fine

      4. Bellabugs

        That’s so sweet… I rlly hope u get to go one day

    3. elemmele

      I managed to see you guys in Austin in 2010 -- best concert of my life, hands-down! Now that I'm a home-owning adult with a mortgage that keeps randomly going up, I don't think I'll be able to catch this one. That said... Anyone who's going? Buckle in. It's gonna be *amazing* ! I hope everyone who attends has an amazing time! 💖🙌 Thank you for doing another round in the good ol' US of A!

      1. Starlosa

        Lmao I’m gonna be seeing them in Austin this time!!!

      2. elemmele

        @Uncle Flansy Sorry for the late response! To be honest I'm not sure, so...probably, yeah. We bought our house about a year before the world went topsy-turvy so that definitely played a big part. It's mine and my husband's first time owning a home, so many lessons have been learned thus far, randomly increasing mortgage being the biggest one 😂 Either way we're navigating around it, it just means not a lot of "fun money" going around right now lol!

      3. Glendolyn Minxalyn

        @GoldBlooded 6 where's frisco

      4. Uncle Flansy

        Why is your mortgage going up randomly? Did you not get a set interest rate?

      5. uni

        i’m seeing them in dallas this year❤️

    4. Kate

      Just booked my tickets, omg, this has been on my bucket list for 15 years… I was fearing I wouldn’t get to see them in canada! Worth the travel across the country though!!!

      1. boute de cracton

        ​@Jkroker yep

      2. Kate

        @Jkroker BC 🥰

      3. Jkroker

        See you in Toronto then im guessin?

      4. boute de cracton

        same, so hyped for the show

    5. maxm0825

      my mom literally bought my ticket this morning. she woke me up by calling me and sending me the ticket. i cried for an hour😍

      1. Stefu M

        That’s so sweet ☺️💕❤️

      2. Arcelia Huerta

        MOTHER OF THE YEAR,WHAT??!?!?!

      3. Hanako San

        My mom would never, she just woke me up to guard the goats. I envy you x)

    6. Tokka Tokka

      I'm going with my sister, tickets already pre-ordered! First concert we're both going to AND it's Gorillaz?! What a treat! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

      1. FemboyRatt

        Same deal!! Hope you and ur sis have a great time. Me and mine sure will!!

    7. Frooty Patooty

      I GOT THE TICKETS!!!! This is gonna be my first ever concert! I can't wait!

    8. Madame PokemonTrainer

      Don’t mean to be too dramatic but seeing these guys would make my year~! I’ve been very sick and fighting disease for 6 years now. I never thought I’d physically make it to ever see these guys! And now I can! I’m getting my wheelchair out and zooming to the nearest venue! I know some of y’all are in the same boat. Let’s get some joy out of this glum year!

    9. Паша Матунов

      Мне очень нравится gorilazz надеюсь вы продолжите делать мне настроение своими шедеврами в скучные дни 😎😎😎

    10. Pixel Dank

      Gorillaz for life

    11. Davi Felipe Silva

      Brasileiro marcando presença, gorillaz é incrível🇧🇷❤

    12. U4IA

      That "It's me!" with the kickstart of Dare was extra hype lmao!

    13. Paxy's House

      This is gonna be my first ever concert, and I bet its gonna be one of my favorites! can't wait to see what gorillaz has in store!

    14. tt

      se nos viene tremendo TEMAZOOO

      1. JJJameson

        @Sрееd 🅥 Bruh

      2. Beli Moya

        Se dieron cuenta de que cambió algo yo lo siento diferente el logo de youtube ustedes no lo vieron a parte de mi o si?

      3. Sрееd 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/0JmHjbGcdX-IrIE.html Finally It's here.

    15. Mi Art

      Difícil não se apaixonar, pelo Murdoc e essa voz sedutora de fumante dele 😂😏❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷

      1. igdetonado

        Voz de fumante kkkkkkkkkk

    16. zephusdragon

      This is my second Gorillaz concert! I'm super stoked!

    17. Will the Doofus

      I’m excited for this!

