Gorillaz - Cracker Island ft. Thundercat (Official Video)



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    Cracker Island
    On cracker Island it was born
    To the collective of the dawn
    They were planting seeds at night
    To grow a made up paradise
    Where the truth was auto tuned (forever cult)
    But it’s sadness I consumed (forever cult)
    Into my formats everyday (forever cult)
    in end I had to pay (what world is this)
    In the end I had to pay (I purged my soul)
    In the end I had to pay (I drank to riot)
    Nothing more to say (I drank to riot)
    They taught themselves to be occult
    They didn’t know it’s many strategies x 2
    What world is this? x2
    On cracker island it was raised
    By the collective from the grave
    It only came out at night
    It ate up their paradise (paradise)
    Where the truth was auto tuned (forever cult)
    And it’s sadness I consumed (forever cult)
    Into my formats everyday (forever cult)
    In the end I had to pay (what world is this)
    Out there on my silverlake (I was not there)
    In the end it will be great (beneath the hills)
    I’m like a ship between the tides (I saw myself)
    I held on I survived (there in the void)
    They taught themselves to be occult
    They didn’t know it’s many strategies x2
    On cracker island It will die (forever cult)
    Join the collective in the sky (forever cult)
    And on a shining boat of light (forever cult)
    Go up to paradise (what world is this)
    Where the truth is autotuned (I purged my soul)
    And it’s sadness I consume (I drank to riot)
    Into my formats everyday (I drank to riot)
    In the end I had to pay (forever cult)
    In the end I’ll have to pay (forever cult)
    In the end I’ll be ok (forever cult)
    Nothing more to say x3
    Directors: Jamie Hewlett & Fx Goby
    Executive Producers: Jamie Hewlett & Damon Albarn
    Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn are managed by Eleven Management
    A Nexus Studios & Gorillaz Production
    Executive Producers for Nexus: Charlotte Bavasso & Chris O'Reilly, Mike Bell
    CG Supervisors: Dave Hunt & Florian Caspar
    VFX Supervisor & Compositing Lead: Germán Díez
    DP: Ricky Patel
    Editor: Dave Slade
    Producer: Jo Bierton
    Production Manager: Ruyi Meer
    Production Coordinator: Tyler Antin
    Production Assistant: Megan Silvester
    Storyboard Artist: Rodrigo Aquino Verdun
    Character Modeller: Andrew Hickinbottom
    3D Generalist: Andy Spence
    Rigging: Niko Rossi, Nayla Nassar
    Modeller & Texture Artist: Catarina Loja
    Pipeline TD: Tom Melson
    Animators: Fabrice Fiteni, Marylou Mao, Tom Lowe, Fatih Dogan
    Lead Lighter: Carl Kenyon
    Lighting & Rendering: Pawel Adamiec, Rodi Kaya, Daniel Prince
    Lead Compositor; Sacha Danjou
    Compositors: Gareth Tredrea, Sander Saks, Hiral Kawa, Alexey Viatvud, Gourav Kumar, Simran Arora, Osman Baloglu
    VFX Editors: Andrea Zantiras, Zaki Fulford
    Designer & Matte Painters: Milan Baulard, Callum Strachan, Paul Campion
    Designer: Ieuan Lewis
    2D VFX ANIMATOR: Bethany Levy
    3D VFX: Paul Mitcheson
    Motion Graphics Designer: Nathan Bayliss
    Head of Resources: Natalie Busuttil
    Resource Manager: Gigi Kohut
    Resource Coordinator: Meg Dupont
    Marketing & PR: Valentina Tarelli, Nancy Edmondson, Isobel Wise, Steph Anjo
    Archive Producer: Lisa Savage
    Sound FX Designer: JM Finch
    Grade Company: Black Kite Studios
    Service Production Company - Tuna Icon
    2D, Noodle, Russel Hobbs, Murdoc Niccals, Thundercat
    Supporting cast:
    Milica Tepavac, Sonja Vukicevic, Ivan Tomic, Rudolf Tsabalala, Vukasin Stanic, Ella Landesman, Sippa Hengprathom, Nani Pavlovic, Tea Simic, Snezana Radivojsa, Rajesh Kalhan, Roda Adan
    Spanish Service Co: AzuL
    Eleven Management are:
    Niamh Byrne, Regine Moylett, Tanyel Vahdettin, Stars Redmond, Astrid Ferguson, Gabriele Power, Ellie Nolan, Aston New, Katherine Nash, Suzi Grossman, Selena Dion, Clare Moss, Hannah Norris
    With thanks to:
    Thundercat, Dom Smith, Alison Smith, Josh Berman

