Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (Official Video)



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    Music video by Gorillaz performing Kids With Guns. (P) 2006 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records

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    1. Vvvixen

      This got so popular it turned into a country

      1. Kaden Crain

        As an american, I confirm.

      2. James Monkey

        spot on, this song is the moment.

      3. Inosuke hashira


      4. EmolgaBoi

        funny american joke

      5. AndrewTheAssassin

        Well played

    2. Booz

      Aight, let's a-go 0:00 - Colt Woodsman 0:03 - Walther p5 w/sporting barrel 0:04 - Glock(?) 0:08 - Ruger LCP 0:09 - AK-pattern rifle (or some other Kalashnikov variant) 0:13 - Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 (hard to tell) 0:14 - Wolt Coodsnam 0:15 - KS-23 (a soviet shotgun chambered in a 23mm length gauge, as opposed to 12-gauge’s 12.7mm) 0:16 - S&W 686 variant 0:19 - Ruger LCR 0:20 - Colt Woodsman; TT-33 Tokarev (to the left in red); Kalashnikov (white in background); Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless (to the right in red); Mauser m1914 'Taschenpistole' (briefly flashed between frames in white) 0:22 - AKs-74u (most likely candidate due to underfolding wire shoulder stock) 0:23 - Walther p22 0:24 - Colt/Browning m1911 or Hi-Power pattern pistol 0:26 - Mauser m1914 pistol (foreground in black); Luger p08 pistol w/grip safety, suggesting a USA commercial-sales variant (background in white) 0:28 - Mauser m1914 pistol(s) 0:29 - AKs-74u (background in black) 0:30 - Beretta m1951 'navy' pistol (or alternatively, a Tariq pistol, which is essentially a copy of the m1951 from Iraq) 0:31 - Ruger LCR revolver (left); S&W model 642 (right) 0:34 - Makarov PM pistol (background) 0:44 - Wilson Combat 1911-pattern pistol 0:54 - With & Smesson P&M 1:04 - Walther p5 (standard barrel length) 1:06 - Makarov PM pistol (foreground in white) Aight that's all the patience I had, honestly a pretty cool lineup that showcases a few lesser-known and characteristically European firearms Also, I am 98% sure that I got one or two of these incorrect, likely more. Any replies pointing this out are welcome as I am not the final authority on the exact models of basic firearm silhouettes.

      1. oghiewankenobi

        I'll be damned if you ain't the most american american that ever americaned.

      2. Jared Eleson

        Goddamn 💀

      3. DNRS STUB


      4. kyle is bored

        It's giving American

      5. DeterjanSuluÇiçek

        the quiet kids backpack

    3. Isaac Mercado

      Everyone memes this song, but nobody actually talks about how great it sounds.

      1. Perplexed Shrek

        Literally. One of my favourite Gorillaz song.

      2. Luke Johnson

        @Jonas Whitt yeah

      3. Jonas Whitt

        i know sounds like old blur

      4. EastCoastRidin

        Especially the part at 2:40

      5. Robz Jo

        i do. its legendary and every gorillaz fan should get the message

    4. q

      Horrible how things have only gotten worse 17 years after this was written

      1. JellySquid

        @kyle is bored I agree

      2. kyle is bored

        @Paul Blart yeah true but should anyone under the age of 18 really be allowed one look at all the school shootings that have happened because of minors having guns

      3. Paul Blart

        @q Okay Statist. Love the Song, but Gun Rights are Human Rights.

      4. q

        @Paul Blart bait

    5. Raul Medina

      I feel like this is the most underrated gorillaz song I’ve heard

      1. stoopid dipnut

        Clint east wood is still better

      2. JuneDays

        so underrated that it has over 100mil plays on spotify

      3. Fredson Junior

        *laughs in 5/4*

      4. Imanoli Sanchez

        @DDub04 Rip legend. All caps when you spell the man name.

      5. Metal00m

        Latin Simone is a banger. So is Every Planet we Reach is Dead

    6. JustDandy

      Honestly this has a really good message and everyone slept on it.

      1. GhostDiver

        @Lone Wanderer 💀💀

      2. Free

        What's the message? Kids with guns committing mass shootings?

      3. Silience

        The song's probably about young military conscripts, but the same message can also be applied to what poor gun control can cause imo. It's sad that we live in a world where people care more about unconscious fetuses more than the dangers of conscripts and shootings.

