Gorillaz - Let Me Out (Official Audio)



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    1. Élid

      The song doesn't "hit differently." The message then was just as important and real as it is now. We're just done being quiet about it. This track is amazing.

      1. Tenyasha96

        "Were just done being quiet about it" lol sure my woke teenage friend.

      2. Liana Soares

        Élid UR, agreed.

      3. Nature Squad

        I mean people were done being quiet about it in 2017 too

      4. Kai Ramon

        @Graham Javion happy to help :D

      5. Graham Javion

        @Kai Ramon Thanks, I went there and it seems like a nice service :D I really appreciate it !!

    2. Jimmy Jazz

      Gorillaz -> getting pumped up going to the party Humanz -> dancing, drinking and having fun at the party Demon Days -> walking around at night after the party Plastic Beach -> returning home and relaxing The Fall -> turning off the lights and having depressing thoughts while lying on the bed

      1. TiNL07

        and what about Laika Come Home?

      2. Yani Kotavov

        @Soup Spoons Funny enough, I still haven't listenet to the EP and Cracker Island.

      3. Soup Spoons

        Cracker island: Acid trip

      4. Giuliano

        @tna1130 they're just nostalgic

      5. Silience

        Laika Come Home -> that specific time in the party where you trip on acid

    3. Stu Pot

      This song fits 2020 pretty well.

      1. Nananake

        Weirdly really well

      2. lokicoqui

        2022 too ✌️

      3. Liana Soares

        Stu Pot, agreed.

      4. Dean take

        2022😔 🇺🇦🇷🇺💣

      5. Kurytm

        First 2022 🥵🤙

    4. Sentret Sparkle

      I'm in utter shock that people are saying what "is" and "isn't" Gorillaz... the band that was a culmination of every genre in existence, innovating on all corners of the music industry, somehow managing to pull it off every time, truly being boundary-less, is suddenly being told what it can and cannot be... crazy.

      1. Nick Margerum

        The only people that can predict what gorrilaz is gonna do is gorrilaz because they are so diverse and unique going from pop to rap to rock in a matter of seconds one of a generation band.

      2. Gezi5

        @nutritious insecticide they have been political since their birth

      3. Dirty Deeds

        @Иван Ванёк Murdoc is god might be metal, and and punk maybe?

      4. Иван Ванёк

        @clamdove I was just about to ask if they had any metal songs. Welp, too bad for me, they don't represent my second favourite music genre

      5. clamdove

        *every genre except metal

    5. Lemon Grab

      Their songs get better each time u listen to them

      1. noodleiswholesome

        Agreed, i used to hate this song but now I love it

      2. qiqixq


      3. IceMirror


      4. Adrieモリ

        Yeah, they can never get too old

      5. dr oimar

        Noel Frouman They get better the first 10 times, then they get 1% worse the 11th time, but then they keep better better from 12th onwards

    6. teddy wilson

      coming back to this song after the riots is really showing how early gorillaz was with this song.

      1. Xann101

        If it wasn't for the comment time stamp, I wouldn't know which riot you're talking about.

      2. Gezi 0

        “Racism didn’t exist until 2020” bro every rapper ever has been talking about this for years, tf you think NWA was?

      3. drist mist

        Plastic beach was another one. Years later everybody's freaking out on the plastic.

      4. gabbyar

        @Aliza Salinas protest... PROTEST HA what a comedian

    7. Sakinai

      It's midnight. I'm 50 songs into my Gorillaz playlist. I have no regrets

      1. Liana Soares

        Sakinai, as you should. ☺️😊

      2. Thatoneguy !

        @space face around 180

      3. StormTroop3r


      4. One Sensitive Artist

        Nice to hear I'm not the only one with a Gorillaz playlist.

      5. ess

        doing that rn

    8. Aterson

      Phase 1: Best music Phase 2: Best music videos Phase 3: Best story Phase 4: Best Peppermint Teas

      1. El Natencio

        @Federico Masolini plastic beach le gana

      2. Liana Soares

        Aterson, “just a peppermint tea for me.” ☕️🫖

      3. Mister Uncanny

        Phase 5: Best story 2.0

    9. Nandos chicken wings

      This song has always hit different, y’all finally took notice in 2020 because it started effecting you. Gorillaz always spit fax

    10. m_hat

      People always ripped on Humanz when it released for being rap heavy and political,but it’s honestly probably one of the most underrated gorillaz albums imo. Plus there are a lot of meaningful discussions on the album, such as racism and police brutality. Overall it’s not their greatest record, but i think the hate is undeserved.

