Gorillaz - Meanwhile... ft. Jelani Blackman with Barrington Levy (Live from London)



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    Gorillaz - Meanwhile... ft. Jelani Blackman with Barrington Levy (Live from London)
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    Жарияланды 11 ай бұрын

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    1. Gorillaz

      2D: thanks everyone for all your questions sorry i cant answer more but my bus is coming. cheers

      1. Mely mercury

        Beautiful boy :)

      2. Leigh Nova

        When are you coming to Dallas? If you are lolz!

      3. creana johnson

      4. Andrea Horvath


      5. *_wwодинокий_*

        I feel so sorry with black eyes just like that.

    2. Makkimix

      Hey 2D! If you could travel back in time and meet your past self during the first Gorillaz album, what advice would you give your past self? Love from the United States!

      1. Mira

        @Gorillaz you know fair enough cuss me to lol

      2. Dũng Cheff

        @Scr0ngle the singer of the band, the composer, the voice of 2d

      3. Taylor Smith

        @Gorillaz h ey

      4. dildonius

        @owlzpaww Breaking the laws of space isnt anywhere near as potentially catastrophically dangerous as breaking the laws of thyme be.

      5. 4nt

        He should've warned himself about Plastic Beach, lol

    3. Gorillaz

      Alright. This is 2D also known as Stuart Pot but you can call me 2D. I’m gonna type some answers to your questions just hold on a sec while I work out where to type…

      1. Marion Gross


      2. b de jong

        This is weird.. i like it! :)

      3. Kamryn Dye

        We love you 2D!!!

      4. Afsara Mehrin

        @TrickOrRetreat The Q&A session finished 3 days ago... let him be.

      5. TrickOrRetreat

        You have been found guilty of music, how do you plea

    4. CartoonPrincess15

      This isn't really a question, but I just wanted to say thank you. I was in a really bad place last year, suffered a bad panic attack, and Gorillaz songs helped me cheer up and recover, I ended up making so many new friends in the Gorillaz fandom, you guys pretty much reignited my love for music, I'm making plushies of all of you (I did 2-D and Murdoc first, still need to make Russ and Noodle), and I can't wait to see what you have in store next. Thank you 2-D, and also Murdoc, Russ, and Noodle.

      1. Tamás Sándor Merácz             [_synthjoy]

        Big 🖤! Gorillaz was my happy place through lockdowns & general worrying last year too! Those plushes sound fabulous 😎

      2. Ruby

        Im so glad youre doing better, i hope you have a great day

    5. Collaboration Nation

      Damon Albarn's voice is one of a kind!

      1. Will See

        I like the Gorillaz.. But its getting too experimental.

      2. Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness

        @lollo jojjo Indeed

      3. lollo jojjo

        @Saskia Robin you underrate our generation bro

      4. Kamryn Dye

        The best!!!

      5. Saskia Robin

        i think i might be the only gen z who discovered gorillaz from blur :00

    6. Sir.Headvoid's

      *Sin duda voy a amar el estilo de música de Gorillaz, experimentar con ritmos nuevos...que más puedo pedir ¡LOS AMO!*

    7. Sheila Arce

      Maldición, porque las canciones de Gorillaz me encantan tanto!!!! ;-;, no importa que generó sea, siempre nos sorprenden U^U ~~~~ ✨(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ✨

      1. Alan G. Bandala

        Si un día hacen reguetón y les sale bien, tendrán todo mi respeto por los siglos de los siglos por venir


        me gusta mas melancoly hill

      3. Rackz D.L

        Son chingones

    8. ElimarLucas

      This song is so perfect! The vibe is so good and transcendental

    9. ツDOWSOKEYツ

      Albarn always raffling in all his music and with his collaborations that makes me love his albums more, I love you Albarn, greetings and I hope you see my comment I have been a fan since I was a child 🔥 !!

      1. marsig

        hold on a second...

