Gorillaz - Désolé ft. Fatoumata Diawara (Episode Two)



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    Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
    Episode Two: ‘Désolé’ ft. Fatoumata Diawara
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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Co-Directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor
    Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
    Animators: Venla Linna, Simone Crillo, Setareh Seto, Diego Porral
    Clean Up Artists: Setareh Seto, Diego Porral, Venla Linna
    Compositor: Freddie Lewis-Wall
    Production Company: The Line
    Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

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    1. stan yoongles

      “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m trying to hold on to you.” .... its like murdoc is feeling left behind and wants to feel needed but while he was gone the others moved on, even 2d is happier now. He’s the only one at the house looking for them and ends up breaking down when he’s alone. Are we getting character development?? i hope so

      1. • ariya_duckyy •

        isn’t it just cuz 2d needed to piss?

      2. Kaderade

        The line was actually inspired by 2D needing to piss

      3. Saki‼️

        Trying to hold on to you was based on 2D having to go to the bathroom •-•

      4. atún con huevo y mango

        @ElChavesMan that's cruel even for Murdoc xd

      5. ElChavesMan

        @atún con huevo y mango idk if its in figurative form or in a serious form but actually, for murdoc it is

    2. K Mac

      This song is incredible and her voice just brings out the beauty in life.

      1. ?!?

        Well i fucking hate it

      2. Luna

        @Paulie Lamborghini yes

      3. Paulie Lamborghini

        No :D

      4. requiesticat

        @Meha Murmurs Studio Killers and Savlonic are similar to Gorillaz, in terms of music style and the band being animated.

      5. Meha Murmurs

        @Elijah Finch know any other gorillaz like bands? Iv been on a gorillaz kick lately and like similar sounds

    3. Carmen Sandiego

      This is, by far, my favorite song to analyze (as a person who likes to delve into things I probably shouldn’t). See, the whole joke is that, despite the whole song being in very badly translated French, but it still somehow manages to make sense. And here’s how: This is 2-D finally coming to term with his leadership role in Gorillaz. We’ve seen this theme before - specifically in Humility and Pac-Man. However, in both, he’s either been stressed, unsure, or unbearably cocky. But he’s grown a lot since then, and especially during this album. This fits with the symbolism of the captain’s hat. But this song isn’t about 2-D…not really. This is MURDOC’S song. “Trying to hold on to you” is Murdoc’s control of 2-D slowly slipping, and his lament that he doesn’t hold the power that he used to. 2-D is so much happier - notice the white eyes, which means no recent abuse - and Murdoc’s been left in the dust. “Desolé” of course, is the apology that Murdoc wishes he could say face to face. Sorry for the abuse of his band, the verbal berating…everything. That’s why he’s included in the music video at all. Without seeing his apparent guilt and sorrow, the many apologies would never make sense. The juxtaposition between the happier band members and the miserable Murdoc is what makes the song what it is. But the best lyric BY FAR comes near the end of the song. “Tous mes fantômes sont bleus.” This translates to “all of my ghosts are blue.” The lyric is actually a reference to an earlier song in the album: Pac-Man. The arcade machine was actually a gift from Murdoc to 2-D, so it would make sense that this detail would be included. It’s pretty much saying “The jig is up. The game is over. You win.” Murdoc is giving up control. This is a turning point for the Gorillaz. Dynamics are changing. Maybe there will be a new antagonist to fight… (And if anyone can translate the lady’s singing, that would be great. I feel like it offers other details, as well as being beautiful to listen to.)

      1. Emilie :D

        This was IMPRESSIVE thank you :)

      2. dakii ozhereleva

        that's beautiful.

      3. Nomi Habo

        @𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘱𝘺☆ aries was the direct follow-up to this song. we know how that ended...

      4. ~Lazy~

        @𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘱𝘺☆ yea,so...

