Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Live BRITs Performance)



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    Official HD BRIT's Performance of the Gorillaz track Clint Eastwood.

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    1. Master Mateus

      Imagine what they could do with the new technology they have now. Could you imagine what kind of epic concert they would have?!?!?

      1. Marina é meu nome

        @ZEFQUINN during plastic beach damon and the band at the time replaced murdoc, 2D and cyborg noodle si its like canon now they don't play in shows kinda ? In the lore, Damon is a friend of the band Maybe one day that'll change, but i don't think so cus damon enjoy shows and its not like hatsune miku at all hatsune miku is an instrument, her voice is not totally of a human and no one sang the song besides her Damon is 2D, and the band is not only Gorillaz Damon and Jamie are Gorillaz

      2. ZEFQUINN

        @Marina é meu nome There’s no point to the characters and the band if they’re going to show the real people behind it. It goes against the image. When they project hatsune Miku they show who’s behind it yes but the illusion is the main part. If they just put the band straight up there, it’s just like seeing any other normal band. I’m here to see the characters they created to represent the band! The Gorillaz!

      3. MyaGamingKat

        @JL they’re coming to the yk in a few days!

      4. Marina é meu nome

        @ZEFQUINN not really ? Gorillaz fans are fans of Damon

      5. Lakefart

        That’s what I’ve been thinking.

    2. Kalinka

      when i was younger i didnt knew this was holographic characters, i thought they were real lmao

      1. Tomas Kubikis

        and i guess u didnt know it was british 90s band blur

      2. MyaGamingKat

        LMAO SAME 😭

      3. Mathyus 333

        True dude same 🤣🤣 Like Hatsune Miku bro

      4. Angela Castro

        Siii estoy en camino ntp

      5. Ally Fowlks

        i think we all did ;)

    3. Sude Akin

      This is definitely the best live performance of Clint Eastwood

    4. Loona

      I just love how this was such a MASSIVE EVENT since Clint Eastwood was their first song released

      1. GreninjaArtistSenpai

        @chummunism yeah that too

      2. chummunism

        @GreninjaArtistSenpai I thought it was Ghost train that was first?

      3. Sebastián Saldias

        Came here to clarify stuff, their first song released, and with a full video was Tomorrow Comes Today in year 2000 (including Rock the house and other 2 songs in the disc), then, Clint Eastwood was released as a single a couple months later, in 2001, and then, it was released the full Gorillaz album (as most bands do, their first album is homonym)

      4. Jillian

        @GreninjaArtistSenpai actually, the first song they ever recorded was called Ghost train. That was somewhere around 1999-2000

      5. GreninjaArtistSenpai

        @Noah Bueno having you check the song list in gorillaz? Re-hash was the first then 5/4, tomorrow come today.

    5. Dernaem

      Im now just realising how fucking monumental of a performance this was. Like, the amount of effort, time, and money put into this must have been insane for a band in its first year.

      1. qraC

        I went to a festival in Mexico City where they were the headliner, absolutely insane, the production and the live features creates an amazing atmosphere. Watching them live really changes how i see some of their songs ever since, i.e. Garage Palace with Little simz

      2. kinoko

        Aye im your 1000th like

      3. Luis X. Rivas

        @Random dude you mean he....

      4. elodie royer

        Dernaem ikr we fucking stan

      5. Miss T

        u should read rise of the ogre

    6. Manuel Alvarez

      El creador de Gorillaz es de otro planeta. Un fenómeno.

      1. Maria Estela Hostan

        Damon Albarn

      2. Fabian Suares

        Creadores : lo dises en buen sentido o en el mal sentido =/ dimelo

      3. Zurdita Dinamita

        Los creadores* 🥺

    7. Jhosep mv Darks

      EPICOOOOO 😍 han pasado ya 16 años dese que la escuche y sigue siendo de mis favoritas 😍

      1. Abraham chavez

        es mas el creador de gorilaz hace 16 años era un bebé

      2. Abraham chavez

        en 16 años todavía ni salía XD

    8. Plankton

      This is literally the best band in the whole WORLD

      1. 🧿mika🧿


      2. Cat Nugget

        You're spitting facts

    9. Newly New

      I just got into gorillaz and I honestly love it. As I’m watching this performance I just love how each character has been animated well, and I love the way how Murdoc and Noodle switch sides even noodle just jumping onto the left hand side, it just shows their personalities really well, I also love how 2-D is just wondering around doing the rap part, I would’ve done that to XD and Russel is just playing his usual drums Overall this has to be the most amazing live performance ever, hopefully they do one like this aswell soon ;)

    10. ahiwpdosbwb

      I want the Gorillaz concerts today to be like what it was 18 years ago, with a live animation in the background.