    10. Katherine

      2D have you ever went to a Carnival before? If so, what are your favorite rides? #Meanwhile

      1. 2-D FACHERO

        @Gorillaz jsks ._.

      2. Gabriel Goma

        @Afsara Mehrin I guess you're right but you know there are plenty of bands that have existed for over two decades, namely coldplay

      3. Afsara Mehrin

        @Gabriel Goma to be a fan of a music group that has already existed for 2 decades now... you have to get to the level of obsession 🤷🏻‍♀️

      4. Gabriel Goma

        @Afsara Mehrin you have quite a knowledge of gorillaz, may I even say an obsession, 😁 no offense though

      5. Gabriel Goma

        @Afsara Mehrin ticker tape? 🤨 Wow you're a real gorillaz fan I haven't even heard of that one 😄

    11. Jotka

      2D, your album "The Fall" is one of the most important records of my whole life. Did you ever thought about coming back to it in some way, like playing it live more-less in full?

      1. Realmattia

        The Fall is life, The Fall is love

    12. Fernando H. Cagal

      Gracias por existir Gorillaz ♡

    13. Manute quila

      llevo escuchando a Gorillaz desde que sacaron el primer disco y puedo decir que este tema me parece de los mejores!!!❤

    14. Cygnus S

      Hey 2D! I'm in love with the entire Meanwhile EP! But I'm always curious, what's next in the pipeline for Gorillaz? Would it be another album in the works, or more mini EPs like working with artists and releasing in smaller batches? Either way I'm excited! Cheers

    15. Syberian Blue

      It's been over a decade and I'm still very thankful for my father who showed me my first Gorillaz song back when I was in preschool. I've come a long way since then. Don't think I'll stop listening to your music any time soon. Thank you for everything ♪

    16. Lavender

      This is gonna be so awesome! I'm loving the new Meanwhile EP just as much as every other song. Ever since I started listening to Gorillaz since last year I've been so looking forward to every single new song. :D That being said I always listened to Feel Good Inc on the radio and never knew about all the other gems haha.

      1. Winslow

        God I love your profile pic

    17. lue

      Hey ‘D, do you reckon there is conflict when it comes to discussing music ideas when creating songs? Such as arguing when it comes to who’s lyric writing should be in the final product, and if this does happen, how is it normally solved? - lue

      1. lue

        @Big Problem what 💀

      2. Big Problem

        He don't wan know u baby

    18. ツDOWSOKEYツ

      I can't wait for another Jewel to come out, I'm excited and obsessed every day by Gorillaz let's go 🔥 !!

    19. Henfrig

      I really wish they’d put this version on Spotify. Much more energy here.

    20. Topi Veijonen

      Damon’s voice is so incredible, got shivers everytime with this song and his chorus… But I also get a little Elton John-vibe especially from this song and live version! It’s so cool imo

    21. Master T Sayge

      "THAT'S COOL, JUST DON'T GET IN MY WAY." Is My new catchphrase for this Decade! 😎

    22. Carlos daniel Monzon increíble imagen

      Este Video tiene ritmo y Una Garn canción 👍🏻😎

    23. Illiaminati CXV

      You all did so well ❤️ thank you for consistently serenading our lives

    24. lue

      Over the course of the years you have been in the music industry, gorillaz have had many hits over the time, but is there any songs that you weren’t expecting to be as popular as they are? Or was there any songs you were expecting to be more popular than they are currently? - lue

      1. Bella

        2D, what was the first thing you did or place you went after lockdown ended?

    25. Tania García

      Estoy feliz de que vengan en concierto a Monterrey, México

    26. Shakermker

      I just wanted to thank you and the band for helping me grow as a person. You guys really built my whole personality

    27. Tamás Sándor Merácz             [_synthjoy]

      I love those steel drums, they will forever remind me of my dad. He loved all kinds of Caribbean vibe ✌️

    28. Ele Cortez 27

      El EP "Meanwhile" llegó para rescatar el verano con buena música, gracias Damon Albarn por existir. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

    29. Sploon 2

      i’m curious, is there anything you’ve wanted to try, but have never done? like skateboarding, or something?

