Gorillaz - Humility (Commentary Edition)



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    Join Murdoc Niccals in re-living Humility, a video he doesn't even feature in!
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    1. Kiro Nemi

      The voice actor for Murdoc must be having hella fun doing this stuff! Always enjoy seeing these.

      1. Génesis ^^

        It's true

      2. Jmpsthrufyre · 665 years ago

        @M Coats yep. He did it while he was in court.

      3. obsessed and possessed

        @MixyTape why

      4. MixyTape

        @obsessed and possessed no

      5. Gary Pearce

        Pretty sure it's the excellent Malcolm McDowell

    2. tori

      was kinda expecting murdoc to be pretty angry in this video, bitter about his situation at the time but he’s surprisingly pleasant in this. time has softened him and I’m honestly really happy about it

      1. David Turner

        @Afsara Mehrin you're insane lol

      2. David Turner

        He has not softened lol.

      3. Afsara Mehrin

        @Diavolo’s teddy never tell an Aries woman to "calm down" !!! I said I needed to say 🤫 MANY OF YOU WON'T ACCEPT THE TRUTH : ACE WILL NEVER COME BACK INTO THE BAND ! and that's the end of the story 🙏🏻

      4. Diavolo’s teddy

        @Afsara Mehrin girl calm down nobody said it wasn’t a temporary replacement and the person u replied to isn’t even clinging onto ace??

    3. Marsh Karsh

      Please someone tell me i'm not the only one who at the "dosen't he look happy?" Instantly thinked "yeah that's because you weren't there Murdoc"

      1. Afsara Mehrin

        @DixieMixie Okay. Enough with the essay ! 🤚🏻 I don't have the time to read your bs. Don't. EVERRRRR... keep one G fan away from having her opinion ! 🤫 I SAID WHAT I HAD TO SAY, don't try to change my mind with your usual, "2-D was happy during phase 5" and " Murdoc should've stayed back in jail" type of nonsense. Wake up ! It's not 2018 anymore... all 4 of the animated band members themselves have moved on from that tough period. 2-D realized his mistakes and Murdoc's personality has improved. Do this fandom a favour and watch the MV of The Lost Chord over a billion times !!!! 🙏🏻

      2. DixieMixie

        @Afsara Mehrin I can't tell if you're being intentionally cringe or not but if you're just trolling then this has been pretty funny to read lol but 2D wasn't possessed and he in fact was a lot happier when Murdoch left for jail. That doesn't mean the rest of the band was happy but 2D was free from the abuse Murdoch would inflict on him. Even Murdoch realized that he was a burden to 2D. Once 2D finally grew into his role as the leader of the band Murdoch felt guilt for what he's done the past 20 years, hence the MV for Dèsolè. 2D has an 8 ball fracture in both his eyes, which is why his eyes are black to begin with. This means when his eyes clear up they can still become quickly filled with blood if he experiences any kind of trauma to the head. I don't know why Russel trips 2D tbh, I always thought it was kinda random until I considered it as a story telling device. 2D falling and his eyes quickly becoming black again (as well as him now being unbalanced and falling over after his eyes turn black is an indication that he's partially blind again) basically proves to us something that we've already known, that 2D was subject to frequent blunt force trauma to his head, hence why his eyes were always black. Now that Murdoch is gone and his eyes are white, also coupled with the fact we see Murdoch hit 2D in the head multiple times and 2Ds attitude to Murdoch (even if it was just a dream) in the Do Ya Thing MV, it's only natural to assume that Murdoch was physically abusive to 2D. With Murdoch gone 2D is in a much better place and if very clearly happier. In a way you can say Murdoch has been gone for a while, even though he's back from jail he's a much different and far more remorseful person.

      3. Iggys World gameplay gamer🇺🇦“IWGPG”

        @Afsara Mehrin which was your favorite 1

    4. SkyronTheKid

      Nice to see that Murdoc and Ace still keep in touch even if it’s when either of them are in questionable situations.