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    1. Brad Taste In Music

      Beautiful visuals. Thundercat’s inclusion was really fun. Adds a lot to the video. Reminds me of what I loved about the band originally while bringing the newer sounds from stuff like song machine.

      1. cheerio

        is this your official cracker island review brad

      2. jellofan

        Thundercat was destined to collab with gorillaz

      3. Lenny Bright 🍆????

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/nl6hjbGLp2VilnA.html

      4. SpyanLord

        video looks awesome, who cares if the actual song is kinda crap !

      5. Camilo Indart

        Are we gonna have a proper reaction to this?

    2. LightningWarrior TV

      I used to be a fan, but after this masterpiece dropped I’m a whole air conditioner

      1. Shiner

        @palmeristo Yes you can, don’t know where you got that idea from.

      2. Gigachad

        @Alister Sven Schoff yo mama 😁

      3. PeachyMist

        Ahhhh not the sangwoo pfp lmaooo I mean I use to love ks but it became too much for me lol sangwoo was hot to middle school me 😅

      4. palmeristo

        @Shiner you can't steal quotes.

      5. Tim Drake


    3. Nymodil

      The fact that I literally grew up with Noodle is amazing, I was a teen when I first started listening to them. Now Noodle and I are very close in age in our 30s. I love this band so much for that

      1. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        Murdoc was 31 when Noodle arrived at Kong Studios. Noodle is now 31.

      2. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @Tydyman200 you are the same age as Noodle

      3. S

        @Grey Warden Invasion forever cult

      4. lz

        @Chad Mann this is not chad behavior at all bro...

      5. D W

        Remember when noodle could hardly speak English 🙃

    4. mmpj twod

      I remember I was 8 when they came out with Clint Eastwood, I’m about to be 30 and glad to see Gorillaz still making music that slaps!

      1. Youraverageartist

        @Rae Gomez sameee

      2. Mr. Pete Channel is 100 away 2 the big time!

        @Mooncowsback you are the same age as Noodle

      3. Iggys World gameplay gamer🇺🇦“IWGPG”

        About tomorrow comes today?

      4. baggusy

        @Ikeidjd 1 OH WOW

      5. Ikeidjd 1

        @baggusy It did en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clint_Eastwood_(song) It says it on the first line

    5. Sinner Of Asmr

      i love how Gorillaz is still relevant after, how many years now? since 1998 so it's been 24 years, that is just astounding to me. and they're still getting new fans! i introduced one of my friends to them and they became immediately obsessed. i genuinely love this band and it was such a big part of my upbringing, i hope they continue to prosper :))

      1. Made In Japan

        It's true I'm a new fan they're so cool

      2. Nicholas Whisler

        @Bezo Šarimovic The concept was likely conceived then, and I believe the Tomorrow Comes Today EP came out in 2000 before their first full length release.

      3. Bezo Šarimovic

        @Alec Elliott imagine being so based that you’re a fan of a band yet to release material

      4. Alec Elliott

        @Sinner Of Asmr I was talking about their first album: Gorillaz. It was released on the 26th of March 2001

      5. Sinner Of Asmr

        @Alec Elliott nope! not trying to be rude, but Gorillaz was made in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett!

    6. El Orgullo Del Operador

      So good. Also, i really like where this is going with all the cult stuff. I'm so happy the band has been so busy with new music in this past few years

      1. Lenny Bright 🍆????

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/nl6hjbGLp2VilnA.html


        kzsection.info/green/bejne/toqVs2qKpomcgWg.html Finally it's here

      3. Spicy Punk Rocker

        I ate 50 OREOS in a video 🤪🔥💀

      4. Gael Mar

        Hola pride te quiero mucho, por ti le echo ganas a la escuela

      5. jair González

        Grande Pride !!!