      1. Yay

        @BaileyVII it was actually for russel

      2. Yay

        @Gorillaz AHAHAH-

      3. cheerio

        @Gorillaz I meannnn he’s not wrong

      4. ff2k

        @BaileyVII nice pfp

    30. Bird

      Love the new music! Gorillaz has comforted me and helped me through a lot, and I appreciate all you guys do.

    31. Sandra Layrón

      Hi 2D! What's your favourite Gorillaz song? Mine is every planet we reach is dead and man research!! Hope you're doing well, also i wanted to say that Gorillaz has always helped me a lot in my life it means a lot for me. Thank you for everything!

      1. Sandra Layrón

        @Saihahahara thank u (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

      2. Sandra Layrón

        @Any LAVE :)

      3. Saihahahara

        You have good taste

      4. Any LAVE

        I think the same, and Every Planet We Reach is dead is my favourite song of Gorillaz too!!

      5. nikki6ixx

        @Commando party pooper

    32. Rydoe

      I saw this live on the 11th last month, was the best night I've ever had - thank you guys so much for the performance. Absolutely adored it!

    33. Tycho_

      Hi! Through your music, I've discovered great artists and entire genres that I might've missed otherwise. And for that, I'm really grateful. I was wondering if there was some music style or genre that you want to try out in the future? Something you haven't managed to fit in the schedule yet? Maybe something that refuses to sound right? Lot's of love from Finland!

    34. Abi Poulter

      What was your favourite part of performing at the O2 in London last month? You guys were my first ever concert and it was wicked seeing you live!!

    35. vikstor_

      We need more rap performances like this

    36. jojo-thedin0

      Hey 2D! I’m really big fan! Next year I’m going to your concert in Italy, and I’m very excited! My question is : what was your favourite song that *you* wrote? I’m really curious! And I hope you and the rest of the band are having a great day! Keep it up with the great music

      1. Ruby

        i hope you have fun at the concert !

    37. Leah Roberts

      Hello Gorillaz love the new songs. It makes me happy every time you release new music.

    38. Kylie

      Hi 2D, do you sometimes think back to when you and the others were younger, how much you all have grown and changed since then?

      1. 2-D FACHERO

        @Gorillaz Te de menta 😋

      2. Yay

        @choaya Obviously!

      3. Noodle Dancing different songs

        @Gorillaz two cups of orange juice in your hands?

      4. cheerio

        @Gorillaz poor guy peaked in humility

      5. crystalbitch

        @Gorillaz peppermint tea?

    39. Thomas Lyons

      Amazing performance, can't wait for the next virtual concert!

    40. StrangerOman

      Live version feels like a complete different song. Awesome :D

    41. Don’tPanicItsOrganicz

      I can't hear good music like this anywhere I go in USA so I play my Ukuele and find my own tune ❤️ love the collabs with the live artists 🤌🏻

    42. luki38430

      Love your work from the beginning, hope you keep having a good Times making music ^^

    43. Souls

      Really reminds me of Gorillaz older music! I'm totally loving it!

    44. Nou Noú Nico

      Big party in here hanging out just waiting, very few channels get this kind of respect. Love This Band! 🎹🥁🪘🎷🎻🪕🎸🪗🎺🎬🎨🎧🎭

    45. Customfurball28

      Everyone should like Gorillaz. Love you guys, keep up the good work!

    46. луйми слуйми

      I love you very much, thanks for your awesome music!!😭❤️❤️

    47. Noods owo

      2D, I was wondering if you ever wore any costumes during Carnival? Also have an amazing day or whatever timezone! :D Also thank you guys for always having amazing and talented black artists on your songs!

