Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Commentary Edition)



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    Join Murdoc Niccals in re-living Feel Good Inc in this full length commentary edition. Which video would you like to hear Murdoc re-live next?
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    1. ImWholeWheat

      The fact that it’s murdoc narrating makes it a million times better

      1. Ari the sheep

        almost as if it's the commentary version

      2. gorillaz lover

        For real

      3. Reyann Hansen

        @Hanako San true

      4. m00nSickn3ssX


      5. Kaitlin Peterson

        1000% agree.

    2. Guilherme Ronha

      _Credit where credit's due: stunning acting by 2D. Genuinely looks opressed. I recall the director saying stuff like - "Imagine that someone evil controls you, torments you, and you dream of one day breaking free." Dunno where the inspiration came from, but the kid nailed it._ I too wonder where the inspiration came from.

      1. ミスナオ

        @Tavy13 Yes yes that one guy with greasy hair, yellow skin, and green teeth who had an affair with that one forgotten girl in cubicle 3…

      2. Tavy13

        Maybe from the person that made him blind.

      3. eggy boi

        i just... i cant place it!

      4. Davi Bergamin

        @Pacific Painter why would shrek do that?

      5. ミスナオ

        @kalifornia yes one fractured in 8 places

    3. Hanako San

      I love how Murdoc is still cheeky but genuinely complimented 2D's acting and cried in joy seeing Noodle. He does sounds happier, and not just for himself. I wish the best for him and the rest of the band, they sure have come a long way.

      1. not an egg extra yolky!

        @Space Gnome and it shouldn't none of this should but no one seems to know what dry humour is because there so disconnected from reality that there brains cells wont connect either

      2. Space Gnome

        @not an egg extra yolky! don't worry i don't think your opinion matters to anyone here either

      3. not an egg extra yolky!

        @Sonovabeach I'm sorry but your opinion matters very very little to me

      4. This is a Bruh Moment

        @not an egg extra yolky! And? You shouldn't have been so confident when you were gonna be so incorrect!

      5. not an egg extra yolky!

        @Em Lothian thankyou

    4. a1exa.._

      This song aged like fine wine, it will never be a bad song

      1. OT21

        @Comedy 🅥 it’s not scamming time I’m dancing with the song

      2. RandomUnfunnyShit

        Yeah, still Feels Good

      3. courier 6

        @Comedy 🅥 it's not morbin time

      4. Josiah Morris

        You have t listened to it enough.

      5. ManorexicPanda

        @Declan Ashmore even more impressive that it’s basiaclly just one guy Damon Albarn making all the music . Of course all the features he brings in, which makes them so genre bending. Lovely live performances as well

    5. ra1nbowgam3r

      Murdocs commentating on these classic Gorillaz moments are always a win!

      1. trick willis

        the next season of Song Machine if had began last week then this wouldn’t have happened today 🫥 Trying to feel good but on the brink

      2. Zurdita Dinamita

        I know really? I love they're doing this, sweet satan 🥺

      3. Comedy 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/u3VoiImMaHhoZK8.html Finally its here

    6. YoBroItsSpence

      Such a unique piece of music to go down in history, there won't be a day that goes by without me humming this tune.

      1. SH!FT

        Bro I swear I think of this song at least once a day as well it's so good. Gorillaz are my favourite rn...

    7. 3VIE55

      The amount of pain in Murdoc's voice when he says "accidents happen, you know" is incredible. Also, the megaphone bit is a reference to the meme cover of the song. It would be awesome if murdoc could comment on Melancholy Hill after this, It seems like it's another video very heavy on the lore of Gorillaz

      1. 3VIE55

        @JGM R6 it's not letting me link it but it's called Feel Dank Inc

      2. JGM R6

        what meme cover?

    8. Ultima weapon

      I'd love to see more of these characters Talking with each other or interacting I would watch an animated show with them for sure

      1. L E T T U S

        @Ethan Brean More G-bites would honestly be a dream come true. I could watch them all day

      2. Star Child

        I actually have a special addition Demon Days album where there was a group commentary on this video. Not sure why they never uploaded that one.

