Gorillaz - DARE (Official Video)



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    Music video by Gorillaz performing DARE. (P) 2005 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Parlophone Records

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    1. Railside Garage

      Is it just me or does any one else just love the little "hello" noodle gives at the beginning may just be me but it makes me smile and I cant help but say hello back lol

      1. warriorcatsandwingsoffire


      2. Galaxytheboy55

        Normally I’ll skip straight to the music foot for this song I don’t

      3. Go With A Smile

        I do everytime, she's a cutie 💙

      4. Eddie { the freak } Munson 🎸

        I was your 666th Like :)

      5. Cake (real)

        420th like

    2. Instant-Ramen

      ive never seen a dance cycle animated so well, its like your just watching someone enjoy music to their heart

      1. NotableWisp

        YES!!! It looks how a normal person just chilling in their room would dance to a song they love and it makes me so happy!

      2. Copal


      3. speed MMm

        I know it's amazing! and this was made a shocking 12 years ago. So incredible!

      4. Madrinko

        übertreib bro

      5. strangewayshere

        Shaun offered Noodle Bez’s spot in The Happy Monday’s 🤣

    3. Laru Larae

      Noodle's voice is really really cool in this, honestly.

      1. Autumn Epiha


      2. Andrea  🍄

        @SopaDePollo Eres latino?

      3. Gabe Decina

        @EUF I wouldn't say so. Russell has also had different artists voice him. I think that the character design is so iconic (especially phase 2, this era) that their identities are solidified.

      4. - Marina -



        Is this the same voice actor at g-shock interview?

    4. Lucas

      How could you NOT love Noodle???

      1. silvereignparadox657

        Shes hilarious

      2. pera


      3. stoopid dipnut

        personally i think they ruined noodle her old design was so much better

      4. pro 6p0

        @NickHiro shaat aaap

      5. Pant Yosashu

        It's Impossible not to

    5. ᴷᶦⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁶ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂᶦᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ᵛᶦᵈᵉᵒ

      *A message to the future generations: "DON'T LET THIS SONG DIE"*

      1. am magnolia

        We're giving to our second and third Gens, all musicians. It ain't dying anytime soon pal

      2. Xander Mauldin

        Song is definitely not dead, I was in Hollywood 2 months ago and this was playing on an outdoor restaurant patio

      3. Blake Quinlan

        My kids will love it as much as I do

      4. noodle y Saku🌸🎸

        @CRUISER mi sobrina tambien le gusta Gorillaz, tiene 6 años ^^

      5. Ipekk YILDIZz

        Hahaha good messeage

    6. crystal dawn

      I've just recently started getting into this band and I can't believe I haven't gotten into them earlier. They are amazing and their songs transcend time. I love it

      1. Who are you to accuse me

        Yep, I've just started listening to them recently. I've heard of them before and saw some art of the characters, but if I had known that their music videos were animated, I'd have been a fan long ago!

      2. Bitch

        Same bro I’m so late😭😭😭

      3. Jeffy’s pencil

        @AstroBoy no

      4. Saul Goodman


      5. LHF Inatl

        They're also one of those bands that you rediscover every 4 or 5 years and they sound just as fresh.

    7. Super Vegeta

      Noodle is my favorite member, she seems tender, noble and at the same time rude and daring.

      1. LHF Inatl

        @_.iida_simp._ absolutely

      2. _.iida_simp._

        @LHF Inatl don't forget about Russell being an absolute dad

      3. LHF Inatl

        2-D is like her bro but Murdoc is like the cool uncle you love to hang with. Noodle is pretty easy-going but she's got a mischievous streak.

