Gorillaz - Meanwhile... ft. Jelani Blackman with Barrington Levy (Official Visualiser)



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    Gorillaz - Meanwhile... ft. @Jelani Blackman with @Barrington Levy (Official Visualiser)
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    1. Rio Pollock

      I'm still obsessed with gorillaz

      1. PiolaMaan




      3. Limitless God Josh

        Same here

      4. Poop Butt

        @Gorillaz always

      5. Ole-Petter Kåven

        Hwo is not

    2. tori

      Whenever 2D says “do you really think I’d leave you?” I’m reminded of that moment in the music video for The Lost Chord when the portal closes behind Russel, Noodle, and 2D and Murdoc thinks he’s been left behind.

      1. Silience

        I know that isn't the intention of the video, but it's always felt like Murdoc was slowly trying to revamp himself. From his vent songs in Plastic Beach to Song Machine- I really hope 2D's efforts of saving him wouldn't be thrown away.

      2. Matthew Soucy

        Now that hit different

      3. Robussy

        Shit that makes the song hit differently.

      4. Winston Papstein

        For me, it's someone talking to their significant other. The narrator asking the question is at a crossroads in their lives and their partner prepares themselves to stay behind to not get in their way; surprised, the narrator tells their partner 'do you really think I'd leave/forget you?' They want both of them to experience the journey ahead together.

      5. mando card

        O my god, yes

    3. DaFuq!?Boom!

      Love these new songs! Would like to animate something for you one day!

      1. Juan Correa

        well there Gorillaz video that uses the GTA engine.

      2. Jacob oranday

        @Jorge Pablo Navarro Mendivil if you don't know who Dafuq is, you're missing out

      3. Lil' Dub Chefin

        *lol dammit

      4. Lil' Dub Chefin

        Omg dude that would be great! My favorite band being animated but one if my favorite sfm animators lil

      5. Nick Reiger

        I'd love to see that

    4. l1

      I know nobody cares but this band has helped my in diferente moments, when I'm depressed they make me fell like every thing it's okey and memories about I and my brother when we were kids and he was always lisstening your music just come back, and i'm glad about your new projects. thanks Dammon and Jamie.

      1. Marcel Kuhn

        Yea Same whenever youre depressed they make everything feel calm and relaxing... It really helped me in the past

      2. Abe

        We care and I feel the same keep going it my not seem like it but things will get better soon

      3. Weather Report

        We for sure care, brother.

      4. Arturo Badia

        Im happy for u dude

      5. Empire Ants

        We care :) Glad they help you feel better x

    5. Ghetto Gospel Space Demon

      This song is so laid back. Gorillaz can literally collaborate with any artist and create something you never quite knew before.

      1. Matej božič

        Laid back and heavy at the same time

      2. R41ph3a7b6


    6. jeremy, an odd fuckinʼ extrovert.

      I feel like Gorillaz can collab with everyone & they can still sound great. They're that great of a group.

      1. Xandy K


      2. Vector Studios S.A

        Gorillaz feat. Damon Albarn

      3. caffeinated idiot

        Gorillaz and Chelsea grin

      4. Silver Flame

        They can legit do a song with André3000, Linkin Park, BTS, and fucking AC/DC and it still would sound good

      5. Teo Solari

        Bad Bunny....

    7. Kykyky_

      I love how everything Gorillaz come out with sounds exactly like them and yet so different. I’m already so in love with this ep. It’s insanely good

    8. Fernando Pineda

      Que bien suena Gorillaz en la actualidad. Han sabido evolucionar muy bien. Son los mejores ✨ ¿Quién más desde México?

      1. venom2099

        Gorillaz ocupa a Russel de nuevo para que hagan el estilo rap de antes , eso sería bastante genial

      2. Eddy Cruz

        Suena chingona

      3. la creatura

        Yo desde argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷👃

      4. KevinalphaZ

        Yo desde españa :D

      5. ariel sosa

        @Tone- Kun totalmente bro yo los escuché siempre toda mi vida y este tema es una adicción

    9. Joyboy_0800

      I don't know why but this song makes me feel so good, even though I don't know English. Maybe it's 2D's melody and voice that always calms me down and brings such a good vibe. Thank you for existing Gorillaz.

    10. Schleepy

      This sounds downright magical. Y'all just keep on amazing me, every time.

      1. Katze A. A

        update your bio homie, you got 155 subs now

    11. Yubio

      I love how Gorillaz comes out with a new sound to their music and yet it still sounds distinctly like Gorillaz.

