Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Commentary Edition)



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    Join Murdoc Niccals in re-living Clint Eastwood in this full length commentary edition. Which video would you like to hear Murdoc re-live next?
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    1. Mord

      Getting Murdoc's commentary on Rhinestone Eyes' storyboard video, and how he made his deal for eternal life would be a real treat! Really happy to see the classics revisited, I love this!

      1. n$$o doesn't care


      2. Ruby Rose

        liked for niko

      3. kimberly wolf

        Or 2-D doing these

      4. Damaged

        @francotamayo94 Can confirm, fan vid freakin' rocks. Even got props from Gorillaz themselves.

      5. francotamayo94

        @Tater Lynn the fan version is really good, it could easily pass as an official version: kzsection.info/green/bejne/l16ciaprpIuahIk.html

    2. Silience

      Can we talk about the pen pal thing? And how Murdoc sometimes reads them to cheer himself up? Why is that so adorable??

      1. Z Ξ R Ø

        @Ginger Person "Wow I'm so goth i use the skull emoji🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓"

      2. Z Ξ R Ø

        @Ginger Person who said i trying to be goth?

      3. Ginger Person

        @Z Ξ R Ø ok but you a flipping skeleton? “Wow I’m so goth I use the skull emoji”💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

      4. Im asserting dominance

        These replies are even better that the actual comment

      5. Steamed_Poi

        Ahhh my favorite movie, people arguing in someone’s replies when all they did was share what they think…. A recurring classic

    3. Tabitha The Cat

      The first Gorillaz song I ever heard! This feels surreal lol. Also, Murdoc's pretty full of himself as usual haha

      1. Primus The Protogen

        I had thought this was my first Gorillaz song, but then I listened to feel good inc. And recognized it

      2. phúc pyro

        Same as well

      3. K4I MAK1

        @Grnbaracuda no

      4. Grnbaracuda

        @ItzLoyalist Isn't it the first song in real?

      5. macewbee

        Same here

    4. Downstage Right

      It really love that Phil Cornwell is still with the band after all this time. And still doing little things like this to boot. I really hope he sticks around until the band stops for good, cause it really wouldn't be the same without him. I can't see him being replaced.

      1. Cat Nugget

        I totally agree. I think there's no breathing creature on earth who could imagine murdoc with a different voice...phil cornwell is the chosen one!

    5. IsaacBet23

      I thought this was gonna be a commentary with Damon and Jamie, but Murdoc talking is a nice surprise too!!

      1. _Kvill

        It says “ Commentary with Murdoc Niccals “ on the cover.

      2. mananabuffins

        @jedi master yes

      3. Lucius Kapahs

        It said "Murdoc" NOT Damon or anyone else. It's Gorillaz 😉

      4. Poorly Sam


      5. IamFromBeyond

        I would like Murdoc to commentate on every iconic Gorillaz song now

    6. judyy riin


      1. mush00m

        His voice is so gruff but comforting lol

      2. Paola Abad


    7. Pizza the Cartoon Enjoyer

      Pretty sure the song's slowed a bit but I absolutely love how it sounds! It was also nice hearing Uncle Murdy's commentary on it, always nice to hear them talk :)

      1. Cents_

        Uncle Murdy

      2. Pizza the Cartoon Enjoyer

        @Lizgirl10Star probably

      3. alofii

        i didn't notice it at all 💀

      4. Lizgirl10Star

        I would like to know why this is slowed if this is their own channel and there shouldn't be any risk of copyright Maybe by this way Murdoc can easily narrate the video?

      5. ChiaBee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

        Yeah it sounds like a more recent Damon cover

    8. Jared San999

      This has to be their best song ever IMO it just fully embodies what Gorillaz are

      1. C K

        The entirety of ‘Gorillaz’ from start to finish is top-fucking-notch.. They set the bar so high with their first album

    9. Harvey Bonez

      I'd love to hear some more of Murdoc's thoughts on some old and new work! Maybe he could even start a talk show with a catchy name like... erm I don't know... Pink Stinkfish or something?