      5. Divine subliminals~♡

        As much as this stings my heart to think about I actually had an idea of what could've happened before this- What if before this song was in full production of being made murdoc was put in charge of the lyrics and at first was very bitter about it since he knows he's not all that poetic- but then realized this could be the perfect chance to finally apologize to 2D and tell him he's ready to let him take the lead within the band and in the decisions and to no longer Be in control, but when he was done and the time was almost up to submit it he panicked about being seen as weak and was terrified of 2D not forgiving him after all they've been through so he quickly copy and pasted it into google translate and just chose the first language he found which was "French" *I know that the lyrics are probably either from just an artistic statement on murdoc's part or murdoc purposely making it french so no one gets too suspicious of what the meaning is but it just feels way too likely my idea might actually be right when evaluating the lyrics in English*

    4. help me

      2D: having the time of his life Mudz: crying in the corner Russ: *jamming it with a carrot* Noodle: *_BIG-ASS HANDS_*

      1. MasterMCGS

        wheres noodle

      2. ultra.violet

        C A R R O T

      3. Retrouge48

        They look like foam monster hands

      4. da hampter is back

        @By_Andres13 h a n d s

    5. BraxSNART

      Me: **Still trying to understand how time works because 2D is in his 40s** 2D: The ducks are swimming backwards

      1. CaptLumpycake

        Murdoc is 60 or 70 lmao

      2. One Piece Fan

        @Nevada Aguilar damn

      3. Emileigh Grace

        @Alexandra G no tf he was not he was born in 1966

      4. Cloudy- Ah

        @Pampana Monick Noodle is 31, definitely not mid-30's lol 😭

      5. daddy pig official

        It really makes me want to cry

    6. Lucifer Klarion

      i just love how she never stops smiling even when she’s singing.

      1. Funky dancing man

        I didn't know about her until this song but I love her because her voice is so pretty and she seems so happy

      2. jessie flores

        It's a hard skill to learn she's Soo good!

      3. Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

        She is amazing

      4. Ornitorrinco C1borgue

        @Silver Twilight it makes up a good context tho

      5. Jeff Traboulsy

        Shes absolutely beautiful. Its crazy.

    7. A Channel

      Russ: I got carrots Noodle: I got monster hands 2-D: I got a hat Murdoc: I got depression

      1. MasterMCGS

        wheres noodle

      2. One Piece Fan

        @Ashley Steel the cool shoeshine> 🥶

      3. Troy Cleckler

        Noodle: I got a phase 2 hair cut

      4. Frogger

        @UGENESIS4EVA ............I can see why 2D is smiling on the boat now.


        @Frogger specifically Murdoc ran over 2-D with a car causing 2-D’s black eyes (although it was an accident, Murdoc couldn’t care less about 2-Ds well being), Murdoc then sleeps with 2-Ds gf, Murdoc then works with the boogeyman to gas and kidnap 2-D and force him to be in the plastic beach arc, which led to probably their craziest arc, by being chased by cops, pirates, spirits, and 2-D being swallowed by a giant whale. Not too mention the reason the boogeyman was even a thing was because Murdoc sold his soul to the devil and made a deal with Boogeyman which caused the band to go through a lot of shenanigans. Let’s not forget Murdoc ordered the strike on the floating island in phase 2 with Noodle still on the island, and while he gave her a parachute, she still almost died. Murdoc HIMSELF is like “yea………I need to be a better person” cause the band was done with his shit at one point and was succeeding without him, before his eventual return to the band.

    8. Malcolm Williams

      Really upset that I got into Gorillaz so late because I remember seeing the music video for Feel Good Inc when I was in the first or second grade and being enamored with them. It wasn’t until this year that I got really really into them and I’m so happy that I did.