      3. Emily Paiz

        @martie yes i think its supposed to be a movie, I really hope that actually happens and soon, cause that would be phenomenal!!😫💙

      4. TraceurHarryG1

        It would be cool to get all the animated characters doing commentary together for these like the old commentary for this music video

    9. Space Gnome

      I think we can all agree that we absolutely enjoyed seeing Murdoc in his natural habitat. Shirtless.

      1. Jason Grote

        @Puri Puri really? I thought it was T H E B A T H!

      2. IcebackbullyMaguire

        @Jacksonville Greetings isn’t his body rotated

      3. hi

        Time stamp?

      4. MonsterHunteroo

        @mananabuffins And im not sure if thats a good thing

      5. mananabuffins

        @MonsterHunteroo My goals are beyond your understanding

    10. Pianta

      i really hope they do El mañana next, it's not one of their biggest hits but it's my favorite song and i think the video is very important to the lore of the band.

      1. Yeimi Sofia

        @Moonlight ñ

      2. Perinex

        I love el mañana it’s such a good song to vibe to

      3. Skywalking Studioz

        @LavaCakez Murdoc was literally the one who commissioned the helicopters

      4. Annex

        @N8THEGR8 Hey I don't think it would make sense either, maybe it's a different reason, but it's still banned

      5. N8THEGR8

        @Annex wouldn't make sense. The violence in question are attack helicopters shooting up a lighthouse, compared to Noodle shooting down pirates in airplanes that was shown in melancholy hill

    11. Mr. Friendship

      Honestly, the animation of _Gorillaz_ is very unique and stylized on its own. Props to Jamie Hewlett for creating such memorable designs to the members of the Gorillaz.

    12. Morpheus Freeman

      Hearing Murdoc ramble is therapy.

      1. Hanako San

        Fact! His voice is so smooth it might cure my insomnia

    13. MikeyInsanity

      Murdoc's commentary is hilarious and insightful. Didn't know the megaphone came from Toys R Us

    14. Dis guy

      The entire segment about Murdoc recalling what the directors said that 2D had to act is the most non-subtle yet hilarious part for anyone who has a small knowledge on gorillaz

    15. RatBones

      Oh man that ending hurt. I like how Murdoc never actually said the events that would take place after Feel Good Inc. because it absolutely traumatized Gorillaz fans.

      1. Hesham Al Omary

        @RatBones Yup, and it drove the members of Gorillaz to break up out of grief and horror, as well as causing Murdoc to basically create Cyborg Noodle in a desperate attempt to not only have a new guitarist, but also reclaim his lost daughter.

      2. RatBones

        @polybius_wheatfield ok so basically Noodle gets shot down by helicopters. She isn’t seen again until plastic beach.

      3. polybius_wheatfield

        I’m new and not too familiar with Gorillaz lore so if you don’t mind me asking, what happened?

    16. Thatsa Good Pep

      "Wallop! There it is, the riff that sold a million bass guitars!" I completely agree. I remember back when this tune was on TRL, the radio, and damn near anywhere else that sound was coming out of that it didn't matter how overplayed it was - once it started, I was listening to the whole thing.

    17. Willow

      I love of Murdoc just talks about how he has no idea why 2D is so good at acting sad about being oppressed by someone lol.

    18. Westoak

      0:53 I'm laughing so hard at the idea of 2D just casually and constantly shouting at Murdoc through a megaphone LMAO

    19. Studio 1

      I’ll be honest…I love Gorillaz and their music, even still today. But this song and video…it was their peak. It’s a song that feels uniquely Gorillaz, that has a sound only they could create. And, it was so unique that I don’t think they could truly top it. It was the perfect cacophony of hip hop and rock mixed with one of the best music videos ever made. It exists in its own bubble, canonically telling its own story within the Gorillaz universe. This song remains popular today for a reason. It really is a monumental achievement by all involved and only lead to more great stuff afterwards.