      1. Mono

        Its because they sound so intimate. Every song sounds like they have a purpose; to you

      2. Skywalking Studioz

        @Gavin Rivas hmm so what exactly does Gorillaz sound like then? Phase I was punk and alt rock. Demon Days was just depression in a bottle, Plastic Beach was an electronic hip hop album, Humanz was that but with 90 collabs, The Fall was just instrumentals, The Now Now was more depression in funky tunes, and Song machine was just random stuff.

      3. vvelez5

        That's how you know you got a musician. Something new but different.

      4. TwelveSevven

        Maybe if you're a long time listener. Last time I listened to these guys was probably 7+ years ago and I'd never guess this was one of theirs.

      5. Ketamine Poptarts

        @PapaVegi then stop listening to them if you hate their music so much

    12. Mike Strikes

      Lyrics: Hey, I don’t mind change I don’t like hate See when the sound system break We make the system shake When a girl wanna swing my way Play street with the street that I played But I’m on a street over here, all saints Imagine no saints when you wake Hey, that’s a good taste Hm, that’s a good space Hey, ain’t my place Like that’s some real wave I’m missing so deeply Or put that shit on my grave I buck and sway Ten toes for the rave in the ring Hey, I love carnival bass It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way In fact, don’t migrate Yeah, and we like champagne Probably like Red Stripe, probably like rave It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way I’m back in .. Why in Hell why I’m not from Tell the boys on my granddad outside Buy it back, take ‘cuz his bones like stone Salon in Ireland, they were really out there in the field When the vibe was real, that’s why I get out of my feels I know that I can’t fucking live here still It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way In fact, don’t migrate Yeah, and we like champagne Probably like Red Stripe, probably like rave It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way Yeah, it’s just the same as I Thought it would be When I was in carnival I follow your principal Do you really think I’d leave you Meanwhile I love carnival bass It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way In fact, don’t migrate Yeah, we like champagne Probably like Red Stripe, probably like rave It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way Yeah, it’s just the same news I Thought it would be When I was in carnival Dancing on protocol Do you really think I’d forget you Meanwhile Meanwhile... X3 Said, I love carnival bass It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way In fact, don’t migrate Yeah, we like champagne Probably like Red Stripe, probably like rave It don’t feel the same That’s cool, don’t get in my way… Credits: Versuri.online

      1. Murfio

        @Fat Yoshi Ooh Flimsy Steve, where did you go, what have you seen?

      2. Fat Yoshi

        @Jarrid Atkins ok, so what are the lyrics then?

      3. John Jenkins

        @Octorber13 he's talking about the Nottinghill Carnival matey. It happens every year in West London. All 3 of the new songs are to celebrate it. It says Carnival bass, as in the sound.

      4. Octorber13

        I think its carnival base which is a event

    13. Germán Gomez

      I really love this Gorillaz era.......I follow them since 1999...when I was 13 ...Gorillaz always in my heart.

    14. Denny Gorbzalez

      When I saw this I damn near cried. As a Caribbean kid I basically grew up on Barrington levy. Him mixed with my literal favorite band of all times is musical gold

    15. Melani Diaz

      No sé cómo Gorillaz nunca me decepciona, nueva canción para la playlist.

    16. chelsea thackston

      the fact that gorillaz can collab with literally *anyone* and still make creative and amazing music is awesome

      1. Sean Mahoney

        Got into an argument on here with some fella who - in his opinion - Noel Gallagher was more musically talented than Albarn. Can you actually believe that?

      2. Hugo Milesi

        @chelsea thackston gotcha

      3. chelsea thackston

        @Hugo Milesi I know, I just wanted to point it out!

      4. Hugo Milesi

        thats kind of their whole thing tho

      5. cariñito 🧇🌼

        For real. And it’s so amazing because it shows how versatile and talented they are! The scope of music they must study is amazing

    17. Miguel Rodriguez

      Gorillaz una vez más creando joyitas como de costumbre.

      1. R41ph3a7b6


      2. Emilio Othoniel


    18. Carlos Rivas Holguin

      Even if it wasn't a lot of time, it was for my personal growth. Since I was a weird unexperienced 14 years old teenager, Gorillaz has been with me on every new step I gave who drove me to who I am now, a 17 year old teenager with a great hearth and expecting to learn more. Thank you Gorillaz for being such a great support in my short life. I love you.

      1. Mip

        I only heard them on the radio every now and then, I never really pursued them at the time, but many years later The Lost Chord showed up in my recommendations, looking back it's quite a tame song at least for me, but I've been following them ever since and it's been a great. I was an adult when I found them but they've been just as important in my own journey, they mark an era to me, a completely new time in my life, it wouldn't have been anywhere near as memorable without the Gorillaz. I'm very excited for this Summer, going to be visiting my extended family of my own accord for the first time in a long time and revisit some nostalgic locations with them, I'll be bringing Gorillaz songs with me, it'll be the cherry on top of the cake. Here's to more good memories! 🍻

    19. Intro Spectre

      This is my newest vibe song, ive played this on repeat far too many times to remember the count. Really well done guys, good slide remixing, good bass, and well chosen voice for the tonal rhythm. Gold.