      1. Will Billiamson

        I think Little House on the Stinkfish would suit it better

      2. Puri Puri

        I see that you did there 😏

    10. Riemer Dijkstra

      honestly would love more voice acting. always sounds great to hear the characters talk

      1. Vee Kujo

        @Riemer Dijkstra ur right i agree. all of its from like early 2000s when they were still new.

      2. IamFromBeyond

        @MidKnight ikr wouldn't that be the genius move so we don't feel like we're waiting years between

      3. MidKnight

        It’d be great filler content when they’re in-between albums

      4. Riemer Dijkstra

        @Vee Kujo I know they're great. just think it would be cool if they'd do more of that kinda stuff recently

      5. Vee Kujo

        they used to do way more w the characters than they do now. they had a mini series briefly, murdoc did an MTV crib thing, they've done character interviews. you should look them up , i loved watching them when i first got into gorillaz

    11. Sir Foop A.K.A Jorah Joestar

      I'd love to see the whole crew talk about Melancholy Hill/Rhinestone Eyes. Plastic Beach is imo Gorillaz's magnum opus so it deserves some love

    12. Tv

      Eu me lembro em 2001 essa bela melodia ficou na minha mente e até hoje não me cansei desta música, valeu GORILLAZ. ..

      1. Corvo

        @kurt Sacanagem comparar Clint Eastwood com *Broken* vc é Nutella

      2. kurt

        @Corvo broken mandou abraço

      3. Rodrygo Vood

        eu gosto desse som, mas é umas da que menos gosto deles...olha que tem o Del rimando, amo ele no hieroglyphcs....

      4. Corvo

        A melhor deles 🤘

    13. 2D's blue-ty shorts

      1:14 the way he says that is so pure actually??? Like he was genuinely kinda excited about the letters, and got happy thinking about them 🥺

    14. Hoods2428

      I hope they do more with the others too! I love Murdoc out here keeping things alive. This was a fun video!

    15. Shadow Kun

      2:26 "that zombie hand crushed my nuts" made me laugh of how he can still feel it for years

    16. Samy×Samy

      Y'all really are the best band! Your songs are all my childhood, and I'm so glad to know this band since I'm a kid, they were there for me everytime I was feeling bad, anxious, stressed, or just when I wanted to vibe, they're certainly one of the best part of my childhood

    17. marsbars

      This is so reminiscent of the older phases. i got so excited when i saw this in my feed. Of course the writing doesnt hit the same way, but with phil it feels familiar; like i really wish we'd get more videos like this. i genuinely enjoy the little tidbits of narrative we get from the characters. still hope we could get some of the life in the writing back for that netflix project--or anything else for that matter.

    18. Lore -Chan

      as a murdoc stan, a full commentary video with him is such a treat

    19. Space Ace

      This is a great idea. Love hearing creator's thought process behind things (And it's in character ha ha)

    20. TokimoSoda

      honestly would love more voice acting, always sounds great to hear the characters talk, I love watching the interviews that include them.

    21. 2-D español

      I'm glad that Gorillaz shows signs of life, I already missed you #gorillazforever

    22. Dai_Do93

      More commentary on your best songs. We need more of this.

    23. Perri Lewis

      I love this. Also Murdoc keeping 2d's letter and reading them as a pick-me-up is the most wholesome thing

    24. Joe Diver

      as a bass player i have no idea how murdoc thinks this is one of his best bass lines when it’s only 3 notes

    25. Faded Offense

      Hopefully there’s going to be more Murdoc commentaries in the future🙏🏻

    26. Cullen Mott

      I wish we had the commentary from the other band members as well, like they did for the Feel Good Inc. commentary video. It was great hearing the four of them discuss together the deeper meanings of the song and video. Here’s to more!

    27. VanoftheDownAngel

      You can't even imagine how much I missed Murdoc's voice! And audio with characters in general.

    28. fish kid

      *definitely one of my favorite songs*

    29. Foxtail Inferno

      honestly god tier commentary I missed gorillas but now I'm thinking about coming back

    30. rickxhoshinji

      Loving these nostalgic rewatches with commentaries.