      1. Studio 1

        @Bella This is hilarious cause…I actually do have an issue of using pauses often in my sentences, but the one you’re pointing this out of only has 2.

      2. Bella

        What's up with........all the........... unnecessary........................pauses?

      3. Annex

        I really think Gorillaz has lost the sound that made them good after Demon Days. Don't get me wrong, Plastic Beach is certainly their best album, but it doesn't have those beats that come from a real drumkit, the simple but powerful bass, and the nice guitar that I love about S/T and Demon Days.

    20. NeoLunaticus

      2:27 Murdoc just described the entire message behind the song.

    21. toots mcgoots

      The way Murdoc says “Noodle” when she appears 🥺🥰😭 my heart. He’s such a proud dad

    22. Daniel C

      I want a 2D commentary on this lol This was amazing 😁

    23. Nadia Calle

      Pueden pasar los años pero Feel Good Inc. es una canción que nunca se supera. Una verdadera joya!

      1. fromisjiheon


      2. Anqelxd

        Confirmo 😎

      3. Lxveuw

        Yes honey

    24. James Mercer

      "The other unfortunate incident" was Noodle being assumed dead after the bomb dropped. Lobe the fact that they kept everything in the actual story

    25. Nombuso Masina

      Murdoc said " 2D's acting was very convincing, I remember the director saying ' imagine that someone evil controls you, torments you and you one day dream of breaking free ' I can't imagine where the inspiration came from.." I'm gobsmacked! LOL.. truly an epic record to date!

    26. Jacksonville Greetings

      Man this hits close to home!! What a day to remember this.

      1. SoggyFlipFlop

        @Volshebnik 🅥 if you copy paste this like you do, i hope everything you say there become true.

      2. Jacksonville Greetings

        @The vintage Lover wow bro that’s so awesome! You’ve known about them for so long and seen a lot of their evolution. I first heard of them from my cousin in 2017. Though I have not known of them as long as you have, 5 years have gone by and it’s crazy. I mean I get nostalgic for songs like a year later so yeah lmao

      3. The vintage Lover

        It’s so nostalgic and it’s so insane how times goes by! I remember when my dad introduced me to this video and i were 7 years old at that time. It was thanks to him that i became a Gorillaz fan!❤️ I’m now 24 and i’m still a Gorillaz fan! And though i now have a diverse taste in music, it still brings me so many great childhood memories when rewatching Gorillaz’s earlier music videos❤️❤️❤️

      4. Jacksonville Greetings

        @chxrillz *when you get more likes than views* LMAO

      5. Jacksonville Greetings

        @chxrillz AAAAAA it’s already broken lmao that was fast I guess it’s the spirit that counts cause it’s over. At least you saw it

    27. lúshsky

      yes! another commentary, never disappoints.

      1. Comedy 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/u3VoiImMaHhoZK8.html Finally it's here

    28. Zerphses

      This song was one of the first I ever heard from Gorillaz. Hooked me right away. This video’s full of nostalgia.

    29. Miss Ma'am

      I absolutely love these commentaries! The part about 2D's megaphone had me and my brother both dying of laughter! I'm looking forward to more of these, hopefully we'll be seeing Dirty Harry next?

    30. Tofuschnittchen

      I love how he cares about Noodle and the viewers but at the same time he seems to have no clue what damage he has caused when it comes to 2-D's mental... and also physical health.

    31. EmilyTheArtist

      Murdoc acting like a proud dad when noodle comes on screen made my day.