      1. Fk Yu

        Anyone who thinks they just started being political in this album haven't really listened to Gorillaz before. Bruh, Dirty Harry? Shit was about the Iraq war. "The war is over, so says the speaker, with the flight suit on, maybe to him I'm just a pawn, so he can advance [...]" was a direct reference to Bush's Mission Accomplished speech. Then there was Kids With Guns, which says it all in the title, and Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head is about exploitation of natural resources in places that can't defend themselves. Gorillaz have pretty much always been political, we just haven't seen the right acting this childish before.

    11. Freddy Fazbear's Big Fat Bear Tits.

      Remember how this album was made in 2017 to symbolize a party during the end of the world? Remember how we thought that was the worst it would get? Now is the best time for this album to shine. Black Lives Matter✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

      1. D GA

        @Mx B3Ar yeah fr, tf with his name lmao

      2. Mx B3Ar

        No one gonna talk about his name

      3. Joaquín fp

        The American dream is gone

      4. cbn

        @Devang Naik true

      5. Devang Naik

        @Szylu True equality

    12. YUKKOHEV_

      YALL- y’all just noticing that humanz is still relevant? This shit DID NOT CHANGE it never did.

      1. Eagle

        stop trying so hard to be different, all their songs are political and have meaning. everyone knows that

    13. TheDiva LovesGlitterandGlam

      I bought the whole freaking HUMANZ album when it came out and for some reason, I feel like this might be the best one on the entire album and I'm not even that big on rap music. I just like what Gorillaz does with their range and how they've made it limitless.

    14. duckie

      This song only "hits different" now because the topics it covers were mocked, belittled, or completely ignored by everyone at the time of its release. It wasn't "ahead of its time". You guys just didn't care back then.

    15. Peachy

      This song was ahead of its time. It fits 2020 right now pretty well.

    16. Brian Jones' Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

      this is why humanz is my favourite album. It varies between styles and i find it really cool and mysterious

      1. Brian Jones' Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

        thanks :'))

      2. ᖱαик ՊєՊєѕ

        I so agree with you 200% You're rockin' that profile pic by the way bro

    17. Doménica Obando

      Simplemente perfecto

    18. Zodiac909

      Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett Are EASILY some of the most diverse producers in their respective industries.

      1. Mr. Jeffaroni

        zodiac909 shh, we don't talk about them even if they actually have well constructed criticism and have the right to an opinion

      2. Camryn Barber

        Kekistani Squid I kinda agree with this but also not every rapper while rap about the same things... maybe they really wanted Vince to be on the album and just let him do his thing or they just isn't care at all... again it's part of the different genre thing going on and to be honest there isn't just one type of rap

      3. Toyyibah Hassan

        zodiac909 you put the words right out of my mouth

      4. Elvira Gonzales

        Hikarol-chan d99

      5. Hikarol

        +asdfaf wtf you realize that episode is almost 2 years old? xD

    19. Mister Foxworth

      My favorite part of this is the “Let me out” whisper/chant through the whole song. It really describes my inner id trying to get out from being locked up in my head.

    20. strdustspeedway

      This deserves waaaay more attention. Defo one of my favourite gorillaz tracks of all time.

    21. Milk Tester

      The gorillaz are my favorite band cuz they have the most unique style ever and they can change styles and still be the best at it

    22. Michelle Castillo

      I simply love this song!!!!!!! Gorillaz you are just AMAZING!!!!!!

    23. Bee Bee

      I'm kind of upset that everybody doesn't think this album will be good and doesn't think they sound "like Gorillaz". Gorillaz doesn't have a specific sound, it's just them. I dont understand how there is so much hate for the album when only there's only 5 songs revealed. I personally like the song and finding new vibes to dance too. it's okay if you dont like a song but don't yell at the artists for making something they thought was cool. seriously guys I thought we were better than this. You dont like a song, good for you! You're different! Listen to the old albums do whatever you like, just dont disrespect the artists.