      1. werewolfie

        People who started enjoying gorillaz 15 years ago 🤝 people who started enjoying gorillaz less than a year ago

      2. Alex Starks

        I feel that! I used to animate on flipnote hatena to Clint Eastwood and Feel Good Inc. as a kid but I only started getting into them maybe last year/the year before and only just started paying attention to the messages in the music

      3. Lazzu •

        sameeeee, It’s being a month since I’m really into gorillaz’s music, AND THEY HAD A SHOW IN MEXICO 2 MONTHS AGO(more or less) , but well, life is like that

      4. Random  Videos


      5. Veronica Tiffany

        It was middle school for me but I always have enjoyed them =))

    9. Jayne Seanard

      I love this, she is so happy, its infectious, she makes me smile when she sings because she seams so full of joy when she sings, love you guys

      1. Taylor Bloise

        I agree. She has a beautiful smile and voice. Pure magic

    10. J.Roberto Martínez

      Murdoc: *Crying because he is All Alone* 2-D: WOW, i meet Blur's Lead Singer

      1. Jillian

        All alone.. sounds familiar..

      2. Mightychondria

        Jail changed him, i see...

      3. stopquest

        well i guess he actually misses the whole band

      4. Giil Santiago

        Hahahaha epic

    11. Gorillaz

      2D: i was also worried about those ducks swimming backwards. hope they are ok

      1. izzycankindofdraw

        Nah mate 😭

      2. Someguy 56

        I thought the same thing when I saw birds flying backwards when I went outside.

      3. Sendey Lenaola

        perform this in toronto please

      4. Cecilia


      5. xdeadmalltapes

        Mb don’t worry 2-D!!

    12. Toffeehammer

      Cool to see Noodle rocking the "bangs over eyes" look again. Almost like a callback to the old phase 2/3 days.

      1. MasterMCGS



      I just realized that this was filmed near where I live... so fucking cool.

      1. Umbrella Ghost

        That's so cool omg


        @Bryon Nah, they only walk in the least travelled parts of the woods. Cars hurt their feet, and so do hikers, so they try to avoid both.

      3. Cluelessbeekeeping

        @IT'S PUNISHMENT TIME ! Thank you! Your user name is funny!


        @Cluelessbeekeeping Lake Como, in Italy.

      5. Cluelessbeekeeping

        Where is it???

    14. RogueToken

      Seriously one of Gorillaz best songs. And that's sayin' somethin'.

      1. Elijah Finch

        if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, it gives me strong gorillaz vibes,

    15. sweetbabyrays

      This song feels like a mixture of euphoria, relaxation, nostalgia, excitement, and melancholy all at once. So good :))

    16. Gorillaz

      2D: damn it's still on

      1. 2-D’s Wife

        2d said a bad word OOOOOOOO

      2. Raevenslmaochannel

        LANGUAGE 2D

      3. tia


      4. Cannielilip


      5. Mr TerryᏊ ̆ ꈊ ̆ Ꮚ

        If your talking about the comments then press the x

    17. Plastic Demon

      0:25 [Intro: 2-D] Eh Eh, ah 1:21 [Verse 1: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé contraband Désolé, I'm a long way from land Désolé, I don't know what to do Désolé, désolé, I’m tryin' to hold on to you 1:49 [Chorus: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé, ko teriya mana diya Désolé, a kana ma lamè Désolé, désolé, désolé Désolé, désolé, a kana ma lamè 2:18 [Verse 2: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé compliqué Désolé, I don't know what to say anymore Désolé, while everyone on the move Désolé, désolé, I'm trying to hold on to you 2:46 [Chorus: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé, ko teriya mana diya Désolé, a kana ma lamè Désolé, désolé, désolé Désolé, désolé, a kana ma lamé Désolé Désolé 3:41 [Verse 3: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé contraband Désolé, c'est une longue file d'attente Désolé, tous mes phantoms sans bleu Désolé, désolé, I'm trying to hold on to you 4:09 [Bridge: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé, désolé, ah Désolé, o diyalen, o diyalen, ah ahan Désolé, désolé, désolé, ahaan Désolé, désolé, ah, yeah, yeah 5:18 [Outro: 2-D and Fatoumata Diawara] Désolé, désolé Désolé, désolé (Lyrics by Genius)

      1. Holmes Mack MM

        Nice thx for doing this but I note a small mistake in French we do not say "tous mes phantoms sans bleu" but "tous mes fantômes sont bleus" = "all my ghosts are blue" in the queen's language.