    32. Mickyverse

      "Imagine that someone evil controls you, torments you, and you dream of one day breaking free." Dunno where the inspiration came from, but the kid nailed it. I too wonder where it came from murdoc,,,

    33. DiamondGrounds

      Absolutely love Murdoc's commentary. I love the joke where Murdoc said he got the megaphone from Toys R' Us, I found it hilarious. Feel Good Inc. Will always be one of my favorites

    34. Kory Hill

      Memories, I remember being introduced to Gorillaz by an ex girlfriend. Between this video and Stylo(which I would LOVE to hear Murdoc's commentary on btw), I was hooked and never looked back. This is brilliant

    35. SynicalsSummer

      Fun fact: this is not the first Feel Good Inc Commentary they’ve uploaded. They have one from 12 years ago on their channel that’s got some details about the song and lore :)

    36. GaelX3D

      Man I want to have noodles' confidence to sit in the edge of a flying island 7000 feet above in the sky, in sandals without a care in the world

    37. Sapphire Splash

      I love murdoc so much. He's just one of those asshole characters that you'd hate if you met them irl but as a fictional person, they can really sneak into your heart

    38. Yorutsu Graion

      I really love Murdoc's voice, I find it pretty comforting, always really interesting to hear him commenting such great songs! ❤

    39. K

      This makes me sad. I remember being in middle school obsessed with this song, I'm really glad Gorillaz is still doing amazing. They make me feel emotions i can't describe. Cheers 🤟

    40. Pinkninja0708

      One of the best songs made by this band! I wish I could hear this song for the first time again!

    41. Facu Manuel

      counting the hours to see these guys again in exactly two days from now! Thanks Murdoc for such a beautiful narration of a masterpiece!

    42. Карина

      Он похвалил 2D , это так круто, он остаётся всё таким же дерзким, а реакция на Нудл просто умиляет меня 🥺

    43. Melkweg

      I'd listen to a podcast of all the Gorillaz members just rambling. It'd be perfect for lore too omlll

      1. Oh wee oh


      2. Leo Regular

        The 4 band members have done large scale interviews before, lasting for hours so that kinda counts

      3. Malacaius Ω

        We should begin an official campaign with signatures and send it to gorillaz

      4. m00nSickn3ssX


      5. laloward truther

        The machine bitez were so short 💔💔 Agreed though, we need moar lore 👀

    44. stephen mutke

      We need more of this from the other band members like Noodle, 2D and Russell

    45. gtrman128

      Loved this album. Still have it!!!

    46. GymGamerDad

      So glad I was in a group of friends that got me to listen to this band! We’ve grown apart but I’m forever thankful! 💪

    47. Evelyn González

      Llegué temprano, amo a Gorillaz pura obra de arte hace

    48. Schoko Gun

      This makes me so happy. It feels like meeting with an old friend you love but weren't able to see for a while.

    49. Tresia

      I’m one of your biggest fans! I started listening after my brother introduced me to you with a CD! Your by far my favourite band and I love what you do!

    50. sonicsilver321

      Thank you, Gorillaz for another commentary. I love these! I hope you'll do more of them in the future. Maybe the other members could do one as well.

    51. Afsara Mehrin

      I remember the very 1st time I've seen this on MTV... just a week after I turned 13 back in 2005 . Couldn't stop hyping over it 🎂📺🎵 Couldn't keep my eyes off ... 2-D ! 🎤🎹😍 My most favorite Gorillaz song of ALL time from Gorillaz's no.1 album, Demon Days ! 🖤 I'm 30 at present and Feel Good Inc will forever continue to be my favorite 👏🏻

    52. Brute

      Hearing Murdoc commentate the very first song and music video I saw by Gorillaz, it's beautiful.

    53. Sele O.N

      Demonios! Yo tengo esa edición del disco, la obtuve a mis trece años o: Pasaron ya dieciséis jajajajaja Que hermoso! ✨

    54. sosô😳

      Minha música favorita❤😭

    55. Damjan Stojanovski

      Here I am thinking “What? Commentary edition? Why?” 30 seconds in and I see why. Brilliance. Love you Murdoc, even if you are an asshat ❤

    56. RandomBananaSalad

      It truly is the greatest bass riff.