    7. D_L_C _

      Помню когда учился в школе в начальных классах - у меня была касета с альбомом Гориллаз, где играл их шедевр Клинт Иствуд, и спустя столько времени - они продолжают радовать своими шедеврами. Спасибо Вам!

    8. Garry bobby

      Not a lot of bands can say they’ve been around for 25 years and still come out with bangers

      1. bilinas mini

        Crazy how a song can instantly hook me with just the first note. I've listen to Cracker Island way too many times

    9. LTRiiken

      Thundercat Fan for like 10 Years, i really hope this collab brings in more fans, hes truly amazing. Hopefully Gorillaz can work with Flying Lotus too

      1. Greig

        Thundercat is the man. 10 years here too.

      2. Auntie Bee Dance Fitness

        Thundercat is brilliant

      3. Alec Elliott

        When they played this song for the first time at a live concert, I heard about thundercat and had to check him out. He's so good and definitely a big inspiration for me learning bass

      4. Serebanana

        Never heard of Thundercat but Gorillaz always includes a lot of lesser known artists and gives them a great opportunity in the spotlight. They have a good ear for people who could deserve more love.

      5. thejulianexperience

        @Declan Ashmore check his jools holland performance

    10. Yazmin Echeverria

      Gorillaz es simplemente MARAVILLOSO!!!

      1. Deity HyliaN

        @Aitor lo sé pero hasta cuando cambiaban seguía esa esencia de gorillaz ahora es más comercial :/ no diga que sea malo pero ya no es el gorillaz de antes

      2. IBleedCoke

        Absolutely ❤️

      3. Aitor

        @Deity HyliaN Gorillaz siempre estuvo cambiando su estilo

      4. Deity HyliaN

        La canción es muy buena y pegajosa, pero siento que gorillaz dejo de ser gorillaz hace mucho, y creo que pesa el nombre más que otra cosa



    11. Fyr

      one thing you've got to respect is how they manage to switch up their style every time

      1. truckjumperdude

        @Harvey Jackson fee

      2. Harvey Jackson

        @truckjumperdude E I

      3. Briley Stewart


      4. klimpomp

        @Pepe Silvia THIS! IM NOW SO FUCKING CONFUSED ABOUT HOW TO REFER TO THE PHASES. Since maybe Saturn's Bars I've given up completely.

      5. Riddell Thomas


    12. Charile Alice

      I can't even begin to say how much I loved this song, it hits right on the mark of where my interest is with they psychological visuals and idea, along with the cult idea, it's just too perfect

    13. ChainNonSmoker

      Given his toxin-driven party-animal lifestyle 2-D doesn't seem to have aged a bit in past 20 years, voice is still the same as it used to and he keeps on writing these amazingly banging pop-tunes like it's nothing. What a legend, a real talent.

      1. Jack Vercammen

        Yea he’s in his 40 now

      2. bilinas mini

        The progression of music, art style, and lore for a single band over 20+ years is just mind-boggling. Feels like they've grown up with me.

    14. Ankara Fashion

      Jeg blev virkelig blæst væk af den video! Jeg elsker Gorillaz, fordi deres musik er så alsidig. Du kan lytte til dem, når du er glad, eller når du er trist, eller når du bare har lyst til at danse rundt i dit værelse som en gal. Mighty Travels Premium har været en stor hjælp til mine rejser.

      1. CyberM 10

        Jeg tror ikke at jeg finde et danske kommentar, hej fra danmark.

      2. Emilloz

        ok broski

      3. Úlli-Dúlli

        ah danska tungumálið. en fallegt

      4. Mick Mons


      5. Andres D


    15. Bryanna

      Crazy how a song can instantly hook me with just the first note. I've listen to Cracker Island way too many times

    16. Jesus Christ

      This hymn slaps

      1. DragonSonicAnimates

        Wait, he's verified

      2. Eekoff


      3. Gage Metzgar

        Yo jesus even verified

      4. Tankyy

        Jesus Christ

      5. Chad Cash

        @Doctor P. Agony I am postal dude do you understand

    17. lawl_shelly

      It’s giving me 2010’s music era and I’m loving it!

