Gorillaz - Jimmy Jimmy ft. AJ Tracey (Soundsystem Performance)



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    Gorillaz - Jimmy Jimmy ft. AJ Tracey (Soundsystem Performance)
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    As seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
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    Damon Chorus
    Jimmy Jimmy
    There’s pressure on you
    And life ain’t feeling how it used too,
    Jimmy Jimmy,
    No need to be sad,
    When we play your song, we get along
    AJ Tracey Verse
    I’ve been searching, lookin for a permanent reason
    Out of sync with the seasons, not sure what I believe in
    And I’m burdened, why is being loved so appealing
    Can’t conform, I’m alone, we’re all just lost without meaning.
    Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    Just a boy from the west, I’m born and bread,
    We coulda been rich, were poor instead,
    My evenings were blue and my mornings red,
    Had to make scores from zeds, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    I salute all my local my fiends
    They’re smiling, locked in a smokers dream,
    Kept an ace like a poker team, Damon (Ay ay ay)
    Iws just a teen selling coke to teens Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    Took the remedy young once I learnt bout the money,
    I got stuck inside of my mind,
    Quick solutions was all I could find,
    I was earning but losing my team, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    Portobello I’m sippin on wine,
    With a beautiful Notting Hill mother of five,
    Mental muscle, the strong will survive
    That’s why I drink white rum on the Manchester drive.
    Damon Chorus
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Now your out of control,
    And the lie your living is the dead end road,
    Jimmy Jimmy,
    No need to be sad
    When they play your song, we get along.
    Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    AJ Tracey Verse
    Left Electric and headed to Soho now
    I’m in the box I had way too much Yak
    Hate the front so we’re sat at the back
    With a girl from Iran with the peachiest back, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    I love me a spliff, but I’ve gotta keep it a stack,
    The females around me are crack,
    Got me wired I ain’t coming back to reality
    I bleed it out on the track, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    I did things that I swear I won’t tell, Damon (There’s pressure, ay ay ay)
    I crawled outta Grove, got redemption from hell,
    Love and hate are like Kenan and Kel,
    I broke outta my cage now my friends in a cell, Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    Life is for living, I love me some shillings, Damon (There’s pressure, ay ay ay)
    But God willing people love me for my skilling,
    Went from sitting in Golbourne and billin,
    To Brit awards billing, thank God now I’m chillin Damon (Jimmy Jimmy)
    Damon (There’s pressure)
    Pressure on you
    Whatcha gunna do?
    Damon Chorus
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Theres pressure on you
    Life ain’t feeling how it used you
    Jimmy Jimmy
    No need to be sad
    When they play your song, we get along
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Ah, ah, ah, Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy
    Ah, ah, ah,
    Jimmy Jimmy

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    1. Honey

      Fun fact: AJ Tracey already made a song with Gorillaz, he was one of the kids singing in Dirty Harry

      1. That Warlock

        @LaneyStudios5 where interview

      2. tuchesuavae

        Wow, really?

      3. Arturo Badia

        aint no way

      4. Jak R


      5. Diana Rieser


    2. Jetzael Abraham 50_ Guzmán López

      Amo Gorillaz 🛐🛐

      1. Victor

        amamos ‼️‼️

      2. DC_Kamehameha

        I have an amazing story I'd love for you guys to hear about. One day I was driving home. All the sudden the Lord came to me in Spirit and there was no denying it. I knew if I asked him to play any song on the radio he would, so I said "ok Lord play "Come as you are by nirvana". I turned on my radio, turned up the volume, and the song started playing right there on the spot, so perfectly. I started getting flooded on the inside by the Holy Spirit, like a waterfall of chills. He stayed with me the whole ride home, til I got outta the car. It was Jesus. Had me cryin like a little kid.

      3. Bronze

        Eae BR

      4. ZUZUMI!


      5. El_uxdeeefre



      I just became a Gorillaz fan a few days ago. All my life, I've only been a fan of Feel Good Inc and Clint Eastwood but I decided to give their other songs a try and now I'm obsessed. I love the trippy lore and the variety in their songs!

      1. Tesla Marley King X

        How did you survive this long?

      2. giraffë

        thank god, you're going to love them

      3. Facu Manuel

        Even if many people won't give enough credit to it, listen to Humanz because it's a wonderful album altough many fans don't like it that much. Each album has it's own essence without stop being Gorillaz. And also, go see em live when you have the opportunity, because it's life changer.

