Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Official Video)



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    Official HD Video for Gorillaz' fantastic track Feel Good Inc.
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    1. Luis

      20 years ahead of their time. This song could come out today and still sound new.

      1. Matt Zr

        no?????? lol

      2. Charlie Brown

        That doesn't make any sense

      3. Ramiro P

        27 years

      4. E's lego engines


      5. Michael Zamora

        @Super Kami Dende maaaaybe

    2. MagnetTaco

      This song just makes me feel... something. I don't know what. It makes me feel unsafe, but comfortable in the same way. I don't know how to describe it.

      1. OtterThanMost

        That feeling you’re describing is like… being on drugs. And I don’t mean that whimsically, like most people do. I mean it like… when you get super fucked up on drugs and you’re with sketchy people that you don’t really know and you’re in a sketchy house but you don’t give a shit because you’re high as fuck and you just hope that nothing bad happens, but it’s more of an afterthought. Because you’re high, and you feel good.

      2. EthanWasMe

        makes me feel like hope isn't a concept, it being replaced with another process... since hope is subjective i like to assume it's how aliens feel

      3. Jamie mc cartney

        It goes to show how popular the song is still to do this day though, for the reason your writing about. 500 likes in couple of days on a song that's years old shows people, including myself feel like this

      4. max poggerman

        you're quirky aren't yah? /lh

      5. MagnetTaco

        @Master Chief kind of, but a song about a company taking over the world and spreading fake happiness which is supposed to represent cheap thrills and meaningless sex making you feel good quick doesn’t really convey that sense of emotion

    3. Mark Montano

      its been 17 years and this still gives the beats and sound new

      1. Retsreinyrelgeinthrelaveriachivenironoplestivzesch

        @A powers go do your homework..

      2. StuntedSpy5 ??

        @A powers the video is 6 years old but the actual song like the audio is 17 years

      3. A powers

        It’s been only 6 years though?

      4. TiredGaming

        This song is as old as me. And i love it

      5. StuntedSpy5 ??

        @Shaiel replying back to your comment after 17 hours

    4. Fymzie

      you could tell me that this song was released in 2020 and i would still believe it, it is that timeless of a masterpiece

      1. I'm Jack

        @kaanskBG You don't say. They don't make music anymore.

      2. Sea-

        @kaanskBG You just arent looking hard enough lol.

      3. LHF Inatl

        @Ramen Analysis Also diggin' Pink Phantom. Elton John just killin' it.

      4. chrxnxmn

        Damon A ain't no joke

      5. Ramen Analysis

        @kaanskBG Cracker Island their latest song is a masterpiece imo

    5. BRUTAL TV

      I Feel Good when I listen to this song!

      1. Unoverse 致命的な影

        @Heely 😭 nah

      2. Reanna T. Arana


      3. Nie Heh


      4. Heely


      5. Heely


    6. InfamousMacias

      Anyone else have an extremely vague memory of this song from when they were little and it feels like this song has been in the back of your head for years?

      1. IMakeStuff


      2. Ex-Hay!


      3. Jennifer Quackenbush

        Not when I was “little” but when I was at the “party every weekend” age… 😎

      4. Gameroy 84


      5. Zenex HD


    7. Russmybeloved

      Es increíble como las canciones de GORILLAZ viajan a través del tiempo ❤️

      1. gael

        @Eshan. JAJAJAJAJA

      2. Ulises Diaz

        Hola comentarios en español latino

      3. Eshan.

        el pibe que nacio ayer: es broma

      4. 私は誰もいない


    8. ThatFastRunner

      No matter how many years pass, this song will always be such an absolute banger

    9. oh no

      this song makes me feel oddly ok.. but also sad? its like even though its right here in my ears feeding my brain, the space it puts me in feels so far and unobtainable at the same time.... feels like a cherished but fading dream that every blue moon pops up making you remember that its not gone and not that far outve reach...

      1. oh no

        @toast kinda like Andrews mom

      2. oh no

        @toast lol it does both

      3. Andrew Frye

        Lay off the drugs bud.

      4. toast

        why doesnt it make you feel good

    10. ÓSCAR, de la VIDA

      Esta canción marco mi infancia.