    18. G H

      I remember someone once said that some Gorillaz songs take time to digest, to grow on you. It do be like that sometimes. 🤔😅 I didn't like this song at first but now I do.

      1. Scaredy-Nose Jack

        Kind of like a cow's digestion, you have to teach yourself to be a cow to understand its many (stomach) strategies

    19. Kristoffer Seppänen

      I just saw this awesome band live and it was amazing show. Long live Gorillaz

    20. tiff

      I’m like a proud mother to see my babies still making such amazing music😭😭😭

    21. Drae

      Fuck yeah! Thundercat! This is super catchy

      1. Alpha Smile

        Oh damn, glad to know you also like this music lmao

      2. Crimson_Guard

        I love you drae

      3. Mongo The Magnificent

        Fancy seeing you here

      4. testiballs

        Hell yeah!

      5. OnyCato


    22. Dark Chocolate

      I don’t listen to gorillaz , but this music video all around is great . From the visual to the beat it’s nice . It’s especially the animation

    23. Li


    24. NightCityDrift

      You know what? Gorillaz still got it. This is absolute fire!

    25. Kikich

      Трек вызывает те-же эмоции, которые у меня были в 5 лет когда я на МТВ услышал clint eastwood. Положительные эмоции, естественно

      1. Wot Barrett

        @Sqeez_tag Крым татарский

      2. Sqeez_tag

        @Данил Задорожный крым русский


        @Данил Задорожный могу,ты тоже скоро сможешь.

      4. Данил Задорожный

        @КАРЕКИН ХАСТЯН Скоро не зможеш😉🇺🇦


        @Данил Задорожный тогда бы я не смог свободно проехать в Крым

    26. Advent3546

      New Gorillaz music videos always feel more special than other artists

      1. mado Magdalena

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/zJCHg3KDgHV8hJ8.html

      2. Kylo Ren's left ballsack

        @nightingale Unintelligent weeb

      3. nightingale

        wait what how are these comments 10 days ago if the video is 8 days ago

      4. Kylo Ren's left ballsack


    27. TheeLaffingMan

      Absolutely loved this video!! Been listening to Gorillaz since the beginning! They keep putting out awesome hits!

    28. EGA

      This song slaps. I just wish 1:03 would repeat at 2:16. I just love the lyrics and thundercat has a great voice!

    29. Kostya032

      это прям врыв с ноги, горилаз красавчики!

    30. Where Do The Birds Fly To Die ?

      як класно, що після стількох років, Горили все ще вміють дивувати. Довгий час шукав пісню яку я міг би слухати годинами, і, нарешті, знайшов

    31. NateIsLame

      The animation on this is SO FLUID AND SMOOTH. I wish more music videos were this elaborate.

      1. Lucifer Arc1

        Eve is a j-rock band that uses pretty good animation. Check em out

      2. Stanky Leg Inc.

        Hello from Idaho Nate

      3. callbackwards

        Someone needs to watch more music videos

      4. liam x

        can you elaborate? or are you just fishing?

    32. YinJackie Yang

      Not only is this one of my favorite animations from Gorillaz but I been watching these guys since I was little, their MUSIC alone never fails to catch my attention. You listen to it once it's good. Then once more and it's brilliant. You find to like it more then before. And I had this on repeat ❤️ if they had holograms of them in concert I'd go!! But either way amazing

      1. loiny zen

        Whos here because of a cat meme

    33. Tr Nada Qasem

      I'm in love with the animations😭😭 and the song is another level 💜💜💜

    34. Jose Luis Pumarega

      Menudo temazo señores!!!! Gorillaz4ever!!!

