Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Official Video)



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    Official HD Video for Gorillaz' fantastic track 19-2000.

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    1. Mattias Pilhede

      Watched this religiously as a kid, it was so difficult catching this on TV, but then I discovered you could listen to their music and watch the music videos on their website, which no other artists did at the time

      1. Giga Slime

        Prolly why they struck gold in the industry

      2. Mark Theroux

        I remember seeing this on MTV2's Control Freak (where you watched one music video and were given three choices of the next one, which you could vote for online). This was the first music video I downloaded on iTunes, just so I could watch it on my iPod Video anytime.

      3. H3ROBOYz


      4. Glel

        @M Is God 1990 - 2007 for me

      5. Yard Dawg

        I remember that, you had to enter murdock's rv and pick a room or something.

    2. MusicMixVzla

      Gorillaz sin duda fue uno de los mejores regalos que tuvo la década de los 2000's

      1. M i m u x ;D


      2. el hacker 👍👍

        Si si

      3. Cuando Donde

        @Águeda Geraldy Cuevas Zamora lalalaa

      4. Águeda Geraldy Cuevas Zamora

        @Cuando Donde get the cool shoeshine

      5. Gianella~♡

        @Nothbml si XD bárbaro

    3. Mew74

      The first Gorrilaz song ever listened to as a child :D still one of my all time favs xD

      1. Alex 5432


      2. Matheus Gamer

        Me to

      3. Bellz

        Me too!

      4. gongaGingan

        mine was clint eastwood, i still like this one more tho

      5. Leo Drews

        same. bopin fr

    4. HaveSkis WillTravel

      They had a computer game that was literally just driving around a big deserted area with a random strip of highway to drive on. There was no point to the game except to just drive around with this song playing. I played it for hours. Oh the good old daysssss

      1. eodinoow


      2. JRed

        thank you. I thought i was going crazy remembering the game and this song playing in it

      3. lakespeed

        Played that game in highschool when I had PC access in like 2004 or something. Those were the days.

      4. L Verlicco

        It’s called gorillaz celebrity take down

      5. L Verlicco

        Cd rom

    5. 1 Wow! You found my channel!

      I love how some songs get a backstory then there’s *G E T T H E C O O L* *S H O E S H I N E*

      1. Holly G TV


      2. Little skelo boi

        @Ollie the Pickle that most have been hard I have a cousin with super strict parents and I'd hate to be him

      3. Jak R

        now we have "cracker island"

      4. supertur2

        @Cecilio Soto the translation says "i want the cool shoeshine"

      5. Cecilio Soto

        She is speaking japanese not saying get the cool shoeshine

    6. Gordon Jackson

      I remember playing the Gorillaz game where you literally just drove around on a highway listening to this song. I must have spent the entire evening playing it just to chill with the music, no destination, no problem

      1. Dino Bex

        @Thomas Kleijn yea and the legendary cartoon network flash games. It was so awesome

      2. Thomas Kleijn

        I remember that game. Good times man... Playing flash games all day

      3. Gordon Jackson

        @_Mars_ I’m fairly sure the game was called Gorillaz Final Drive, and even though as a kid it was entertaining, there’s just not a lot of content. I think it was just a browser flash game and probably taken down a decade ago. But it was free to play so that’s a win in my book.

      4. _Mars_

        Wait this is a thing? Wtf why have I never heard of it

      5. Good morning

        That’s awesome

    7. KGFTW

      This song is so memorable that I won a game of guess that song. Thank you Gorillaz for making such a good song.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. Goldentaco


    8. world5tar

      I don’t know, this music video really captures the feel of the music, the bright-blue voided sky, endless roads and the constant switch’s from 3D to 2D (No pun intended), i love the music video but it makes me feel strange and confused yet weirdly relaxed and happy… 100% a Masterpiece.

    9. Arkalidor

      I had this song somewhere in the back of my brain (especially the cool shoeshine) for freakin' decades, and just now did I realize it was a Gorillaz song, as I was wandering around trying to listen to songs of them I hadn't heard a thousand times already. Feels a bit like finding that missing puzzle piece.