      1. el flippy gato xd (garfield mamado)

        @shouta_365 ya se

      2. shouta_365

        @el flippy gato xd (garfield mamado) nunca pensé que iba a hablar con Garfield mamado

      3. el flippy gato xd (garfield mamado)

        @shouta_365 XD

      4. shouta_365

        @el flippy gato xd (garfield mamado) piola

      5. el flippy gato xd (garfield mamado)

        @shouta_365 rroz

    11. rät child

      this song is 14 years old and still slaps. gorillaz makes absolutely timeless music

      1. hp4evr

        Now been seventeen years and this comment is still truthfully

      2. Nummy_cookie

        so do the beatles

      3. Punished Mormon

        I don't think you know what timeless means. It definitely slaps but it sounds like something that came out in the early 2000s.

      4. Real Name

        It's 17 years old and it slaps even more now

      5. Nick Gtr

        Literally 2022 and the stuff still smacks

    12. Eli Si

      Até hoje é a melhor música do Gorillaz pra mim.

      1. The Empty

        Pra mim é Tomorrow comes today

      2. animes_edits_2881

        E mesmo pessoal e foda mesmo

      3. Ray Perez


    13. Lena

      I remember this song came out when I was nearly done with elementary school. My dad played it all the time, he was really good at rapping :) and I would sing the chorus. I remember seeing the music video for the first time, and the flying windmill in the clouds came on the screen, and it was just amazing. It felt so surreal. My memories of seeing it for the first time are hazy like a dream, but I remember I was amazed Edit: I also remember it took me forever to realize they were characters. I mean I knew they were animated, but I thought they were animations of the real life band members.

      1. 3H Crew

        what a beautiful memory bro

      2. -Millie The Baked Potato-

        That sounds like such a great experience with this song, it must have been a core memory 👌

      3. Saul goodman

        @FartMcFartect but Steve doesn’t have balls.

      4. FartMcFartect


    14. Dragon With A Beard

      I remember watching this when it came out as a 5 year old. This is the definition of nostalgia for me.

    15. NuggetTheDummy

      Just such a timeless song. Amazing.

    16. Cara Feeley

      The Gorillaz music aged so well because it’s unique. If something is good, different enough and doesn’t sound like much from its decade, it will never get old.

      1. Clarissa Wilson

        ^ exactly that

      2. Ti Do

        If it's good music ,it really doesn't matter if it's 16 years, 2 months or half a century old, it will simply remain good music.

      3. SlowMovingVan

        @Volsvaka Crypto damn, I was a few months old

      4. печенька


      5. Cara Feeley

        @Rob Bowes That’s actually a very good way of describing Gorillaz music!

    17. Johnny Bingleson

      That sinister laugh at the end of the first verse never fails to give me chills.

    18. nobody

      Essa música é fodidamente boa

    19. ange garcia

      Buenísima canción

    20. ʀɪʀɪᴀᴋᴋᴜ ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

      This song will say amazing forever like the rickroll. This will never die ✊✊✊

      1. gamer girls win

        Yes I sang the Rick roll one

    21. sToneForesT

      The art style is just so intriguing. It’s like, uncomfortable looking but also so appealing. It’s morbid, dystopian, but it draws one into the world.

      1. Galaxytheboy55

        Have you seen The animation style in strobelit

      2. Galaxytheboy55

        @Tony Run danm

      3. LightCrowd42040


      4. Cheyenne Veronica Gage


    22. Víctor Hernández

      Esta canción marcó mi infancia de una manera no tan infantil, resulta que siempre la escuchaba cuando todos ya estaban dormidos, era en el programa de Facundo, incógnito Sin duda se quedó muy plasmada en mí y ustedes ya sabrán por qué

      1. Titino INK

        Si somos apa

      2. Art forever

        I don’t understand but I will just say yes

      3. NICO LUTU

        YO TAMBIEN

      4. Mjpro Garcia Alvarez

        por fin comentarios en español te comprendo

    23. elf_x

      I used to think my brother had a bad taste of music, like every other fifteen year old British boy at my school, but then I heard this playing on his playlist in the car. I thank him for introducing me to a god damn legend. Thirteen and never listened to Gorillaz, what have I been doing all my life?

      1. Winchester

        This is the first song ive heard from them just now

      2. Wheaty Whaffle

        better late than never!

