14 September 2021



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    1. nia p

      Damon’s “Do you really think i’d forget you?” really just gets me.

      1. Xaria Howard

        Ikr 😫

      2. nia p

        and then that heavenly “meanwhile-“ perfection.

      3. ivqxev


    2. Anoukori

      Absolutely love this one. I can't even explain why. It just sounds so magical and has a unique vibe to it. Definitely my favorite from the EP. Also, melancholic Gorillaz songs are just my thing. Can't help it ❤️

      1. Khlid Kha

        @The Real Mckoy 0⁰

      2. Anoukori

        @Helvetica Standard I know its hawt

      3. Helvetica Standard

        love ur pfp

      4. The Real Mckoy

        It's those steel pans I think

    3. Dösbaddels

      For everyone who hasnt noticed yet: Three incredible new Gorillaz songs have been released and are out now! Thanks for the video guys, love you all :D

    4. Dantes_Financial_Debt 🏳️‍🌈

      I can’t even put into words how important and meaningful the gorillaz are to me- I go through extremely dark times due to my bipolar, but you guys just help everything feel a little bit better, and have legitimately saved my life a few times. I’ve been such a big fan for probably my whole life- thank you. Thank you *so* much.

    5. Link Pedro

      This is awesome I love gorillaz. I was so sad and when they released the songs everything improved 100% saved me many times. (Isso é simplesmente incrível, eu amo Gorillaz. Eu estava tão triste mas quando lançaram essa musica parece que tudo melhorou 100% me salvaram como sempre) BRAZIIIIIIIIIL

    6. Lotus Prince

      Man, the Gorillaz are releasing new songs like nobody's business!

    7. みかん

      His singing voice is tasteful.🤩

    8. Naveed

      Steal drums and gorillaz.....match made in heaven

      1. Rocío Rincón


      2. Jonathan Jeremy Ramirez

        Entendí la referencia

      3. Xaria Howard

        I knowwww 😭😭😭😭

    9. Syndrac the Blue Dragon

      😍 GOD, I love this song, it's just MAGICAL 💖💖💖

    10. Люблю Клоунов

      Jamie & Murdoc dialogue. Jamie: Do you miss Ace? Murdoc: Yes. He's cool. And you? Jamie: Yes.

    11. Nikari

      Fabulous! Love this band ♡

    12. Comet Elliott

      I love this so much. It honestly made my bday so much better by seeing this.

    13. ruben

      Love the new song exited for song machine 2

    14. blurred

      I'm litrely living for gorillaz

    15. pixelbomb

      Does 2-D have sunshine in a bag?

    16. 2-D español

      I LOVE the voice of Damon Albarn ❤️❤️❤️

    17. John L

      I just can't wait of how much they'll bring up with Season 2 of Song Machine, let's hope it's a banger.

    18. storkstek

      This one sounds so amazing, like if you were stuck in a forest with a drum pad infront of you

    19. Piñata Canelita

      I wish I can see and hear you in live one day :d

    20. Emi 272

      I love the new EP!!

    21. Grey

      Gorillaz have really come a long way 💯

    22. Shane Pennington

      Damon Albarn is the man ! The best out there!

    23. Irukust

      Love it

    24. chantal lomonier

      Your Demon voice and music make me feel good. I feel better now and for that thank you 🙏 so much. Aurais-tu passé l'été dans les Carraïbes ? 👌👍 ✌🏼♥️🇫🇷

    25. Alma Sanchez

      I really would like a collaboration with k0i,he's soo talented with the music but his voice it's pretty too,the collaboration will fit perfectly But anyways i know it's not gonna happens,he's soo underrated and from other country :(

    26. Nandos chicken wings

      This one and deja vu are really cool :)

    27. Angry kid

      This is amazing I love Gorrilaz songs so much

    28. Isabel Beck

      My birthday was yesterday and OMG listening to your new songs made it so Awesome love you guys!

    29. Yahel Guadalupe Manríquez Navarro

      Y like song🥰

    30. eric

      literally living 4 u rn damon. keep going

    31. G-Fan Ramírez

      Cheers to Murdoc

    32. saad seth


    33. Estrella


    34. Woshy AJ

      OMG HI

    35. 2-D FACHERO

      Epico el EP 👊

    36. Yumeko Jabami

      I'm appreciate how gorillaz try to post on a daily basic for us thank u

    37. 🔫August🔫

      Just got a new Gorillaz shirt, and Gorillaz uploaded? AWESOME DAY

    38. Gurnard Herded

      Happy birthday to me :)

    39. ella sophie

      Happy Birthday to meeeee

    40. Jak Aguirr

      Their music is genius and mystical 💖💖😊😊

    41. scatterbrainedd

      this new ep is what really everyone needed

    42. Ariel Hidalgo

      Yoy guys are my literal oxigen...

    43. はちのすチャンネル


    44. Сергей Потемкин

      It's awesome 🥰☺️

    45. ggzunijz


    46. VickY

      Me: :)

    47. Fimka :3

      Хаха, в честь моего дня рождения

    48. Nixolas

      Damon, please live forever

    49. ponchis


    50. Dashie124


    51. Blizzardheart

      Omg I love you guys I wish I would have came for my birthday but it's to far away😭😭

    52. henri

      you guys are awesome!

    53. rorro


    54. licenciado en comedia


    55. Lenny Kelly


    56. udop2


    57. Saffron


    58. chiapress75


    59. Fantasysherlockholmes

      I think you forgot to title the video

    60. rio

      damon looking incredible as per usual

    61. Jeny Parra


    62. Jesus Thebruh

      What song is that

    63. Logan Symmes

      Deja Vu reminds me of DONT Get Lost in Heaven

      1. Afsara Mehrin

        The 2 of them sound polar opposite to each other. Dé ja vù sounds more joyful and Carribean 🌴🎵 While Don't get lost in heaven sounds sad and melancholic 💔🎵

    64. gone

      damn those OG pictures in the background

    65. El Alumno De Atrás

      *15 september 2022*

    66. Josa

      Que pro

    67. CrazyPop Beats


    68. Something Nomad

      I am pretending this is my birthday present from Gorillaz

    69. Sandra Franco

      I love you guys 😍😍😍❤❤❤

    70. DAVYT

      is my birthday :D

    71. Hedgegod


    72. victoria


    73. Luft


    74. utsaaid

      hi daemon

    75. Hope vega

      Love you gorillaz so much

    76. Gaby

      como puede tener tan wena voz 🛐

    77. MyFunnyName


    78. María guadalupe Martínez Miranda

      Is cool

    79. funkishy


    80. oh man

      Right on my birthday as well :)