    10. Dr. ASS BLASTER

      This is the definition of “So I had this dream last night”

      1. Holly G TV

        Omfg yes 😎😅😝

      2. SeeDaB1GGY


      3. _dripsons_

        I had dream where I was in a rocket jeep with a satanist bass player a pianist specialist a young guitarist and a American drummer with ptsd driving up a loop and seeing a colossal moose

      4. Kimlix__.


      5. Bastien AQ

        And you were the car

    11. Lind z

      Scuse me, just gonna cheer myself up with this masterpiece.

    12. Dalila e hudson

      Aqui no Brasil adoramos essa música acompanhamos desde do lançamento da banda

      1. animes_edits_2881

        Vdd mano e boa de mais velhooooook gorillaz ate morre

      2. midibinho gamer 079

        @Gabs_Senpai cara a banda Gorillaz fez e faz muito sucesso no Brasil cara

      3. Gabs_Senpai

        Fonte: confia


        Banda foda 😁😁😁

      5. midibinho gamer 079

        @# Laura ツ massa kkkkkk

    13. L Lawliet

      como eu amo essa música, nunca enjoei de Gorillaz.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. nyulww

        Volto aqui todo dia tbm pra escutar JSJJSJSJSJKWKSKS

    14. Alex Alarcon

      Aun recuerdo ver este video en MTV, que recuerdos¡!

    15. PixelTheSketch

      Russel’s blinking to the beat just goes to show he’s born to always provide the beat.

      1. Auzzielmao

        @🔫August🔫 nope he was passed by Del, the ghost Rapper ^^

      2. Ana Paula Gomes

        @Mia Cobilla what

      3. Mia Cobilla

        @Skywalking Studioz

      4. Leah Graham

        @🔫August🔫 he was possessed by a rapper not a drummer

      5. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

    16. Enano P

      I remember when I was in middle school when I first heard Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz and fell in loved with it. Walked 7 miles to the nearest store that had it, bought it and the lady at the counter asked for my age since it had a Parental Advisory label on it. I lied and said 18. I will always cherish that album close to my heart and the countless memories it created for me.

    17. Diego Godinho

      Que nostalgia, obrigado Gorillaz! ❤️

    18. Max Eisenhardt

      Recuerdo cuando hace años pasaban videoclips de canciones en Nickelodeon. Ahí fue en donde conocí esta canción (y a Gorillaz).

      1. Rafa Cs1.6

        Yo recien me entero de que era un video musical

      2. knowledge Life

        Jajaja tambien yo lo vi en nickelodeon!!!!! Tenia como 10años

      3. # Laura ツ

        me no viviste su epoca ;(

      4. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      5. Sruck

        Yo no me acuerdo donde conoci esta banda

    19. Krawberry Strush

      0:47 this image is burned in my mind. It’s the coolest shot in any Gorillaz videos

    20. Giana Lugo

      The fact that all the comments are recent proves that their music never gets old

      1. SOMEDUDE

        7/10/2022, this song is still the shit (in a good term)

      2. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*

      3. noodle y Saku🌸🎸


      4. InFamousLord

        this was uploaded 5 years ago lmao

      5. Mightychondria

        @L Lawliet ohmagad, it's emo Jeff the killer with some amount of iq

    21. Lucielle Soares

      Eu era uma criança e amava a ilustração , música e sempre fui fã do Gorillaz

    22. Yui

      This songs been on my head so damn long!!

    23. Fr_ya YT

      I love this song, and it’s one of my favourites out of the Gorillaz album!!


      i wish new gorrilaz could make music that's just as good as this

      1.  Limeytea [BEETHOVEN TRIBUTES HERE]

        @Sąūl•Kûń genre i think that if gorrilaz made more alternative rock it would be cool

      2. Sąūl•Kûń

        wdym? Gorillaz are making the best music out there, there has never been a single bad Gorillaz song

    25. Hi

      I love how everyone is having the time of their lives, and Russel is just sitting there like, “I hate it here.”

      1. ExJW Sonny True

        That's where I live 💕

      2. la cuenta N.167 del xokas XD

        @depressed thoughts GET THE COOL SHOESHINE

      3. hissi

        “I’m Gorrillaz in a happy mood!” *umm not Russel 🤡*

      4. Fallen0.6

        @🔫August🔫 lol, Russel never has seemed the cheerful type

    26. 🥑Avacado🥑

      This, Rhinestone eyes and Feel Good Inc will forever live in my head rent free

    27. Bear crazy

      Ah cara,isso da uma nostalgia 😌

    28. Pluvto🪐💫

      Grew up with Gorilla and this was the very first song I ever heard from them❤️❤️

    29. Alex

      Foi o primeiro clipe que vi do Gorillaz. Em 1998 eu tinha 5 anos. Continuo fã incondicional!