    8. Danna Callejas

      Lyrics It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up, it's coming up It's dare It's dare You've got to press it on you You just think it That's what you do baby Hold it down there Jump with them all and move it Jump back and forth And feel like you were there yourself To work it out Never did no harm, never did no harm It's dare It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up It's dare It's dare You've got to press it on you You just think it That's what you do, baby Hold it down there Jump with the moon and move it Jump back and forth It feels like you were there yourself To work it out Never did no harm Never did no harm It's dare It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up It's dare Never did no harm Never did no harm It's dare It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up, it's coming up It's coming up It's dare Oh You've got to press it on you You just think it That's what you do, baby Hold it down there Jump with the moon and move it Jump back and forth And feel like you were there yourself To work it out You've got to press it on you You just think it That's what you do, baby Hold it down there Jump with them all and move it Jump back and forth It feels like you were there yourself To work it out

      1. Just ForThis

        @bobilinA7 see I didn't understand for a while why it was called DARE cause it still sounds like there to me

      2. bobilinA7

        Sean Ryder has a Manc accent. The song was originally called there but they changed to suit his accent. If you listen to noodle she says there a few times. Watch the live version as well. Sean is water but still a brilliant performance

      3. John

        @Just ForThis Manc

      4. Just ForThis

        @Jordan Mayer I'm guessing Yorkshire 💪💪 accent?. Apologies the guy is from Lancashire. 🌹🌹🌹 Edit: I've been told Manc. Further apologies

      5. Jordan Mayer

        he actually is saying its there but has such a thick accent it sounds like dare , check out the behind the scenes with shaun ryders take

    9. Monke prawns

      This song would make me stop crying and put me to sleep as a kid, still love it.

      1. Payton Yoder

        Now that’s how you go to sleep

      2. اباتراب [ F ] علي زامل

        " *visibly concerned* "

    10. whatwho??

      When I was just a toddler my mother, like the badass she is, would play rap and Gorillaz instead of lullabies. She always plays it in the car etc etc. Now I'm turning 11 and I'm a big Gorillaz fan.

      1. noodle solos

        Gotta teach 'em young.

      2. TypeZeta

        @Mr. McNuggies the first Gorillaz song I remember hearing was Clint Eastwood when I was 8 and 20 years later I’m still a big Gorillaz fan

      3. kiarakun

        That's so sweet!

      4. whatwho??

        @Indigolovely I have with my love

      5. Indigolovely

        Give your mom a raise

    11. DonutHead

      I absolutely love gorillaz, when a song gives you goosebumps you know it’s good! Noodles voice is so good in this song!

    12. www.DrumsTheWord.com

      Shaun Ryder is such a cool dude. His physical deterioration has made him more humble and honest than ever before. The guy is a legend in the UK for the right reasons. Oh yeah, and this is a fucking tune. "It's There...sorry, Dare"

      1. ren

        @Roby Ikr, I like how the live versions are funny and memeable, but I would also like to listen to a live version of it without Shaun being drunk out of his mind

      2. Roby

        Honestly, he nailed it here, but in the live version he was slowing down the whole fucking song lol

      3. Lautaro Lopez

        No es tan mala

      4. www.DrumsTheWord.com

        @Brian I don't think you know the full story. That was me just being cryptic. No fault of yours.

    13. Tom Blantz

      I’m glad that Gorillaz is still this popular.

      1. Doodymctooty

        its not

      2. Harry10 Baldwin


      3. Kawons

        Why wouldn't be? It's great music. My childhood. I grew up on this

      4. i live here

        Me too!

      5. sxmimasen

        and they will forever are

    14. Danny Parsons

      This song reminds me of my childhood where everything was care free.. I remember waking up on a Saturday morning, running to the TV and turning it onto the music channels to see the film clips for all the gorillaz songs (from demon days) and see where they landed in the top 50 (in Australia) 2-3 weeks ago, I lived out a childhood dream and saw them when they toured Australia and they were truly amazing ❤️ For that, I say Thankyou Gorillaz for being one of the most amazing parts of my childhood ❤️

    15. Jorge Reynoso

      Varios años escuchando este temaso, nunca pasa de moda :3

      1. Matias Orellana


    16. Aloha 77

      That was my first cd album in my life when I was 8 years old, now I’m 26 and Im still listening this song almost everyday❤️