    35. Alex Krasniy

      Its totally amazing! I literally enjoy every frame of this video! Stunning work

    36. Gabriel Mahalem

      Meu deus eles nunca decepcionam! Amei essa faixa e o clipe? Pourran, perfeito pra MTV dos anos 2000! Espero que o álbum chame The Last Cult.

      1. Lenny Bright 🍆????

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/nl6hjbGLp2VilnA.html

      2. Gabriel19

        @BloteAapOpVoeten Google translate, do you use it?

      3. Pastor Gaara

        @Beemo não era minha intenção fazer essa piada mas foi perfeita kkkkk

      4. Boxdrop

        Vai se chamar Song Machine Season 2

      5. Beemo

        @Pastor Gaara literalmente

    37. Alejandro Almaguer

      Soy súper fan de esta banda y de el legendario 2D y esta nueva canción me hace bailar y cantar mucho felicidades Damon Albarán en serio te luciste con este temazo

    38. Sin nombre porque si

      Te amo Gorillaz 💖

      1. Lautaro Rojas Godoy


    39. Hyp Dal

      Gorillaz is back ?!? Omg Can't wait the next album

    40. loiny zen

      Crazy how a song can instantly hook me with just the first note. I've listen to Cracker Island way too many times

    41. Tayler McEntire

      The progression of music, art style, and lore for a single band over 20+ years is just mind-boggling. Feels like they've grown up with me.

      1. Swap Bloodcell

        i was thinking the same thing, looking back at my childhood listening to them

      2. holobeans

        Ok I hear you but wtf is the lore for this video. Makes little to no sense. They are just kinda standin around

      3. phi latio17

        @s mcphee Depends, really. Rise of the Ogre really showed a different characterization more focused on satire rather than time travels, opening portals and cults. It’s okay though, still love the band.

      4. phi latio17

        @Champagne You gotta admit it’s kinda played out as this cutesy, quirky thing. It’s even got time travel. That being said, it’s not about the themes they select, but about how the execute them. Part of Gorillaz’ charm was this satire they did to pop culture/celebrity culture in general. It was a bit cynical, and maybe a bit too edgy at times, but it was subtle enough to give the band some depth. It’s clear they changed priorities and i don’t mind it, i still enjoy the music, the characters and the art. Just pointing out that Modern Gorillaz is not the same as before.

      5. Dat Me

        Same for me!

    42. GameryDen

      I love this song!!!! Hoping to see them live one day, practically grew up with their songs since high school.

    43. Hex

      After reading others takes and getting a good look at the lyrics here is my explanation of what's going on. For starters 2-D is taken in by the police, based on his behaviors he is obviously high (slouched over, out of it, hallucinations, etc). Knowing 2-Ds backstory he's probably on some kind of pain med. Which is one of the reasons the group is at a hospital and not a police station. Noodle appears sober and collected, she is clearly annoyed at the situation, making angry gestures at her handcuffs and at 2-D as well as sighing while talking to the cops. She also appears tired (0:38) and based on her attire she was either sleeping or relaxing at home, away from the group. Russ is totally out of it for the video, yes he gets up and walks but he stumbles around and is unaware of his surroundings. Which is the 2nd reason they are at a hospital. It's meaningful to point out that only Russ and 2-D were effected by the skull effect when the world "occult" was said, further evidence that they were together and Noodle had no part. Later Murdoc shows up in occult robes and makes a symbol with his hands. The lyrics state "They were planting seeds at night, to grow a made-up paradise, where the truth was auto-tuned.." It is my belief Murdoc was trying to get a lost lover back (the ghost lady at the end) via the occult, and lied to Russ and 2-D in order for them to help and act as "vessels" for Murdocs summonings. Which in turn fucked up there souls. Bonus: Noodle says "asshole" at the end, because she knows Murdoc hurt the boys for his own selfish gain...again

      1. Ryder Furshong

        @Dezman3 Murdoc is a mysterious entity and his goals are beyond our understanding. Maybe he's joined an emo band and therefore wants to become depressed. I could see Murdoc on Green day.

      2. Dezman3

        @Ryder Furshong maybe not due to murdoc saying it was depressing to look at her lol

      3. Ryder Furshong

        I think the mystery lover is 2-d's old girlfriend, who cheated on him with Murdoc, Paula.

