Cracker Island is coming… pre-save now!



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    1. Adynburd

      Can’t believe gorillaz made a song about England

      1. Lexy

        Specifically about the Queen of England top of the Elite pyramid. Smh...

      2. BUCAD Watashiwa no BUCAD desu

        wait i thought its LA

    2. TezcaJesus

      Are Russell and Noodle allowed on Cracker Island?

      1. One Piece Fan

        @Dr Youngchi bro really called someone kid 💀

      2. Seth

        😂😂😂 i was boutta say this

      3. Sleepless Studios

        @Soul Draws oh you sweet summer child..

      4. spicy72

        @Dr Youngchi thanks Peter Griffin

      5. Hdrunx

        @Frog yup

    3. cool sunglasses lady

      this song hasnt even been released yet but its already stuck in my head

      1. Steve fachero


      2. _Kvill

        Me too

      3. Linn Bjørvang


      4. Itspop4real

        @The Coke Dealers! im sorry others were saying its on the 8th 😅

      5. •1vpox•

        it’s stuck in my head as well.

    4. Jas

      this song is amazing I can’t wait to see the official finished version!!

      1. Adyna Bro


      2. damon

        ME TOO

      3. L3k

        It is pretty odd seeing him in that getup

    5. -[REDACTED]-

      Russell is really rustling my jimmies with that tease

      1. MMorgue Music

        @Protroblade 💀💀💀

      2. Moral Kombat

        On god

      3. Protroblade

        No he’s Russeling them

      4. Vanilla Ice Cream Cheese Fries

        Fr 😩

      5. the juggernaut


    6. V XXIII

      I'm absolutely _stoked_ you got Thundercat to collaborate on this song. I listened to it live and it's a banger

      1. _Kvill

        @The_Chonk tomorrow

      2. a bad opinion

        Nice pfp

      3. The_Chonk

        It's out????

      4. Bill Kormas

        About time

      5. monsterteethbog

        @robby. hell yeah dude! only got into them recently but god damn are they great!

    7. spritemon 98

      Seeing Murdock as a priest is absolutely hilarious!!🤣🤣🤣

      1. Proudheart studio

        The cross is upside down....

      2. ATB 117

        seems like, now having seen the music video, it might be similar to or reference to the videos Ghost/Ghost BC puts out for their lore. Which is all about the satan version of the church.

      3. King Saber

        There is “#thelastcult” and it anti-Christ cross

      4. Kaelan

        @Willaby Uberton typical uninformed comment of KZsection.

      5. this Kid

        @Silience duuude I never knew that. No wonder the story is so messed now

    8. — Mr. Alex! :D

      MANO QUE PERFEIÇÃO, Gorillaz nunca erra! Mais uma música pra grudar na cabeça, nem lançou e já sei essa parte de cor 😰😰

    9. Nyako Arana

      Russel out here representing #freethenipple Love this already! 🙌🏾

      1. ShinyShilla

        @_Kvill you can read

      2. _Kvill

        @ShinyShilla tf that mean?

      3. ShinyShilla

        @_Kvill #freethenipple

      4. _Kvill


    10. The LPN05Fan

      When you tacke up the beat within a 10 second clip, you know the songs gona be good.

    11. Mi Sook Lograsso

      "Cracker Island is coming" . . . Do ya'll remeber Paula? 2D's ex that cheated on him with Murdoc? Guess what her last name was. Wonder if thats a coincidence

      1. Banana_Neeks


      2. Zephlord The Snake God

        @Shadowplaysgames Dude I’ve been thinking this, I thought the whole time through the music video “noodle looks off” and then my memory struck me about Paula and I was like ooooooooh shittttt. I mean it’s literally her last name, I’m here for this lore, plus cult leader Murdoc is a cool concept

      3. Shadowplaysgames

        Okay since the release of cracker island I think Paula may or may not have kidnapped noodle and she may or may not have somehow managed to make her face younger

      4. ツSunshine


      5. pop soda


    12. Diabolical Hippie

      Always warms my heart to see new stuff put out by Gorillaz

    13. Itza

      Buen temazo, en vivo suena bacán, espero poder escuchar la canción en versión de estudio ✨

    14. Lar Mi

      Я помню, как в 13 лет стала с запоем слушать gorillaz. Изучала историю каждого персонажа, нашла наполовину переведенную книгу о них, слушала все альбомы и огорчались, что у группы перерыв с неизвестной датой возобновления. А потом они снова начали выпускать альбомы, и это чудесно, что сейчас группа становится все популярнее. Gorillaz в массы

    15. DanyXpardoX

      Escucharla en vivo fue una sensación increíble, me enamore de la canción y cuento los días para escucharla

    16. Anonymous Misnomer

      What do you mean “cracker island”?? Gorillaz are already from England!