      2. Jillian

        The intro sounds more like fatoumata to me.

      3. EniD Nama

        i'm french and is not "contraband" but "Quand tu penses"= When you think" in english. Voilà maintenant les bonnes paroles !!!!!

    18. meadcwlark

      Fatoumata has such a beautiful voice it literally gives me chills

    19. Lua Dever

      This is definitely one of the most beautiful songs

      1. Elijah Finch

        if you like Gorillaz you should check out Lonely Gimmick - Running, it gives me strong gorillaz vibes,

    20. Geralt of rivia

      I love seeing 2D and Damon together

      1. Jillian

        besties 4 lyfe

      2. Dan_

        Father and son

      3. sunny

        me too

    21. Gorillaz

      2D: in that book I was trying to learn French for ‘can we stop I really need the loo' as forgot to go before we left Kong. That was where the line ‘Trying to hold on to you’ was inspired.

      1. Kaderade

        Bro you got this line from needing to piss? Damn you are built different...

      2. ⋀ChildBirth⋀

        Here : 😩👈

      3. Gábor Mufics

        Cool portal doorway. Where do I get one of those?

      4. Selen Molla

        Why did you not pin this :(

    22. Marci1236

      I can’t believe this is the same band that made Clint Eastwood. You guys have evolved so much ever since you’re first album.

    23. viridi xx

      this is the first i've ever heard of Fatoumata. she's incredible! her voice is so mature and absolutely carries this song. i love all of the Gorillaz collaborators, but she adds such an amazing vibe.

    24. Kenny Cola

      [Intro: 2-D] Ayy Ayy, ah [Verse 1: 2-D & Fatoumata Diawara] Sorry, sorry, contraband Sorry, I'm a long way from land Sorry, I don't know what to do Sorry, sorry, try to hold on to you [Chorus: 2-D, Fatoumata Diawara & Both] Sorry, sorry, say the light of our friendship is good Sorry, you aren't listening Sorry, sorry, sorry Sorry, sorry, you aren't listening [Verse 2: 2-D & Fatoumata Diawara] Sorry, sorry, complicated Sorry, I don't know what to say anymore Sorry, while everyone on their own Sorry, sorry, I'm tryin' to hold on to you [Chorus: 2-D, Fatoumata Diawara & Both] Sorry, sorry, say the light of our friendship is good Sorry, you aren't listening Sorry, sorry, sorry Sorry, sorry, you aren't listening Sorry Sorry [Verse 3: 2-D & Fatoumata Diawara] Sorry, sorry, contraband Sorry, it's a long waiting line Sorry, all of my ghosts are blue Sorry, sorry, try to hold on to you [Bridge: 2-D, Fatoumata Diawara & Both] Sorry, sorry, sorry, ah Sorry, that got better/succeeded (?), ah Sorry, sorry, sorry, ah Sorry, sorry, ah, yeah, yeah [Outro: 2-D & Fatoumata Diawara] Sorry, sorry Sorry, sorry

      1. nightingale

        tysm for translating!!

    25. Аноним

      Me : crying 25 minutes Mum : what’s wrong? Me: 2d , Russ and Noodle are in Italy and they left Murdock on his own. I know that 2d deserves the best life, but Murdock is crying and I don’t know what to do. Mum : ok . Oh good. 729 !?

      1. The17thElement

        As an italian i am so proud of myself for recognizing Lake Como even if i never been there. I RECOGNIZED A FUCKING LAKE. IN A VIDEO.