      1. Manizacch

        This song was a single and is only about 17 years old

      2. Derek Burton


    17. Juan Carlos Rosales Meza

      My favorite Gorillaz song! 😍

    18. josie heffley

      they played this song in target the other day, i really hope whoever was in charge of the music that day got a raise

      1. RaymanRavingRabbidsFan2007

        Wow that’s where I was

      2. Deadbeat Club

        I’ve heard this in Walmart plenty of times

      3. Trina Fonseca


      4. cc0ys


      5. Ooga Booga

        Heroes lol

    19. Zachary Neate

      This is amazing honestly this has Been my favourite song and it's so addicting to listen to. 🎶✨

    20. Ale O

      Gran música del año 2005. Escuchando otra vez en 2022 🎵🔊

    21. Ged Rooney

      Shawn Ryder, legend. He’s the head..and also the lead singer of The Happy Mondays for those who didn’t know,one of the best bands to ever come out of Manchester..here’s one of their vids from the early 90’s kzsection.info/green/bejne/v3-hbmqdZGWUl4k.html

    22. NewYorkOldSoul

      Hard to believe Gorillaz were somewhat ignored when they first came out. Still to this day this is next level innovation.

    23. kay :D

      15 years later and we still vibin

      1. Patrick  Cooney


      2. Narwhal

        sorry, 15?

      3. Bitch


      4. Marvin Marshall

        @Mr Nom that's when it was published to KZsection not made it was released in 2005 16 years ago

      5. Marvin Marshall

        16 years ago now in 2021

    24. Indi Weaver

      All this proved to me was that everyone dances alone in their room whenever the mood strikes them and that Noodle is no exception.

    25. Aesop

      I’m just starting to listen to Gorillaz and their songs are just masterpieces. I’m not that familiar with any of the members and their names. Could ya guys help me differentiate who’s who

      1. XL

        @k1d and there was a code that brought her memories back, think it was called "something bacon"

      2. i will barry you alive

        @Ami ah, i see you have watched the MTV gorillaz crib episode.

      3. k1d

        @Jetti Didn’t noodle get shipped by the ppl that experimented on her??? She was supposed to be a war weapon or something and arrived in a fedex package after

      4. l!lm!sschatterbøx

        i just started listening and getting into them 2 days ago😅

      5. Jetti

        @Aesop yeah, Gorillaz has so much lore it's kind of insane for music.. Good luck though lolol

    26. Conall G

      Still to this day such a good song!

    27. Kitty_777

      Te amo canción espectacular que a pesar de ser ya de varios años sigue con esa esencia.... que le da un toque tremendo a la rola

    28. House Lamp

      is it just me or does the art style of gorillaz remind me of old cartoon network


        @FANCY MAN 77.7.9 9m

      2. Arthur R

        That's funny you say that!! I went to the art institute after highschool in 2002 around the time that style was very prevalent in all cartoons... and yeah everybody was drawing in that style... that Invader Zim type of style! My character designs are still in that style today!

      3. psp fanboy

        The way it blends 2d with 3d looks exactly like the CartoonNetwork City bumpers. U can see them on KZsection.

      4. Sad Kid 🎸 ★

        It does tho

    29. 3n3ly7m

      This still occasionally comes on the radio, and when it does... windows down, volume up :D

    30. Jas Martz.

      This song will always have a precious place in my heart, because thanks to it I met Gorillaz. 🖤

    31. Romina Gonzaez Ravera

      me encanta este tema , siempre lo escucho , desde peque y ahora que tengo 30.