      4. Mannic Mannix


      5. Jake Whitley

        Bout time

    4. Sierra Whitaker

      I’m loving this song!! It’s taking me back to old school Gorillaz

      1. Hidde Langhout

        @HardcoreRex 04 i dont really think that de ja vu really feels like old school gorillaz

      2. The Doggo's Gaming TM

        Thosh Dude

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    5. ElyOtto

      this is cool

      1. L.B Murky

        Thank you Ely very cool

      2. Hi 👋

        I agree

      3. Franz Bayer

        Omg! Ely Otto! I like ur music soo! But my favourite Band is Gorillaz... 😁

      4. 2-D FACHERO

        @tortadehuevo cy

      5. tortadehuevo

        @2-D FACHERO 2d mexicano B)🇲🇽

    6. X4nyth

      Estoy súper feliz de haber sido una de las personas que escucharon esta canción desde que salió

      1. Lxveuw

        Holi cuenta secundaria me alegra encontrar el comentario 💯

      2. Gamer Forever

        Yo no al mismo tiempo pero si me gustó la canción :V

      3. aamirXD valentin

        @Canal Muerto xd si

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      5. Frog Frenzy 5

        que hipster con una cancion que apenas tiene dos semanas

    7. Craig

      Best song in the EP. I'm really happy that AJ Tracey is getting more attention

      1. Bing qi ling

        Aj tracey has songs with over 10M veiws this has 400k I don’t think it gave him that much recognition

      2. MR Claw

        did you know aj tracy was one of the kids in the choir in the 2005 dirty harry live performance

      3. вероничка


      4. вероничка

        ep? Европа!

    8. Mookie Bear

      Gorillaz has always been my favorite band. Especially ever since my grandpa passed. It was one of his favorite bands before he died. So gorillaz just has a really strong connection to me

      1. Joseph Pinon

        My cousin blessed me with the Clint Eastwood single a couple years before he left to Iraq and passed a few years later back home. I never stopped listing to them and followed them ever since. Seen them live and heard David play Clint Eastwood last and I was brought to tears. A total full circle moment.

      2. srkuwait

        You sure had one funky and fabulous Grandpa. God bless and ma0y his rest in peace.

      3. sunny

        @kikosawa why do you have to be disrespectful? it’s just like to respect them

      4. Juliana Jimenez

        Your grandpa sounds fuccin dope!

    9. A1OR1

      Es muy agradable ver comentarios en español, la comunidad es la mejor de todas y sus canciones una tremenda joya 💎

      1. Isaac Ramirez


      2. Стасян

        Ага прям согласен

      3. safinhh

        damn i love this new translate feature that youtube introduced now its so easy to understand convos

      4. 👁 Shrek 👁

        @Poseidonn ñ

      5. Stephanie Arce

        @Poseidonn speak spanish , la musica de gorillaz es para todos

    10. antony

      cada temazo de ésta banda es un me gusta instantáneo

      1. Fernando Augusto Ramirez

        y falta el ft con bad bunny, va a estar tremendo, talento de gorillaz con el flow del puertoriqueño faaaa

      2. projektposting


      3. Pablo Escobart

        Al 100

      4. Damon Albarn

        Sounds like "Tomorrow comes to day" remixed with "Slow country"

    11. Jair Marroquin

      Excelente video Gorillaz, se siente muy bien esa vibra, da un toque tipo al género del reggae.👌😎

    12. Sack

      Se convirtió en una de mis canciones favoritas

      1. Martin Cardiles Martinez

        esta y deja vu son lo mejor que he escuchado del añoo :)

      2. Bellz

        Yo tambien 2-D perro

      3. Noodle Dancing different songs

        @2-D FACHERO sis

      4. 2-D FACHERO

        tudi chems

      5. Noodle Dancing different songs

        Linda foto XD

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      Gorillaz mi religión 🛐

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      Gorillaz por siempre 💙

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        GORILLAZ POR SIEMPRE 👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Ryder

        gorillaz forever 💙

    15. frida berg

      I just love this sound, been listening to gorillaz since i was like 12 years old.. now im 31.. this is just. Wow.. love it

    16. Gaby

      Gorillaz siempre alegrándome el día🎶

      1. Gerardo Rodríguez

        Jajaja si =~=

    17. AbolasChaneel

      Acabo de acabar la canción y es simplemente buena,no,es un rolon

      1. dlr.

        @𝔎𝔦𝑦𝔬𝔰𝔥𝔦 💉 redundante y confusa

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        Acába de terminar 😎

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        Tu redacción, es algo complicada jshdjs

    18. Allison Noh

      las canciones de gorillaz son las mejores💗

      1. 2-D español

        Aries digo digo Asies

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      Gorillaz tiene la facultad de hacer que sus canciones sean mejores cada vez que las escuchas

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        @dlr. ufff loco malditos bots

      2. Lemonblood lml

        @Mario Jiménez No.