      2. Miguel Sanchez

        Now he has depresssion because of the band

      3. lxmon lee

        @Cronchy Cat He abused 2D physically and mentally to the point he was told by his therapist that he had stolkholm syndrome (without him exactly knowing what it means obv) and plastic beach (Phase 3 in lore) really shows how badly murdoc treated 2D, Murdoc did say he was going to try and change after a whole fiasco with him being in jail and lying about why he was in jail and how thats not cool but yeah no murdoc needs 0 sympathy , but he is getting better with how he's treating 2d (Shown by how his eyes are nearly always white now) as well the other bandmates

    26. meer

      So for everyone who hasn't seen it yet: Murdoc said on twitter that he wasn't actually crying, it was acting. In order to act like he was crying, he thought of all the horrible things that he did do his friends and how ashamed he is of himself So, he basically acted like he was crying but he actually cried.

      1. ~Lazy~

        And them....Cracker island,lol Murdoc ...lol ...


        He was probably lying.

      3. Paige Eden

        People don't try to cry; they try not to cry.

      4. One Piece Fan


      5. xXgalaxy_chocolateXx

        Wait so he was acting or not??

    27. dumbalek

      Okay but can we talk about how amazing the vocals by Fatoumata Diwara are??? They really make the song, I am in LOVE

      1. Gordon Lekfors

        no, we can't talk about that. just listen and be happy. don't make me shut you off.

    28. Paige Eden

      This music video is beautiful and very strange. I love how at 3:20 you have nice, happy trumpets while Murdoc is sobbing his eyes out on the couch.

    29. BAThory16!

      Está canción es bellísima, suena bien raro pero en vez de transmitirme tristeza o melancolía, hace que me den ganas de cantar

    30. Papa Georges

      Gorillaz NEEDS to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, their contribution to music is just outstanding. Not and overstatement by any means, when the time arrives, they need to be there, I truly believe they already reached that level some time ago.Blending so many genres and constantly churning out fresh material speaks volumes.I wish them their best through this journey called life, and I am happy we all get so share it in the present, even if for me just means connecting to the music they release.

    31. Gorillaz

      2D: It's weird I never knew there was a lake in the back room

      1. Metalbrick Productions

        @Gorillaz Thought you could help with that

      2. M.NAUFAL

        Back what?

      3. Jason Boggs

        @Gorillaz YOU ARE MY FAVORITE 2D I LOVE UR GUYS BAND!!!!!!!!

      4. ⋀ChildBirth⋀


      5. Tabitha The Cat

        @Gorillaz I have a portal. Leads to Hell except on Thursdays because that's when Satan's at yoga.

    32. Rad Shadd

      The Smile and positivity radiating from this woman for her having this experience is unmatched.. you can see she is grateful for every moment. Love this! Gorillaz legends!

    33. Noodle’s Helmet

      This song is such a vibe you don’t even have to sing along, you could just bop your head to it :)

    34. DarlEng

      Fatoumata's voice at 4:31 makes me cry every time. Even if I'm doing other stuff, as soon as that moment hits, I'm fucked and sobbing for the next ten minutes

      1. vanex

        @Divine subliminals~♡ means he's a softie I think

      2. Divine subliminals~♡

        @Gordon Lekfors lol what does that mean?

      3. Gordon Lekfors

        jeez mate. you must be made of cream cheese.

    35. JUANHITO

      I will always love that intro how all instruments merge into something this beautiful, i just love it, thank you Gorillaz for this beautiful songs, this song in particular gives joy to my heart

    36. Uhhh hiii

      I understand why Murdocs sad, and it was more than just the boat trip. The song and visuals represent the band not needing Murdoc to be with them anymore. Murdoc is realizing this and hides in his box Murdoc centered his whole life around this band, he has no other interests, (a good) family, or friendships outside of it He literally sold his soul for these people, but then they realize they didn’t need him to begin with. He has nothing left and that’s what’s sad.

