2D reacts to The Needle Drop 💥



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    1. Jec

      Never in a million years did I think that a melon would be Gorillaz canon

      1. Mac B

        Dude everytime i see someone reply i keep thinking its me cuz the pfp 😭

      2. baggusy

        Do nay of you guys know what his shirt says. I am currently drawing 2d and I need to know 🤣

      3. 4-D Xever


      4. Jec

        @Mac B Oh sweet, my twin

      5. Mac B

        Hey man i like ur pfp

    2. E_puff

      2D here reminds me of those reaction channels that doesn't really reacts

      1. Trypo MMD


      2. Frogger

        @carl. Exactly. People saying there's "zero reaction."

      3. carl.

        @Frogger no shit

      4. Frogger

        Nodding is approval

    3. Diossaro

      2d's reaction to that information:

      1. Theo the NB Rabbit

        2D can't handle that much information at once

      2. robbi__11

        @Frogger yeah? it’s a meme bro, search up “my reaction to that information:”

      3. Frogger

        @robbi__11 Is it really that funny. Music is playing so he isn't speaking...

      4. robbi__11


    4. Baylie

      why does it look like someone held a phone at 2d, and he thought they were taking a picture

      1. Grey

        I cant unsee now

      2. ThenameSilk Moon

        That's probably what actual happened in the first place

      3. Frogger

        @Metin If you acknolwedge 2D isn't real then it's kind of a joke lol. But it should be a real reaction really. Obviously a budget problem

      4. Metin

        He was saying I’m not reading all that shit

      5. Frogger

        Do you nod for pictures...?

    5. Sodashiira

      he’s just smiling and nodding why the hell do I feel so intimidated

      1. Celestia G. Thomas-johnson

        @Jamal Greaves it's not that I'm used to that it was worse when they were just straight up unfilled eyesockets

      2. Jamal Greaves

        Prolly cause he doesn't have pupils

      3. Becks LaFleur

        2D in 3D can't hurt you, he's not real 2D in 3D:

      4. Reflejos

        He is cute wdym

    6. J D

      2D high as fuck like : *“Roite whos this then? Wait I know this song! Where am I?”*

      1. Your Local Friendly Weirdo Toast

        yeah they be drinking lean while smoking packs of weed while making them goofy fit phase while making this weird song wth is this

    7. Actually Houdini

      i don't know how i feel about anthony fantano now being canon in both the gorrilaz and power puff girls universe. i mean i like the guy, his work his great. but knowing he is now canon just.... yeah. fifth dimension type shit.

      1. Auraglyphix

        @toxic Itzi it's just people like them who look way too into things. It's not that deep.

      2. toxic Itzi

        does it matter? to me it's like one of those references tucked into the background, that over 90% of people won't notice.

      3. ghoul

        @Hasbro1107 the fact that the canon doesn't make sense and is very random is what draws people to it. look at Regular Show or Postal, people like weird canons that they have to piece things together.

      4. Actually Houdini

        @Hasbro1107 semi-canon is still canon.

      5. Actually Houdini

        @Kyle Crofts anthony fantano is sought of like an etheral being that exists in this weird liminal space of some how being his own sought of small thing yet is also massively influential within the music sphere and has been for over a decade now. i mean, he was interviewed by nardwaur in like 2012. THAT'S what baffles me. in a weird way, what anthony fantano is to music journalism is what jello biafra is to punk. probably the most influential figure that pops in and out of their respected artform yet still can stay relatively obscure. it's odd.

    8. Squantle

      Next time Murdoc goes to prison, get melon to play bass

      1. Afsara Mehrin

        @Timur Lego no. 🤚🏻

      2. Timur Lego

        Cal Chuchesta should permanently join Gorillaz

      3. Afsara Mehrin

        Keep on dreaming... ...Murdoc will NEVER go back to prison !!!!!

      4. daddy pig official


    9. Musical Mischief

      It's always weird seeing 2d as 3d

      1. nightingale

        @mayo idk i think its a nice change. the 2D videos are amazing but its nice to see something almost entirely 3D from them, it was unexpected but in a good way

      2. mayo

        @fried rat tbh i prefer the old 2d animated gorillazbut the 3d versions in the cracker island music vid are okay

      3. fried rat

        i donr like it

      4. Твоя подушка

        Yes, I have the same)

    10. Steal Something.

      He's in love with that hat

      1. galileanmoonz (joey)

        I love his fucked up little mickey mouse hat, lol.

      2. poof

        he looks like a Disney kid

      3. - Estela

        @Wendy Alondra Salas🍜 we are in love with that hat

      4. Toaster!

        He’s an offbrand mickey mouse

      5. Wendy Alondra Salas🍜

        @MusicBoxToxic *I'M* in love with that hat

    11. Doc. Plague

      2d’s actual reaction: “smile and wave, boys. smile and wave.”