      3. Stonie Plays

        Bro I just found this band and I'm 21 I'm literally crying

      4. ominously

        Unless you have the same taste as them their tastes will always “be bad” Except mumble rap kids… their tastes are awful

    24. Matias Sosa

      Qué recuerdos con esta canción!!

    25. SeeDaB1GGY

      17 years and it still SLAPS

    26. sandstorm

      This song invokes a feeling I’ve felt somewhere, but can never place.

      1. Chronic Smith

        The closest I can come is a dream I had when I was four. Ohhh.

      2. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like GORILLAZ?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      3. Purple Moon

        The best way I can describe it is a shiver going down the spine, but it's not bad, it's sorta comforting and happy in a way.

      4. wb12


      5. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like Gorillaz?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

    27. Jay Dee

      One of the best most innovative songs ever done. Was good when it dropped and it still is however long ago it was.

    28. λlejandro Torres

      17 years later this still rocks, a timeless masterpiece

    29. izanyzam

      It''s 2022 and this song still rocks. And many more thousand years to come

    30. Arthur augutisnho

      Me sinto bem de saber a letra dessa música e saber cantar ela

    31. dlein93

      Fun fact: it is physically impossible to own a bass and not learn this song

      1. Sidney

        Ikr I only just started playing bass

      2. PuppetMaster634


      3. PuppetMaster634


      4. PuppetMaster634


    32. Dogsmith

      This song is so confusingly great. Love it, keep up the good work!

    33. Юрий Брат

      In my subjective opinion, this is one of the best, if not the best Gorillaz track. It's a very well thought out combination of vocals and instruments, creating a unique sound of the track. And the music video is also very well thought out and made, you can see that it was made by a talented team that didn't spare any time or effort. I want to say thank you to everyone involved in the creation of Gorillaz, and in particular to the song and video Feel Good inc for such a beautiful work.

      1. Syphlor

        would kill for a remaster

      2. Zerø


    34. DiktatrSquid

      I don't think they'll ever top this artstyle.. or this song. In different parts it all captures melancholy and anxiety, but also longing and comfort and none of it feels like in conflict with each other. It's just a masterpiece.

    35. David Ycaza

      2022, aún me recorre ese escalofrío al escucharla.

      1. Hakito on Twitch

        Me goo

    36. HAZA

      Can’t imagine the earth without music, what a boring existence. I’m just taking this moment to appreciate this absolute masterpiece.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like GORILLAZ?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like Gorillaz?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      3. Spartacus

        Me neither but if the multiverse is real and their is a version of the universe with a very slight difference each time there is one with no music at all or one with this song in particular never was made or the band never got together 😪

      4. Ari the Child

        thats if it all disappeared now but if we have developed throughout time the next or even twice next generations wont even know music ever existed and call it super old . and if humans haven't discovered the dopamine that pattered sound waves traveling through the air caused we would have been saying this exact statement bout literally anything else we would love to do

      5. kai

        Neither can i. Music brings people together when language cant. A catchy song is all it takes to start something. Music is shated online, in shops, in stadiums. Its great. And the fun reality is taht we probably sang before we spoke and thats our connection with music

    37. desertrose0601

      This song never gets old. ❤️

    38. Dan Seaton

      This song gives vibes of when your having a nice peaceful time when you shouldn’t be having one. It’s also very nostalgic, as if you feel like you’ve turned into a kid again. It makes me think of going to a swing on a hill, when the world is ending to get one last glimpse of the beautiful world we all live in. Swinging in the swing like you did when you were a kid. We were all so innocent back then… this song makes me sad and happy at the same time. No other song does the same.

    39. Austin Pittman

      This will always be one of the most memorable music videos of all time.

    40. Against Marz

      This is what a timeless masterpiece sounds like.