    57. MC. Gemstone

      This music video use to really creep me out when I was younger. Mostly because of the crazy laughter and all, but a few years later or so once I started getting into Gorillaz it ended up becoming one of my favourites.

    58. Тимур Джумабеков

      помню как в детстве в 10 в 11 часов ночи с братом каждый день смотрели этот клип по MTV

    59. Agent Cloudz

      Im glad to see gorrliaz is still uploading, stay amazing!!

    60. 💢Splendid 654💥

      Está es una de mis canciones favoritas :D

    61. Kunaigirl

      I would love to hear the commentaries from the other band members too! I can only imagine what 2D and Russel would have to say about this one

    62. Strefa Strachu Bartixa

      I have to admit it, the concert with Billie was very good. Keep doing this :)

    63. TokimoSoda

      I really hope they make a new music video using the phase 1 or phase 2 art style, it’s a well drawn art style and very nostalgic. I hope they do something like that for the movie, if it still gets made.

    64. Z Maleki

      This is my favorite song ever and I can't describe just how much I adore every single thing about it. The vocals, the instruments, the lyrics, the video, everything is just fantastic.

    65. izahシ︎

      this song is perfect, I love it!!❤🇧🇷

    66. small

      so glad murdoc is narrating, makes it so much better

    67. Just Unbearable!

      Gorillaz never fail to make me laugh! Or cry..when I saw Noodle I remembered about El Mañana and the waterworks started haha. Needless to say, this band is my entire childhood and I'm never letting them go

    68. Hunter S

      The gift I didn’t know I needed! Glad I saw this though, I’ve been listening to the band since childhood so it’s very nostalgic to get to hear this and get to see a new take on it. These characters just have so much… Character! I just love this band, always so creative. It was good to get reminded how much I love em. Really looking forward to whatever comes next.

      1. Eduardo Fabián Huilca


      2. Wolfgang

        God bless you and whoever reads this, Jesus loves you .

      3. XXIV

        Fr man im now 22 n man this band was everything to me growing up

      4. Eduardo Fabián Huilca

        Mucho texto

      5. lex


    69. iemonjuuice

      Oh my god I’m so incredibly glad these are being made. Amazing.

    70. baff water

      murdoc, you will always be my favorite band member. 👊🥒

    71. Witor Ribeiro

      Essa música é muito boa.

    72. Uh Oh

      I love the instrumental on this song. Ever since I listened to happiness therapy I've been in love with the twangs I wouldn't have noticed before

    73. DafterEverAfter

      Just getting this notification and hearing Murdoc crack a few jokes and reminisce about the music video really made my day 💓✨💓✨ Thank you Gorillaz team 🥰

    74. willowtree

      absolutely iconic song, still remember watching it on tv as a kid, still listen to it regularly

    75. 8-Bit

      It always makes me so happy to see a new video from Gorillaz, it really makes my day better :)

    76. CrystalController

      That Stoke on Trent line had me reeling. Hope they do an el manana commentary

    77. Ramon MCS

      Jesus, what a throwback

      1. Rach

        @6worms spammers

      2. Annex

        @Volshebnik 🅥 Cool, cool. Too bad nobody cares.

      3. 6worms

        Wtf are these comments 😭

      4. Comedy 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/u3VoiImMaHhoZK8.html Finally its here

      5. Volshebnik 🅥

        *Thanks for the video! And I am 26 years old, unfortunately I am disabled, I live with my parents. I've never had real life friends, or relationships, I've been all my life* *sitting on the internet. I also created a channel, and I'm trying to somehow move in this direction, though so far little has been achieved (((* *Writing this comment just to wish you good luck!)*

    78. Blank Screen

      Awesome! I'm so glad that I can experience this amazing song and music video in a new way as well.

    79. Bloom

      Oh god, imagine the silence from 2D as Murdoc mentions where he got the inspiration for his oppression... Oh My GOD!

    80. John Wick

      Nossa que saudade dos gorillaz