      1. Will the Doofus

        @2-D …

      2. 2-D


      3. Safet Klapija

        I'm to

      4. Sрееd 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/0JmHjbGcdX-IrIE.html Finally It's here.

    18. AshRunsAway

      I went to my first concert ever - a Gorillaz concert at the O2 in august - it was AMAZING so too all the americans out there, hope u enjoy! :)

      1. AshRunsAway

        @Zatch Couch lol i did a similar thing when i got on the underground lol my legs just died lol

      2. Zatch Couch

        They were my first concert ever too. Chicago in 2018, went full VIP and everything, forgot I was standing for 4 hours and was dead when I got back to the car. Lol

    19. Roy Liber

      I wish to go to a Gorillaz concert one day, first song ever introduced me to them was Clint Eastwood. Been hearing that shit maybe for more than a decade. Gorillaz have a song to literally every mood and occasion which is the reason why I love them so much

    20. wEboscompam


    21. The Ginger Menace

      I taught my 15 year old to love the music I listened to! And he has always really been into the Gorillaz! Sept 19th in SLC! He'll be in GA with his friends, but my ex (his dad) and I are still friends, so we have front row seats! 😊

    22. blathers

      i’m going to the chicago show and i’ve never been more excited to go to any show in my life‼️cant wait to see you guys live‼️

    23. tony neko :3

      This will be my first concert, go Austin 🎉

    24. Alicapy1368

      Holy shit I CANNOT WAIT! My first ever concert from my favorite band

    25. Sebastián Santos

      I want to hear the studio version of Silent Running ✨

      1. RoachDoggJR

        Fr I don't care about the tour, I just want new music

      2. ellukitaa__

        damn, yes, i think it has one of the best damon's vocals

    26. noodle

      Me gustaría verlos en vivo algún día 😭

    27. Khloeyeager_

      This will be my fourth concert, and I am soo hyped 🦾

    28. Noodles

      I’m so excited, just got my ticket!! Can’t wait to see y’all, and thank you guys for not making it a billion dollars, it was actually doable! 🥰

    29. Q.D.D

      I'm so glad that I'm a Gorillaz fan. They always gives us great news.

      1. Roy Liber

        @Q.D.D I have watched them actually. My favourite one is 2D attempting to ramp off Russel sleeping on the floor with that little kids' tricycle lol. Can't wait for the Netflix movie Damon Albarn promised us tho! Its going to be incredible.

      2. Q.D.D

        @Roy Liber heh heh yep that's him. Have you ever heard of Gorillaz Bitez? It's a short film about The Gorillaz doing whatever they're doing.

      3. Roy Liber

        @Q.D.D I literally wrote that on the Stylo vid he reacted tho! I bet Murdoc has a lot to say about his grumpy behaviour that morning they all woke up in NYC, getting angry at 2D and what not.

      4. Q.D.D

        @Roy Liber oh well I'm glad to hear that from you! I hope Murdoc will react to more music video songs they created because I also wanted him to react to Do Ya Thang, my 15th favorite song from The Gorillaz

      5. Roy Liber

        I've been re-hyped with Gorillaz since they started being active on FB right before they dropped Humanz. I thought they were done for after Do Ya Thang but im thrilled I was wrong. I envy those who get to see them live!

    30. Kaylee Norden

      I've never been to a live concert, I'm absolutely hyped!

    31. rocko_loco_XD

      Bro no puedo ir a tu concirto porque no tengo dinero pero ver tus canciones me hace senti bien por que recuerdo que mi amigo y yo te escuchamos mucho el se fue despues que yo cumpliera 10 años pero gracias a ti sigo de pie bro :')

    32. Cali Mango

      *Finally* gonna get to see them live after being a life-long listener. I am absolutely *stoked* to see them in Portland, and then SF.

    33. черника

      your songs are great, i will come to your concert! I love your band and songs, keep up the good work

    34. GojiraXDAN

      I Got tickets for Denver! Will be my second time seeing you guys! so thrilled!

    35. yellow duck gaming

      I already bought the tickets. Can’t wait to see it! :D

    36. Maite A.

      Already went to their concert in Chile this year, it was awesome, one of the best concerts I've been in my life!

    37. Jade

      Can’t wait to experience my first concert and have it been y’all. Absolutely ready

    38. kinley schaeffer

      i’m trying to get this to be a family trip with me and my dad bc we both love gorillaz and i’m so excited to go to my first concert ahh

    39. Uncle Flansy

      Thank you so much for coming to Salt Lake. Bought my ticket the second they came available.

      1. The Ginger Menace

        I'm in Salt Lake too! Got some pretty great seats. I don't do GA, bad back & can't stand for super long! It's going to be great though!

    40. mariahthespacefrog

      I live in Utah and I’ve never been to a concert before. I can’t wait to come, and experience the best band!

      1. The Ginger Menace

        I'm in Utah too! I can't wait to see them! Loved them since day 1, when they released their first album. Definitely a good first concert to go to for you! 😊

    41. Freeden

      Got my ticket already. Will be my second Gorillaz concert and I cannot wait!