      1. zach336

        Saw them last night in Melbourne and they still do the animations but at the back of the band. It was all synced up too, it was amazing - legendary band

      2. Microwave

        @DiarmuidShanks Not really true he’s not that vain

      3. inpoppunkwetrust

        ​@Jayy. Aside from money like people have mentioned, it takes a whole machine to keep Gorillaz running aside from Damon and Jamie. I think the people who work to put these masterpieces together for us deserve to be able to perform them for us themselves rather than behind screens letting cartoons take the glory.

      4. DiarmuidShanks

        @Jayy. It's because Damon hated not being a frontman like he used to with Blur, Gorillaz still makes a ton of money to have loads of different performers

      5. God Of Spaghett

        That sucks I just got into them and the animated parts are a big part of what I was looking forward to live.

    11. Haifisch 777

      I was 11 when I listened Clint Eastwood and since that day I always kept my sunshine in a bag.

      1. Zucchini Drip

        I'm pretty sure they're referring to drugs 💀

    12. Mostly Anthologies

      Love it, but I'm with others saying don't kill the mystery. Keep it all animated! We love the unique style different from everyone else in the world.

    13. Rorey

      I remember my father taking me to see this because we were HUGE Gorillaz fans. Nostalgic.

    14. Binho Som

      Tem algum brasileiro aê? Esse é o som! muito foda 💪✌🇧🇷🔊👏

      1. Demius Bolzan

        Eu já assisti esse vídeo umas 10vezes só hj.....pois eu ainda não tinha visto e fiquei encantado.....PQP.....parabéns pra essa equipe....Eu sou mais um fã de carteirinha dessa banda

      2. Gerson Alves

        Dá pra ir noutra dimensão pqp.

      3. Mara Nascimento


      4. MiojoComSuco

        Olá amiguito blz mano isso q e som essa música eu ouvi umas 40 vezes kkkk

    15. Jose 503

      Un concierto así años después con las nuevas tecnologías sería brutal

      1. iiStxr

        Juro q daba todo lo que sea por estar hay :')

      2. deleted-account

        @SopaDePollo e verda, lo vi en un vid de nova donde le pegaban

      3. SopaDePollo

        @deleted-account al final si vinieron pero en persona xd

      4. deleted-account

        @El Mundo De Miku (alerta de otak- ndeaa me caes bien) si y ademas creo que tienen mas presupuesto que antes asi que creo que comprar cuatro hologramas no va a ser tan costoso, tal vez no se cuanto tendran pero se nota que tienen mas (otak- ahre)

      5. El Mundo De Miku

        @deleted-account (alerta de perdedo-ndea joda) De qué se puede se puede, el problema es el dinero, hacer muchos y diferentes hologramas con movimientos para 2 horas de concierto es muy muy muuy costoso, por eso nunca se han animado a hacer algo así... (perdedo-)

    16. Bruno Bastos

      “A vida é como a música. Deve ser composta de ouvido, com sensibilidade e intuição, nunca por normas rígidas.”

      1. Demius Bolzan

        Ainda mais com uma banda top dessa....aí pronto

    17. Edwin Peralta

      Gorillaz un de los mejores temas del mundo mis idolos🤟🤘gorilla x 100pre🤟🤘🤟🤘


        @MR Smitt high ligth Cypher creo

      2. MR Smitt

        Como se llaman los 2 rapero

    18. Noé

      Ugh I cannot describe how much I love this song

    19. Cole Hatcher

      Genuinely love this rhythm more than the more popular version. It fits so well with the song

    20. Clint

      It’s both interesting to lore, and hilarious when 2-D just simply does something else when the rap parts of the songs come on. In the lore, he apparently hates rap, but I thoroughly enjoy watching him just stand there awkwardly when he’s not doing anything.

      1. MyaGamingKat

        He does the synth and keyboard tho so I wonder why he’s not doing those?

      2. Eduardo Mejia

        an deis tthe on now broter an defai cuidate de tu granito

      3. Dot exe theory


      4. Kanji2580

        I’m pretty sure in the lore the “live concerts” were done by impostors I mean the Gorillaz are a virtual band, but yeah in a Clint east wood live they had snoop dog cause the ghost that possessed russel was killed by the grim reaper.