      1. broken AudioReact

        Maybe they hated the meaning behind the lyrics, who knows.

      2. Von Saponatheim

        And I also want to make a point about something. It's okay to not like the same things as everybody else, it's not hate. I disrespect the move they made, but I still love Daemon and Gorrilaz as a whole, it's not all white or all black.

      3. Von Saponatheim

        Mainstream music actually can't be as good as an original piece for two reasons imo. Music and art is about expressing yourself, I think we can agree on that. But what makes good music good is not only the message, it's how you vehicle it. You could write a song coming from deep within your guts, but if it sounds the same as a bagillion other songs (even if it sounds good), it's not worth being listened. And the second reason why mainstream is not good is because mainstream means that the masses like it, so it better be bloody simple and easy. This is where originality and creativity is hindered, when music is your life and that you are making it for yourself, you do weird and complicated things. When you make music for a wide audience, you have to dumb it down because people like easy and cheesy. I know this for a fact as two of my brothers are actually having problems with their musical orientations, they are struggling between making music how they would like it to be or have some money to pay rent. Now, I know that Gorrilaz didn't go as far as going full cheese on, they still gave an identity to the songs, but you can definitly see a big step towards "mainstream". About rap, I don't understand why you first say that I don't like the songs because it's rap and then that Gorrilaz already put rap in past albums. Rap is just a style, it makes no sense to bash an artist because he's doing rap. I don't like the singers, it's true, but it's not because they rap, it's because they rap like EVERY other rapper playing on the radio. Gorillaz could have chosen some more original or underground rappers like they did (take MF DOOM for instance), but they went with the most generic and blend rappers. It's not like they lack the influence to get the rapper they want, they made this choice only to have a bigger public.

      4. Marie Lotus

        Very good When people have high expectations and they get let down, I don't now f you know this, but A LOT of haters can rise if something doesn't go their way sooo..Just ignore them.

    24. AIDs Pasillo

      The variety in each song is amazing and different at the same time. A lot of music sounds the same and majority of their songs stand way out.

    25. internally weezing

      A masterpiece!

    26. Giovanna Santiago


    27. Devotee Proxy

      One of my fav tracks from the album

    28. ᖱαик ՊєՊєѕ

      Aaaah this gives me such good trippy vibes I can take it I just love this ❤️❤️❤️

    29. TheCanMan

      This is one of my favorite Humanz track. It actually gave me chills listening to it.

    30. ennzzz

      I love this song one of the best in the album

    31. Daniel D

      Idk why people hate this album. I love it.

    32. Daniel Alexandre

      2D's voice is like the nectar of the gods melting into my ears.

      1. FlutterTheGachaBean

        Please help I can’t stop listening to his part

      2. Yvonne Lasten

        Daniel Alexandre YES💆🏻‍♀️🙏🏼

      3. bato

        So accurate

      4. Mynameisntfin

        It’s like BAFF water is leaking into my ears

      5. IceMirror


    33. Gaming Overload

      I love this song so much like I'm on the bus and I'm listing to it .

    34. Riah Lexington

      Great song, Pusha, Mavis, and Damon! ❤️❤️

    35. FourTo8

      hey i have a theme song this year. Gorillaz is that vibe everytime

    36. somacide

      such a beautiful song. i hope gorillaz makes more songs like this. such a powerful message

    37. Double Toasted

      If you're complaining about how 'this album is too different', 'why is there so much hip hop', why this, why that... Then you never understood Gorillaz and was never a true fan to begin with. Pure and simple.

      1. thatlazguy

        Clapped them G

      2. Double Toasted

        "Sounds too different, sounds like everything else". No one can't make up their minds what they want. If you really listen a thread of what has made Gorillaz popular with every album can actually be heard in the latest releases. At the same time, they've taken some tired or even overlooked trends from today and made them fresh - something they've also always done. Basically, what I'm saying is, I can't wait for this album to come out and finally blow everyone away.

      3. We are already dead Fam

        It just sounds like what is already on the radio. That doesn't qualify as "doing something different". This album is decent. But not a comeback by any means.

      4. Nicola Ummarino

        Adriano Celentano

      5. ganondorf66

        The only Gorillaz album that actually sounds different is the Fall. And there's a good reason for that.