    42. ItsCrashAsh

      Finally after 2017 I can see gorillas again! See you fall 2022 Gorillaz. I got a ticket and flight to San Francisco just to see you all. My wallet is dead

    43. Génesis ^^

      How I wish I could go to a concert of yours

    44. Maria Eduarda Soares de Lira

      Como eu queria poder ir no show 🥲 morar em AL é fd.

    45. Carlos daniel Monzon increíble imagen

      Gorilaz viene con todo 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩

    46. Beeadora.

      Missing the last one was one of my biggest regrets. Already bought tickets for this one :)

    47. ᴄᴀʀᴍᴇɴ ʟɪᴍᴏɴᴄɪᴛᴀ 🍋


    48. Hounthir Svoot

      Already booked tickets to go for their Boston show. I'm pumped as hell to see this.

    49. Cyn

      Been trying to see a show since 2020, I'm so stoked!!! I got a ticket today!!!❤❤👊

    50. Clau Leshuga

      Ojala vuelvan a México :(

    51. BluSolariz88

      Got my tickets to the Chicago show! First concert for me too, can't wait!

    52. Piper Fixation

      My brother bought me tickets bc i told him i wasn’t doing well, and every time i get sad i watch this and get so excited! SEE YA SOON GORILLAZ✌️

    53. ellukitaa__

      can't wait to hear new songs

    54. Keke

      Got my tickets! I’ve wanted to see y’all my entire life and now I actually have the funds to do so!

    55. RunAwayTeacher

      I was so excited! This was a bucket list opportunity for me and my dad, but then I saw the prices. Tear. :( Still love you!

    56. betaryfa :)

      I love You Gorillaz❤️🤘⚡

    57. KelseyPanda

      I've wanted to see them for such a long time, I'm so glad I got tickets ❤

    58. Maki

      I’m gonna go!!!!! My first concert ever!!!

    59. SMP Studios 2.0

      Omg cant wait!! I’ve loved yall for years and this will be my first tour!!

    60. cock

      i’ve been waiting so long for this!! i ordered tickets for the portland show can’t wait to see it. it’s going to be my first concert

    61. xLluma podx

      ❤❤ (Edit: my bf was actually the one who slowly introduced me to Gorillaz almost 3 years back, and I've listened to y'all ever since xD hopefully we can go and if so, It'll be our first Gorillaz concert we attend😭❤ )

    62. Axel Gibram Moreno Cuevas

      Gorillaz ❤️

    63. Your local pet Bread

      OMG- Bro yes I’ll drive to downtown Atlanta just to see Gorillaz perform

    64. Roberto Yanez Martinez

      got my ticket already, gonna be my first concert!

    65. Robin

      Y’all were my first concert back in 2018, saw y’all in the United Center in Chicago. Haven’t went to a concert since, and after hearing you guys coming back, Y’all about to be my second, can’t wait to see you guys again!

    66. Ed

      An absolute dream come true!! Can’t wait to watch you guys!!!

    67. Andrew Pappas

      I saw them in Toronto back in 2018 so I'll definitely see if I can get tickets to see them again since it was definitely one of my favourite shows

    68. GiNJAH

      Hell yeah! Already got my tickets, seeing you guys 4 days before my birthday too!

    69. animedark

      OMG, Gorillaz in North America is so amazing!!!

    70. Hector Gonzalez

      Already bought my VIP ticket; 3rd time seeing them in 5 years, I know it’ll be amazing!

    71. Lucy Córdova

      OMG this gonna be epic and beautiful

      1. Sрееd 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/0JmHjbGcdX-IrIE.html Finally It's here.

    72. Sophi Animations

      Queria poder ir ao show, mas moro no RS... triste vida

    73. Kris Hernandez

      Circle of Friendz, have to make my first concert experience awesome 😎

      1. Kris Hernandez

        @Plasma the only difference in the description was sound check

      2. Plasma

        Should have just went for Disciplez then.

    74. Cristóbal


    75. Kaylah Luna

      My first solo concert as an adult, nervous but so excited!!

    76. Kaylah Luna

      My first solo concert as an adult, nervous but so excited!!

    77. RAAT

      got my tickets today- super excited to see you guys! 👊

    78. KOZEKYTO

      Already got my tickets for SLC! I am hyped out of my MIIIND.

      1. The Ginger Menace

        Same with me! Great seats! Wish front row was closer, but I don't do GA. I can't WAIT!! Then I have a concert there the next night too! Lol! 21 Piolets..

    79. wilke

      Just got tickets! Can't wait to see you guys

    80. Weirdo

      I am stoked to go see you guys in September!!!! I can’t wait!