      1. Michael Westneat

        Well said. I love the way they selectively use 2D just for the chorus. Builds the anticipation

    20. Dax Fields

      I'm happy that my dad showed Gorillaz to me because it's been such a good experience and each song keeps getting better

      1. Talon Alexander

        your parents have good taste

      2. I couldn't come up with a name

        My mom introduced me to it

    21. Garland Garrison

      I really love how Gorillaz bring attention to new artists.

    22. ギリシャ

      Se nota que damon nos quiere Tres canciones en un día Lo amo tanto

    23. ILoveBeingAGamer

      Gorillaz is the only band that can have such a wide variety of music and still feel like Gorillaz. The best.

    24. Isaac Moore

      why did i only find out this exists now. This is a masterpiece

    25. Crimson Blue

      Instant Classic. Can;t help but bounce to this tune. Great energy. I hope I can see this song played live one day..

    26. Perty The Virtual Singer

      Don't get in my way 😊 🙈 🔥 🔥 On repeat!

    27. dre_ beatsyou

      Gorillaz is easily my favorite band ever! I can put on all their albums and listen to each and every one from start to finish, very very rare for a band to keep that same energy like Gorillaz has 🔥❤️💯🙏🏽

    28. Josa

      Es impresionante ver cómo 2 compañeros de cuarto lograron ser una de las potencias mundiales más fuertes del mundo

      1. elZetro

        k peda

      2. Anthony Amogus

        Potencias mundiales? XD

      3. Jacque Mitchell


    29. ꧁ShuShu_Shuwawa꧂

      Holy shit gorillaz is just popping out songs I didn’t even have time to listen to the first one lmao edit: listen im a fken idiot i didnt know what an ep was

      1. oni

        lmao same


        thats usually how an album or ep works yeah

      3. nuggie


      4. 💌-Tommie Ito

        Buenaaaa Soichii

      5. Jacob big fan ting

        There's a shit load my dude

    30. TokimoSoda

      Gorillaz can literally collaborate with any artist and create something so incredibly unique.

    31. Master T Sayge

      The most chilled hip hop artist on KZsection! Gorrillaz Never Dispoint.

    32. 13samfootball

      Love the vibe of this one. Love all of your old stuff especially

    33. los del gato

      Definitivamente son unos monstruos, cada vez mejores saludos desde Colombia

    34. dah one

      I feel like Gorillaz is intertwined into my life, whether I want it or not, for the past month or so I've been listening to Barrington Levy's "here I come" and here they come collabing with him. I love Gorillaz ❤

      1. Amaral

        some new friends in my college made me come back to gorillaz no matter how long i don't hear gorillaz, at some point i end up bumping into them

      2. John Toth

        Me too! Barrington Levy is a legend as well as Gorillaz🤙🏽

      3. dah one

        @blxray crazy, im glad I'm not the only one🤯

      4. blxray

        I felt the same way when I was listening to Slowthai months before Momentary Bliss came out. It’s wild.

    35. Clau Leshuga

      Otro temazo para escuchar en todos lados

    36. Meagan Bass

      This was absolutely the best song of 2021.

    37. Django J.F Shafer

      This is my favourite out of the 3 by far and they’re all good 👏

    38. Héctor García

      Esto es increíble, me encanta esta canción, va la la playlist

    39. Pardo Ran

      Me alegra que saquen música nueva :3

    40. cybercab

      Woah. That rhythm is intense.

    41. Yuriko Castillo

      Esto es simplemente genial! Amo xd ✨

    42. EnablingTrash131

      This band will always be something I return to.

    43. IkeSan

      19 years of following these guys and they are still amazing.

    44. Mip

      I had Humility as my favourite for about two or three years, and although I am late I think this has taken its place, damn is this good~

    45. Melany 🌺

      Estaba enojada, pero esto me puso el ánimo en las nubes, los amo a los cuatro 😭✨

    46. Rylee Kane

      this song genuinely makes me smile so much

    47. Gaby ap

      Grande Gorillaz siempre sacando buenos temas 😎❤️

      1. ariel sosa

        Esta tremendo este tema

      2. Juan Miguel


      3. Julio Arana Paitan

        Grande nena :V Damon siempre sorprendiendo con sus temas :'3

      4. Raphael Juan Martínez

        Otro habla hispano

      5. d1ecortess

        Sacaron 3 canciones por día? LASJSKZJZ es duda

    48. AZBanshee

      Ever since childhood I’ve listen to these guys, and every new beat they made has never disappointed cause it introduced me to other styles of music. Thank you for everything.