      4. L's Corner

        @Arachnid Beats ok

    7. Ryan Fowler

      So, apparently my copy of Demon Days must have been damaged, because I've never heard this full song, only the beginning 19 seconds, and I thought it was a trolling kind of interlude track all these years. WOW WTF.

      1. Person from the internet

        @Carolina Reaper HAHAHAHAHAHA-

      2. Mad Max

        My vinyl is also broke

      3. Nat the Average

        Holy crap, I’m the 2,500 like haha nice comment

      4. CaptiinAHAB

        Pretty sad this is an amazing song

      5. Carolina Reaper

        @Isaac Mercado it would just be to the intro to all their songs. Feel good inc. would just be the laughing track and ends right after lol

    8. ChimpMonumentis

      This song was written because of gun violence in schools. Particularly an event with Damons daughter's school. It's really sad to still see these things happening all these years later. This song would've really had more of an impact if it came out more recently with the rise in gun violence in schools.

      1. Drake Bell

        @Matteo DeLaPaz yeah, I think he then got inspiration from school shootings as they’re deadlier than knife attacks at schools. possibly got inspiration from the school shooting in the UK that lead to ban on guns or inspiration from US school shootings

      2. ChimpMonumentis

        @Matteo DeLaPaz I don't exactly recall what the incident was, but it was that incident that inspired him to make a song about violence in schools.

      3. Matteo DeLaPaz

        Wasn't Damon's daughter' classmate carrying a knife to school?

    9. David Kulangiyev

      The solo that starts at 2:40 to the end of the song is just so unbelievably incredible

      1. R

        @Henrique Oliveira Assunção What has that got to do with anything related to Gorillaz?

      2. Zengin Adam

        @Henrique Oliveira Assunção I did

      3. Henrique Oliveira Assunção

        Never heard free bird?

      4. Zengin Adam


      5. Dylan Frost

        Russel was going crazy on the drums

    10. Makkimix

      As someone who lives in America, this song really hits hard. Ever since Columbine, school shooting just have been getting worse and worse here in the States. Especially down in the south, and I swear, nobody wants to do anything about it. We don't have to get rid of guns entirely, but we need to change the rules for guns. Its not a free country if INNOCENT lives are being lost.

      1. Rare OSTs

        "Its not a free country if INNOCENT lives are being lost." That has nothing to do with anything, it's just an arbitrary statement. In fact, a free country will obviously suffer from an occasional lack of safety. How could anyone think a free country is a place where no innocent lives are lost? That's either a utopia or an absurdly tyrannical dystopia. In reality, it would only be the latter.

      2. Rare OSTs

        @yung unn What a silly comment. 3D Printers can easily whip up a component that turns a semi-auto into a full-auto.

      3. PhoenexIDK

        Not going to argue, I wholeheartedly agree with you about a change of rules for guns rather than taking them away because it only leaves us defenseless, especially where it’s hard to get help.

      4. kittykittybangbang

        @sprout this is why regulations exist

      5. kittykittybangbang

        @no i dont trust the internet That's why gun control exist, for regulations. In Japan for example, you can get a gun there but it's very strict and long process (kind of like getting your driver's license.) As a result Japan is second place of world's lowest homicides rates.

    11. CarrotAndCo

      I love it how British people wrote the American anthem.

      1. scratch thompson

        highlight of my day

      2. JX The fighter

        HAHAHA i died of laughter

      3. burger king


      4. Fernando Torres

        bruh you made my day LMAO

      5. Sans Dancing


    12. Mauricio Jara

      I wish Gorillaz still made music like this 😭

      1. One Piece Fan

        they do

      2. hiro hamilton

        please listen to the now now

      3. majkfajt255

        @Brian Bread It's not this climate

      4. Brian Bread

        they still do what are you talking about

      5. ur mudder

        Nah but fr 🙏😭

    13. Spade

      Great lyrics Great meaning Great instruments used Great beat This song is too underrated, at least dirty harry wasn't underrated

      1. Sabu

        @Free gun fight! 🔫

      2. Spade

        @Free yeah

      3. Free

        @Spade you gonna shoot me?

      4. Spade

        @Free please stop replying to me I just got out a rage against the machine concert

    14. YuukaiRyuk0214

      Teniendo en cuenta que en la historia ficticia de Gorillaz este álbum fue producido casi en su totalidad por Noodle, pienso que esta canción representa sus sentimientos al haber pertenecido a un experimento de niños militares, cómo era ese ambiente y el hecho de que fue la única sobreviviente. Es algo triste, la verdad.