      1. Molly McDade

        I like how Ace is black pill. Really hilarious character development.

      2. A User

        @Radioactive Walrus I'm wondering if it's a reference to everything going on with Learning With Pibby? The glitch has been referred to as the darkness before!

      3. Radioactive Walrus

        I found out yesterday that similarly to the Gorillaz cameo in the newspaper clipping, Aqua teen hunger force appears in the background of the Powerpuff Girls movie. (and I mean WAY in the background.) so if we really wanna stretch our suspension of disbelief, aqua teen hunger force, Gorillaz, and the Powerpuff Girls belong to the same cartoon universe. (I am also using the fact that Clint Eastwood played on adult swim when it came out as circumstantial evidence.) I don’t blame Ace for dreading the endtimes. It’s a freaky world he lives in.

      4. A1


      5. Potato Patato

        Green guys gotta stick together. They also do Holiday gift-swapping with The Grinch.

    5. Juan Q

      As much as I love Murdoc. I wish the rest of the band could would commentate on a song

      1. Klock Music Official

        @Karan Veer Cheema in the story its not just he was enjoying life, he was just being a huge knobhead. even noodle thought he was possessed by a demon

      2. Mr. Night

        We don't get enough voice lines from Russ or Noodle. They need their own commentary video, like wtf.

      3. ellukitaa__

        because the next album is about him, our king murdoc

      4. _milk.woosh_

        @Escrude G his eyes have stayed white though so I don’t think that’s it. Plu you’re acting if it’s a fact, always state that it’s a theory before putting it out there

      5. starry bones

        @ACID BONSAI I don't really know how. But that's what Murdoc said so I guess it's true

    6. KageKaiser

      Ace went from a youth street gang to temporary bass player to getting ready for a war. I don't know how to rate this character development.

      1. liv ♡

        @TableFruitSpecified hope it’s in his biography

      2. Shoeless Bandit

        @TableFruitSpecified there's actually a straight pipeline on how that would work. Probably how I'd turn out in that situation

      3. Autumn Dockery

        12/10 obviously xD

      4. TableFruitSpecified

        Child Actor to Bass Player to Doomsday Prepper: Ace's History

      5. Harry Stikers

        @Death Omen Oh wait that's really neat

    7. Babou

      *"In your highest moments, that's when the devil comes for you. 2D, meet humility."* holy shit that is such a banger quote

      1. Link Studios

        It’s what Denzel Washington told Will Smith during the Oscars if I remember well

      2. Molly McDade

        Whom Murdoc stoutly refuses to make acquaintance with...

      3. viimayhem

        bro new screensaver omg

      4. Puri Puri

        I hope the bunch of fans calling Russ "4buser" get the main message of *HUMILITY* now that Murdoc said it clearly 🙃🙂🙃

    8. Mr. Misty-eyed

      I love how it's now canon that Ace is just patiently waiting in the desert with a ton of rations

      1. A1


      2. MuertaNox

        He was quite ready for 2020, wasn't he?

      3. Dani Lynn

        He'll be ready for when the Graboids come.

    9. avylol08

      Omg the power Murdoc holds above 2D is immensely noticeable in this commentary 😂

      1. Tori

        @-LemonCherries- He actually committed all those crimes (mostly), but he’s not real

      2. Afsara Mehrin

        @avylol08 good !!! you better !!!

      3. avylol08

        Omfg people stop fighting on my comment or I'll just fuckin delete it

      4. Bartender_Billy

        @Afsara Mehrin 🤐🤐🤐

      5. Afsara Mehrin

        @Bartender_Billy 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    10. LPSgal10

      “Two legends from different eras coming together as one. It’s what Gorillaz do.” What a beautiful and poignant line, feels like the most important part and all of the heart of these commentaries

    11. SayHeySimon

      I LOVE how the Gorillaz bring everyone together! Ace, Jack Black, Bruce Willis, Andre 3000, Snoop Dogg and even Elton John (just to name a few of them)

      1. A1


      2. GiantLobsterBoy

        It's a paycheck.

