Gorillaz - Désolé ft. Fatoumata Diawara from Song Machine Live



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    Trafalgar Releasing and LIVENow join forces to bring Gorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong to the big screen for one day only on Wednesday 8th December*! Tickets go on sale today (11th November) via songmachineliveincinemas.com. The glorious, star-studded virtual show from Gorillaz, captured at the band’s Kong Studios HQ in London, will come to cinemas globally via Trafalgar Releasing, along with the cinema-exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, ‘Live From Kong’ with unseen interview footage and commentary from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.
    Following their much-anticipated return to the stage in December 2020 with the dazzling SONG MACHINE LIVE, the biggest virtual band on the planet will once again bring fans magnificent Jamie Hewlett visuals and thrilling live performance blended together in the unique Gorillaz way.
    Guitarist Noodle, bassist Murdoc Niccals, drummer Russel Hobbs and frontman 2D - in all their cinematic glory - will be joined by Damon Albarn and the full Gorillaz live band plus a host of special guests, delivering an unmissable celebration of Gorillaz music.
    On 12th & 13th December 2020, SONG MACHINE LIVE saw Gorillaz’ first live performance of their latest album Song Machine: Season One - Strange Timez - and the band’s first live performance since 2018, broadcast live around the world with three shows across three time zones through pay-per-view streaming platform LIVENow.
    Gorillaz: Song Machine Live From Kong is available at cinemas worldwide for one day only on Wednesday 8th December. For full ticket and viewing information, see www.songmachineliveincinemas.com

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    1. Maxwell Moore

      I wished they'd utilize the technological advancement of today and bring back digital performances! Much love to the artists.

      1. Sad Esthétique

        Right similar to vocaloid concerts those have advanced so much in between songs miku addresses the audience if it's true Damon wants to sing on stage too maybe they could rotate between the virtual band and him singing?

      2. coldturkey

        I mean, if they ever plan on doing live virtual performances again, they could use some kind of technology like full body tracking, like in VR games... That way people get to see the characters performing knowing that the real band is there, it can look kinda janky/clunky tho... just an idea

      3. Absolute Absurd


      4. Skywalking Studioz

        @Exho because the music is good and the lore is interesting, what do you think?

      5. Exho

        @Skywalking Studiozbro, just wondering, but why are u still here

    2. Oscar Bailey

      Nice to see they got the guy from blur to come do some backing vocals. Gorrilaz always get the maddest features. Weirdly edited footage though, almost looks like he's singing 2D's lines.

      1. Ben Braddock

        Wait please tell me this is ironic

    3. BELL bell

      Todas las canciones de Gorillaz son arte y nadie lo puede negar ♡♡

      1. gato tofu

        @GamerPool 910 sisisi, justo con esa canción y amarillo me paso, antes decía que eran un malas canciónes y ahora me encantan

      2. REAL MADRID

        @Funco ROWLET

      3. GamerPool 910

        @Alan Basado exacto, para mi people es muy mala canción pero es muy pegadiza y una vez la escuchas no la puedes sacar de tu cabeza

      4. Alan Basado

        @Adioff No, de hecho, si gorillaz tiene canciones malas, resultan ser pegadisas

      5. dlr.

        toda canción existente es arte, quieras o no.

    4. Ennea

      I love this song so much and I can’t wait to see it at the cinemas soon

      1. Max The maniac

        @Niall Finan thanks i like urs to

      2. Niall Finan

        @Max The maniac I like your pfp

      3. Ennea

        @sean robinson yes it was so fun!

      4. sean robinson

        @Ennea it was dope asf did u go?

      5. Max The maniac

        @Ennea kinda like a live stream but at the cinemas

    5. murdog niccals

      watched this performance last year in lockdown, was so good !

    6. Gaby

      Gorillaz es ARTE 💖💞💞 Estoy emocionadísima por el concierto

      1. samuelsGG Salas

        Donde sera

      2. rentrash


      3. Hanny G

        Yo igual! 🤩

      4. G-Fan Ramírez

        @EltioIKI del cine

    7. 👻GhostTurtles🐢

      I'm only 14 and I love Gorillaz my awesome mother was the one who showed it to me when I was 10 because she was playing her Demon Days CD she got at the library. We both love Gorillaz and watch music videos together!