    15. Tru with no e

      Demon Days has to be one of their best albums without a doubt


      A melhor de Gorillaz

    17. Yellow_Jacket

      So I remember, during my freshman year of High School, a bomb threat was called and my whole school was put down on lockdown. I was stuck in a food closet for most of the day for food class and we all had raisins to eat for lunch, and we are cramped by sitting in the same position for four hours. We heard members of a bomb threat unit walking cautiously, guns ready, outside of the closet moving from room to room. I remember at the end of the day, I was walking out of the building to see men dressed in kevlar gear, hold AR-15’s and shotguns, by the doorway. When I was exiting the building, I was playing this song. What a more fitting theme for a day like that.

      1. RegretfulCurve

        What kind of school doesn't evacuate students from a building when there is a bomb threat?

    18. el deforme

      this song is very relaxing for me es muy relajante esta cancion para mi

    19. Uriel Schapira Spezzini

      4 años tenia cuando escuche esta obra por primera vez agradecido con mi mama y papa por darme unos buenos gustos

    20. Kitcat

      I remember waking up one day to school and the moment I set my feet on the floor this started to play in my head even though I hadn't listened gorillaz's old songs in a while. Nice job subconscious mind.

    21. Lemon

      One of my favorite Gorillaz songs.

    22. Bomb DotCom 🎗

      Gorillaz is that one band I can just listen to no matter what mood I'm in and my day just becomes 100% better no matter how relatable the lyrics are - 🇺🇲

    23. Nathan Anderson

      I'm so glad I'm still so able to find your music. It reminds me of a simpler time during times when I can appreciate it better. I've loved Gorillaz sense Clint Eastwood came out and I burned the song out over listening. Thank you so much.

    24. sriracha steve

      history will repeat itself again and again and again..... when will things change? I thought of this song when hearing of the Uvalde school shooting, a tragedy that words cannot appreciate. the shooter in Texas earlier this week was only 18. a high school student. even younger were the 19 of 21 lives lost---by the hands of someone whose brain is not fully developed yet. there's no protecting kids from guns when kids can legally get their hands on guns. why did an 18-year-old have access to weapons designed to kill many people? why does anyone have access to them? is that really freedom---enabling mass homicide? this is, in the United States, the autonomy to take lives away. what is most frightening is that while the cycle of violence, ignorance, and negligence perpetuates, people are hellbent on protecting their "rights" to lethal objects---not working towards prevention and reformation of these heinous acts. while those same people---defenders of gun ownership---type up their tone-deaf "thoughts and prayers", families are grieving, pleading for change, change that could have prevented the loss of their loved ones in the first place. as with all crime, there are many opportunities for preventative measures, and plenty that don't even involve direct policies against gun ownership. the hardest truth, in my opinion, is that the solution to violence involves proactive education and support (e.g., emphasis on mental health/resources), so that no more blood is spilled. it's not as simple as "taking guns away". this is a multifaceted problem that must be tackled at the roots. everyone can agree that gun violence should never happen; that is a nonpartisan issue (check out the PBS article---a list of senators' opinions on the broader subject) but when will everyone put action to those words? whoever you are, whatever you believe, a brighter future for us all begins with educating yourself.

    25. Conall Homer

      This is my favourite Gorillaz song. It’s so underrated. I love it. ❤️

    26. Burnt Soup

      2-D’s voice is just amazing it’s like an angel with 2 dents in its head

    27. Nina Friend

      This song is so emotional and I love it. I love the Gorillaz!

      1. Yoselin Ledesma

        I knew it I'm not the only one still listening to this in 2022

    28. Татьяна Порошина

      Эта песня, эта музыка.. настолько потрясающе..

    29. Fawad Haroon

      I used to listen this song 3 years ago and I still remember the hardships I faced so this song actually helped me get hope.

    30. P33N

      This aged VERY well

    31. GEOFF H

      Still magnificent, the groove they make.....

    32. Dean Learner

      What an absolute one for the ages this tune is.

    33. Vanessa

      The end of this song fills me with nostalgia for some reason

      1. Lisett Laureen Krindal


    34. White Recluse

      If I’m understanding correctly, the message is we should give children more access to firearms and I’m all for it

      1. powerless the only

        @Benjamin Ramsey but he did not, it could likely be satire.

    35. ◇. smaшmaш .◇

      2:59 I can't, I just- this moment is so amazing, I just don't get as high from any song as I do from this one moment. why is this song so underrated??