    49. hoefart

      This Reality really is quite unique thanks Gorillaz 🙏

    50. James W

      I am in LOVE with this track!!!!!!! Gorillaz you are amazing!

    51. K Mac

      Freedom is here! Gorillaz are amazing they put the same amount of love and creativity into every song, video and feature. Long Live Gorillaz

    52. James Howley

      Still throwing great beats been listening for 6 years and never gets old love you guys keep the love going

      1. Taylor Smith

        @Gorillaz 😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗

      2. Potato

        @Gorillaz Hey, Quick Question. 😅

      3. AP Fox

        @Gorillaz Who Wont? :D

      4. Cici.747

        @Gorillaz i love you guys so much i love your music so much i love the new songs too and my favorite Gorillaz band members is 2D and Russel but i love you all 😍 form your biggest biggest fan and i love 2D more and i love you 2D and i am a 2D fan because 2D sing and i sing too and 2D is cute 😍✌

      5. James Howley

        @Gorillaz was not expecting you to read that and I’m so happy rn thanks man that rocks

    53. Andy Trommald

      This song has some super cool elements, and I wish the steel drum and Levy were a bit more prominent. Steel drum is super cool and I feel like you never find it in songs anymore besides some cheesy Jimmy Buffet or something (don't get me wrong, he has a time and place). Also Barrington Levy is a legend but he's basically just a "lets go" in the background. Cool song.


      Amo demasiado!

    55. Lazy Guy

      Mn Gorillaz ainda continua me surpreendo de tão bom falaaa galera br🇧🇷

      1. Rei Ezequias


      2. Arthur Carvalho

        são os patrões, né pae

    56. Ethan Keitz

      Damon I swear, your voice is like golden fire in my ears! Gorillaz will always be one of my favorite music groups! Never stop making perfection!

    57. Spicy Ramen

      I’m still heavily obsessed with Gorillaz, so much. They have helped me through depression and a suicide attempt, also Murdoc’s look-a-like is Salad Fingers. Love ya.

    58. Sebastian C

      My favorite of the EP! I've been listening to you guys since I was 5.

    59. Mario Garcia

      My favorite band since I was 8 yo and now I'm 29 and still my favorite band

    60. lkfh1

      Keep up the great work guys :) Love u Damon

    61. Montiel Suazo Carlos Antonio

      This song is the fkg best. Gorillaz always creating masterpieces.

    62. Paskyda

      I've been listening to gorillaz since I was 6, now I'm 27. And they are still in my heart

    63. Dyone Arruda

      amo essa experimentação de tudo ♥♥

    64. Sullymcfugly

      with every new gorillaz song, theres always something new/artistic being put on the table

    65. Master T Sayge

      "THAT'S COOL, JUST DON'T GET IN MY WAY." Is My new catch phrase for this Decade! 😎

    66. Aluminium Dose

      Jelani Blackman is just amazing chill flow. Very well complimented by gorillaz. Can highly recommend to check out Jelani

    67. magy

      After all these years and still making amazing music

    68. Jerith Peck

      Always poppn off. This seems so modern and pioneer esque. I love the older elements still tied into it. Timeless gems

    69. bionabot 7234

      When that, "did you really think I'd leave you?" Hits 👌

    70. Nicky Martinez

      This feels so nostalgic, and it makes me miss times I didn't even know I missed as bad as I thought I did

      1. Animated Dream

        Yeah, man...

      2. Rahe

        The building vibe is perfect

    71. Gonzalo Kernechny

      Me genera nostalgia, y es la primera vez que lo escucho.

    72. RatBones

      Great as always. Love this band!

    73. Teal

      I absolutely love this song so much. Thank you Gorillaz for coming back.

    74. Mini Minty


    75. butthead

      gorillaz have never failed at being cool oml

    76. mando card

      This is amazing. Keep up the good work :)

    77. Odin Øian

      Beautiful song and I'm especially in love with the instrumental! Energizing and melancholic simultaneously!

    78. Edroker

      I Love this song! 😍😍😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷

    79. Vemn

      Thank you kindly for the good vibes, keep up the good work!

    80. The Truth

      I love how gorillaz keeps trying new things with there music, that's why we love them

      1. Mythic Dawn

        @Hi I hated Humanz, it took me a while to get used to it, and now I really like it. I could not say it's my fav, but I don't have any favorite Gorillaz album because they are all so different. But yeah, people are kinda reluctant to change, no surprise there ;)

      2. Hi

        It’s an objectively good album. People just hate on it just to be edgy and cool

      3. Eggplant dog

        @Clod What's bad about not liking humanz?

      4. Clod

        right? but where were these people when humanz first dropped lmao