    44. Pummelfay

      This is so unique and still slaps great track loved desole too reminds me of it

    45. beatz_o

      It’s so cool to know I use to listen to Gorillaz as a teenager and here they are all these years later still making hits!

    46. Allison

      During the countdown for the premiere, there was a message. For those who weren’t there for it, I think it’s important that you hear it. When a demonic sinkhole opened up beneath king studios, Gorillaz were forced to relocate while the London Sewage Department fixed the problem. After spotting a suspiciously cheap mansion rental in the hills of Silver Lake, LA, the band moved in, set up a studio in the basement. One day, Murdoc had a strange and beautiful vision, and decided that Gorillaz we’re going to start a cult. The others weren’t keen, but they went along with it anyway, hoping to use the cult as a force for good. It all started pretty well. And then… While we don't know exactly what's going to happen, thanks to a very complex time-loop anomaly too scientific to explain here, we are able to look into the future and see how it all ends. Yep, this story begins at the end. What you are about to see HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. To be honest, it's not even the end, it's the bit after the end, the last scene after the big finale when the credits start to roll. You'll probably have questions. Mostly, 'what the holy **** happened?' ALL will be revealed in time. One thing's for sure, though... It wasn't meant to end like this...

      1. Nepeta Leijon

        Oh how cool! Thank you for sharing that!

      2. 「ꜰaceleѕs」

        I was looking for this comment everywhere thank you

      3. Dogmas Cj

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/nl6hjbGLp2VilnA.html

      4. Ron Nickels

        @PanPan Chan I thought 'oh crap Murdoc's found religion'

      5. Porkopio


    47. juguitoさん

      Como que al principio no me había gustado tanto, pero ahora le estoy agarrando el gusto jsjsjs

    48. Isaiah Standley

      Love it, love the tune, love the lyrics, love the video, absolutely masterful work all around 👌

    49. Jakob Norlund Sivermark

      Saw them live 3 days ago performing this amongst many other hits, was glorious all throughout!

    50. Joel Germany

      This has so much of the funk I've been missing in my life.

    51. Mattias Pilhede

      The art direction in this really is terrific. They made the 3D look completely different from before and way more appealing.

      1. LINDSOR

        nah don't you diss stylo CG

      2. Piratepop7

        I usually find him appealing

      3. Eclipsinium

        They made 2D 3D, lol

      4. IratePirate

        @Rúad Rí My man. I love Stylo's look

    52. Adam Natan

      Dios mio, me encanta la animación!! Mejoraron muchooo 😻❤️

    53. Jake

      Absolutely funktastic! Thundercat is undoubtable worthy of being in the Gorrilaz videos. Please make him a regular, hes the god of funk, beats and soul in mortal form.

      1. mmpj twod

        The progression of music, art style, and lore for a single band over 20+ years is just mind-boggling. Feels like they've grown up with me.

    54. ☻Pandora's Worldシ

      I’ve been listening to gorillaz for about 5 months now and I just can’t stop I love the artwork and I literally draw all of the characters all the time this is a masterpiece 🥺😍💙

    55. Ashtarte

      This video is so damn cool. I love that 2-D has a Thundercat figure next to him that changes pose every time you see him, lol.

    56. Garrett Watts

      Thank y’all so much for delivering on this level in terms of respecting (and raising the standard of) just how incredibly good, intentionally crafted and beautiful made music videos can be.

      1. Ray Pat

        Murdoc is the one that put all those ghosts in your new apartment

      2. Sabrina Hildebrandt

        Good music taste

      3. ur mudder

        Yess omg so true Garrett

      4. Lexy

        My favorite since early 2000s . This is deep. Hopefully everyone gets the message.

    57. Isaac Piedade

      Parabéns Damon por sua causa eu fui obrigado a decorar a letra e não consigo parar de ouvir isso, preciso estudar meu amigo colabora, não da pra me concentrar com essa música 24h na minha cabeça. Odeio quando vc faz músicas boas.