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    20. Poseidonn

      I've literally had this song in my spotify playlist for ages now. One of your best songs in my opinion

    21. 話Perséfone

      A melhor banda, nunca me decepciona🛐

      1. Canal do Miojo

        eu amo essa banda , minha banda preferida de todas , quero muito ir no show deles q vai ter aq em SP ano q vem só q minha mãe nn deixa eu ir sozinho , aí fica foda , preciso achar alguém pra ir cmg

      2. 2-D FACHERO


      3. Roxas :)


    22. 2-D


    23. Pastelito¡!

      Todos amamos a Gorillaz 🛐✨ Es cada like, regreso en un año aver cuántos amamos a Gorillaz 🥺 👇🏻

      1. X4nyth

        I know your damn trick HAHAHA

    24. Radiez X

      Épico 🇲🇽

    25. 2-D español

      Hermoso 💕💕💕 amo Gorillaz, Saludos desde España

    26. Hairy Moppins

      It's so cool seeing drill and grime artists in such a different yet still so amazing perspective

    27. duda

      eu amo viver pra escutar gorillaz

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        Tmj :)

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        omg umibe no stranger pfp

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        Kkkkk que ridículo

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      Amazing 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    29. Amr Elmaghraby

      Jimmy, Jimmy This pressure on you, a life ain't feelin' how it used to Jimmy, Jimmy No need to be sad, when they play your song, we get along I been searchin', lookin' for a permanent reason Out of sync with the seasons, not sure what I believe in And a burden, why is bein' loved so appealin'? Can't conform I'm alone We're all just lost without meanin' (Jimmy, Jimmy) Just a boy from the West, I'm born and bred We coulda been rich, was poor instead My evenings are blue, all my mornings red I had to make scores from gents (Jimmy, Jimmy) I salute all my local fiends They're smilin', locked in the smoker's dream Kept an ace like a poker team (ayy, ayy, ayy) Just a teen sellin' coke to fiends (Jimmy, Jimmy) I took remedy, young ones I love Got the money, I got stuck inside of my mind Quick solutions was all I could find I was earnin' but losin' my time (Jimmy, Jimmy) Portobello, I'm sippin' on wine With a beautiful Nottin' Hill mother of five Mental muscle, the strong will survive That's why I drink white rum on the Manchester Drive Jimmy, Jimmy Now you're out of control and the lie you're livin' is a dead-end road Jimmy, Jimmy No need to be sad, when they play your song, we'll get along Jimmy, Jimmy Left electric and headed to SoHo Now I'm in the box, I had way too much yak Hate the front so I sat at the back With a girl from Iran and the peachiest back (Jimmy, Jimmy) Love me a spliff, but I gotta keep it a stack The females around me are crack Got me wired, I ain't comin' back to reality I bleed it out in the track (Jimmy, Jimmy) Did some things that I swear I won't tell I called out (?) got redemption from Hell Love and hate are like Kenan and Kel I broke up my kis, now my friends in the cell (Jimmy, Jimmy) Life is for livin', I love me some shillings But God willin', people love me for my skillin' Went from sittin' in gold and when I'm billing To airports, no billing, thank God, now I'm chillin' Jimmy, Jimmy This pressure Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy This pressure on you, a life ain't feelin' how it used to Jimmy, Jimmy No need to be sad, when they play your song, we'll get along Jimmy, Jimmy Woo Jimmy, Jimmy Whoa, whoa Jimmy, Jimmy Whoa, whoa Jimmy, Jimmy

    30. sndawihc

      Favourite song in the album by far, absolute vibe, tells a really good story, I love it!

    31. Higor cardoso

      Primeira vez ouvindo hein vamos ver kkk até agora o som tá pesado, gosteiiii

    32. life of yayo

      La parte de la armónica me. Recuerda al antiguo gorillaz 😱😍

      1. 2-D español

        A mi me recuerda a canciones como tomorrow comes today, Clint Eastwood,

    33. Nic0_fanart


      1. 2-D español

        Lo mejor !!! 👌❤️❤️❤️

      2. Nic0_fanart

        @A si

      3. Bellz

        casi todos los comentarios son en español ._.