      3. Yago S

        @Killer Orca “Two legends from different eras coming together as one. It’s what Gorillaz do.”

      4. Killer Orca

        And Murdoc doesnt even mention ANY of them.

    12. Circus Bot

      As soon as I was thinking when they would do a Humility commentary, this comes out. Thank you all 🙏 Also: I’m so happy that new Ace lore came out! I hope he is alright in the desert!

      1. SuperSilverFan 225

        @Lee Phillips well of course there is that and them destroying something or going back into time

      2. Lee Phillips

        I think with the Gorrilaz there's always some kind of apocalyptic event they're ignoring.

      3. SuperSilverFan 225

        @Circus Bot never heard of it is it a sequel to Dirty Harry lmao

      4. Circus Bot

        @SuperSilverFan 225 the whole desert thing!!

      5. Xaria Howard

        New ace lore!!!

    13. Clod

      really hope this 'endless dark' Ace is waiting for happens soon cuz I need more content of him with Gorillaz ASAP

      1. Clod

        @Semaj Jarrett trust me, the only thing that's dead will be the rabid Murdoc fans on the inside when Ace comes back to replace him again lol

      2. Semaj Jarrett

        Endless dark? Baby I think Ace is dead lmao

      3. Afsara Mehrin


      4. MartyInVelvet


      5. Quinn

        we neeed the lorree

    14. FeelGreatInc

      I’m obsessed with murdoc and his voice I absolutely love these commentary videos

      1. Murdoc

        Wow i found ur youtube am I pro now

      2. Rocío Rincón


      3. FeelGreatInc

        @Natalie Warndorff I love you too bro

      4. Natalie Warndorff

        no one asked

      5. FeelGreatInc


    15. Mayra julieta Camarillo

      It's a very well done video like all of them, great Gorillaz

      1. Cheesepuff8

        Yeah I'm kinda suprised how funny, witty and lore freindly they are, but I guess I shouldn't be

      2. Ayoto 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/lpd8o2t9dK6BZK8.html Finally its here

    16. puggy cheese

      The animation in this is so smooth!

      1. Ayoto 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/lpd8o2t9dK6BZK8.html Finally its here

    17. Eli Ott

      Humility is one of my favorite singles from my favorite album, very much adore this commentary. Glad to hear 2D was fine after tripping, I remember being legit worried over him irl after that lmao... ah, 2018 Gorillaz fandom, where the lore felt like it mattered way more than it actually does. Good times!

      1. Afsara Mehrin

        2018 ?? "Good times" ?? More like ... horrible times !!! 👎🏻 the Gorillaz lore back then was completely messed up ! 🤢 It wasn't until 2020 until things in the Gorillaz lore started coming back to normal 🤷🏻‍♀️

      2. E J

        I joined the fandom in 2018 so phase 5 is super nostalgic to me as it's the first phase I got to experience live. The Now Now is my favourite album too, it's so soft and dreamlike but melancholic at the same time.

      3. William George

        Welcome to the very lonely club who count The Now Now as one of their favorites.

    18. Rodolfo Villanueva Pérez

      🎧🎵🎶 The humidity is a gift, greetings gorillaz

      1. Tori

        @RyannIsAGirl Same girl 😹😹😹

      2. Puri Puri

        Please, don't edit the initial comment 😂🙏🏻

      3. Hanako San

        Being in the desert, Ace would certainly agree.