      5. poof

        Actually, theres a 2D screen only version of this video on KZsection

    21. Jesica Romina Franzoni

      Lo mejor de la vida, jamás visto!! Gorillaz es unico en la historia. Increible!


      Necesito ir a ese concierto 😭✋🏻

      1. marmahua 15

        Necesito morir y renacer en ese año ,

      2. Bandu


      3. Anyali Trujillo


    23. edgar espinoza

      Para mí este es el mejor tema de esta banda. Nunca me aburro de oírlo.

    24. TravelMate242

      Todavía recuerdo este video como si fuera ayer cuando lo subieron :'), como vuela el tiempo :')

    25. Bubbly Soda

      They were definitely ahead of their time with this performance!

    26. David Banuelos

      One of the GREATEST LIVE performances from any band in HISTORY!!!

    27. Junior Mello

      Que top !

    28. Bobbi Wolfgang

      Absolutely phenomenal! So fresh and original to bring these characters to life and interact with humans. Nothing can compare. They have a place in music and art where before there was no space!

    29. Matthew Klepadlo

      Don't care if the rap parts are completely different, they're still amazing!

      1. MOARMY67

        @MPG Nope. The original with Del The Funky Homo Sapien was better.

      2. MPG

        this was the original rap line tho, sound cool as heck too

      3. Aguinaldo Ferrer

        It's not bad but kinda kills it for me tbh

      4. goofy ahh

        @David Tecco yes they are your just jealous

    30. Top Footbal

      Muuuuuuuuito bomm

    31. the animal

      Beautiful song, brings back good memorias.

    32. truex_gt

      The way they did that was amazing and I love the creativity

    33. APOLLOX

      muito fodaaaa

    34. Jay Alexander

      If you listen closely, all the audiences applause stops when the two rappers start singing. Then when 2D starts singing again everyone cheers.

      1. Jillian

        @Tori true

      2. Tori

        @Jillian Don’t we all

      3. Jillian

        They changed the original rap lmao. It probably confused people. Or they just really like 2d

      4. I-Man

        @Pencil BFDI nah

    35. Miit Fist

      Simply amazing. Damon is a genius. So glad I got to see them live once

    36. juan julio roman campos

      Que alucinante tocar en concierto de ese modo.

      1. MR Smitt

        Como se llama los raperos q cantan

    37. cardozoney

      Chega arrepiaa

    38. Natasha Gatsky

      Omfg this was in my recommended and I’ve never had more nostalgia, I literally remember watching this live with my family, I was NOT ready 😩

    39. Kapten Eskil

      I Love How Russel is always too big for the drumset

      1. Flustered

        @TheGreatGonzales leave 🥲

      2. Shy

        Good god

      3. bumbblebea


      4. M O O N C A K E

        @TheGreatGonzales 😭

    40. Toastboom

      I love how 2D just stares off and kinda fidgets around whenever he's not singing during live performances

    41. Rene Caldas

      Muito top o som dos gorillazzzzzzz

    42. Ana karina Osuna

      Lo mejor de lo mejor 👽

    43. Julian Andre Guevara

      I want the Gorillaz concerts today to be like what it was 18 years ago, with a live animation in the background.

    44. mayonakatv

      I love how bored he gets when the raps starts something about it is adorable

      1. Master Mateus

        That’s because lore has it known that Murdoc doesn’t like rap.

      2. Roni

        @Stuart Harold 2D Pot u sure about that 2D?

      3. Craig

        @Stuart Harold 2D Pot lmao

      4. Stuart Harold 2D Pot

        @Craig I’m a 10/10 speller just maybe not there

      5. Craig

        @Stuart Harold 2D Pot *wander

    45. Adeilson Vasconcelos de Moura

      De mais adorei

    46. oracle

      Goosebumps every time

    47. Onácia Nacinha

      🫡 ❤️

    48. Clarisse Rocha


    49. Gisele Bonfim

      Maravilhoso Gorillaz ✌🏻🇧🇷

    50. Movie clips

      I always wondered how they did live shows, being a virtual band. That’s pretty cool.

    51. Juan Solos

      Youve gotta get depressed when a bunch of 3-d animations are better musicians than you and me :( Fuckin' love Gorillaz man!

    52. M3WS 2

      2:27 is it just me or does 2-D look badass right here

      1. greenbanana1001

        He does

      2. Zurdita Dinamita

        He always looks badass when is performing IMO. Then he talks and you see he is not lol

      3. SpectralFox

        I agree

      4. M3WS 2


      5. akiri


    53. Carolyn Grace Marie

      I like how when 2D comes out he just looks around awkwardly, haha so cute!