      4. A


      5. A

        no, la neta no, de hecho es el comentario 10 que veo en español, y hay mas

    34. Corvus 22

      Que hermoso comenzar el día con esta canción ❤

    35. ANS NEWS

      Es normal que ame tanto está banda?😁🙏

      1. 2-D español

        Muy normal tío bastante normal!!! 👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    36. 🔧JOSHUA🔧

      😍😍 que hermosa canción 💞


      Amo esta canción Cómo amo a Gorillaz :>✨✨✨


        @Angela Natalia xd Cada quien sus gustos

      2. 2-D español

        X2 Gorillaz es el mejor 👌❤️❤️❤️❤️

    38. MarsMole 34

      I saw this live at the free concert for the nhs at the o2 in august. Think it was there first concert back for about 2 years. This song was a banger. Love it

      1. C Cannea

        They played december last year, but not for a crowd and it was streamed

    39. pacha lo aprueba

      Tremenda rola como siempre de lo bueno 🤑🔥💥

    40. Togg Tlas

      "We coulda been rich, was poor instead" Everyone felt that 😞

    41. MidnightGorillaz


      1. MagnaCali


    42. Sunfløwer bøy

      Gracias por tanto Gorillaz🛐🛐

    43. Dmitriy Shabaev

      Отличный трек, который действительно похож на тех Гориллаз, в которых я влюбился!

      1. Sergey Mcrtchan

        А горилы вообще не промахнулась нигде.суперрр!

      2. линейка


      3. Стасян

        @Macho da testa branca всецело солидарен

    44. Nancy Nogales

      Los amo mucho me encanta su música

    45. Rosemary Lezcano

      I am grateful to have met Gorillaz 🥺 Me alegran mucho sus canciones 😄❤️ 🛐

    46. Lorena Rahal


      1. idk


    47. ka cuak

      Sus canciones siempre me suben el autoestima 🛐

    48. Brisa Chi

      Los amo

    49. nia p

      gorillaz always has a song for every mood love these dudes :D

    50. Nicky B

      God I love this collab so much, the ep is looking fire right now boys!

    51. ꜱᴇɴᴊᴜ ᴋᴀᴡᴀʀᴀɢɪ

      I love this work of song thank you so much for giving us great songs many hits

    52. Sergio Ojeda

      Siento que actualmente es muy easy participar con Gorillaz - algun dia - se vale soñar !

      1. Sergio Ojeda

        @fine line jaja tal cual , incluso llegar a presenciar un Gorillaz ft Los Tigres del Norte , algo bien loco jaja

      2. fine line

        Jaja Si,colaboran tanto que capaz todos tengamos la oportunidad de colaborar.

    53. DarTex

      Amo esta canción!

    54. Jaime Gustavo Rosales Rodríguez

      Gorillaz es lo mejor :)

      1. Jaime Gustavo Rosales Rodríguez

        @Stephanie Alayah te falta mucha atención,suerte :)

    55. Dylan Eduardo Flores Ramirez

      I love you Gorillaz 🛐, I love their songs, all of them cracks 😎👐

    56. Ines Fernanda Narvaez Choque

      Perfect song✨✨

    57. m¿?#**%:^@p

      Ya dos semanas y la sigo escuchando 😩 es adictiva

    58. Nahuel Mastrícola

      I love Gorillaz

    59. Grim Blackwall

      Love that they made this basically a song for AJ, even the video is just him.

    60. EDDOTO

      Desde el 2011 siguiendolos, los amo!!!

    61. Efe Nohara

      Los mejores, GORILLAZ 🖤🚀


      Lo mejor Por Siempre GORILLAZ ***** SALUDOS BRAVO JONNY ,"

    63. Florin Schubert

      I Love the Gorillaz since 20 years ❤

    64. Mariana Castro

      ahhh por fin el videoclip chicos de verdad los amo

    65. purpleguy

      I love your videos

    66. Carson Gaetz

      This is still my favourite song from the new album

    67. diupterLOL

      Aquí escuchando cada video de mi banda favorita gorillaz

    68. Brenda Lu. Zarate

      Por fin un tema nuevo 👏👏👏

    69. Matrix

      Good job, guys. Through the years we've all struggles in what reality is... It's what we make. ♥ Love and peace from MATRIX

    70. Floofers

      I've been listening to this song on repeat a looooot since this came out, I love every lil detail in it

    71. The Real Alpha Reign

      lovedddddddddd this , brings back memories of the good ol days ♥️

    72. abril flores

      I LOVE IT!

    73. elZetro

      ando en recreo pa escuchar esta joya

    74. Violeta Kein

      ✨Mamá me dió la vida Gorillaz ganas de vivirla :): ✨

      1. Bellz

        La frase de mi vida

      2. 2-D FACHERO

        O que buena frase anotala Mario Hugo

      3. Ryder

        dios maravillosa frase

    75. Rafael Quintino

      Olha só... vim aq ouvir uma clássica e dei de cara com uma q saiu do forno a 4 hrs... ❤

    76. yukii

      Muito bom ❤🇧🇷

    77. Moonlight Cinnamon

      ого вау, это очень классно 😍🔥

    78. David Hammonds

      U guys are so talented , different and unique ! Every song is extrordinary and has a special meaning to it ! XxX

    79. kolja at

      Это Шикарно.