    30. Walter Anders

      The most blissful aspect of this video is I remember playing this in front of my daughters and they were mesmerized from the start and we still talk about it after nearly 20 years later with such nostalgia.

    31. Ascertivus

      Absolute classic song and video. I’m so glad that I found out about Gorillaz.

    32. Aidan Drotzur

      This song feels like sitting in a doctor's waiting room for twenty minutes playing poppit on your phone

    33. Mister Suspicious

      Little detail I always love: Murdoc plays with his toothpick in the beginning of the song to the beat. He flips it in beat, then rocks it up and down to the beat. Something about that is so neat to me!

    34. FLAIR ST

      Producers: So do you want 2-D or 3-D graphics? Gorillaz: Yes.

      1. Yang

        2D on 3D... that's impossible Oh wait, Stylo

      2. fanky

        i see this on every gorillaz music vid

      3. Very original name

        @The God of Bread i have found the brother of every cat in existence

      4. Solar Blaze55


      5. Mango Crossing

        Damon y Jamie: ok

    35. 《°•2D•°》

      "Music must have meaning" The music:

    36. VHIDA

      Não perco um vídeo desse canal

    37. Dani G

      Gorillaz tqm gracias por acompañarme en todas las etapas de mi vida y siempre estar ahí para hacerme feliz nunca cambien



    38. Thiago Malena Personal

      This is also one of my favorite songs

    39. bugslugz

      Damn, 2000 was 19 years ago, the world is spinning to fast.

      1. Rodrigo Villarreal

        Get the cool bro

      2. MasterMCGS


      3. Semo

        where is fast

      4. Mellamociro '


      5. One Piece Fan

        21 years ago ; - ;

    40. CoolDoge

      *This song Is a timeless masterpiece!*

    41. Pixel Dank

      This music is iconic

    42. Igor Fernandes de Oliveira

      Sempre mtt bom vim aqui :)

    43. 𝙰𝚕𝚕𝚊𝚏 𝙺𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗


      1. jhzim

        Né isso e uma obra de arte 😘👍

    44. smolfruit77

      i love the 2000's feel of the animation

      1. Xblade_Bukowski

        Teen Titans moment

      2. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA -- the best underground band on Earth!*

      3. Galactic Crisis

        I wonder why XD

      4. zephyr

        this song and animation were made in 2001. youtube shows it as later due to the songs being incredibly condensed before 2016 and lots of songs had to be reuploaded so they sounded normal.

      5. jeank5365

        @Yeet Teet oye tranquilo viejo XDxdXDxddxXDDXxd

    45. Jesús Dios

      Temaiken ! 🔥

    46. Ярослав Стасюкевич

      oh my god i love his rhythm

    47. banana peel67

      What a blast from the past 👌

    48. az za

      I remember when this came out in around '2001/'02 and I always thought the graphics in the video were amazing and still hold up by todays standards, Great tune and video. I feel 12 again!

    49. Kuromi :)

      I watch this whenever I feel sad because this is just so chaotic and I always smile when I see it 😊

    50. SkullPunk

      Just started listening to Gorrilaz. Best decision I ever made

      1. Nebules



      "If time is elimination, then we've got nothing to lose"

    52. Rocio Cespedes

      muy buena rola saludos

    53. MouldieTheSlav

      2 things this video has taught us 1. Get the cool shoe shine 2. Murdoc is an amazing driver

      1. scp 049 lupus rex the furreh

        murdoc doesnt knos how to drive lol he learned his moves from mario kart lmao

      2. tobert bruh

        3. There is a monke

      3. Graywolf Dracon

        3. Don't mess with a moose.

      4. Ave Trottier


    54. leah fouraker

      love it

    55. Scales the lizard 🦎 LPS  storys!!!

      I love these songs!

    56. Salete Alves

      Saudades,seria bom que voltasse com esses personagens tão divertidos.


      muito bom (its so good )

    58. turnupthesun81

      Man, it’s crazy how the animation has changed over the years.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA -- the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. Larrytoons

        @Bird Lawyer it's still good. It's just different. They're both great new and old.