      1. David Lopez


    32. Call Of Music

      Still my top 3 best music band as a kid and even today lol

    33. MetalheadEliot

      Every Gorillaz song is so badass

    34. Blitz

      Love this so much 🥰

    35. •T'suki_Emiko•

      I basically grew up with gorillaz because it's one of my father's favorite bands

    36. Julien Alexander

      Such a nostalgic vibe. Just takes me to a place that I can't explain

    37. Hicccup

      Noodle is adorable lol her wholesome dance and her little “hello” when she walks in

      1. Jessica Mascorro

        @Samuele Befani aweee it’s so cute

      2. Wywyw

        @LauraDraws IDK she is 13

      3. Clueless

        the devious walk when she runs behind the head

      4. Nina Stoianova

        Omg yess

      5. marius kristensen

        @Geli Valencia me too babe

    38. userrelax

      Me encanta gorillaz,las canciones nunca envejecen,siempre escucho sus canciones una y otra vez.

    39. Antonio Alvarado

      its now 2022, and everything gorillaz made is still amazing. dont let these bangers die

    40. Night Night Ninja

      What a tune 👌🏻

    41. Eric Bishard

      This is one of their best tracks ever...

    42. 0ZeroTolerence

      I would pay to see a movie of what the Gorillaz band goes through. All the story, all their music. Like, if a movie like that came out in theaters, I'd pay to see it.

      1. Deez


      2. FormaCodex404

        when the members eventually become old, maybe have an album titled "Phoenix" or "Rebirth" so we can see them cycle again, maybe with new artists learning the ropes from the OG members (The physical members, the actual producers)

      3. Iman Hafizal

        still valid

      4. noodle y Saku🌸🎸


      5. Julia Thomas

        @Logan Starrett that's right now I remember

    43. Gurranq, Beast Clergyman

      The little cutaways showing the rest of the band's reaction is great

    44. Anonin

      Sinduda este video fue el primero que vi cuando era un niño Me encanta esta rola

    45. Alejandro Moreno

      Ellos dieron un paso asia el futuro en su época Sigue rifando su música no pasará de moda

    46. ReSkaill

      Noodle finally gets some recognition, this song was the second song I ever heard by Gorillaz!

    47. Duchess Archer

      I love the way dances. Still jamming to this song in 2021.

      1. Peacock.spooder

        @Petagay Mccarthy she is

      2. Bree

        Dancin for life.

      3. Jayden Martinez

        And now it’s 2022 and still listening to it

      4. maura Browne


      5. WILY urbina

        Yo mero

    48. OsiOsi :u

      Nunca entenderé el video, pero lo que si entiendo es que amo esta canción desde que salió

    49. Karen

      LOVE IT

    50. Daniela Echegaray

      Esta canción nunca pasa de moda! Amooo

    51. James Byrd

      I remember when this album first dropped in my early teen years and now I am 30 and still jamming this!! Lol it was one of the first rock albums I beg my mother to by when I was like 12 lol haha good memories!!

    52. JarJar

      i heard this song thousands of times on the radio as a kid but never realised it was gorillaz! this is probably one of their best songs ngl.

      1. ~🌸SAKURA

        No cap along with feel good this one goes up there

      2. SQYX93

        I heard it in a commercial about a smart fridge, and I didn’t know who it was until a few months ago

      3. Ariel's MadHaus

        Has been one of my favorites for years. Honestly the Gorillaz is so underrated, they need more notoriety

      4. JarJar

        @Josh I agree, it's so catchy!

      5. Josh

        Clint eastwood is another one of my faves

    53. Dillon

      One of my favorite songs of all time, I can literally listen to this for hours on repeat

    54. MsLalaUsagi

      This song still makes me dance every time I hear it, even after all this time

    55. LHF Inatl

      12 years old or not, 243.8million views is just insane. Glad people are still coming back to the older stuff.

    56. luana

      amo essa banda ❤🇧🇷

    57. Sebby

      This song is really good to play at a party or something to dance to, this is honestly the best Gorillaz song I’ve ever heard.