    38. Eduardo

      The track is amazing

    39. Ink Static

      The song doesnt "hit different." The message then was just as important as it is now. We're just done being quiet about it

    40. Jake Urbex

      Can't believe its been 5 years since that beautiful album came out

    41. NDR3

      Bumping this song as I'm not allowed out the house due to quarantine

    42. Cristian Cantu

      i love the diversity of gorillaz been a fan since the beginning of phase 1 keep it up guys

    43. Emma - Elviine

      gorillaz is just really awesome band. big applaud to them :D

    44. EJT006Cleetus

      I may have hated on humanz when it came out, but now, I really dig it. This is a pretty underrated song. Really dope

    45. Alice L.

      Make more songs like this pls. rlly good and gives similar vibe like the old gorillaz song

    46. Javier Duran

      "Promise me I won't outlive my nephews and my niece" Deep stuff man.

      1. Devin Hudson

        I know, I lived in Baltimore City for a few years and saw it first hand.

      2. broken AudioReact

        Devin Hudson it's not that esay to just GET OUT of the hood dude. You have to work countless painful years with the stress of either being shot by gangs. POC live in both fear of gangs and police. Its depressing

      3. King Harry

        Nice profile pic, the new Seether album is badass haha. It certainly didn't *let me down*

      4. Connor York

        Razeluxe01 yeah I agree

    47. Danial Ryan

      This one of my favorite funk hip hop song by you guys. Keep up the creativity.

    48. sara franks

      The whole world is at your hands I love it

    49. BigScoobz420

      This song brings back some good vibes and memories!

    50. Rocio Sanchez

      A really good song and Gorillaz doesn't lost her style for 2001-2007

    51. honeytea

      Damon's voice sends chills down my spine. He is literally the Morgan Freeman of music; he could sing anything and I'd listen to it on repeat for hours.

      1. Crissa

        For real thoughhh

      2. Stephanie Arriaga Villagran

        LavenderOwls ikr

      3. FiveFour1🇷🇺

        LavenderOwls The problem arises when you realize that he sings the least in this album by a long shot

      4. Sinuois

        Listening to his voice in this song is actually a relief.

      5. 🤍( y u y i )🤍

        -"Morgan Freeman of music" It all make sense now.

    52. Deisy

      I had heard Gorillaz before but it was because of this song that I fell in love with the band

    53. Dillon

      Hands down the best song of this project. The instrumentation is hypnotic

    54. ani

      humanz is perfect for what’s going on right now. i’m not saying that it hadn’t been happening at the time, attention has just been brought to it.

    55. Jimmy Saldaña

      I love this song its a of the 7 wonders of the world ❤

    56. Dsig


    57. Елена Максимова

      Как я смогла пропустить этот шедевр!? How could I miss this masterpiece !?

    58. MadMoose

      This song still fits to this day. Last 4 years been wack


      Such a great song, and such a great message - for those who’ve been ignoring it for way too long, hopefully this song can get them to realise the shit that’s going on around them

    60. henry Johnsonyt

      They are just perfect ❤

    61. M3c BR


    62. Shattered Ice

      The ending of this song gives me chills everytime

    63. Spencer Finley

      After seein the documentary I have a whole new love and appreciation for this album. Like I loved it already, but I love it even more now

    64. Adam Kocur

      What people think Gorillaz is: -Alt Rock What Gorillaz actually is: -Alt rock -Alt hip hop -Trip hop -Indie -Electronica -Reggae -Dub

      1. 🔫August🔫


      2. zettaVEVO

        dont forget about classical music

      3. Top Kali

        Indie isn’t a genre lol

      4. zettaVEVO

        don't forget about opera holy shit

      5. ShinyTatertot

        You’re forgetting every genre in the world

    65. bato

      How did I just discover this now? I'm literally crying this is such an eargasm

    66. Chovasniky 💫

      minha parte preferida da música é quando o 2D canta. amo ele demais :)

      1. Gabriel Santos

        resumiu pprt

    67. Fishboy

      Good thing I started exploring more of humanz this is an AMAZINNG song.

    68. Melanie Lixby

      God I love this song 🖤

    69. Josh Thomas

      I'm so happy Gorillaz is trending lately.

      1. Nivaldo Gonçalves

        Gorillaz, PERFECT !!!