    12. Hannah_PePpErMiNtTeA

      I just dont understand how a 44 year old man with blue hair and no eyes jusg nodding his head and looking confused can be so adorable! I love him so much 😂❤️

      1. Hannah_PePpErMiNtTeA

        @demochris1 no no its ok dont worry! 😁😂

      2. demochris1

        @Hannah_PePpErMiNtTeA oh, I apologize I didn't mean to ruin your joke, I just thought you didn't know.

      3. Hannah_PePpErMiNtTeA

        @demochris1yeah i know he has eyes...... It just sounds funnier 😐

      4. demochris1

        Correction he does have eyes, he doesn't have no pupils, due to the fact that his eyes were are still fractured you really won't see any pupils from him at all

    13. The Noname Household

      We need a reaction from every band member now... 😳😍🤯 ~Mason

      1. Floatzel766

        @illlman that person has some weird fake DID system I’m guessing

      2. illlman

        who the hell is mason

    14. MusicBoxToxic


      1. mello.

        Lmao they were too lazy to get a voice actor I guess 😂

      2. MusicBoxToxic

        @Frogger Literally same??? I hope you have a better day ig lol

      3. Frogger

        @MusicBoxToxic Bro, I'm just saying words. Lol🤣😂

      4. MusicBoxToxic

        @Frogger You had a bad day or something?? Like I really do not get what you're on about lmfao I was literally just commenting bc I found his lack of outward cartoonish reaction amusing 😭

      5. Frogger

        @MusicBoxToxic Man you really are that slow🤣🤣🤣

    15. Rinni Malføy

      Did he actually do the Rock meme thing?!

      1. Rinni Malføy

        @Strum Oh no, sarcasm, that's so mean. Gonna cry? Yes, you're wrong, it is a meme.

      2. Strum

        @Rinni Malføy I asked a simple question. I get sarcasm in response. I’m in the wrong though lol.

      3. Rinni Malføy

        @Strum Bruh it was literally used as template for memes when it was popular, how are you arguing over this if you don't even know how it actually is. Telling other people to grow up over something as stupid as a meme while also being in the wrong is astonishingly cringe. Go moderate reddit instead of pretending to have substantially more braincells than you actually do.

      4. WinnieBear

        "ah yes i understand my wrongdoings i will never mistake a meme for a funny joke again"

    16. amdreleti

      Many years have passed, and your songs are still very popular, I was 5-6 years old when I first heard you, and now I'm 14

    17. All eyes on Gorillaz

      2D is just a mood

    18. NecroDancer187

      Dude the animation is such an improvement! He looks amazing! And the animation is subtle but still very good! I wonder if Uncle Mudz will do a reaction next. #GorillazDysfunctionalFamily Well their family isn't too dysfunctional anymore as it's definitely improved but Murdoc still has a ways to go and wounds are still there between the band. I hope we get more character arcs and lore down the road.

    19. Matt or Something

      We need more react videos from the band members

    20. J05h

      This song was great can't wait to hear more from u guys

      1. chummunism

        @Lag taktiko 323 Cracker Island

      2. Lag taktiko 323

        How is the name of the song?

    21. __

      Albarn never ceases to amaze me with the sheer depths of pointlessness his content can reach

    22. MC. Gemstone

      never would expect this crossover to happen but im down for it

    23. Piffny666

      Dear god that animation is amazing!!! I can already tell this new style is gonna be my favourite

    24. ShardZard236

      The band keeps getting progressively more real

    25. ׄ

      Just as real as every other reaction video on the internet!

    26. Customfurball28

      I'm so excited to go to a Gorillaz concert this fall! Can't wait to hear Cracker Island and all of the songs that may come out between now and then!

    27. Maximilian Walker

      He looks so confused but I cannot get over how adorable he is in that fucking hat

    28. Mr.DeeDs187

      They did good with this one that beat go hard as hell in the story itself is trippy

    29. Judah

      2D you’re not even reacting bro you’re just staring and smiling. Gotta brush up on your KZsectionr skills. 7/10

    30. starry bones

      I love the new animation style. Feels like superplastic

    31. ひとみ🌺

      I remember when my uncle put his music on TV, now I'm a fan of you thanks to him

    32. TokimoSoda

      2D is just a mood.

    33. DJ House

      I think that they cut the video when 2D says: actually i dont know how yo read

      1. The Rudest Buster

        His eyes are broken 😭

      2. Chargeman Kenia

        He doesnt have eyes so

      3. Rocío Rincón

        omg 😂😂😂😂

    34. Real Fear storyline

      Honestly one of the hardest rocking songs of all time.