      4. Rodolfo Villanueva Pérez

        @Natalia Noyola Cruz 👍🏻

    19. ⚡ SwagrIlly 🍊

      I love how Murdoc was actually appreciating 2D in this. Even tho Murdoc was in jail at the time of the video, he still cares about 2D years later Now tht is character improvement/development ppl

    20. Lore -Chan

      Reminder that Murdoc has these "tiny shorts" framed with a gold frame in his winnebago 😌

      1. Lore -Chan

        @Вы напугали деда AR tour in the winnebago for the fred Perry collab

      2. Вы напугали деда

        @Lore -Chan I wanted to know what video I was talking about.

      3. Вы напугали деда

        @Lore -Chan Excuse me 😅

      4. Lore -Chan

        @Вы напугали деда i dont speak russian 😭😭

      5. Вы напугали деда

        @Lore -Chan а как называется видео?

    21. Caamz

      damn this really is Gorillaz Humility (Commentary Edition)

      1. SomeDigustingRat


      2. m

        so true

      3. Desmond

        zoomer humor

    22. Elsie Nova

      The Ace being in the desert doing weird shit might be a ref to Fusionfall. Fusionall was an MMO in the cartoon network universe and Ace was basically one of the ones that prepared for the apocalypse in the game until he ran into Buttercup.

    23. ka mcha

      This confirms the common analysis of the video. 2D was becoming overconfident when Murdoc was in jail, and Russ helped him get down to earth. + the eye color change because of head injury

      1. ka mcha

        @sibononon the song is called "humility", and all the main cast (except Russel's who's usually the down to earth member) are being cocky, Noodles cheats at chess, 2D is overzealous, Ace is the same punk as usual, and Jack Black keeps getting on screen to show off, even though he's not the one playing the guitar part

      2. sibononon

        I’m actually pretty sure Russ tripped him because he and Noodle thought he was possessed because he was being so out of character

      3. Gabbi

        I don't understand how he was 'over confident.' How often does the guy get to be happy and away from abuse?

    24. DeftestAphid2

      Fans: "2D looks so happy!" Murdoc: "Not for long..."

      1. Hanako San

        The future is coming on

    25. Camila

      "Gorillaz" nunca conoci una banda tan buena sus canciones me encantan 😏

      1. Alan365


    26. thePredman#9 lol

      I love the ending lines! they're surprisingly poignant for someone like Murdoc... And then of course his asshole side seeps through.

      1. leon4000

        @Afsara Mehrin Let's not forget he's been kicking 2d down from time to time. He can't say he didn't see this coming. He is the frontman of the band, but he expects too little from 2d to not even attempt to do this once Murdoc was jailed.

      2. Puri Puri

        @Afsara Mehrin How can we know that you are not a Murdoc’s fake account? 👀👀👀👀

      3. Киля Сибиряк

        @Afsara Mehrin well the only person that believes in leadership of Murdoc is Murdoc himself

    27. Short Fuse

      This part could have been really interesting if they decided to stick with a consistent story

      1. chummunism

        @Soba ppg is a show in the gorillaz verse that ace was a child actor in. So i dont think HIM is an actual villain but just a character

      2. Short Fuse

        @Gabbi still, they wasted that crossover opportunity to have an interesting story. This phase had the least thought put into its lore

      3. Gabbi

        @Short Fuse it's... literally an Easter egg to the PPG lmao

      4. Starry Bean

        @Short Fuse who knows? We don’t know if it was just there or random artwork where they filmed or if they actually planned it

      5. Soba

        @Short Fuse what if the him was referring to him from the Powerpuff girls since Ace is from the Powerpuff girls

    28. Z Maleki

      The biggest favor watchmojo did for me was introducing this awesome band to me lol. This song was in one of their top ten lists and I'm so glad I watched it and discovered gorillaz.

    29. Indisarray

      He commented on everything I hoped he'd comment on; the shorts, JB, GB, the trip, and Ace 😂

      1. Puri Puri

        @Afsara Mehrin If by problem you mean "the most epic touch", then yes ✨🩲✨

      2. Afsara Mehrin

        Those shorts were the biggest problem in the MV tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️

      3. Indisarray

        @The_weird_world 97 the legend George Benson!