    41. Mister Fister

      No matter how old the song is, it’s never too late to discover them now

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like GORILLAZ?.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. KaKenn

        Yes thank you

      3. ODachi63

        @Freezbycause it never appeared on my phone it was always on something else that I wasn’t ready for

      4. Freezby

        @ODachi63 I don't you apply shazam or what not lol :)

      5. Dokter

        @Mister Fister seems so recent. Time does fly real quick

    42. Sabrina Montero

      Épico ahora es una de mis canciones favoritas despúes está "o green world"

    43. Noelle McCoy

      I’d like to credit my father with excellent taste in music, so glad I was raised with this artistry

    44. Maruchan_YT🌸

      The Gorillaz never disappoint us with new albums and songs. I love their songs sooo much! This has to be my childhood song. I love it so damn much💖

      1. Mr.Marshmallow

        Turns out it’s just 1 guy

      2. FunkyFreshYT

        @drio To grow a made up paradise 🏝

      3. drio

        @FunkyFreshYT they were planting seeds at night🙀

      4. FunkyFreshYT

        @drio To the collective of the dawn 🌄

      5. drio

        @FunkyFreshYT on cracker island it was born👻

    45. Yuleimy mota

      gorillaz los mejores de todos los tiempos!

      1. Sol Tadei

        Ideal para escucharla cuando voy al colegio asi me siento bien :)

      2. Jorge mendezuwu

        lo mejor de lo mejor

      3. Ðɑʀҟ

        Me hace sentir tranquilo cuando la escucho

    46. pack of grass

      this song is 17 years old and still makes me feel good

      1. Legozanman

        I’m around the same age as this song

      2. ☀︎Sunny☀︎

        @Jayanth D 💀 people don’t realize that you don’t know everyone thing

      3. kaanskBG

        @Jayanth D thats what you get when you talk without knowing

      4. Ipekk YILDIZz

        So I either

    47. Nicky

      Never listened to “gorillaz” this is my first time hearing their songs I’ve heard lots of hype abt it so here I am. Song sounds good.

      1. tecito

        Same, no recuerdo ni como llegué a esta canción, solo sé que debió ser el año pasado. Además, siempre creí que Gorillaz era del 2010 xddd

      2. 🌟SunDrop🌞

        I started listening a few days ago now I listen to this all the time

      3. ImSuga


    48. Guyareto Games

      I can never get enough of this song!

    49. Michael Zamora

      There won't ever be a time period where this song sounds outdated or lame. In 50 yrs people will still be listening to this song probably

    50. Cyrus Martin

      The nostalgia is real with this video! It was my main gateway to the experience that is Gorillaz and why I've been a fan for the past 14. Demon Days was the first album I ever bought and I got Palstic Beach the day it released. I'll never drop this band!


      In case anyone doesn't know, this song is a commentary on how some music industries tend to make many bands who work under them their slaves. They lose all freedom of choice and many of the music they end up playing is nothing like the music they wanted to play. The rappers are basically the music industries, taunting and gloating at how they control the Gorillaz and constantly overworking them to the point that they barely get any sleep. 2D is trying desperately to convince himself to feel good, but for everytime he looks outside where it's peaceful, it only hurts him even more. Murdoc and Russel have already given up and have given in. Edit: Noodle represents the musicians who are not under a contract and play their music the way they want to play them. The freedom to do what you want to do.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like GORILLAZ?... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. Weirdo101

        I didn't realize how sad this song actually is..

      3. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like Gorillaz?.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

    52. Spider Man🖤

      Обожаю 🥰 эту песню

    53. Lindsey Joi

      This song gets me in such a good mood every single time I hear it

    54. AAGRPRO

      Está canción marco mucho mi infancia y hoy en día me gusta escucharla cuando me siento triste y solo

    55. Brayden Hardcastle

      This song reminds me of my time working at feel good inc. Selling people “feel good”, I was too salesman in my branch. One day one of my boss sold me some. I became part of our target audience.

    56. Yuurou幽狼

      The bass line alone is enough to take a place in music history.

      1. Kristen McCaig

        @The God of Bread Well he did get it directly from the devil himself.

      2. Asteroid Khalifa

        You gotta give murdoc his flowers

      3. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like GORILLAZ?.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      4. bababooey349

        @asuka dirty Harry is not dead

      5. bababooey349

        Best bassline ever everytime I get on my bass i play this

    57. Друг Друг

      Один из самых лучших клипов и песен)

    58. Pixel Dank

      After I watched Cracker Island, I was amazed at the awesomeness of the animation, but that doesn't make me forget the greatest animation in the history of Gorillaz, Feel Good inc. Always remains the best, I will die In the end but Feel Good inc. will never die

      1. Zerø


      2. Derpberb

        On god

      3. martina

        After cracker island i started going back watching all of their music videos

      4. DuckyTheGamer

        It will always stand the test of time

      5. dew


    59. john sullivan

      2022 and this song still feels sooo good 😊 listening to where they also made there mark, I have deep love ❤️ for these guys

    60. Jamish Mcquo

      Can't wait to see these guys in october, going to scream every lyric to momentary bliss, timeless band.