    31. Thrillington Flooples

      We really need to go back to the old school art style of Gorillaz, just at least for one new music video

      1. AwwHellNawww

        @Lety V 🤓👆

      2. Javal Minor

        @Fatalityfun jost asians dont have yellow or brown skin the diversity of asian skin is wide and shes japanese lol, if youre gonna try and defend something then defend it properly. also no per nation almost africans do not look the same, if you mean the specific groups from certain places yes, but africa isnt just home to blacks, browner asians also dont have thinner eyes idk where this came from. personally idc about the art enough I like it as it progresses. the music matters more

      3. Aidamo

        While the old art style is iconic I do believe Jamie’s current work is just masterful and utterly beautiful. He’s growth as an artist has been truly inspiring.

      4. The Empty

        @Lety V It's the best Noodle design

    32. BioLizard18

      Oh my god, I didn't know I needed these til I got them. Do more commentaries of older videos please! And I'd love to hear from the others too! (Murdoc hosting/leading of course). I wanna hear what Noodle thought of the DARE video.

      1. Olivia

        theres already somthing like that for the DARE video, but it would be fun to see her looking back on it... and i totally agree there needs to be more commentaries on these music videos, especially feel good inc or something

    33. Itsuka Wayne ⚛️

      Mi canción favorita de Gorillaz

    34. MC. Gemstone

      Watching this reminds me of the time of my massive hyper fixaction with this band. I got so invested in its lore and characters and it was pretty much a gateway to other music as well.

    35. LX3CT / Country Bad Salad Man


    36. SilvaZilla 88XO

      It gets me now hearing my favorite Gorillaz member doing commentary for the first music video I recall seeing as a young lad during some event we had in 3rd grade. It gets me realizing Gorillaz have been there this whole time in my life until I really became a fan in 2012 during the hiatus. Happy 21st Gorillaz, the album’s now legal to crack a cold one with the boys

    37. jojukeran

      love these, love you gorillaz, keep being you

    38. castwoody alt

      finally a commentary edition of one of the best songs ever made, i love you gorillaz

    39. yutzil patlan

      Yo ya quiero ir al concierto de Gorillaz en Querétaro siempre querido oír un concierto de Gorillaz

    40. Madara Uchiha

      The best band ever

      1. Hunterr708


      2. Miralex


      3. NBA SkyeLight

        Yeah, between Queen, Them, Kick Axe, And AC/DC there is 0 contest

      4. coba

        Objectively false but it is a really good band.

      5. Pop Martin

        @itzLumii dude just respond, if the band **gorillaz** is NOT a band then wtf are they?

    41. Jillian

      The laugh at the beginning is definitely Jamie Hewlett’s laugh. If you watch interviews and stuff you can see that he does indeed laugh like that.

    42. Pan KL/J

      Que ganas de haber sido mayor cuando esta canción salió al aire 🥲

    43. K

      I miss when they did a bunch of stuff with the animated characters. Hopefully soon!

    44. Cisco The capo

      Phil is definitely a treat whenever we get something with him.

    45. Dice Martinez

      Honestly amazing song amazing commentary and an amazing voice and "remember time waits for no gorilla"

    46. Mr Sack

      This is positively ingenious! I’d love commentary tracks on all your music videos!

    47. Nicholas Canada

      I LOVE this it's EPIC. LMAO STILL my FAVORITE SONG. This song is how I found this band years ago. Been hooked ever since.

    48. schawangus

      God, I’ve always loved that opening. Just that laugh alone is awesome as hell.

    49. RatBones

      I loved this! It would be awesome if we got the other band members to do a commentary as well.