      1. Iggy

        I think the main reason why russel was feeling good in tranz cause Murdoc was gone

      2. detropeR_

        murdoc is his old ego

      3. Divine subliminals~♡

        @BionicTopHat *I'm nearly crying why would you do this-*

      4. BionicTopHat

        Could be more, only 2D went on the boat trip. Murdoc didn't build himself off the band he built it off of 2D's talent. Noodlez and Russ have shown disinterest in keeping Murdoc around since they're perfectly willing to go their own ways this is just better for everybody so they let Murdoc be the shit he is so long as it doesn't step on their toes. That scene that shows Russ and Noodlez could just be figments of his imagination. He's probably seen 2D on that same dock waving to his friends with Murdoc and the others under the realization, it's not Murdocs shady deals that got them where they are it was their talent and 2D's voice and in fact 2D has been getting the shit end of the stick because he's practically the face of the band. He's the only one regularly staring at the camera he's the only one comfortable being the face as the others have their own lives to consider while 2D was just a puppet for so long. So now the dynamic has shifted. Murdoc is no longer the one with all the power and the symbols that the other band mates use for their instruments signifies this. Murdoc knows that Russ can "see" him and the Noodlez can "reach" him since he's had to make a replacement for her for the last time she left. She fully understand he needs her more than she needs him. However all of this is based off Gorillaz lore I no longer remember all too well.

      5. Divine subliminals~♡

        May I also mention that I looked up the lyrics of the song and translated it, I was quite surprised what I found, I couldn't get a full clear thing but there's definitely specific words in there that get the message across, (It was just a simple Google search so it might not be 100% accurate) First off I saw that the term "it's complicated" came up as well "my *blue* demons haunt me" but most noticably, it seems like this is some type of vent song almost, and finally "desole" itself *literally* translates to "sorry" in French, *The song is literally saying I'm sorry*

    37. Elliot B

      This song is added to my many favorite Gorillaz songs. What an awesome vibe.

    38. Samuel Powell

      wow this takes me back to my high school days, I havent listened to Gorillaz in ages, cant believe they are still releasing such amazing music, I had the plastic beach album on cd stolen by my friend, these were pre Spotify and smart phones days for any youngsters reading this lol jks. Seriously though what other band has music videos as great as this! While I'm here I wanna throw my friend some love as we've been through a lot together and he's heavily influenced by Gorillaz sound. Try searching Lonely Gimmick - Running, you may be in for a surprise and he would love to hear your opinion. He has still never given back my copy of plastic beach now that I think about it, gonna have to ask him about where that went lol

    39. rafa

      i love how i spent so much time trying to find all 2D comments and i still have a feeling that some of them are missing

      1. bouncydogfuneral

        Same haha

    40. Lente Winrrett

      DAMON hace fusión como PETER GABRIEL. Mix cultural que lo hace único. Que sueño sería un tema juntos!!!! Cada vez mejor música haces, DAMON!!! Y todos tus proyectos. Te felicito, eres inspiración.

    41. Myotic Tesseract

      1. 2D in a sailor outfit is amazing. 2. I think Song Machine really is bringing out some of the best and freshest in Gorillaz right now.

      1. Autistic Thing

        I misread that as "2D in a sailor moon outfit is amazing." And I remembered the drawing I made last weekend

      2. Randomz

        Still waiting for that slow, sad type song like fire flies and busted & blue type vibe

      3. Jim Spectre

        I completely agree! The way they are doing such different things with their animation and this fresh new musical direction is so refreshing!

      4. Regan

        I agree

      5. Nora Horphzinger

        I totally agree: not only is this Song Machine project really giving us some good hits, it is also revealing a fresh Gorillaz. They are my favorite band and I am glad they are still truly alive.

    42. s b

      Man diawara is so good in this, really glad gorrilaz managed to get her, haven't heard of her before this but im really glad I got the chance to listen to her in this, also she looked great in this too! Her clothes are so vibrant and her joy really adds to the boat riding scenes.

    43. izzycankindofdraw

      The lyrics are adorable. Even cuter in Damon’s smooth voice(or 2D if you prefer). And the collaberator’s accent and voice is such a beautiful add. They really branch out to every song they make. We know it’s made with love. PS: 2D’s French dictionary is the cutest add ever. PSx2:Russel looks so cute 😭

    44. Cluelessbeekeeping

      That looked like fun! Does anyone know where this was filmed? It was beautiful!