    48. Indecisi0n 0verload

      Hey 2d! What did you think about performing in London again? I saw your band at the O2 on the 11th and your new music sounds great! 🖤

    49. CheeseWeegee

      I need to know, what's the best combination of pizza toppings and have you tried sweet corn?

      1. Taylor Smith

        @Gorillaz 😄😄😄 hey :2d

      2. Basher playz

        sweet corn is the good stuff

      3. Salmanojd Boi

        @Gorillaz Agreed

      4. Afsara Mehrin

        @Gorillaz double decker pizza 😋🍕🍕 2-D, I'll share my pizza with you 😍😘❤

      5. Xaria Howard

        @Gorillaz a pizza stuffed inside a pizza with 2 deep fried pizzas as buns all smothered in cheese

    50. Rachel Mayer

      This is super. Will never forget Barrington's collab with Shyne in the song 'Bonnie and Shyne', so addictive.

    51. 和谐 简化为⛈️

      You gave me the best childhood since 2006, but this year you weren’t there .... I started watching you since 2010 ... Thanks for such a childhood and we all changed oh how I want to go to kindergarten and yes this is a top concert or what there but it doesn't matter! The main thing of all is that you are the best, I won’t stop watching you, I watch you at night. Well, how can you not watch my favorite group?I hope you notice💖💞

    52. Muglorgrimlockable

      Gorillaz We Love You Thank You For All You Have Done In The Past For Us,The Present Your Making For Us,And The Amazing Stuff You'll Make For Our Future.

    53. Emmanuel ochoa R

      I was looking forward yo this keep Getting good music Gorillaz 🤟

    54. Edd

      Hey 2D! How long will you keep making songs? I love them all :)

    55. Elisa Mingo

      Gracias Damon por hacer la música mas bella

    56. chiffon chiffon


    57. Vector Studios S.A

      One of the best EP in the last years

    58. Raptoriser 15

      This concert was banging absolutely loved best one ive ever been to

    59. friend of the oyster

      Amazing song :D

    60. acid brainrot

      Hey 2d! Are you guys planning on more collabs? There are voices that say that there will be a Gorillaz and Tyler the creator collab in the future!Also sick video and sick song! Hope we will be able to see more animations in the future! Bye!

    61. emilyd

      Currently loving all the new songs!! 2-D, I was wondering what's can the fans expect in the future from Gorillaz? -Emily

      1. emilyd

        And can I have a happy birthday 2-D?

    62. DelaGreypop

      Duros son unos Mostruo cada vez más genial

    63. Jking 0.o

      Love me some Gorillaz. Glad they back on the map.

    64. fiji

      My new favorite song ❤️‍🔥

    65. Quinnjatheninja

      This sounds like something that would be in the first album and I’m happy about it

    66. 𝐆𝐞𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐚 JK. ʟɪɴᴇ シ︎

      Mds que incrível!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    67. moist monke gaming

      Would you say that your sound is evolving? If so, what genres do you and the band plan to explore in the future? #Meanwhile