      1. dante carouso's #1 fan


    17. The Doomsday

      2-d looks happy again hopefully hes staying that way

      1. Mister Uncanny

        Reminds me of a golden retriever

    18. Bird Brain

      I'm so excited for this. I've been listening to the concert version every day late

    19. 3do

      Bro this song sounds amazing! its giving me the early demon days song vibes! especially DARE! Can't wait for this album to be released! :)

    20. Evelynn's middle finger

      I'm soo excited. I just recently got into this band and now them coming back again this year and as me obsessing over them is just making me feel happy even though I have so many problems rn xxnxnbdbcndnfn

    21. Alex

      It's great to see Gorillaz being news, releasing new music and gaining new fans. As a fan since 1999 I am very happy about that.

    22. icy_hot

      it sounds really good so far, I can’t wait!!!

    23. Ivan Muñoz Hernandez

      This song sounds amazing live can't wait to hear it on Spotify

    24. Jesse Paz

      Banger, I’ll see you guys later this year in concert!

    25. R41ph3a7b6

      What a nice beat. I hope it gets released soon because it sounds so good

    26. Callum Billington

      Damon you got the models/animation spot on, haven't looked this good since feel good.. - 30yo fan from Clint Eastwood 😘

    27. Young phone

      I love this band mainly because it has its own kind of story which I find very fascinating

    28. DovaSha

      Russell got me FIENDING over here man GOD DAMN

      1. Bellabugs

        @_Kvill I said bruh fr 🧍‍♀️

      2. _Kvill

        @Bellabugs whut?

      3. Bellabugs

        BRUH FR

    29. Yeetus The Fetus

      Cracker Island. The story of me living in Tennessee.

      1. BennoYaKnow22

        What do you mean?

      2. D Toons

        You’re landlocked

      3. Blank

        Also in TN, can confirm. Mans is honest

      4. Booboo Tittleman


    30. i Pokedelic

      não consigo mensurar o quão estou ansioso por essa música

    31. Joelatise

      Can’t wait such a sick beat and amazing lyrics

    32. Zheky_ Floof

      Literally so exited right now! I can't wait for this to come out

    33. JustAries

      This is amazing!! Can't wait for the official release!!

    34. b0ne1e22ju1c3

      This is the first time I’ve been exited for an album to come out

    35. Kimberly Bogert

      Sounds really great so far😄✨✨✨ Definitely looking forward to this👍🌟

    36. StealthKey

      in the metadata it says "expDate: 2022-06-08" so this shits coming out rlly soon

      1. StealthKey

        @WhyRPM true

      2. WhyRPM

        Looking back at this thread is so funny

      3. CaptLumpycake

        @fizzpeakgamer 13 boy were you wrong

      4. DJ Not Okay

        @StealthKey social media was right lull

      5. Angel Ngọc Anh

        @StealthKey Lmao you bashed Connor for what he was right

    37. Andrea Fernandez


    38. TheKisj

      Another banger from you guys coming up, can't wait

    39. Zurdita Dinamita

      Noodle and Russ: dressing like acceptable 30s and 40s folks 2D: dressing like a 5 y.o. child Murdoc: dressing like a pervert monk of the last Romanov dynasty

    40. Ralph Johnson

      You can just tell that this song is going to be a banger, I’m sure you won’t fail to disappoint

    41. Zurdita Dinamita

      It's simply unfair how much I love this mates 🥺

    42. crackaSilly

      I'm trying so hard to not spoil much of the song for myself bc I wanna listen to the whole thing and have it be a pleasant surprise when it comes out 🙏🙏

    43. J. Suis96


    44. Brandon Sama

      it's just a snippet and i love it already i can't wait to hear the full version

    45. Distant Mind

      This sounds like the good old Gorillaz! I'm hyped for this!