    61. Hobby

      Proof that a song can be funky as hell but also melancholic. Genius

      1. E R

        its an old song of course its melancholic. Gosh, what an ugly comment.

      2. Luca Topala


      3. не ну а чо??

        Oh no cringe

      4. demention Gohan

        Who’s says otherwise never heard of that????

      5. Isty

        @Kira lmao So in the last 121 years? Y'know because this is the 21st century now

    62. Cosplay Funhouse

      I remember when this song came out, still it doesn’t get old.

    63. Perro Soviético

      Después de escuchar metal como un loco, esto me da un sentimiento de... Felicidad?

    64. Amadd

      Gorillaz are so amazing. So unique and magical. I play them to my 7yr old son, he gets rocking and always asks for "Dare". Long live creativity.

    65. koi

      gorillaz has that kind of music that will always hit like a truck no matter how old it is

    66. Chazym☁︎︎

      I love how Gorillaz has depressing meanings to most of their songs, yet theyre so catchy

      1. Legion4k

        @Kazuma Kiryu my life? 😭

      2. Kazuma Kiryu

        @Legion4k end it

      3. jennifer vesin

        @Cringe qqq

      4. dacoolchair

        lmao yea

      5. cannon

        @Legion4k thanks lol, just to make it clear that i’ve done nothing to ya,, yet you reported me for no reason lmfao- and KZsection’s algorithm isn’t that stupid too.

    67. Iris Chisu

      Im going home rn after a gorillaz concert, best concert of my whole life, on my way home i put my headphones on cuz i wanted to feel like i was still at the concert

      1. -Millie The Baked Potato-

        How was it?? I’m going to one in October, what songs did they play? Or albums?

    68. ٴ

      This song is so good that after 17 years , it still sounds new and awesome.

    69. Des T

      It's a vibe; I can't even describe it. It's been literal Years since it's release and this song is still so incredible.

    70. MK Phoenix 강엠픠

      One of my all-time favourite songs!!❤️

      1. Zerø


    71. Jean Pierre Wehry

      This is honestly one of the greatest songs ever recorded. Gorillaz never gets old. They don't make them like this anymore.

      1. bubba's wonderland

        @Christopher Althouse whatever dude 🤣🤣

      2. Christopher Althouse

        @bubba's wonderland And so what? Did we come here to talk politics or to talk about an awesome song? Last I checked it was the latter. I didn't come here to discuss my politics with you or anyone else.

      3. bubba's wonderland

        @Christopher Althouse bro you seriously a Joe Biden supporter 🤣

      4. miguel santo

        You said it yourself!

      5. 1_ 0XZ

        Bro for real this is my favorite song and nothing could change it

    72. Eltrapoxd GG

      a very good band that I always remember with nostalgia :") it reminds me of my friends... to those times when nothing mattered and now I'm here remembering those times of happiness

    73. BK-201

      when this song played on MTV i always ran to the tv :D my first true favorite band 🖤

    74. Gerbison

      Boa Demais 🎶❤🎶❤🎶❤

    75. Mr. Smiles The Happy Guy

      This song really brings the feeling of being trapped, but trying to escape it through their emotions, and feel free.

    76. Mxlt1verse

      I remember after my dad and mom got divorced, I would go on visits to see my dad and this song would play while driving with him. Its very nostalgic to me and I can't explain what it felt like to hear it again after all those years! Thanks, Gorillaz

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Like GORILLAZ?.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. Debbie Alcimas Rules

        No he doesn't need help. You need help

      3. diego brando

        skill issue

    77. Armando Lozano Labrada

      Esta es mi canción favorita de gorillaz

    78. Kenny Okhonmina

      This is one of my favourite songs of all time 🔥

    79. YaRe Fuentes Facio

      mostrándole buena música a mi pequeña de 7 años

    80. Morty Smith

      This band is a legend