    36. tentacle arms

      Well ain't this just a great song to listen to at school

      1. waffle

        yoonbum pfp…

      2. Conall Homer


      3. The God of Bread

        *slowly reaches into backpack*

      4. Champ

        Im actually listening to this at school XD

    37. Fallen0.6

      I really like the creativity of the music these people make

    38. georgia

      gorillaz never fail to make an amazing song

    39. Annie Энни

      Although this song does not have many visits, for me it has always been my favorite, it has a deep teaching in the lyrics of the song, and that makes it special

    40. CarrotQueen

      This is so catchy yet underrated

    41. User. 1

      This got so popular, they made it into a real thing.

      1. Paul Rabbitts

        Just like Justin Bieber....

      2. bobobob1230

        oh no

      3. Zick LaVey


      4. Charles PH

        It was already a real thing, in third world countries.

      5. Codfish’s obligatory third channel


    42. Tyler Stookie

      I'm fascinated by the concept of a gun with a backwards barrel.

      1. AVchez

        the i-dont-want-to-liveinator! *AAAAAAAA*

      2. Samantha Locke


      3. no•name•nya


    43. Kaderade

      This was such a good song, they made it canon 12 years later!

    44. Sarah Mazelowski

      This CD is on of my go-to driving albums. 👍🏻 🤠

    45. David Vásquez

      Vamos a oír más Canciones tan buenas como estás

    46. Rob Smith

      Gorillaz has to be one of the best bands of all time.Their music is so powerful and unique. Pure genius.

      1. Reimond Santiago

        But music is subjective and there really isn't a "best band" and what we think is the best just depends on our tastes and what we like so

      2. Helsing

        This band's much better than the bad excuse for "popular" music today.

      3. Rónán

        @yoavsnake I guess I'll give them another try.

      4. yoavsnake

        Most of their songs aren't that long, around 5 mins. Also they are very versatile and while the bends is great it doesn't showcase all of they best songs.

      5. Rónán

        @Jannet Ann some of radioheads song last around 10 minutes, I don't really like the full doyathing song by gorillaz because its 12 minutes and quite repetitive

    47. phong vu

      I wish there's 1 less reason to return to this song once every while.

    48. ben smith

      They hit this one right on the head.

    49. s y n t h b e n t

      Back in 2005 when this album came out, me and all my friends were just torrenting every bit of music we could. The specific torrent I got for this album cut this song off at 20 seconds. I listened to this album for a good 5 years or so, just believing this was a "short but sweet, with a statement" type song. Having a bit of a nostalgia trip and purchased the album on vinyl tonight, just listened to this song and my mind is blown that there is more than 20 seconds to this song. My whole life is a lie.

    50. Lady Lucie

      🎶 🎶 🎶 Lyrics for those that need/want them 🎶 🎶 🎶 Kids with guns Kids with guns Taking over, but it won't be long They're mesmerized Skeletons Kids with guns Kids with guns Easy does it, easy does it They got something to say no too Drinking out (is she real, is she) Pacifier (is she real, is she) Demon souls (is she real, is she) Street desire (is she real, is she) Didn't mean to (is she real, is she) But it won't be long (is she real, is she) Kids with guns Kids with guns Easy does it, easy does it They got something to say no to And they turn into monsters Turning us into fire Turning us into monsters It's all desire It's all desire It's all desire Drinking out Pacifier Sinking soul There you are Doesn't make side to But it won't be long 'Cause kids with guns Kids with guns Easy does it, easy does it They got something to say no to And they turn into monsters Turning us into fire Turning us into monsters It's all desire It's all desire It's all desire Is she, is she real, Is she, is she real, Is she (it's real) Is she, is she real, Is she, is she real, Is she (it's real) Is she, is she real It's real

    51. bunny

      do you ever just cry because of how amazing gorillaz is like holy shit i never knew i could love a band so much

      1. nigtard

        No I'm normal

      2. H҉e҉r҉o҉i҉n҉

        They make my tummy tingle lol

      3. Desi B.

        I think you should tattoo them in their honor

      4. Nina Friend


    52. Jake Moffatt

      Wtf? I haven't heard this in a long time, but the first time I listened properly, seriously amazing man wtf this shit has aged like fine wine honestly hahaha

    53. Lady Suda

      One of my favourite songs from Gorillaz

    54. Kaput

      Still remains one of my favourite songs ever

    55. Russo Glassplinter

      I love this song. Seems to be especially relevant these days...