      2. Javii006

        Josh Thomas If we see barz. straight away we like.

      3. Brave wings

        Yeah, its great to just see how much success they've had throughout this album. Just when it was released into youtube it had #1 on trending

      4. spooky

        KZsection has been promoting them

      5. Zaid767

        Josh Thomas iI'm

    70. Grum

      Mavis Staples nailed that chorus, it's so damn good

    71. roach

      Came back to this song with everything that's going on right now. It fits so well. I can only hope we get justice

    72. ethanchaotic

      This song is great, but I just wish it had more of a climax at 2D's parts, it drops instead of escalates, but its still a great song

    73. YoBoiVirus

      This song is really good👌🔥👌

    74. Angela Kirchoff

      I think that its kind of cool how each album has its own individual style of music like Plastic beach is more electronic and this album has more rap and Demon days uses more classical instruments which helps distinguish the albums

      1. Zodiac909

        The duo are one of THE MOST diverse producers in the industry. ❤

      2. Alizeno

        damn good

      3. Dremndishot

        Cookieofdoom Why do you limit yourself by generalizing the genre like that? Saying that is like if a rap fan listened to Weezer and other bands like them and called all alt rock music boring and cliche

      4. skank hunt 43

        Angela Kirchoff no, every song is just...unique

    75. King Oikawa

      This song is so good I just played it 30 times

    76. Kyun

      Pusha T:] Mama Mavis, oh Mama, they tried my patience Obama is gone, who is left to save us? So together we mourn, I'm praying for my neighbors They say the devil's at work and Trump is calling favors You say I'm dangerous, I speak for the nameless I fly with the vultures, I be with them bangers If change don't come, then the change won't come If the bands make 'em dance, then the rain gon' come (Woo!) [Mavis Staples:] Am I passin' into the light? (Am I looking into mercy's eyes?) look into your eyes All the world is out of your hands (Then ascending into the dark, let me out) You got to die a little if you wanna live Change come to pass Change come to pass You'd best be ready for it [2-D:] Something I've begun to fear is about to change its form Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a shift in time But I won't get tired at all Let me out, let me out Let me out, let me out [Pusha T:] Look into my eyes, mama, tell me what you see Tell me there's a chance for me to make it off the streets Tell me that I won't die at the hands of the police Promise me I won't outlive my nephew and my niece Promise me my pastor isn't lyin' as he preach Tell me that they'll listen if it's lessons that I teach Tell me there's a heaven in the sky where there is peace But until then, I keep my piece in arm's reach (Yeah!) [Mavis Staples:] Am I passin' into the light? (Am I looking into mercy's eyes?) All the world is out of your hands (Then ascending into the dark) another night You got to die a little if you wanna live Change coming You'd best be ready for it [2-D:] Something I've begun to fear is about to change its form Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a shift in times But I won't get tired at all [Mavis Staples:] Am I passin' into the light? (Am I looking into mercy's eyes?) All the world is out of your hands (Then ascending into the dark) another night You got to die a little if you wanna live Change is coming You'd best be ready Be ready, ready for it Be ready, be ready (Let me out)

      1. hee hoo

        @zelchano$ ah ok makes sense

      2. zelchano$

        @hee hoo I think on live since the vynils censor Obama and trump

      3. hee hoo

        hang on... all the beeps are censors and codes for Obama and Trump? Shit, I didn’t know that, are their names only available on the physical album and live concerts? How’d we figure it out? Is it the syllables?

      4. jk_³¹⁵

        you forgot Mavis's "Aha-aha" (@ 2:34) and 3x "Uuwu" at the end

    77. Ladytrixiee

      This deserves more recognition

    78. Eat yo Ravioli

      “Look into my eyes, mama, tell me what you see Tell me there's a chance for me to make it off the streets Tell me that I won't die at the hands of the police”1:04 -1:30 It’s unfair to what happens to these people from now and from the past it’s horrible how much has happend and how little we learn from the past

    79. Giulia Castellani

      That "Am I looking into mercy's eyes?" gives me chills in such a good way. Damn I love Gorillaz so much

      1. MADAME

        SUCH a good part of the song and I barely know why. I thought it was "When I look into my Master's eyes" until I googled the lyrics

    80. Alvarez Chavez Danna Isabel

      "Change is coming, you must be ready for it"