    68. Yornel Romero

      Couldn't found the lyrics in the comments: Hey, I don't mind change I don't like hate (nah) See when the sound system break We make the system shake (bully) When a girl wanna swing my way Play street with the street that I played But I'm on a street over here, all saints Imagine no saints when you wake, hey That's a good taste, hm, that's a good space Hey, this ain't my place Like that's a real wave (hm) I miss ya so deeply Oh, put that shit on my grave I bop and sway Ten toes for the rave in the ring, hey I love carnival beers You don't feel the same That's cool, don't get in my way In fact, don't migrate Yeah, and we like Champagne But we like Red Stripe, and we like rave You don't feel the same? That's cool, don't get in my way (let's go) I'm back in bed Notting Hill weren't no film Teddy Boys and my granddad on side, buy it back Take 'cuz his bones lie still (hm) Salon in Ireland, they were really out there in the field When the vibe was real, that's why I get in of my feels (Let's go) I know that I can't fucking live here still You don't feel the same That's cool, don't get in my way In fact, don't migrate Yeah, we like champagne But we like Red Stripe, and we like rave You don't feel the same? That's cool, don't get in my way (let's go) Yeah, it's just the same as I thought it would be When I was in carnival I followed your principal Do you really think I'd leave you? Meanwhile I love carnival beers You don't feel the same That's cool, don't get in my way In fact, don't migrate Yeah, and we like Champagne But we like Red Stripe, and we like rave You don't feel the same? That's cool, don't get in my way (let's go) Yeah, it's just the same as I thought it would be When I was in carnival Dancing on protocol Do you really think I'd forget you? Meanwhile Meanwhile Meanwhile Meanwhile Said I love carnival beers You don't feel the same That's cool, don't get in my way In fact, don't migrate Hm, we like Champagne But we like Red Stripe, and we like rave You don't feel the same? That's cool, don't get in my way

    69. Piscui Opina

      Se necesita más canciones de Gorillaz con estilo reggae 🙏🏽🐧❣️

      1. [me]

        @X4nyth ya se habia confirmado hace meses asi que eh

      2. X4nyth

        @[me] Felicidades eres un profeta XD

      3. [me]

        @Piscui Opina lo que Gorillaz necesita es colaboración con algún artista latino como Bad Bunny🤑😈🥵

      4. Piscui Opina

        @[me] no es lo mismo 😢

      5. [me]

        Laika Come Home: *existe*

    70. Gracie

      Hey 2D! I was wondering what your favourite process was producing these songs, I know you lot put a lotta effort in so it’s be awesome to know! Thanks - grace

    71. Dizzy

      Thank you Gorillaz for making the last 5 years less miserable! 2-D what are you hobbies outside of the band?

    72. Jen ny

      When you hear a funky tune in your head do you just grab the melodica and go for it? Or do you mess around until you find a melody you like?

    73. Vyrouss

      Man I attended this with my girlfriend and mate, truly amazing.. thank you

    74. Amin Mousavi

      It is just otherwordly dope! If I've given a chance to ask you something dear crazy 2D; that would be this : if you consider the fact that for 1 like me (as a 29 y.o boy from Tehran, Iran who was a fan of yours since his childhood), that it is pretty impossible to see your live performance due to the economical and diplomatic conditions : what kind of world do you like it to be: A place where Iran is a Kingdom, wherein in befriended with UK, The U.S and Israel and the rest of western world... or the world just like what it is now where all people have at least one great chance to upgrade their lives and transcend it hoeever they wan

    75. Violet Chanel

      Hearing my country instrument the steel pan being played brings tears to my eyes and this song is 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    76. Ren🏳️‍🌈

      I love this band♡

    77. jure mozetic

      1:34 That sounded better than the recorded version

    78. Monkey D. Kei

      Hey, 2D! Where is the worst smelling place you've been? And do you like blueberry cheesecake? I love you so much!

      1. cheerio

        @Gorillaz I completely forgot about your whale extravaganza

      2. DefenderOfJustice7OH7

        @Gorillaz lol I have a feeling that Murdoc is a rather smelly guy, especially if you think about that dank baffwater from the Saturnz Barz video XD

      3. Xaria Howard

        @Gorillaz blueberry cheesecake be bussin'

      4. Iris

        @Gorillaz It's so hard to find your answers 2-D 😫

    79. Choco-Floof

      Do you feel like Song Machine and this EP has opened a “third eye” of sorts? - Dee

      1. Kamryn Dye

        All of Damon’s songs open my third eye. Every. Single. One is pure enlightenment and momentary bliss

      2. ff2k


      3. thorntail

        yes how did u know

    80. Zenon Andrés Huarachi Cruz

      Cuantos más extrañan el estilo animado de Gorillaz Aún así me siguen gustando sus músicas XD