    46. Kissmyaxe

      Really excited!!! Does anyone know if its going to be a single or album?

    47. M4X13 !!

      Sounds awesome like all your other songs, can't wait for this one!!

    48. Alex_Kills

      Always ready for more Gorillaz 🔥

    49. Julian Puskarits

      I'd love to see a denzel curry collab. Fire as always gorillaz!

    50. Brianna Hebert

      Can't wait for the new album!!!

    51. Tabitha The Cat

      Whoa....absolute tune and looks like a good bit of story on the way! Can't wait to find out what happens next Also 7 minutes ago wow

    52. artdog0100

      Seeing Noodle age over time vs the guys still hits different. 😅

    53. Tequila Joseph

      sounds sick so far, hyped!

    54. LittlezombieRocker

      Omg what if they play this song live at the concerts? Damn I can't wait until I see them October 1st.

      1. Cassidy B.

        @LittlezombieRocker Yeah :D. I wasn't at one but many people have confirmed hearing it in person, it's even on the lineup lists.

      2. LittlezombieRocker

        @Cassidy B. Really? I saw them at the movies for Xmas but have not seen them live in my hometown since 2010. I think I vaguely remember hearing this song during the movie though.

      3. Cassidy B.

        They were playing it all throughout the previous leg of the tour!

    55. F33LGUDSMAIN


      1. Ace de Jong

        it's a single

    56. thegorillazonelove

      I just adore you!! I'm waiting for the full version of the song!!!

    57. TheOddBeanieBoo

      Does it include fish dip or do you have to bring your own?

    58. James W


    59. ★Fried_Koolaid ★

      I deadass thought this was promo for the tour and they were going to cracker island at first ☠️

      1. Jirouwu


      2. Sodashiira

        BROOOOOO 😭

      3. Adri


    60. Natand

      The art of the characters are awesome!! NOOODLE OMG ❤️❤️

    61. dante carouso's #1 fan

      Love noodles look! She can rock anything I swear

    62. 🌸𝑨𝒌𝒊𝒓𝒂𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒏 Dubs🌸

      Happy Birthday Murdoc!! 💚💚🥳🥳🥳

    63. Dragonsoul1001

      I always forget that Russell has the same last name as me. Its always weird becuase its really not a common name

    64. katie_can’t_compute

      You guys did NOT have to go so hard on this song😍😍💕✨💖

    65. arantes

      when they played this song in rio i almost died it is soooooooo good

    66. suɐʞǝ ǝʎǝs

      Sounds great! Love you guys.

    67. BooBear

      Russel's vibe got me asking myself questions gd son ♥

    68. Vision Entertainment

      Just a clip and its already a BANGER

    69. Sparkeey

      By any chance is this album named after Paula Cracker, the guitarist before Noodle?

    70. QUAIIAT

      EVEN 10 SEC, they still can make me feel like IM IN THE BAAATH

    71. Colin Newman

      cant wait to see you guys in Orlando! got VIP BABY!


      I can’t wait for it :D

    73. Vengarl Of

      The last two albums have been a lot more miss than hit. Hopefully a return to form

      1. phi latio17

        Personally, loved song machine. It was kinda a return to form for me.

    74. Renatta

      Aww 2d siempre tan atento a la camara

    75. Lucila Gracia

      La mejor banda si duda

    76. Defphonix

      This is so early 2000s dance/edm... I can't wait!

    77. Shapeshifter

      Saw this song live, damn that was good

    78. Valentine 13

      I wonder if this song has any correlation to Paula- most likely not but I'm praying 😭

      1. pop soda

        she said something about noodle. kinda forget though.

      2. Valentine 13

        @_Kvill god I hope 😭😭

      3. _Kvill

        Very likely! They do weird things with the lore.

      4. Jirouwu

        @godfather jr. No fuc k Paula 😾

    79. Gaenet _does_art

      I’m so hyped for this

    80. Guille Pradenas

      Every day that passes I think I'll have a heart attack because this song hasn't come out yet greetings from Chile.