    8. Nicole Marksberry

      I’m glad 2D is still a Character that they still have around for so long he is my fav character out of all of them

    9. ღLEXAღ

      de mis canciones favoritas de Song Machine

      1. Dramel Z

        @ღLEXAღ De hecho no, en realidad me da curiosidad el qué es lo que ven mis compañeros en ti. Mientras a ellos les dan risa tus comentarios a mi me aburren, lo cual es raro porque suelo reirme mucho de los haters. Así que se puede decir que intento encontrar tu "chispa"

      2. Dramel Z

        @ღLEXAღ Nah, te escribí porque compartimos opinión con reapecto a la canción, y para saludarte de paso.

      3. ღLEXAღ

        @Dramel Z y aparte de por si nadie te hace caso, tu buscas mi atencion? dime eres forever alone? xD

      4. ღLEXAღ

        @Dramel Z si te da igual para que escribirme? rencor? puff mejor vete a hacer gameplays pedorros que nadie ve xD

      5. Dramel Z

        @ღLEXAღ Jajaja, los traes peleando por tu amor xd A mi me da igual pero me resultó curioso encontrarte 🤷‍♂️

    10. Diana Chavez

      Esta canción me encanta!!!

      1. Mango us

        Oh sis

    11. AlejandroRBBP

      De las mejores de Song machine, si señor

      1. Top Kali

        *la mejor

    12. Toreador Fortanel

      Uff un pequeño vistazo del concierto, ya tengo mis boletos y estoy emocionada!

    13. Rosemary Lezcano

      ¡Esto es maravilloso! 😍🤩 Definitivamente una de mis canciones favoritas de Gorillaz 💥💖

    14. Asteroid B-612

      Genial canción ,es una de mis canciones favoritas y gran acompaña de voz con Fautomata Diawara tiene una estilo de voz única.

    15. Vivian Agreste

      esta cancion y todo gorillaz en general es arte 💖

      1. El Ricardo aventuras y videojuegos 610

        Arte es que hagas bien las pinturas no los videos

      2. Cinthia Colin

        Amoamoamo tu imagen de perfil 🌞

    16. Gorillazmifinca (Canal oficial de G-selectionz)

      Yo fui a ver ese concierto al cine estubo bien potente fui con mi apa y le conté toda la historia de gorillaz XD cuando aparecía noodle gritaba NOODLE CASATE CONMIGO SE MI ESPOSA SECUESTRAMEEE! XDD gracias Damon Albarn y Jamie Hewlett por crear gorillaz son los mejores :D

    17. Itza

      Muy buena cancion, "Desolè" de mis canciones favoritas como la de muchos

    18. Sofía


    19. The official spoon

      I went to the concert in theaters and it was the best experience I have witnessed

    20. Jaxko233

      Tuve la suerte de poder ir estuvo Chido 😎 It was really awesome this concert I can’t wait for the other!

    21. Shigaku_n 04

      20/10 obra maestra 🤑🤙🏻

    22. Ro Wan

      De las mejores canciones por toda la vida

    23. mr.mold4444


    24. Juan Andre Reynoso

      Watching it at the cinema was such a wonderful experience...Let's wait for your real WORLD TOUR Damon!! Lots of love :)

    25. Federico  Gallardo

      Hermoso ,te amo Damon !!!!

    26. Alex Rush

      Какая шикарная группа, кайфую от них

    27. Frederik Lopez

      I watched this in the theater and it was great! I absolutely loved it!

    28. Pamboo Zero

      I just love them all with my heart and soul

    29. Tea

      at always its good song

    30. Autistic Thing

      I went to this in the cinema, it was amazing:)

    31. Jose Rafael Hernandez Eacobar


    32. Илья

      ВАУ, ЛУЧШИЕ !

    33. Cristian Vicente Cabello Hernandez


    34. LayLow215

      Took my daughter to this this at our local theater it was awesome we enjoyed it a lot very very creative.. and a wonderful experience for father and daughter

    35. Easy Bwoy

      Seen the show on theater yesterday! What a performance! Go see it!

    36. Fernando Cardoso

      Nossa esse cara estranho que eu nunca ouvi falar, consegue imitar a voz do 2-D perfeitamente

    37. Гелиофобия

      я запомнил только их группу на этой планете, как группу, которая пронзило моё сердце

    38. xasv1k

      The show was rly awesome, thank you for taking me out of the gray routine for a while.

