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  1. Sia Jones

    A little rating of this video i give it a perfect 10/10 the animation is just stunning the song is also calm and peaceful to me anyway also i find it nice that no matter much murdoc was mean to 2d he still saved him

  2. Maximilien O'Callaghan

    I feel like they know something we dont, every album. Absolutely excellent

  3. Yuly Reyes cruz

    Mill that on earth are you going?

  4. Reaper

    How do i join this looks fun

  5. Astero

    Meu irmão, Gorillaz sempre mete umas músicas incríveis, não é possível

  6. Jose Borrejo


  7. IgnasNojus Narbutas

    the head is my favorite gorilaz member

  8. Raw Geansaí

    This song SLAPS

  9. barxtolmanzcool

    All of them

  10. 명월

    It's such a good song But it's sad that people don't really care about the lyrics

  11. Iyem Adog

    jokes on you Gorillerz I cant read

  12. Haki

    Мне понравилось

  13. Mike the 3rd

    I had a rlly bad trip and my friend started playing this song and now I love it but the trip was still bad (:

  14. Spoopy

    Man fuck Pazuzu fr fr

  15. Gameplays de un tamal

    i hate this song

  16. Franco Junior

    Searching my comment...

  17. Ярослав Стасюкевич

    oh my god i love his rhythm

  18. Varela 🥷🏿

    Esta canción me recuerda cuando veía karate kid JAJAJAJA Que Goya me estaba perdiendo 😿❤️

  19. Hellmood 🇺🇦


  20. David Roberts

    I think my ex's where targeted due to this speculation idea that some how the internet could become a Delphi Oracle trying to get in line or just to ruin a chance at happyness

  21. frizy Bizzy 21

    Nunca mais vou querer que 2d feche os olhos

  22. Sebastián Saldias

    1:28 2-D learned those moves from Murdoc

  23. Hans Daza

    I met this incredible song due to a Gustavo Cerati remix made by degenerate

  24. Zach Bell

    what's noodle saying at the end??

  25. Freddy Ruiz

    126,547,016 vistas

  26. The Mac

    Dude the best part about this song is the Windmill part and the WORST part of it is the obnoxious laugh it’s awful

  27. Mandy Grim

    The entirety of his sequence, I guess. Also, I love how his sequence is synced in the videoclip with that part of the song. I'm just really obsessed, tbh.

  28. Hunch

    Why he look like that tho-