    35. Hasbro1107

      I like the song but a 9 seems a bit too much, for me it’s a 7. A pretty good Gorillaz song but not top tier

      1. rczig

        @Hasbro1107 a lot of new gorillaz music tends to be like that, its good but nothing like some of the best work they had before

      2. HHOO PPLLAA

        @Hasbro1107 you're finally enlightened

      3. Hasbro1107

        Edit: this song grew in me exponentially so much that I thing it’s my favourite modern Gorillaz song, definitely a 9 or a 10

      4. Hasbro1107

        @HHOO PPLLAA bruh Demon Days and Plastic Beach are 10 times better then all of the newer albums combined

      5. HHOO PPLLAA

        I don't know, it's really catchy and has everything I could ask for and nothing I don't want. At least an 8 for me. But I'm not a big fan of Gorillaz anyway, I like their newer stuff over their older albums

    36. smallsxnuggets

      *2D has the cutest hat!* 💕

    37. Stu-pot

      2Ds reaction is facts

    38. Vamp Boi

      can't wait for 2D's vtuber phase this should be fun

    39. bone mann 💀

      I was so expecting 2D to do the rock eyebrow thing. The internet ruined my sense of humor i was so close to tears while watching this.

    40. no ra

      We need either a Melancholy Hill commentary, or a reason as to why the Rhinestone Eyes video never advanced beyond a rough draft. Noodle refuse to get in Russel's mouth? Peta meddling about the whale chucking bit?

    41. Рита Неважно

      I can't, he's so funny here HAHAH

    42. It's Jules_FN

      If my relationship does not go well, 2D, be my one and only


      2D is between nightmare fuel and weirdly adorable

    44. Amber Dunn

      I love to original animation for gorillaz I grew up with the band so seeing it look so futuristic scares me a bit lol

    45. Your Local Friendly Weirdo Toast

      Lovin the goofy fit 2D your hat makes the goofiness top tier

    46. 4nt

      Finally, The Needle Drop is canon

    47. Cowboy Beep

      We gonna forget that it's the feature of the century my guy??? Thundercat on a Gorillaz song sounds like a fan made fever dream

    48. spicy72

      The duet is so confusing but funny if taken out of context

    49. Logan Symmes

      That means that technically, Melon is canon in Gorillaz lore

    50. Meagan Bass

      name a more ambitious crossover, i'll wait

    51. ExtremelyLessLooney

      He’s just making faces. But it’s still quality content to me :D

    52. João Pedro

      It must be hella warm in Europe, 2D is sweating a lot

    53. Yukine Chan

      2D TE AMOOOO :'U

    54. Elyza Lalonde

      The only reaction video that adds to the original 😂

    55. Nothnx

      Honestly its a good song but my favorite has to be rhinestone eyes ✌️

    56. Theo the NB Rabbit

      Bro 2D's hat is one of the greatest things I have ever seen

    57. RatBones

      Well I never expected Anthony Fantano to be in Gorillaz cannon but here we are

    58. sour witch sapphic

      "I'm not sure I can ask for anything more" Rating: 9/10

    59. LuminousMongoose

      This is messed up, Fantano is canon

    60. Queen Royll

      you know that cracker island is 10/10 man 🤩👌🏾

    61. jpouxfroug

      i wanna make a gif out of his reaction and caption it "my honest reaction to that information"

    62. pendantairplane

      Does this mean 2-D is canonically a fan of Anthony Fantano?

    63. Hol Horse

      He sure is reacting to it

    64. Mrs Fresh Air

      Love you 2D

    65. Evan Bleu

      Man Cracker Island is soooo cool ❤

    66. Alessandro Andrew Playlists

      Bro this animation style looks so cool

    67. Marshmallow madness

      2D is proud

    68. Somewhere far

      the new model looks amazing

    69. 5PVC3

      I’m not sure I can ask for much more!….9/10

    70. Cxireen21

      I can't wait for the music video for this song to come out

    71. 𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖋𝖚𝖑 𝕹𝖊𝖔𝖓

      He is so precious !

    72. 🌻 Sunflower 🌻

      Song raising cracker island 10/10 This song make me fell the jam And cool Also where is noodle Görlitz is the first band I heard the song I heard is Rhinestone eyes and We got the power And Rock house This band is perfect 🤩

    73. Snakeater

      this just looks soulless

    74. James Pearce

      You guys are my 11 year Olds favorite band

    75. Uh Oh

      I wonder if his eyes are black in person, but whenever he's recorded his happiness is literally visible in them

    76. esekai


    77. FormaCodex404

      We need a remix of Jellybean smoke with the Band joining the skeletons in the meme shot.

    78. sacha

      “wrote a song about my homeland” lmfaooo, real cracka island resident

    79. Anthony Barratt

      2d my main man

    80. JohnyPanta

      2-D in 3D is creepy...was that intentional?...His name contradicts and defines his existence as an animated 2D character?...One that cannot exist in three dimensions under any circumstances...