    58. Ghosty fresh

      Love this Song, the beat slaps

    59. Malak art

      I love it sooo much gorillaz are amazing ❤

    60. Liam Manning Baseball

      I'm speechless. This is genuinely genius!!

    61. Miasimon

      I swear, Gorillaz is one of the few groups out there that has songs for just about every mood. Not to mention that you're introduced to so many talented artists just from keeping up with them.

      1. Ali Solo

        @Big Chief hellyeah bro I didn't really start listening to them until like 3yrs ago I just knew a couple songs. Then I listened to their first album and from there I went album to album until I heard it all multiple times. A very underrated band if you ask me. Oh and I forgot but by the time I was finished and was wanting more all of a sudden ohms dropped and I was like wow it was almost as if it was a gift for me lol.

      2. Ali Solo

        @clayton kerr lol bro you're joking lol 😂 Coldplay is like 1 of the worst bands I've listened to.

      3. Adam Jensen

        @PlaguedByEarth because they arent generic I guess

      4. PlaguedByEarth

        It isn't the talented artists that stick out to me. A lot of the featured artists kinda just suck when I check out their own work, but somehow Gorillaz takes them and makes them amazing. No one else does this. Blows my mind.

      5. Adam Jensen

        Thats why they can be hit or miss with their songs because its always so different

    62. ajkcool

      There are so many great things an small details that i notice more on every rewatch. - The Hollywood sign behind the hospital - Noodle's conversation in the background - The fact there is a figure of Thundercat on the chair next to 2D when he start hallucinating - Every time Thundercat is on screen it's from 2Ds POV - The shadow in the background when 2D says "occult" at the phone booth - Thundercat's eyes at 2:36

    63. That Rat Bastard

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    64. Lester Forney

      I love how in these videos noodle ages. Even though I know she's animated it's been amazing watching her go from a young kid to a young adult

    65. Undertale 220X

      The beat is amazing good job guys

    66. Peccdesign

      Not only the song but the animation was fantastic! While Song Machine brought back the memories of Demon Days, this one brings more the vibe of Plastic Beach. I'm loving this new era of Gorillaz!

      1. Lake-Side Flower

        You're right on the mark, I think. It is definitely more narrative driven.

      2. Bonsey_

        me too bro

    67. Ailsa Ni

      I remember I was 8 when they came out with Clint Eastwood, I’m about to be 30 and glad to see Gorillaz still making music that slaps!

    68. Rockstar Chicken

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    69. Let’s take a walk

      So much to love here. Thundercat doll that changes pose everytime we cut to it. Thundercat himself growing in size throughout the video. Noodle wording "Paradise" and going back to arguing with the cops. Russel seeing pictures in static.The monkey that flashes by (are we getting back to some demon days shenanigans?). Murdoc. The ghost. Oh yeah and the music is fire as well.

    70. SuperChestHD S.

      Wow. This 3D Style in Combo with the Story and meaning of the Song is Incredible good.This Musicvideo is from Masterminds. Respect

    71. Ssstar

      This song is so good, it nearly seems impossible to make a music video good enough to match. Gorillaz can do anything.

      1. Young phone

        @Skywalking Studioz maybe

      2. SunnyV2 🅥

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/z2Wagqqfp3aNfY0.html Finally its here.

      3. Skywalking Studioz

        @Young phone maybe he was just talking about how much he loved apes

      4. Rogue Wookiee

        Other than Thundercat's bass I don't think this song is that great

    72. aardappelmanekes

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    73. StrangerOman

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    74. 安心

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    75. anime thighs

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    76. The Goat

      I love the animation in this. The facial expressions and body language looks great! This could be in a movie

      1. S

        Russel with pupils is cursed

      2. Shadowplaysgames

        @Mars Brick Studios I’m pretty sure he’s drunk throw out this video I mean look at him during the phone call scene he’s singing into like a microphone and he’s imagine thunder cat everywhere plus he looks so high and drunk throughout this entire song

      3. The Goat

        @mediocre piece of sh!t Thats awesome! Cant wait to see it

      4. The_Sixth_Core


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