    45. Gypsy Queen

      This song helped me so much in one of the worst moments of my life: thank you

    46. Gorillaz

      2D: can anyone recommend me some good socks

      1. Arina Basova

        i can give mine. they're with ducks

      2. Señior Joel

        The fruit of the loom compression 🧦

      3. ramenn

        White and blue💅🏽

      4. ConTheCrow

        Try bombas dude, or just wear fuzzy socks everywhere like me

      5. TerasWaffle

        I got the best socks ever

    47. Ice

      This is a really good song. I’ve been enjoying slowly going thru gorillaz discography, just recently discovered them for myself 😊

    48. Ricardo Aleman

      Su intro lo amo, La mejor del álbum junto a The lost chord y the Pink Phantom. lo que me encanta de Gorillaz es que me muestra artistas que no conozco y me terminan gustando, Fatou & Lee.

    49. CoolDoge

      *this is a fantastic video and this song is just a beautiful blend of animation, composition, and organization*

    50. Jesse Richards

      Pure genius! Can never get tired of the artistic creativeness & uniqueness that gorillaz continues to do

    51. Gorillaz

      2D: Noodle can i go now as need to buy some socks

      1. ⋀ChildBirth⋀

        Next socks

      2. Asheville


      3. meh Val

        But more pink and purple ones!

      4. tia

        Get some comfy ones

      5. Jaelyn Lorin

        okay but who else thinks that 2d would be literally the biggest ally in the world is that true 2d?😫🙌

    52. Alanna Karina Kopca Uriza

      Simplemente arte! :³

    53. lilytimetravel

      Fatoumata is amazing!! So is Gorillaz! I have a lot of respect for them, their fans seem amazing and their music is fantastic! They kill it every single time :D

    54. 1Sariat5

      One of my faves, this one makes me so damn happy (both the video and the song)

    55. Jacob Goodyear

      The reason this is so good is because it has all the elements of a perfect gorillas song

    56. Gorillaz

      2D: dont worry about those ducks btw, ducks can go forward AND backwards.

      1. Medic Gaming

        Ah yes, the addressing of the backward swimming ducks

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    60. Jojo Time

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    61. Old Smokey

      This is an interesting turn for Gorillaz. When the new album didn't feature Murdoc very heavily it was interesting because I kept expecting the entire thing to take such a heavy turn back towards Murdoc and his twisted setup, but it seems like since the end of Plastic Beach not only has 2-D really started to control his own life but the band as a whole has migrated away from having Murdoc involved. I won't say it's bad as Murdoc has canonically always been a sort of Chaotic Evil ideology that seems to generally make a mess for the band more than help it, but he is still part of the band and I think this song and the entire ideology seems to be the band's way of saying "we can accept you back in time but you have to realize we do not NEED you to be something great. We've all grown while you're still stuck on land". In a way this song really feels like one for those finally coming into their own. They don't need to hang on to the past, that doesn't mean they should throw it away, but it isn't necessary anymore. It has done its job. And honestly within the story of Gorillaz this really makes sense. Murdoc sold his soul to make a band incredibly popular. that doesn't mean he had to be a part of it...

      1. Fire Bros

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      2. Graf Aramaic

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      3. Kamikaze

        @Joselyne Celis Long story short, Murdoc's still stuck in the past, while the rest pf the band have grown and bettered themselves without him. Hence why he's in Kong Studios, doesn't leave, and everyone else is in this bright vibrant place

      4. Aster

        @Ned you would.....but when yah make everyone (especially 2-d's) life a waking hell with every breath you expel...its also to be expected that the moment they learn they can be happy without you they aren't gonna go out of their way to invite you out. its a story of pain and loss, a story of learning to grow and move on and its a story of a friendship/comradery in a band that's got scars and wounds. its a story of Gorillaz

      5. Kamikaze

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