    39. Ezequiel Caceres


    40. Mintyfresh

      This is one of my favorites from Song Machine

    41. Andre Smith

      I actually saw this in theaters. It was an amazing show and so fun to watch. I strongly recommend going

    42. how when yo y los papus

      Escribo este comentario después del concierto fue los más fino y épico que he visto en mi vida 👌🤑🥂🧐

    43. elleven T

      I watched this in the cinema It was amazing!

    44. Doménica Obando

      I love it!

    45. za_ruxx


    46. TheTianBao

      Is there anywhere a streaming service for the full concert? I would love to see it.

    47. Nathali Portamarin

      Love it

    48. Dharak Colossus

      I saw this live in London! I took some photos of the audience when everyone turned on their phones during Fireflies. I kept my tickets, they're dated like, 14th of August iirc. Best 3 day trip of my life.

    49. 2-D español

      Esto si es arte diooos

    50. MoNo Spams pk fire

      I would love to see a mashup or collab of Gorillaz with dope lemon both sound like they'd go perfectly together

    51. coq

      Amo tanto como su voz a pesar del tiempo suena igual.

    52. Devin O'Dell

      Beautiful 🖤

    53. bernardo filho

      Amazing as usual.😍😁👽🙏

    54. Insomnio

      Ya estoy emocionada para el 3 de Mayo🥺❤️❤️❤️ Mi primer concierto de la vida y será ver a Gorillaz, que honor más grande

      1. Insomnio

        @how when yo y los papus ojooo👁👁

      2. how when yo y los papus

        @Insomnio no daré spoilers solo diré q estuvo muy potaxio y ete sech niño del oxxo mmmm. Eso es bait no me dan risa esos memes Fue épico 👌🤑 Y fino señores 🥂🧐

      3. Insomnio

        @how when yo y los papus gracias! Igualmente uwu

      4. how when yo y los papus

        @rentrash es meme

      5. how when yo y los papus

        @Insomnio grax igual si vos vas a ir en mayo te deseo que te la pases bien

    55. ×チャーリー×

      Omg it was so good!!!!! I loved seeing it!

    56. JuJu joestar

      I love gorillaz so much 🛐

    57. Nadia Lizbeth Ruíz Nájera

      There is little left for it to be screened in theaters, I already have the tickets‼️‼️

    58. Luis alfonso Herrera

      genial como siempre, sigan asi♥🔥

    59. Alexis Ochoa

      Siempre La banda virtual gorillaz derramando talento y sus caricaturas de antes nunca pasaran de moda ya que casi las dan y las miraba desde el 2000 sigan asi gorillaz...

    60. Keef González Doroteo

      It's beautiful

    61. Diogo Alvino

      Melhor banda do século 21 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌

    62. Fernanda Pahoola

      Love u !!! My favorite one ! Got the feeling 🥺

    63. ракаМ

      Как всегда ЩИКАРНО

    64. Carlos Torres


    65. Nick

      Can't wait to see this on cinemas

    66. Nicky B

      Rocking the sunglasses damon 😎👌!!

    67. sofia carmona

      me encanta

    68. Idk Leave me alone

      I loved watching this performance, highlight of my lockdown

    69. jelly imposter

      Beautiful music

    70. Exho

      Random thought, but who thinks Gorillaz and Tyler the creator would work good together

    71. DarkchocokrispisSJJ3shipudenSuperPowerRanger01

      Wow he's actually singing a lot like 2D here

    72. anonimous

      Just ✨PERFECT✨ I'm gonna cry right now xD

    73. Raccoon_the_garbage_prince

      esto es bellisimo aaa es arte puro

    74. Sawyer Bloxham

      I’m a rapper and I want to collaborate with Gorillaz one day. I’m not very good now, but maybe one day I can get there.

      1. Moss

        Same, man

      2. nekka

        You'll be big one day, don't let go!

    75. katie_can’t_compute

      Buzzing to see this in the cinema next week!!

    76. sylieve

      Beautiful song from a beautiful band

    77. xEureka


    78. baget


    79. Bunny

      2D 🛐🖤✨

    80. wxrjthk

      Estoy obsesionada con la voz de Damon