    30. scapolite

      favourite music video. and i feel like one of the only people who likes this song when comparing it to others

      1. scapolite

        @Caamz no problem, gonna edit the comment to make it readable

      2. Caamz

        @scapolite sorry, misread it

      3. scapolite

        @ayoyougood exactly I feel like the chill gorillaz songs are some of the best

      4. ayoyougood

        LITERALLY SAME!! it’s the perfect chill song and the vid just has great vibes

      5. AlphariusOmegon

        False I like this music video and it in my top 5

    31. 🥑Avacado🥑

      🎶🎵 your animations are always so smooth and your songs are STUNNING! Thank you for your hard work

    32. Hannah_PePpErMiNtTeA

      Absolutely loved it! I was waiting a long time for Murdocs reaction to the humility vid. Also nice to finally hear that Ace is still in touch with them too. Im wondering if this is the last one or will there be a video for songs machine cause theyve made 1 reaction video for each of the main albums 🤔🤘

    33. Dokka Chapman

      This is up there as one of my all time favourite Gorillaz music vids (along with 'DoYaThing') as it's just the band enjoying a day out at the beach. :)

    34. Google User

      I wish Murdoc still did his weird noises 😔

    35. 2-D español

      a good song to start the summer, I'll use it as an alarm

      1. 2-D español

        @Tanja B good good

      2. Tanja B

        I'm using it as my Ringtone :)

    36. Ashe UwU


      1. AprilTheSimmer

        Happy birthday! :)

      2. Wife of Modeus 💕

        happy birthday!

      3. Squidbabbyy


      4. kavaler

        well happy birthday

      5. Meowz


    37. Jt plays

      Sounds like ace is preparing for the day the live action powerpuff girls show comes out

    38. Double D

      I was hoping Murdoc mentioned something about "Him" since he knows Ace, and Ace knows exactly who Him is... since I believe Ace once interacted with him before in the early CN show Powerpuff girls. My point is Murdoc gave his soul to "him" probably..because Murdoc has been to the underworld before.

      1. Puri Puri

        Well, isn't Him technically Satan? so Murdoc talks about Him from time to time already lol

      2. Elizabeth De la cruz


      3. Birdy 1999

        They only have the rights of Ace...

    39. Schoko Gun

      I love those videos so so much. Hearing Murdocs voice gives me chills.

    40. beans.

      Watching this after getting four teeth removed has revived me. My mouth is still numb though.

      1. yea i'm not cool

        I had 4 teeth removed as well but on different days so I wouldn't be crying my eyes out. Didn't feel much pain afterwards but it still hurt

      2. g

        @Google User a spoko zajebiście

      3. Google User

        @g Przepraszam, nie mówię po polsku. Tylko ta piosenka i ta wyjaśniająca to fraza.

      4. g

        @Google User o kurwa stary ty z polski??

      5. Google User

        @g co?

    41. Not Famous

      I always loved the switch of color for the eyes at the end, representing 2D’s change of mood

    42. Paige Eden

      "In your highest moments, that's when the Devil comes for you." Great quote!

    43. Devil Dust


    44. / sumg /

      This is my first time watching a Commentary video for my favorite Gorlliaz song :) It’s really good! :D

    45. Pluto

      Genuinely hope they cover The Last Chord in this series, I want Murdoc’s commentary on 2D saving him

    46. Mr. Night

      I would expect 2D to do this commentary, he needs one. This is HIS song, it would be nice look back on a fond time.

    47. RoKeichi

      Humility is one of my all time favourite Gorillaz song, glad there's a commentary now !

    48. ChxrryKxt

      i enjoy these so much, just hearing my favorite songs in the background while murdoc talks just boosts my mood :D

    49. S D

      Humility is one of my favorite songs, and I was happy to watch Murdochs review of it. Please do keep them coming!

    50. Rabbit_ Anon

      I love this series way more then I thought I would.