    56. nicole elnatanov

      So nostalgic and so in love with this band

      1. CarrotQueen

        Yeah same

      2. I used to be a Duck

        everything can be real on L S D

      3. Direst

        היה שיר כזה? חשבתי שהיה רק אלבום עם השם הזה. אגב אני חייב להסכים שחמש רבעים הוא שיר נ ה ד ר

      4. PurpleLizard 23

        I used to be a Duck Hebrew. Also, they're letters why did you assume numbers

    57. sagoGD

      Temazo, From being a peruvian guy born in the USA, the rythym of the song is so good and the lyrics too.

    58. NeoKenshi

      This is my brother's and my favorite Gorillaz song since we got Demon days back in 2005; its crazy how time flys man.

    59. Facts And Theories With George

      The backstory behind this song will stick with me forever. A rare song that never gets old and one with an extremely valuable lesson for future generations.

    60. Jones Jones

      This has got to be one of my favourite gorilaz song

    61. ally :]

      "bass isn't important" murdoc: hold my gun

      1. Pitman

        Davie504:not epico

      2. Memeitis

        @worlddestroyer16 a lot of people. I get made of fun cuz i play bass at school and there main excuse is that bass isn't important.

      3. worlddestroyer16

        ??? who the hell says bass isn't important???

      4. David Martin


    62. Rodrick

      2:58 this point forward mixed with the visuals gives me chills

      1. Luiz Cláudio EBritto Lima

        @Neoh Yi Woon In the future people will have once another Massacre to compare this song to, It seems like in the US a new one happens every year

      2. Neoh Yi Woon

        Ok Robbs Elementary School shootings meant this song got even more terrifying

    63. Gorillazmifinca (Canal oficial de G-selectionz)

      gorillaz thanks for changing my life I love you so much I don't know what I would have done if I had never met you

      1. Zangetsu ?


    64. number 5

      You know I love how ever song they make makes me feel happy when I am down

    65. Grecia Espinoza

      Cómo amo esta canción

    66. bonamin

      I'm buying a new Stereo Setup with two ridiculous Floorstanders and a big ass amp. This is the first thing i'm going to play. I'll play the f*ck out of it. Gorillaz

      1. DasilvaFW19

        It feels like pacifist angle it sounds hot and heavy like 29scent 🌭🌭🌭

      2. Cynical Fox

        no such thing as too much lol

      3. Victorino Gutierrez

        Yes- Man nah... Kids with guns is better ^-^ :3

      4. Victorino Gutierrez

        bonamin i love it!

      5. Cynical Fox

        nice,what bass?

    67. docholiday13

      One of the best songs pleading for proactive action to be ignored ever. God I love the Gorillaz

    68. Ashtonthejoker

      I remember ages ago, this was the first ever gorillaz song I added to my playlist... and now I’m littually addicted lol

    69. Hydrocity Harry

      This aged way too well

    70. thatemogirl

      Me: the song has a deep meaning that I know about Also me:💃💃💃

    71. 명월

      It's such a good song But it's sad that people don't really care about the lyrics

    72. Heloísa Helena

      10 years later and i in love for this song♥️

    73. comet

      first time listening to this, ngl its a total bop

      1. b3lk

        I agree

    74. Mr. McNuggies

      I swear to god my dad has played this at least once before… I know I’ve heard this somewhere

    75. Eli

      It’s crazy how a song that doesn’t have too many lyrics turned out to be so powerful

    76. brandon loaiza

      How can the Gorillaz be responsible for me loving punk, hip-hop, r&b, Indie, Reggae, in one sitting

      1. brandon loaiza

        @epic. lol oh shit thanks bro just fixed it

      2. epic.

        Who's Reggie

    77. Ajay Kazami

      I really like the message behind this song and the song is awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    78. Samuel Powell

      this take me back, till my favorite Gorillaz song, those good ole demon days were happy, my music producer friend and me used to always bump this album in his parents car, I remember he would mess around with eq on the car stereo and turn all the high and mids down and just boost the bass, used to amaze me how much doing something so simple could change the sound, I wanna throw him some love as we've been through a lot together, try searching Lonely Gimmick - BEAT 1 ,you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion, I think he's really good and deserves more recognition


      This song makes me want to make a band called "Gorillas" and then make a song called "Kidz With Gunz"

      1. MonsterHunteroo

        oranguatang with a boomerang

      2. Drakeiplier

        @Dinosaur it does lol

      3. Stein's Schrödinger

        This comment is featured on a r/MadLads

      4. Niall Finan

        I see what you did

      5. _ VantaDelta _

        why does everyone have more imagination than i do

    80. Emily♡

      So far my favourite Gorillaz song