      3. VIGO: REBORN

        @Iluminatec yea, no. At least in my opinion, plastic beach’s artstyle is the best

      4. ghost girl.

        I prefer it like this than the newest ones

      5. D3ADGH0ST303

        1000th like :D

    59. crep3rlol

      que buena musica dios los amo ctm

    60. Nugget Cave

      This is a *S H O E S H I N E* classic

    61. Dash Fox

      I love Gorillaz!!!!

    62. CASSRATS

      I remember when I would play this song forever. It was one of my favorite songs lol

    63. Antonio Caballero

      The animators: Ok so will this be 3D or 2D? Gorillaz: *YES*

      1. Catto.

        why are the JOJO REFERENCE'S COMING AFTER ME?!?11?

      2. Antonio Caballero

        @Potatisprodr could say the same about your opinion but k

      3. Potatisprodr

        Cringe comment

      4. Tempest

        @Roberto Grigoraș how do you know they’re even native from here? they could speak a whole different language.

      5. Negative Zer0

        People: ok so are you gonna use an over used template? Other people: yes

    64. trickplistdrack

      Me encantan todos los albums este álbum y los demás

    65. Girlscout966

      I could be in any situation and listen to this and vibe like it’s just the best the music the melody perfect.

    66. SpaceChimp77

      The first album I bought with my own money. God, I feel old.

    67. nana

      crecí escuchando a gorillaz, creo que tenía 6-8(? cuando los oí por primera vez. amé crecer con música como ésta i grew listening to gorillaz, i think I was 6-8(? years when i listened them for the first time. I loved growing with music like this

    68. Y/N Chan

      2D’s singing voice: *smooth, not deep but not high-pitched, it’s pleasant to listen to* 2D’s talking voice: 2:35 *oKay briNG iT Down yEAH cOmE BacK oUt*

      1. mr. jelly

        His normal voice doesn't sound like that

      2. chacha chaudhary

        UK accent innit

      3. random guy

        That scene played as i read this comment lol

      4. BillyMcKoolKid

        I thought that was Del💀

      5. Gharenuk

        The best voice clips of him are from the interview with him and noodle

    69. Antonio Gambardella

      the super sound level 💣🔥🔝🎤🎙

    70. Nikola Nikoloski

      Hypnotic song.😎❤👊

    71. Obviously Ferrets

      Grew up with this song I used to listen to it all the time on my little iPod and years later I found it again and is now one of my favourite bands also best song in my opinion:)

    72. Hushed

      I remember some Gorillaz flash game on the web around like 2006 that was themed after this music video. Every time I hear this song I think about driving around in that game.

    73. Tiernan Durkee

      designers: should we make it 3D or 2D? Gorillaz: Yes

      1. Andre Iñiguez Campero


      2. Joaquín M

        @Tiernan Durkee nice to see you too!!!

      3. Tiernan Durkee

        @Joaquín M awesome its good to see you!

      4. Joaquín M

        @Tiernan Durkee I’m active!

      5. Timothy pain

        @Johnathon Zunich I have pretty much the same story

    74. Anet Villalobos

      Wow sin darme cuenta conozco todas las canciones y ni si quiera sabia de esta banda, me da nostalgia porque esta cancion la pasaban cuando era niña

    75. ꧁༒𒀱෴ Sp33d ෴𒀱 ༒꧂

      Muito bom

    76. baxii69

      Love this

    77. Seth_Acero

      I remember waking up to this music video at 3 in the morning about 12 years ago I just thought it was a fever dream


      It’s been 7 years and my dad still hasn’t come back with the cool shoeshine.

      1. Hunter Vonnegut

        *Love Gorillaz?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA -- the best underground band on Earth!*

      2. Kazuhira Miller

        Wait for 2022, he'll surely come

      3. Henrysław Jakiś tam II


      4. ً

        Dude, same. Now I'm the dad.

      5. E-Girl™️

        thats upsetting. neither has mine.

    79. BK

      Saw this live like 12 hours ago, fucking phenomenal concert

      1. Natalie Kilgore

        I’m going to see them in October and I’m so excited!

    80. bruno ribas

      One of the very first music clips i saw in my life back in 2001