    51. Camil0


    52. Alessandro Andrew Playlists

      '' that's my job'' damn that is so murdoc, every time i hear humility it makes me want to know how to skate :(

    53. Jesse Gómez

      Que Gorillaz sea eterno

    54. 8-Bit

      Ahhh!! I'm so happy they posted a vid today!! My day was terrible and this made it so much better

    55. TokimoSoda

      The animation in this is so smooth !

    56. Jabile Eric

      Am I the only one who wants to see Murdoc and Ace do some kind of project?

    57. go away

      it must be so fun to voice someone in a virtual band omg its my dream

    58. drdewey19

      2d's walk cycle is just so smooth in this music video

      1. scapolite


    59. Nadia Calle

      Me encanta esta canción

    60. Ghostgirl 708

      We love it hearing about where Ace is right now, hopefully he doing well!

    61. Alejandro Pozo

      Genial!!! LE ATINE!!!! La vez anterior dije que podría este ser el siguiente y se cumplió!!! Me siento Nostradamus!!!!

    62. Heppy Bumpkin

      This song came out the day I was heart-broken... I listened to it on repeat for a LONG time, it helped me so much. "Humility" has a special place in my heart and the album has a special place on my shelf.

    63. Hesh Cat

      I love how Murdoc will always be afraid of Noodle

    64. StrangerOman

      Its such a great hit, the vibes were amazing. Good times.

    65. Big Private Dick Chinchilla

      Having Jack Black in the music video made it even more cooler than it was. That and Ace!

    66. OtakuTrash

      I love Murdoc has provided us with a little bit of Powerpuff Girls lore, fantastic!

    67. Dara Okie

      Yessss! Omg this is my favorite gorillaz song! Can't wait to see what the next commentary is

    68. johnathan del rio

      That’s a deep quote. “At your highest moments, that’s when the devil comes for you”

    69. 🐸Froggy Noodle🍜

      It’s actually nice that Murdoc and Ace keep in touch tbh 😼

    70. Millie Wilson

      THEY DID IT THEY DID YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! I have been waiting for a Humility commentary and it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. David

      This is one of those bands that you can tell just like music, just by listening to their albums.

    72. MaxGorillazFan

      I hope to see more commentary’s like this! Maybe one of 19-2000?

    73. Doink

      From what I could tell Noodle's move *definitely* was legal but the better question is how did the board end up like that to begin with

    74. L st My L tt rs

      Hahaha! I love Gorillaz so much for the storytelling they do outside the music! 2D was abused by Murdoc, the guy literally ran him over and blinded him. He was having a renaissance because Murdoc was in jail, who wouldn't be happy to be away from abuse? Russell tripped 2D because Russell was upset that they were making music and continuing on without Murdoc. And Ace! To bring a random side villain from a kid's show and have him become a bassist was stunning! And the music itself was different! More upbeat and positive, as if what's happening to Gorrilaz in their own world is affecting their music. It's brilliant.

    75. Plastic Demon

      Do find it funny that Murdoc is commentating a video he doesn't star in but would maybe like a 2-D commentary for Tranz

      1. Plastic Demon

        Nvm, apparently, there won't be anymore commentaries

    76. Ernesto Alvarez

      Una de mis favoritas 😎

    77. RatBones

      Ok but are we gonna talk about what Murdoc said about Ace? What is the “endless dark”?

    78. Angry kid

      This is so funny and #freemurdoc

      1. Chv Mtz

        @shiingujikorekiyo~☆ nice i'll take two to go

      2. shiingujikorekiyo~☆

        He's free lol

      3. Jay-Dawg


    79. PendragonXT

      I like how calm Murdoc is now. His stint in prison must’ve really caused him to think a lot about his past actions.

    80. Hanako San

      I know that years later, in a long time perhaps, I will go back to these, just to listen to old Murdoc rambling again and being relatively pleasant, and I'm gonna be in tears.