      1. 市Kelly

        I always like how he don’t really dance he’s just waiting for his part patiently 😝

      2. Jillian

        He also looks back at Russell and nods at him to start (4:11) the detail!!

      3. Manos Rodriguez


      4. MexicanToaster

        Anyways, yes it does look cute and funny when 2-D just stands there doing absolutely nothing

    54. teddy_toys-stopmotions-reviews-livebuilds

      i thought this shit was real when i was younger you guys are living legends my fave band love yall!

    55. Xavier Marin

      I hope I can watch Gorillaz performing live in the metaverse

    56. Sirena Photography

      No manches me emocione in chingo y eso que es video viejo casi lloro 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Adali Nohemí Hernandez sajbin

        tan yo..

      2. Bandu


    57. Eduardo

      Amazing 🖤

    58. swaws sfm

      japan: hatsune miku is the best holographic performer gorrilaz: hold my sunshine in a bag

      1. Tori

        @Sdmf Fuentebella Hell nahhhhh

      2. Jasper's sub count timelapse Videos

        @Hana-P your English is better than mine

      3. Itza

        @BAThory16! opino lo mismo, igual hay que tomar en cuenta que Gorillaz hiso esto como en el 2001-2003 y no tenian tantos recursos tecnológicos, luego nacía vocaloid (Miku Hatsune) que tambien comenzo a hacer conciertos virtuales, pero mejor realizados

      4. gintoki

        hold my real Egyptian Silk

      5. Suicidal Gaming

        Hold my two cups of orange juice in my hand

    59. David Campo

      La única leyenda que puede tener como nombre a otra leyenda.

    60. ulises candelario martinez

      Que gran escenario y que buena audición

    61. Matthew Hodgson

      As much as I love Gorillaz I love the dancers in the circle things. Doing Thriller (shout out to the King of Pop MJ) moves like the zombie gorillas in the mv.

    62. Leonardo Parada

      Simplemente increíble.

    63. Yo Soy Alan Alf. Ramírez

      Que locura!! 👍

    64. Akaza Kanji

      Bellísima canción ❣️👌

    65. Miguel Florents Machaca Delgado

      La música ha sido siempre un refugio en lo momentos difíciles de mi vida, espero también lo sea para ti hijita.

    66. IV (FKA HACKERS Inc.)

      One of the best live performances

    67. ComplexMuffin

      id kill to see them live with either screens or holographic technology! Theyre amazing live with the visualisers but seeing an entire show like this would be INSANE!

    68. Z3RO ❶

      I love how they change Russel drums beat in the live its sounds awesome I hope they released the version without crowds or rap

    69. Ali Mireles

      Me ubiera gustado estar en un concierto de ellos

    70. Игорь Антипов

      Фантастика)))спасибо за такой шедевр))

    71. Miguel Giesta

      The most creative music ideia of this century. Great live performance.

      1. Kottonkandy09

        Spoken like a true Gorillaz fan. Good on ya, mate.

    72. Fabian Suares

      Like por d-2 que no sabe que pasa mirando a todos like por Russell por tocar tan bien like por las animaciones de gorillaz like por las rimas tan buenardas y por último like por los gorillaz aguante gorillaz

    73. Kassia Martinez

      Imaginense lo genial de haber estado ahí! Saludos desde Mexico!

      1. Demius Bolzan

        Sorte de quem estava

      2. Haniel Quintero


    74. greenbanana1001

      Imagine if this was done today with the technology we have now

    75. Cesar Lemes Boanerges

      Massa demais BRASIL ♤♡◇♧■□

    76. Get Up Flux

      Gorillaz were the Santa clause of my time

    77. GLAT 8

      Que buena rola ❤️❤️❤️👍 de gorillas

    78. Juan Felipe Muchicon Ávila


    79. Pakirry Vlogs

      It's amazing !!!!

    80. Jose Nava

      Like si Gorillaz es tu banda favorita :D

      1. 𝘊𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘦 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘯 ♡

        También es mi banda favorita ;3 y me encanta Muchísimo sus canciones 🎶

      2. Alexandria

        Jose Nava Mi favorita

      3. Natalia Verónica Trejo

        a quien no le v a gustar...........a mi prima😐

      4. Rockstar 2-D

        Por fin uno que habla español

      5. LA ******