      1. Julia Egly

        listen to "she's my collar" such a bop

      2. Carmen Garcia

        It's my favorite

      3. FazeGregPaul 69

        I agree

      4. i wish i was heather


    58. doge_boi

      why does this sound like 80s music i would enjoy

    59. Luz Noceda

      I cant believe how long ago this was made... It brings a lot of childhood memories

    60. virutita galvez

      Es la primera vez que lo escucho y pensé que era de esta época 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y resulta que ya es vieja ,, no manches, está bien buena necesito puras de estás yaaaaaa 😭😭😭

      1. ASAP

        Apenas empeze a escuchar a esta banda y siempre veía fanaticos en los 2010s escuchándolos 🥲

      2. Heriberto Lopez

        Ya tiene añalales esta rola, está cuando estaba pequeñito yo y ya tengo 30 años jejejeje

    61. Nikolle-caat

      Más canciones de Noodle!!!

    62. Chimi Music


      1. kricket

        @mitko masona cute means lots of things, my guy

      2. Morales Sofía

        me too

      3. Rodriguez Martinez Karla Sofia

        +Nortina A x2

      4. Nortina A


      5. Emma la panda

        MrChimichango i me too

    63. fan_de_gorillaz

      I love this song, I love noodle, I love gorillaz!!!!

    64. Laney Lydon

      Always a good one 👍

    65. TripleJumpYTP

      I'm not such a big gorillaz fan but I have this specific song in my memory thanks to randomly adding it to my playlist when I was a child

    66. Alphåløvē

      Still one of my favorite songs.

    67. Brandon MC INNES

      I only discovered gorillaz recently and to be honest, they are one of my favourite bands

      1. Emit Levart

        try happy mondays and stone roses

      2. Zach Jenkins

        U fsho born after 2009😂😂

      3. Angel Hathaway

        L for being this late

      4. Evan Pooyak

        Band kidz in this comment section lol

    68. Emma Peart

      Love this song from the Gorillaz.♥️

    69. tsukishiro70

      My favourite Shaun Ryder song.

    70. Elijah Hicks

      Probably one of the first music artists I discovered as a little kid, so for me this goes wayyyyy back

    71. 𝕤𝕚𝕞𝕡

      11 years ago and this song is still a vibe this is literally me when I'm listening to it :🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟💃💃🕺💃🕺

    72. KailyKail

      I remember being in middle school and learning about Gorillaz. I'd spend hours watching their music videos on Yahoo Music, back when that was a thing.

      1. PuppyPlay101

        Faaaaaar I remember yahoo music tbh I used to do the same

      2. ablurida

        really? Demon Days by Gorillaz is how I found KZsection, I would watch them on here, old star rating and all xD

      3. Brutally Honest

        I’m reliving what you went through.

      4. cloudstrife4534/Maysayer

        Me too!

      5. Cxireen21

        Good times, right? 😌

    73. Flo Draws!


    74. Montse Alvarado

      Como olvidar este video cuando salió en MTV ya hace unos 17 años y todavía siento esa emoción que sentí la primera vez que lo ví, íbamos a la secundaria mi hermano y yo y entrabamos temprano y antes de salir de la casa poníamos el canal 67 de megacable en ese entonces y ahí pasaban este video..

    75. Marcin Marcinsky

      I love this theme

    76. Star Boy 67

      Señores todos alguna vez hicimos ese baile de noodle al escuchar esta joya 🎶

    77. Helen Kreider is watching it in October of 2021.

      My son Kevin introduced this group to me about 4 years ago and they are one of my fav bands. I am 61 years old.

      1. Neil Sarath

        Still a youngster sister.👍

      2. SweatyPeas

        I hope you're still watching in 2022 Helen

      3. Analysts

        HOLA Helen

      4. capybara enjoyer

        thats literally awesome 😭

    78. просто хороший человек

      2022 год!!!! Я кайфую от ваших песен и музыки!!! Вы простой бомба! Ворвитесь и порвите все чарты! Ту ту ту туц туц туц

    79. Anna Machado

      O tanto que amo essa banda 😍😍🤌🏼❤️

    80. silly billie

      one of my faves ever since i was a kid. noodle's outfit, voice and dancing is adorable... i still copy some of her moves sometimes!