    50. aaayyygender

      It's been a pleasure growing up listening to your band's music from childhood to adulthood, Murdoc. 👏

    51. alguien especial

      God love this thank you Gorillaz I love them ♥️

    52. Eye of Ra Jewel

      would love to hear more commentaries from Murdoc and maybe from other members of the band later on

    53. Moccatee

      Gorillaz has been my fave band for almost a year now!! It's a nice feeling to wake up to a new post from y'all ❤❤

    54. Aflay

      This is the most influential song of my childhood. I grew up with Eminem, Linkin Park, hell, even System of a Down weren't as influential to me as Gorillaz. And why?? Because despite everything, despite the 2000's being one of the craziest times in art and culture, Gorillaz stood out. They stood the fuck out. And of course they survived. They survived, and they changed, but somehow kept it real. They keep making music that is mind blowing, even now in 2022. Not many bands can say they did so for THIS long. For almost 25 years!! And going strong. Keep it up Damon, Jamie, Remi Jr. You guys seriously rock 🤘

      1. soadlover69

        system and gorrilaz AND eminem fan

      2. Gregory Barrientos

        Gorillaz and system fan here too

      3. Dzordz Radovan

        i am huge big fan ,but i gotta keep it real,since plastic beach things didnt sounded good to me as they used too

    55. MDPace1997

      This commentary was awesome, I hope they release more soon !!!

    56. Santanu

      @Mord I can't agree more. This was my go-to song when I need a bit of cheering up. Heard it first in Arizona in the summer of 2018 and the song never left me. Thrilled to hear this version.

    57. Gabriel Alexander

      Half or full tone down still sounds amazing. Gorillaz will never end

    58. sharon ramirez martinez

      I confess that it is a very good group and they sing, father. I love them ♡

    59. Dan Dan

      Murdoc reads the letters to cheer himself up.. that's wholesome. So happy that was included

    60. RedWitchHollow

      I love that they always go the extra mile to keep us entertained.

    61. Sack

      Ahhhh La primera canción de Gorillaz que escuche :"3

    62. swan98

      PFFFF I LOVED IT !! 🤭👏 Nice to know about the filmmaking process and their anecdotes 😁👌

    63. jpfoland01

      This music video introduced me to the Gorillaz back in the day when it was featured on the Toonami TV block. Loved it and almost all the songs the group has made.

    64. New Challenges

      Amo esta canción ❤️

      1. Antocoño

        Temazo la primera canción que escuche de ellos

      2. warden xdd

        @lil kirinkun🦀🧀 A no quiero saber que significa eso bueno no me haré gil ya lo se xd turbio

      3. Ə

        @Andrea 🍄 I think qué el es el Xokas🙀

      4. Puri Puri

        @pltno Yo le pregunté :)

      5. Art inc.

        Me to

    65. Lara Chan

      This was great!!! We want more ❤️❤️

    66. ¡ aqxalily !

      i was literally just thinking about how great it would be if yall would make a video and i saw this and just- aaah i love this video

    67. Imbecil do Caralho

      This is a blessing in video form. One of the best ones I've ever seen. Just pure fanservice, I love it!

    68. Atsuko Aya

      I feel blessed for growing up with this amazing band

    69. Wesley Hentges Plays

      It sure has been awhile since we’ve heard from the gorillaz, hoping for another banger in the future👍

    70. CloudyVulpine

      This was my first Gorillaz song alongside Feel Good Inc. I've been listening since I was 5 and a decade later I don't plan on stopping!

    71. chloo

      really good surprise!! it’s nice to see you again murdoc

    72. Alejandro Exequiel Taborda

      i freaking love this, more please!!!

    73. Footprints and Wheels

      "Only a genius could have come up with that" - says the genius himself.

    74. ʚ Joyce Byers ɞ

      We all love Gorillaz

    75. Scarlet Letter

      The sound track of my teen years, now with Murdoc's stunning bravado and confidence in commentary!

    76. May Lima kk

      Essa banda é tão 🛐🛐🛐

    77. Nicole Yay :D

      I remember when this song was everywhere: on the tv, one the radio....it is an unforgettable part of my childhood

    78. Andy Flores

      Been listening to this song for years and always sounds good every time

    79. Seveín


    80. Haruka Takahashi

      I want to hear more of these please